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The bulk of the utility bills would be because of the energy usage at home. It is high time the thermostat, which might be working round the clock in most homes, be an energy saving one. The programmable thermostats are the best way to cut down the bill amount and also to save energy. Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat is useful in energy saving.

This programmable thermostat helps you set the working of the temperature control system. It works at your command and for your convenience. When it is not required to work, it saves you energy and money.

What is special about the programmable thermostats?

Programmable thermostats are easy to use and the best way to save some bucks. It reduces the power usage. It doesn’t require you to move the air conditioner to its maximum when you need to cool down or reduce the temperature when suddenly it gets cold. You set a temperature for the specific period of time for the next 7 days and you are done!

You get the constant temperature throughout the day and for the entire home. This helps make the house turn into a cozy home in no time.

You don’t have to keep adjusting the thermostat every now and then, even if you forgot to adjust the device.

This is a great convenience when you are out for vacation. During that time you don’t need much temperature control and yet requires the home to be welcoming when you are back! Get this 7-day programmable thermostat and get the home ready for your welcoming with warm temperature.

This is one way of keeping the HVAC system optimized. The programmable thermostat could be the savior for many old HVAC systems. It reduces the workload and makes the oldie run longer than you would have expected.

Know about Honeywell RCT8103A Thermostat

  • Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat is easy to install and use. It takes less than 15 minutes to have it connected and ready to use. It is pre-programmed for you so you don’t have to spend time calibrating it. As soon as it is installed, switch it on and you can set the temperature that you want.
  • The thermostat allows separate settings for the weekdays and weekends. There would be 4 periods for each day to have the temperature setting. This is highly convenient for those who are not home during the day and want a warm home to come back to.
  • It provides accurate temperature controls.
  • The timer could be set in 12 hours or 24 hours.
  • It has a digital display with backlight. It is easy to read even if there is no light in the installed area.
  • The thermostat can start its working early so that it makes the home at the right temperature that you set for each time. It does not start working ‘at the time’ but way before that.
  • The Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat is compatible with any temperature control system without auxiliary heat. It can also work with millivolt, fireplaces, and pellet stoves.
  • Overall, it helps you save a good amount of energy.
  • The thermostat works on battery power. It only needs 2 AAA batteries to function. The life of the battery depends upon its make and also on the usage of the programmable facility.
  • It displays the temperature in Celsius as well as in Fahrenheit. You can choose any of these.
  • The dimension of the device is 5.5 x 3.75 x 1.25 inches.

Operating the Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat

The thermostat has got 4 different modes; wake, leave, return and sleep. You can set the temperature for each period as you want. The leave and return features are my favorites. When you are not home, you don’t want the cooling or heating system to work over time they can take rest and when you return, have the right temperature ready for you. You can even turn the device on/off as required.

The customer reviews say that

People look for the customer reviews to know if there are any negative points to the products. So I am not going to bore you with all those, wow comments. Here is what you need to know about the few flaws or the areas for improvement with this Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat usage.

  • There is a backlight but you need to hit the run button to get it light up.
  • The thermostat does not store the settings as it does not have any memory. It would have been easier rather than having to set up the same values every week.
    There is no current temperature shown on the display. Thermostats usually have this feature. I wonder why this one does not have that. I am not complaining but that would have been better.
  • For all it is a 7-day programmable thermostat, you need to set the timings and temperature each individual day. There is no one step setting for the whole week.
  • The main problem that bothers many is that the settings go null when you hit the set button, even by accident. The program stops midway and you need to start from scratch.

As for the advantages, many, especially the elders, like the bigger fonts on the thermostat. Many customers found that the color coded wires were easy while installation.

One user suggests you be careful while installing. The Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat is a rectangle and could be larger than the round thermostat that you might have. In that case, it does fit with the existing wiring but the wall patch you may have to paint as this one is likely to fix slightly lower than the other older one.


Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat is a convenient device with its 4 period settings. It does not come without flaws. It has its ups and downs but at the end of the day, it is one useful device that can benefit one and all. The compatibility to work with the heat/cooling system as well as with the air control systems, Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat could be what you really need. Having said, the drawback could be when there are people at home during day time. In that case, this does not have the same benefits as with working people, at least for the weekdays.

Honeywell RCT8103A

Honeywell RCT8103A

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The best way to save energy and cut down the bill amount are programmable using thermostats. Honeywell RCT8103A 7-day programmable thermostat is pre-programmed and easy to use.

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