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IQair HealthPro plus air purifiers Reviews, Filters

Air pollution has become a widespread problem and it has invaded indoors too. Indoor air is exceptionally polluted 2x to 100 times when compared to outdoors and taking a lukewarm approach to this crisis will not be a good idea.  

If we don’t try to control the invasion of air pollutants indoors then it may lead to severe health problems and terrific allergies. It is also said that indoor air is not fit for young children and elderly people as they spend most of their time inside. So what are the alternatives to overcome this problem?  I tried everything possible from bringing in house plants, ventilation and I must say I even tried a lot many air purifiers that if truth be told dint work out well. Last summer I had a hard-hitting time with the onset of allergies and my hospital bills were only getting higher. 

After those episodes of allergies I bought an IQAir HealthPro plus air purifier after hearing so much about the product from my friends and magazines. It is indeed a famous brand trusted by many people around the globe and is Swiss made. I personally liked the product a lot and it is delivering clean and fresh air as promised. If you want to know more about this exciting and genuine air purifier then go ahead read below. 

Who should buy IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifiers?

Air purifiers are a boon for allergy patients and asthma suffers as they help to cut down some of the problem if not all. An IQAir HealthPro Plus is the best bet you can go for as it is rated number 1 air purifier by many trusted organizations and experts.  If you are a health freak and loves to stay clean and hygienic you should consider buying this air cleanser. Also those who suffer from allergies can go for this product with a blind eye as it helps to keep allergens and pollutants under control.  Lastly those who wish to buy quality products even if it is priced a bit high should consider buying this purifier as it will satisfy all your demands without compromising with quality. 

Few highlights of this product that you don’t want to miss out:

This air purifier is a world class leader among all the brands and has a list of accolades and awards to its credit. 

  • IQair purifier was the first choice and best buy product for the years 2004, 2007, 2011 and 2014 according to consumers digest. 
  • Air purifier’s America and allergy buyers club tested this product and claimed it to be the best product ever in the market. 
  • Newsweek magazine ran a test using this purifier and the results were stunning that a whole moldy basement had that typical musty smell vanished into thin air. 
  • ABC TV’s extreme makeover installs this air purifier in all the homes that they choose.
  • Discovery health TV series tested the HealthPro plus for exhaust stream particulate using a laser scanner and this air purifier had a zero particle reading. 
  • The Hong Kong Hospital authority used this air purifier during the SARS outbreak as it helps to trap freely floating microorganisms. 
  • Apartmentherapy.Com a popular review site bestowed the best product award to IQAir air purifiers for zero particle reading after running many tests. 
  • The German consumer journal rates HealthPro as a prominent product.
  • IQAir is also an educational partner that works along with the American lung association. 

Now that was a serious list of accolades that any product can ever receive. All these directly point towards the credibility and reliability of the product. 

More on the performance side and features 

  • The best purifier for residential use and especially larger rooms. (color: light grey color with white arms ).
  • If you have this air purifier at home your indoor air is 25% cleaner than any other air purifier can offer.
  • It gives out 32% less noise and is totally portable.
  • Certified with HyperHEPA filtration efficiency and can remove 99.5% of all the irritants floating inside (smallest of the size of 0.003 microns).
  •  It makes use of PreMax large capacity pre-filter to trap air pollutants and no wonder why it’s able to do its job efficiently. 
  • V-5 Cell™ chemical and odor filter is used which is made of activated carbon and potassium permanganate impregnated alumina. 
  • It has a four touch keypad with LCD Display which makes it user friendly and adds to the convenience factor. English, French, German, or Spanish is the languages used for display purposes. 
  • A triple seat design that is specifically designed to prevent air leakages 
  • Exhibits six fan speeds and fan motor have 2750 rpm. Centrifugal, backward curved fan.
  • Now you can operate this air puffier easily using the remote control and change the settings. They also come with batteries included. 
  • Contains a filter monitor that calculates the life of the filter based on real-life settings like usage, speed setting, and air quality. When the filter is ready to be changed an LED indicator shows the status.  Now that’s what I call an awesome product. 
  • It has programmable timers according to your schedules along with LED status indicators. 
  • Air intake at the bottom of the unit and even air outflow through the diffuser at the top.
  • Ozone free air and this is certified by IAACM.
  • CSA rated for continuous operation 
  • Basically a 120 Volt model so won’t be compatible with 220-volt plug and will get damaged if you try to work that way.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Contains four casters that allow the air purifier to move around the house wherever you want it to work.

Noise factor:   Every air purifier does give out some sort of sound and even our ceiling fans do emit sound.  I guess it is okay to tolerate or allow a bit of noise to resonate if we can get the air much cleaner and healthier. This air purifier doesn’t make loud noises generally but if set to the highest setting then you can expect some noise.  It is generally considered 32% quieter than all the air purifiers available. 

Cost factor: I must say this product is expensive when it comes to filters and pre-filters. Also, there are multiple filters that need to be replaced every two to four years so the cost factor might be a problem.  Overall when you consider the cost it is high on the charts but for those who don’t wish to comprise the quality, the factor will seriously give this product a thought.  I had done testing with many air purifiers with totally no results but now happy that I can breathe fresh air using this HealthPro Plus but yes I do have to manage the cost factor. 

The IQair HealthPro Plus gets mixed reviews from all the customers with a large majority voting in favor of the product. A few customers are really worried about the total costs that need to be incurred on this product and energy consumption. A lot of customers are really doing well with the product as they are happy that their air purifier is able to trap pollutants and clean the air efficiently. This model is a people’s choice product and the best buy when it comes to air purifiers.  With the HyperHEPA filter, this air purifier is doing magic with the air by removing the smallest of particles from indoors. 

Conclusion: I seriously don’t promote expensive products but when it comes to quality it’s better to compromise with the cost factor as far as I am concerned.  Anyways we spend a lot on unwanted shopping and other things which are totally useless so investing in something that is worth like an IQ air purifier is the best thing to do. If you want to breathe fresh air and stay ailment free then IQAir HealthPro Plus is the best thing you can bring home. 

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