Identity Theft

Identity Theft safeguards you from hackers that try to steal your identity such as credit card, banking information or any other personal info.

Identify theft is one of the most common criminal theft that occurs just in US ranging up to 15 million. Every year there are many families who report their identies stolen that reports to a financial loss of $50 billion. Read on to know more on IdentityForce reviews…

In some way or the other, hackers and identification thieves find out a way to retrieve your personal information such as social security numbers, bank accounts, name, address, etc. and buy or sell in black market internet sites for a good amount.

IdentityForce works with you in securitizing your confidential information by preventing any leak to hovering thieves who are always on the watch out for your information. IdentityForce works for everyone equally, be it an individual or government agencies, business etc.

Many criminals think alike. They try to change the address when they get the access to your personal information. IdentityForce monitors and sends out alerts via mail regarding your identity theft. IdentityForce works in four different ways:

  1. Monitoring – IdentityForce monitors and possess the power to search any court records to make sure that your information and identity is not used by a criminal. It also monitors credit report, identity monitoring (online shopping can sometimes reveal personal information), loan payoffs which usually needs using your social security number etc. IdentityForce also helps in notifying you if a sex offender has used your information or has moved into your neighborhood.
  2. Alert – IdentityForce can prevent opening fraudulent loans or credit opening up in your name. Regular alerts if any transaction is done such as change in address or getting a quick cash loan in your name will help you detect the fraud and stop immediately.
  3. Control – If any personal information has been updated on a web with or without your permission that is hindering your privacy, you can take control to delete it. IdentityForce sends you immediate alerts in this regard. IdentityForce also provides anti-phishing and anti-keylogging software that protects you when you are shopping, banking or sharing information online. The proactive tool prevents any malware from stealing any sensitive information online which includes even keystroke as you enter it.
  4. Relax – The last one is for you because IdentityForce never relaxes and works hard to protect your privacy. IdentityForce contains specialists that assist in restoring your identity and stopping any fraudulent amount charged on your name without any knowledge. If at all, you lose your wallet, simply call IdentityForce and you will be in peace that no fraud transactions would be done as IdentityForce will cancel and replace all the credit, debit or ATM cards.

IdentityForce for family:

Does you or your family frequently use the internet for shopping online, jobs or for social networking? If so, then your family is quite vulnerable to identity theft. This is frequent due to the over use of credit cards, debit cards for the use of purchasing variety of products. These day to day lives can often incur huge losses if not dealt with carefully.

IdentityForce for business and government:

If you are doing business, then you would understand protecting customer’s privacy is of utmost importance. IdentityForce has been more than 35 years in identification threat protection business and is one of the leading provider that helps you to protect your reputation by preventing any fraudulent transactions. IdentityForce are very much prompt in protecting your business and prevents any breach that comes between you and your customers.

IdentityForce for Government Agencies:

IdentityForce has joined hands with US General Services Administration (GSA) since the year of 1995 and the reputation speaks for itself. It has also entered into a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for credit monitoring services from the year 2006.

IdentityForce plans:

IdentityForce comes in two different plans for you that maximizes the security while conducting any online transactions not just for you but your family as well such as children. If you are wondering how children can fall into fraudulent traps, well here’s how it goes. Most of the teenagers/children use internet for downloading music, checking mails, images etc. that is quite enough for hackers to track information regarding your child such as name, address, social security number etc.

The two plans from IdentityForce are:

1. UltraSecure + Credit
2. UltraSecure

How the plans work is by continuously monitoring the personal information to prevent illegal trading/selling and scanning all the public records which includes sex offenders, criminals etc. It sends notification when any personal information is shared and gives power to you to prevent the act before further damage. The experts behind IdentityForce work 24/7 and save you umpteen time by doing all the paperwork, calling and other details. Another promise from IdentityForce is these protection comes with a nation wide $1 million insurance policy.

Though both the plan work equally, the only difference is the first plan, UltraSecure + Credit gives additional benefit of credit monitoring and generating credit reports, scores. It also gives you monthly score tracker to check the points.

IdentityForce reviews:

IdentityForce reviews says that it is one of the topmost products that provide security to you apart from its competitor LifeLock. There are quite some reviews about IdentityForce and its quite mixed. On the pros side, a general consensus state that the expert specialist are always there to help in case fraud ever occurs. They even provide a $1 million insurance to cover the losses of income. All the vital information are protected evidently by IdentityForce which includes bank accounts, insurance records, mailing addresses etc. The customer support of IdentityForce are quite helpful with promoting a healthy live chat service that are available 24/7. The site also has some interesting quiz, articles, tips which is quite helpful to common layman to change their password and get an idea of how fraudulent transactions work and the appropriate measures to take care while disposing off personal information. IdentityForce has received an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Identity Protection by IdentityForce

Identity Protection by IdentityForce

by IdentityForce 4 out of 5 stars (434 Customer Ratings)

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IdentityForce works with you in protecting your confidential information by preventing any leak to hovering thieves who are always on the watch out for your information. IdentityForce works for everyone equally, be it an individual or government agencies, business etc.

Great help

4 stars out of 5 by for Identity Protection by IdentityForce

Great subscription and of great help,worth the money I have invested so far.I am very happy with the services of identity force. My mind is at ease. Looks better than Lifelock

The only con side of IdentityForce is it doesn’t monitor driver’s license numbers, but the rest of the features from IdentityForce are quite satisfactory.

Do IdentityForce give away discount coupons or promotional codes?

No. Though many website promote offers, sadly there are no discounts from IdentityForce as the price is quite affordable.