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Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits, Uses, Side Effects

Table of Contents

  • What is Himalayan Salt?
  • Shapes, size, weight, and color
  • Importance of Himalayan salt
  • Himalayan Salt lamp and holistic medicine
  • Health benefits of Himalayan salt lamp
  • How does Himalayan salt lampwork?
  • Using Himalayan Salt lamp
  • Caring for Himalayan salt lamp 
  • Ionization and color therapy of Himalayan salt lamps
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp Customer Reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Himalayan Salt lamps have emerged as a leading air purifier these days. It is not just any air purifier but a natural one at that. It is nothing but a natural rock formation found in the Himalayan Mountains that are later carved or used in its natural shape. Insert it with a lamp inside; voila you got the Himalayan rock salt lamp. It makes an attractive décor piece also. It can do all the goodness by just glowing in the beautiful pink or orange light in the room. 

What is Himalayan Salt?

The Himalayan rock salt is a rock formation. It is basically sodium chloride like other salts. The only difference is that it contains many other minerals in it. It is not white but colored in pink or orange shaded because of the presence of iron oxide, 

The Himalayan salt can be made into cooking salt and has added advantage of other minerals in it. The larger sized rocks are what made into the lamps, by inserting a light into it. A wooden base is attached to the bottom as well. These Himalayan salt lamps are mostly pink, orange, peach, or other similar colors. 

Shapes, size, weight, and color

The Himalayan salt lamps are of different shapes and sizes. As for the shape it does not have anything distinctive. The Himalayan salt lamp can be made from the large rocks or also from the smaller rocks. The larger one is used 1 in number and for the smaller rocks, many are placed together over a light source. 

The larger shaped ones are naturally formed like that. It has a roughly conical shape with a flat looking bottom. The smaller rocks are rather hand carved. These two types can be combined to give a unique look. 

The color of the Himalayan salt lamps is popularly pink. It is available in white, orange, and red also. The white colored salt lamp is the rarest of all. The white color indicates purity with no impurities in it. The white might even be off-white or creamy looking. 

The pink, orange, and red-colored lamps are due to the impurities inside the rocks like iron oxide. The color of the rock emits a similar colored glow all around. It is not a bright light but can be used as a calming facility or to add ambiance to the room. The white lamp is the brightest of all followed by pink, orange, and red. The red lamp provides an almost dark effect which can even be used as a night lamp in the bedroom.

The size of the rock salt is also important. Larger the lamp more would be its reach and usefulness. It is available in many sizes and weights. 

  • 5-7 lbs of Himalayan rock salt lamp suits for a small bedroom of size 10 x 10 sq ft. 
  • 9-11 lbs suits for 12 x 12 sq ft bedroom
  • 12-15 lbs is apt for a living room with a size of 14 x 14 sq ft
  • The heavier lamps, 40-50 lbs lamps are ideal for larger areas of 30 x 30 and most suited for commercial areas. 

Importance of Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is naturally formed in the Himalayas, upon mining from the source it is made into lamps, table salt, bath salt etc. chemically it is sodium chloride and that’s the reason why it is used in the kitchen also. 

The importance of Himalayan salt is that it can be used as a light, cooking ingredient and also for other purposes. It has various health and environmental benefits. All the benefits are higher as the substance is naturally formed. 

The most important aspect of Himalayan salt is that when it gets heated by the light source underneath, it emits negative ions into the air. These negative ions neutralize the air pollutants and particles. Anything that has an organic body collides with the negative ions are made heavier and it drops down on to the floor or surface. It no longer floats in the air. 

The Himalayan salt is also carved into candle holders. The flame from the candle is also enough to trigger the ionization property of the salt rock.

Himalayan Salt lamp and holistic medicine

Many of the diseases these days can be blamed for poor air quality. The fact that we also spend the majority of our time indoors makes the indoor air quality utterly significant. The Himalayan salt lamps can be a natural air purifier that can also help combat many kinds of diseases. It could easily be termed as holistic medicine, except that it is not taken internally or externally. The mere presence of this Himalayan salt lamps glowing nearby is enough. 

The emitted negative ions also reach the body where it restores the lost health. It is used to treat arthritis, migraines, liver problems, respiratory problems, etc or any other diseases that are caused by the environment. 

It is also noted that the environment quality has a lot to do with the actual health of the person. Worse the environment is similar would be the health condition. Sometimes a cleaner environment is all it takes to get rid of fatigue and other minor health issues. 

Health benefits of Himalayan salt lamp

  • Air purification: The stinky smell n the air can be neutralized by the Himalayan Salt lamps. The odor is an organic compound that is destroyed by natural ionizers. It can also remove the dust, pollens, allergens, and other air-polluting particles. It can ionize as well as attract the particles towards it. Once they fall on the salt surface it is attached there until you brush them off. It gets heated up and can send some water vapors back into the air. 
  • Allergy, asthma, and seasonal affective disorders are caused by air particles. These microscopic particles are light weighted and can float in the air. These floating particles reach the respiratory system and internally causing allergies. The Himalayan salt lamp makes them heavier by neutralizing their positive energy. They no longer float around in the air and make the air purer. The difference can be seen within a week of usage. The warm glow of the lamp can help alleviate seasonal affective disorders as well. The short day period can cause lethargy. Having this lamp lighted can reduce the symptoms. 
  • Cough relief: The air pollutants have a positive energy that when constantly breathed in can cause sluggishness of windpipe. The micro hair-like structures in the windpipe get clogged with them. This causes coughing. It is the increased work of these hair-like structures that keep the lungs clear and healthy. The salt lamp by removing the particles from the air causes less clogging. 
  • More energy: The air contaminants and the general positive ions in the air can remove the energy from the body. More the positive ions more will be the lethargic feel. By adding some negative ions into the air, these positive ions are neutralized and slowly erased from the living air. This gives an increased vigor to the body and a new energy ban as well. If you feel tired all day for no reason, having this Himalayan salt lamp can bring a significant difference. The color tone of the light would provide a healthier ambiance to make the mind feel happier. 
  • Electromagnetic radiation: The daily appliances and gadgets emit a bigger amount of electromagnetic waves. The constant exposure to the EM waves is not healthy. In fact, it can make you feel sick. It increases stress, fatigue, and also reduces the body’s immune response. The negative ions from the Himalayan salt lamp can neutralize these electromagnetic waves. Having these salt lamps near to the computer, TV, or the gadgets that you constantly use can neutralize the harmful effects and could also help reverse its effects inside the body.
  • Good sleep: One of the harmful effects of constant positive ions exposure is a lack of quality sleep. These positive ions reduce the supply of oxygen to the brain causing disruption and irregular sleep patterns. The salt lamp can neutralize the problem and can also reverse the ill effects. The Himalayan salt lamp emits lesser light so can easily be used as a night lamp. Light it near the bed to have quality and peaceful sleep. 
  • Mental health: the Himalayan salt lamp is also a mood enhancer and relaxant. It improves the blood oxygen supply by neutralizing the positive ions. The brain gets better oxygen and can work efficiently. This gets a boost with more serotonin to make you feel happy. It also helps get a better concentration. Having this lamp near the work desk would not hurt, 
  • Static electricity reduction: Static energy is a huge problem and embarrassment for many. People who suffer high static energy cannot touch anyone or anything without getting an electric shock. It also causes stress. The ionization property of salt lamp is enough to deal with this static energy and you no longer have to worry about getting in touch with any surface. 

How does Himalayan salt lamp work?

The main work of the salt happens when it gets heated by the lamp. It does not get smoking hot but hot to touch nonetheless. This heat generates negatively charged ions into the air. The air has a lot of water molecules. The negative ions from the salt lamp collide with the water molecules that get split into oxygen ions and hydroxyl ions. The latter type has a negative charge which goes on to collide with other water molecules, organic compounds, air pollutants, and other dust particles in the air. 

Since most of the air particles are positively charged, the collision with negative ions neutralizes its charge. This change in charge makes them heavier and then settles down on the floor or other surfaces, making it easier to wipe them off. 

A good part of these air particles are attracted to the lamp surface also. Once they reach the surface they get permanently attached to it and no longer fly in the air. The water molecules or vapors in the air carried many tiny particles, the molecules that are attracted to the lamp carry these particles also to the lamp, and they get trapped. It is more of hygroscopic effect. 

This hygroscopic effect stays for as long as the lamp is switched on and get heated. Switching off the lamp will reduce the negative ions and again the positive ions may increase. 

The Himalayan salt lamps are made to work for a looooong time. You need not switch it off and can continue to work for as long as you want. All you need to do is to switch it off once in a week or month for cleaning purposes. More the pollutants, more often you may need to clean the lamp. 

Using Himalayan Salt lamp

All the good effects of the Himalayan salt lamp is when it gets heated up. It might take a little while to get it completely heated up, more hot the lamp better the benefits are. 

  • There is no harm in using the lamp for days at a time. 
  • The lamp can use the candelabra bulbs to light up. 15 watts bulb would just be fine for the purpose. Even the 7 watts night bulb can also be used especially if it is used in the bedroom at night. 
  • Higher wattage bulbs can do a better job. This is why the 15 watts bulb would be ideal. It also works well for all sizes of the Himalayan salt. For the heaviest of the Himalayan slats, use higher wattage of 20-25 watts bulb. 
  • While using the candle holders, choose the small tea lamps for the best results. They are small enough to sit well inside the salt lamp holders and the flame will be able to heat up the holder from inside that gets exposed. 

Caring for Himalayan salt lamp 

The Himalayan salt lamp attracts water and along with it comes the impurities of the air. The lamp needs regular cleaning. It can be easily done by using a damp towel or cloth. Switch off the lamp and use this damp cloth to wipe it clean. 

The cleaning may be needed more frequently in the initial days especially if the air is highly polluted with dust and other particles. After using it for 3-4 weeks, you can see a significant difference. Once the air particles are reduced, the cleaning regularity can be reduced. 

Ionization and color therapy of Himalayan salt lamps

The ionization of these slat lamps not only cleanses the air but also adds freshness to the air. Using the Himalayan salt lamp for a while will make the air feel fresh similar to that on the beach or near a waterfall. You can feel a new vigor in the air as well. It is all doing of the ionization effects. All of these are achieved by not having to spend more money on the expensive air purifiers and equally expensive air filters that come with it. The ionization effects if the Himalayan salt lamp is also accompanied by a color therapy effects.

There is color therapy for many diseases. The color of Himalayan salt lamps is pink or orange mainly. The color can influence the mind and energy levels. Some can improve the energy while another influence in reducing tit blue color is one such energy reducing light which is often found in the white light. While the salt lamps emit this pinkish-orange light that relieves stress. It is soothing and relaxes the mind. Place the lamp near the bed at night to calm the mind and body for a relaxed sleep. 

The orange light initiates natural detoxification of the body and also provides a sense of security. The pink can affect good emotions and also symbolizes love and closeness. The pinkish-orange light provides all these qualities. 

Himalayan Salt Lamp Customer Reviews

Marianne uses it for 20 minutes every day and get good results. It cleared her respiratory problems from day 2. She has also tried many other Himalayan salt products from the Himalayan Salt Shop. The cooking salt, bathing salt etc all get thumbs up from her. 

Suzette has tried many air purifiers for many years yet she couldn’t find a permanent solution for her allergies. Recently she bought a Himalayan salt candle holder for her office use. She used it while dusty work was going around. The candle lighted inside this Himalayan salt candle holder works simply well for her and she didn’t have any allergic reaction to the dust around. 

Melissa who got the Himalayan salt candle holders as gift got addicted to it since it relived her off allergies, she plans to buy more. 

Crystal and her husband have allergies, especially in the morning after using these salt lamps, they no longer have that problem and could wake up fresh in the morning. The effects were seen from the first day itself  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Salt lamp and crustal candle holder?

The material of both these products is the one and the same, Himalayan salt. The lamp is larger in size and is lighted by an electric bulb. The candle holder lights up by the lighted candle placed inside. The salt lamps are preferable for entire room air purification while the candle holder has lesser effects and is more suited in small cubicles or simply as a décor piece. The salt lamps have better longevity and surface area. 

Will the salt lamps get degraded or withered?

The Himalayan salt lamps are made to last longer. The only way it gets degraded is when exposed to too much moisture or water. Under humid conditions and when not in use the moisture could accumulate over it which can damage the salt gradually, the same as in the case of plain old salt. Keeping the lamp lighted or having a moisture absorbing material placed underneath the candle holder can catch much of the moisture and prevent its degradation.  The lamps already have a wooden base that can absorb moisture. 

What size of Himalayan salt lamp should I purchase for an average sized room?

AN average-sized room would need a Himalayan salt lamp that weighs about 10 lbs. It can cover a room of average to large size. Using multiple lamps can also get better coverage and adds beauty to the room. 

Can I use Himalayan Salt lamp instead of an air purifier?

Definitely, the very purpose of lighting the Himalayan slat lamp is air purification in multi levels. It removes the pollutants and also freshens up the air for as long as it works. It is also a cheaper option than the expensive air purifiers and takes lesser time for maintenance as well. 

Is the shape of the Himalayan salt lamp natural?

Yes, the lamp shape is natural right from when it is taken from the underground caves of the Himalayan Mountains. The smaller chunks of the salt are hand-carved to make the smaller pieces. 

Where to buy Himalayan Salt lamp?

Himalayan Salt Shop, is an online store, where you get all the Himalayan salt products. The salt available there is authentic and pure to the core. There are lamps, candle holders, cooing salt, bathing salts, and even inhalers made of Himalayan salt. They are also available in popular online stores such as Amazon. 

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