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How To Beat The Heat In Cats – Natural Home Remedies For Alleviating Cat Heat

Have you noticed that your cat at times can be very affectionate than her usual self? She might even meow more for longer durations (especially at night times) not to mention rolling on the floor which are all symptoms of cat heating.

If you are a new cat owner, then it is vital that you get to know your pet. Be vigilant enough to understand the symptoms that she is showing. Cat heat is one of the symptoms that your pet shows if you have not spayed her.


In simple terms, the cat in heat indicates that she is ready to mate. It is the repetitive female reproductive cycle in a year. It’s a seasonal and hormonal change that arouses the sexual receptiveness in her. It heightens fertility in female cats making her more ready for mating.

The changes in behavior can be very unusual for a normal cat but once you know the reason, the whole scenario will be less stressful to you. If you have not spayed your cat, then these signs will help you.

The right age for cat heating varies from 6 months to one year depending on the cat’s breed. Few cats attain repeated estrus cycle (reproductive cycle) right from 4 months of age. For some it can take a year as well to show sexual maturity. Once they mature the heating cycle begins.


In countries like USA, cats breed between the months of February and October. They experience frequent heat cycles. As seasonal heating also plays a prominent role, spring is considered the most ideal season. Mating is high during spring. Since the daytime is short in winter and fall, it discourages cats to enter the estrus cycle. However indoor cats go through heat cycles throughout the year.

Cats who are growing up in Northern hemisphere prefer March to September while their relatives in southern hemisphere prefer October to March quite favourable.


New cat owners find it difficult which is one of the main reasons why Vet recommends spaying before the first estrus cycle starts. Few symptoms include

  • Feline’s receptiveness to males which indicates that your pet is ready for fertilization
  • Extraordinary affection by rubbing against you, other pets and at times furniture as well
  • Becomes more vocal and meows in weird manners (to attract males)
  • When you stroke her, she immediately displays a mating position (head low and hind body raised)
  • Lure attention of male by spraying urine around the house
  • Rolling on the floor
  • Less interest in appetite
  • Licking her genitals constantly
  • Little blood from her genitals

The cycle usually lasts fror around 7-10 days. She may come to heat every couple of weeks if she has not mated. Cats ovulate only if they are mated or will enter the estrus cycle every 2 weeks.



One of the obvious ways is to allow her to mate. This will help her to cope up with the heat. However, before you do so its important to consider the consequences. If your cat mates, you need to have a dedicated home for any offspring. You also need to commit yourself for caring for your pet right from her pregnancy period to delivery ensuring proper health.


Catnip will calm your pet. If you have already given a catnip to your feline, then you can anticipate the reaction and work with it. However, some cats can react aggressively and become even more active than before. This can be double trouble if your cat is already aggressive due to the heat. If your cat calms down with catnip, this is the best remedy for the situation.

Herbal remedies

There are many herbal remedies meant for feline. Some cat owners have even reported success but there is no single remedy that will work on every cat. Another point to note is it might not even go well with your cat. It is always better to buy small samples to try out. Once you have found the product you can get them in large quantities.

Play with your cat

Playing with her can distract her attention. However, she might tend to go back to heat again. Petting, brushing, or scratching her lower back will be more effective. Make sure that your cat is calm enough to allow you to do so.


Spaying a cat means removing her ovaries. This will inhibit estrus cycle from occurring. It also prevents her from getting pregnant reducing risk of diseases and cancer as well. If you can’t afford a surgery right now, look up for low cost spay services. There are many pet clinics that do it at a reduced price mainly because it reduces the population of stray felines.

BEAR IN MIND to wait till the cycle is over. If you spay during her heat cycle it might lead to certain health risks, for instance, increased loss of blood.

BOTTOMLINE, always consult your Vet if you are not very wary of symptoms. Do note if you do not want your cat to get pregnant, keep her isolated from male cats. Make sure she does not escape by locking all doors, windows including pet flaps. Isolation will also keep her safe.

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