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How Can Air Purifiers Help Allergic & Asthmatic Patients – Is Alen Air Purifier really the solution?

This article is related to how air purifiers such as Alen air purifiers can help in cutting down allergic and asthmatic health conditions in patients. Read on to know all about it.

Did you know that asthma is the sixth ranking chronic condition in the US? It is one of the leading chronic health conditions seen in children of the USA. Every day people are striving hard to face pollution that not only attacks them outdoors but indoors as well. Indoor pollution is one of the main reasons people are suffering from chronic respiratory disorders and other health conditions such as

  • runny nose
  • headache
  • dizzyness
  • lethargy
  • shortness of breath
  • wheezing and so on

If you are suffering from any of the above health conditions, you better get yourself checked as you might be suffering from asthma or bronchitis health condition that will be affecting you in the prolonged period if left unattended.

How does air purifier work?

If you are residing in a densely polluted area, then it is crucial that you consider getting an air purifier for the best benefits. Lack of proper ventilation, mold growing in the bathroom, too much humidity in the kitchen (lack of exhaust fan), chemicals emitting from furniture (varnishes), upholstery, and other volatile organic compounds released from laundry detergents, bleaches, cosmetics, etc. are some of the reasons why you are having difficulty breathing indoors. And to add on the pain, outdoor pollution worsens the condition.

We nearly spent 90% of our time indoors. Home, office, workshop, chemical lab, etc. contain many chemicals that trigger health risks in the body. If you have a pet, the dander residues in your furniture, mattress, etc. can also be a cause of breathing disorder.

If you exercise when the air is dry and cold, your symptoms are worsened even more. Cockroaches, household irritants, dust mites, secondhand smoke bring on the symptoms in children and adults.

When you install an air purifier, it takes care of the causes that trigger asthma and breathing problems in your body. They are absolutely efficient in taking care of large and even the tiniest of airborne particles. Airborne particles tend to stay for a long period of time. Bacteria and other viruses love a humid climate and breed in the mold and moist environment. Having an air purifier will tackle such issues and bring a breath of fresh air into your indoors.

Of course, this won’t eliminate regular cleaning and vacuuming from your daily chores. But having an air purifier is very much powerful in eliminating the bad air from your home or office.

Many customer reviews love the presence of air purifiers indoors and have felt the difference. Consumers have noted fresh air in their home/office and alleviated breathing problems. This is definitely good news for those who are looking for air purifiers indoors to control their health conditions.

Is alen air purifier any good?

Alen air purifier has been in the “cleansing” business for a while now. A small group of brilliant geniuses, Alen air purifier was initiated in 2006. And have been providing user-friendly air purifiers to improve the indoor air quality. Many prominent products such as Paralda air purifier, FIT50, etc. have been welcomed whole-heartedly by many consumers.

The company is primarily the manufacturers of air purifiers only. Keeping the satisfaction of consumers first, they offer you customized filters that will keep the indoor air clean and crisp at all times. Be it any model you order, you need not look for a replacement filter. Simply click on the respective model and find yourself the replacement filter at your need.

Apart from HASSLE “FREE” shipping, the customer support is always there to support you whenever any query pops in your mind regarding the air purifier. This is vital when you are serious about buying an air purifier that has an important role to play regarding your health. Customer service is available 24/7 via chat, phone, or email, be what you choose.

The LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY gives you the opportunity to invest your money on a product that you know will provide you not only a disease free air to rely on but also a security that your investment is worth the moolahs you pay.

If this is not enough, the company offers a 60 day return policy. If at all for any reason you find that the product does not stand up to your expectations, simply return them back and get your money completely reimbursed.

Now comes the aesthetic appeal. Though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, many customers tend to bicker about the way air purifiers look. You do not want a humming machine sitting grump as part of your home decor. Keeping such situations in mind, Alen air purifier has crafted intuitively some of the best looking air purifiers just for you. They not only look good but also mesh well with your home.

Top products of alen air purifier

Alen Breathesmart HEPA Pure air purifier

Best suited for big family bedroom, master or for open concept rooms upto 1100 sq. ft., Alen breathesmart is a product that will leave you “breathing” for more. It comes with smart sensor technology that automatically adjusts the air indoors depending on the changing environment. Key features include

  • efficiently grabbing of dust, pet dander, pollens, and other allergy-causing airborne contaminants
  • HEPA styled filtration that freshens the air you breathe
  • 14 customized colors for you
  • filter life indicator that notifies you when the purifier needs replacement
  • silent performance that will enable deep quality sleep at nights
  • lights-off mode i.e. sleep mode for delivering optimum cleaning while assisting in good sleep making it the best buddy for large bedrooms
  • 4 HEPA filter options based on individual filtering needs
  • comes with ionizer that will bind themselves with the irritants, move them through the filter and gush them outdoors for clean breathing

With a CFM of 286 (when set on Turbo), Alen breathesmart hepa air purifier offers you a CADR of 300 which is a satisfactory range in market. Alen breathesmart hepa air purifier is ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED providing you only 105 watts even when set on highest speed. This means no more worry of huge energy bills.

Alen breathesmart FIT50 Hepa air purifier

Get rid of allergens that pollute the air indoors. Be it home, office, or lab, you deserve healthy air to breathe. Alen breathesmart FIT50 Hepa air purifier helps you to get fresh air without having you to climb mountains for having a relaxed tainted free oxygen.

The Alen breathesmart FIT50 Hepa air purifier conveniently fits any room and is the younger version of the above mentioned Alen breathesmart Hepa air purifier that is specially designed for bigger areas.

The Alen breathesmart FIT50 Hepa air purifier comes with lifetime limited warranty in case of repair or replacement. A compact product for smaller areas upto 800 sq. ft. it can also provide good climate in bigger areas. However, using it for bigger areas means you might have to compromise on the filter life. It might call for quick replacement than the usual period mentioned by the company. Key features include

  • whisper-quiet operation at all times so that you can breathe while you work focused
  • alleviates respiratory disorders thus protecting you and your family keeping your lungs healthy
  • throws away messy pet danders, hair, dust, foul odors, smoke, chemicals, etc. that can disrupt your lungs and worsen your health condition
  • Allergy Relief Guarantee for a period of 60 days that comes with a refund if the consumer is not satisfied
  • 35% smaller in size than its big bro, Breathesmart HEPA air purifier for master rooms
  • intuitive smart sensor technology is adaptable to the unpredictable environment
  • customized HEPA filter options at your discretion
  • 4 different fan speed settings that will work at your advantage
  • excellent filter life of 10-12 months which means low maintenance

Alen breathesmart FIT50 Hepa air purifier consumes only 60 watts when you set them on high speed. Taking away the worry of energy bills, Alen breathesmart FIT50 Hepa air purifier weighs only 16 lbs making it portable to carry around from one room to another or simply stacking them in your car when you move states.

Alen T100 HEPA Style Desktop air purifier

A fantastic product that simply fits your backpack (I mean, literally!!!), Alen T100 HEPA Style Desktop air purifier keeps us inspiring as to how a small unit can deliver crisp and odorless air in and around you.

Removing 87% of the particles that are as less as 0.3 microns and bigger as well, this portable air purifier can cover upto 125 sq. ft. excellently. There are many who are sensitive to secondhand smoking and feel the need to get out just to have a whiff of fresh air. THIS IS FOR YOU!!!

Ignored sneezing and wheezing can increase health problems in your body. Eliminate them right now with Alen T100 HEPA Style Desktop air purifier. This is best recommended for those who crave fresh air wherever they go.

Key features include:

  • ozone-safe ionizer that complements the HEPA filter by neutralizing the pollens
  • Activated carbon layer that filters out any bad odor, mold spores or other bacteria indoors
  • filter replacement needed every 12 months which means less maintenance and high value
  • 3 variation speeds to control the air circulation inside
  • auto-off safety feature when you remove the front cover
  • lifetime limited warranty

Alen T100 HEPA Style Desktop air purifier covers up to a space of 125 sq. ft. This means sit cozily at your office desk and let the pure air for focused energy level.

Alen A375UV Hepa Air purifier

Create an asthma-free environment with Alen A375UV Hepa Air purifier. It not only clears the allergens in your home but also captures VOCs in your home. That’s right. You may not be aware but your home is heaven to chemicals from cleaning products, personal care items, household materials, and so on.

Covering upto 650 square feet of area, Alen A375UV Hepa Air purifier removes 98% of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns. They also have the ability to grab the bigger moleculed irritants hovering in the air. Key features include

  • activated carbon that filters out odor from smoke/kitchen/furnace, chemicals from laundry detergents or cleaning products
  • filter replacement only after 12 months (as per standard use)
  • pre-filter needs to be cleaned for optimum efficiency
  • Smart sensor technology automatically detects the allergens and suits itself as per the changing environment
  • optional ozone-safe ionizer that is not only safe for your family but also is efficient in clearing out asthma symptoms in sufferers

The bottom line, if you are dealing with asthmatic conditions or bronchitis then look no further. Alen A375UV Hepa Air purifier is one of the best products you can rely on blindfolded. So I leave it at your discretion to opt for the better product that suits your family.

Customer reviews – what people have to say about Alen breathesmart air purifier reviews

There are many Alen air purifier customer reviews that claim that the product is too good to be true. Many asthmatic patients and allergy sufferers tend to benefit a lot from Alen air purifiers. They claim that the product works efficiently in getting rid of unwanted air indoors and alleviates any health condition within a few minutes of turning it on. The body of Alen air purifiers is simply enigmatic and adds a tinge of style making them a great addition to the home or office decor.

On the downside, another group started hollering around regarding alen air purifier price. The group claim that price tag of alen air purifiers are a bit of drag and find it too costly to invest in them. Apparently the noise of the air purifiers also seem to be quite annoying. Though the company claims that the sound is too discreet to be heard, users claim that they can survive without the sound.

“Excellent product, prompt and excellent service…a definite buy” – AF

We have dogs and cats in our house and while I was not allergic growing up, my wife and daughter have increasingly got allergic to the pet dander especially in bedrooms. They wake up everyday with itchy eyes and scratchy throats. We installed a central purifier on the air conditioning system but it didn’t work anyway.

I have researched a lot of air purifiers and liked the design of Alen breathe smart. Ordered one to see. I am astounded by the difference. A remarkable product, allergies, and morning symptoms vanished in a  jiffy. The air smelled fresh and crisp. This isn’t a puff fake review. It actually works remarkably.

“Good but too expensive” – SMB

Okay to be honest, I never have thought about purchasing this item at full price ($600). I did not want to invest a big amount in such an item.

That being said, I was in a dilemma to choose between whirlpool whispure and alen air breathesmart. After looking up reviews and doing lot of research I went ahead to try out this product. I am impressed with the product. Within 5 hours of turning it on, the air felt so different and fresh. I cannot say I have not noticed a change in air quality. If you are dealing with allergies or asthma, this is a good investment of your economy.

“Has helped a family with allergies” – L. Coleman

My husband, our kids and I suffer from really bad allergies. Heck, I get allergy shots at least once a week. My kids also suffer from eczema. I am allergic to dogs but my kids wanted chihuahuas. This air purifier really helped my family tremendously. Nowadays we don’t experience nasal congestion or sore throat as we used to. The air also seems quite fresh in our home. I know this is not a technical review, but I just wanted to provide my personal expeirence.

Warranty and Returns

Now this is something you DO NOT HEAR every day!!! Alen air purifiers come with LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY. This means that even if you are customer of 1 year or 20 years, any problem surfaces with your air purifier, alen corp will fix or replace your product (of course, if it falls under the warranty T&C).

Booked this product? Not sure how it works? NO PROBLEMO. Alen air gives you 60 day trial period from the date of purchase. This means you can try out this product and if unsatisfied, simply return them and get your money reimbursed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is alen air purifier available at amazon?

Yes, alen air purifiers are available at amazon at a discounted price.

Where will I find alen air purifier filters for FIT50?

Filters for Alen FIT50 air purifier is readily available online –

How are the Alen air purifier reviews?

Products of Alen air seem to be loved by many allergy sufferers. However few complaints about the noise that seems to be kind of a troublemaker.

Where can I download alen air purifier T100 manual?

Check out this link to download the instruction manual for Alen T100 air purifier.

How many filters does Alen air purifier a375uv have and do they all have to be replaced?

The main filter is the HEPA. There is another foam carbon pre-filter that is velcored in front. You can vacuum the foam filter regularly to get rid of dust. There is an indicator that will let you know when it needs replacement.

Where to buy Alen air purifiers?

You can buy alen air purifiers from the official website or affiliates such as

Are there any alen air purifier coupon codes available?

There are many sites that offer coupon codes or discount codes so that you will get your desired product at an affordable rate.

What is the Alen air purifier CADR for FIT50?

The CADR as per Energy Star Test is 220 for Alen FIT50 air purifier.

Is alen air purifier available at home depot?

Yes, they are available at your friendly home depot online.

How are the Alen desktop air purifier reviews?

Alen t100 desktop air purifier review has received 4.2 out of 5 star ratings in amazon. Alen air purifier ratings says a lot that the product has been well received. Many claim allergy free zone around their area, especially in offices.

Are alen air purifier for sale at retail outlet?

No, they are available online only.

Are alen air purifier ionizer safe?

Ionizers are best in boosting the performance of your air purifier. They trap the airborne irritants excellently and deliver the best air for you. All alen air purifiers come with optional ozone-safe ionizer which is at your discretion to use or not.

Where are Alen air purifiers made?

Though alen air purifier is a USA brand, all the products are manufactured in China. However, the quality is top-notch and the company has a good reputation for maintaining an excellent rapport with consumers. They are well known for promplty fixing any issues pertaining to air purifier units.

Are the filters washable of alen T500 air purifier?

Only the pre-filters are washable.

Alen T500 air purifier is termed as ‘HEPA-PURE and not “TRUE-HEPA” so I am assuming its not true hepa, right?

Alen T500 air purifier comes with one HEPA filter and one pre-filter that grabs hold of large dust and pollens. The filter will need replacement every six months. Of course, you also need to dust away furnitures and keep your home clean – that’s just good sense.

What replacement filter shall I buy for Alen T100 desktop air purifier?

Few consumers try Alen TF-30 silver filter. It not only removes the allergens but kills the microbes as well that breed on moist.

I use a humidifer at night for sleeping because the air dryness increases my drainage. But I am also concerned about mold created. Can air purifier get rid of dryness?

An air purifier does not add moisture. But if the drainage is caused by dryness, the air purifier might not help. However for many people drainage (that originates in sinuses) is due to allergen or any type of irritant. The body reacts and triggers symptoms such as drainage. In such cases, air purifier might help for you just like for everyone else. But for better benefits, check with your doctor to diagnose the root cause.

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