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HIBACHI GRILL For Sale – Cajun Cookware Charcoal Grill

A barbecue grill usually is large equipment that occupies a larger space. That suits you when you have more people to eat. What about when you have a small family and want to have some grilled food? You need a smaller grill for convenience. The Cajun Cookware makes this small grill named as Cajun Cookware round seasoned cast iron charcoal Hibachi grill. Phew!! Yes, the grill makes round in this name so let’s just call it the Cajun Cookware charcoal grill. Since this is the only grill from the makers that work on charcoal, the name fits just fine. 

Cajun charcoal grill- Cast iron grill

Cast iron is one of the popular metals used for making grills. The major advantage of this metal is that it can provide natural iron to the food that benefits health. 

Cast iron is easier to clean up after cooking. The cooking grates are removable and can be washed thoroughly. 

The cast iron grill can generate high amount of heat for the instant or slow cooking. It can reduce the charcoal consumption in comparison. 

The cast iron cooking grates of Cajun Cookware charcoal grills are resistant to sticking. They come seasoned with oil that protects it from rusting. 

The heat retaining ability of cast iron makes it easier to keep the food warm after cooking. 

Features of Cajun Cookware charcoal grill

  1. Cajun Cookware charcoal grill is a compact grill suitable for small families and for camping.
  2. This charcoal grill is round in shape with a diameter of 15 (14 ½) inches on the surface. The total cooking space is 468 sq inches. The grill is 8 inches high and weighs about 40 pounds. 
  3. The grill is completely made of cast iron to add flavor to the food. The cast iron grill is pre-seasoned for ready to use.
  4. The grates in the grill are replaceable. The replacement grates are easily available from the online stores.
  5. This Cajun Cookware charcoal grill gets a strong comparison with the Lodge grill. In comparison, the Cajun charcoal grill gives s tough fight for the leading brand. 
  6. The grill is made in China but has some strong quality to its name. The reviews from the customers say it as much. 
  7. You can also put on a pot over the grill for the slow cooking requirement. 
  8. The grill comes with wooden handles but recommends the use of heavy-duty gloves for safety purposes. The cast iron grill can be really hot to touch.
  9. Care must be taken not to place the grill directly on the wooden surfaces or anything that is inflammable. It is better to prefer the concrete or granite over the wood for the placement. 
  10. The grill has a metallic handle that is folded to the side while cooking. Even the handle gets hot so be careful.
  11. The charcoal loading can be a bit tricky. It cannot be done without disturbing the food on the top. There is a small window opening through which you can load the fuel and replace the door. The coal grate is V-shaped right in the center so there is a possibility of some hot spot on the cooking grate.

What comes with the product?

The Cajun Cookware round seasoned cast iron charcoal Hibachi grill comes with the entire set up. The equipment is nothing but a large pot that has a facility to accommodate the charcoal and a cooking grate at the top. There are no chimneys to let the smoke out. 

There is the porcelain coated cooking grate that is seasoned. There is the removable ash pan underneath. There are 2 openings at the bottom part for airflow. The product comes as a single piece with the exception of the cooking grate. 

There is only one grate with the product but you could get the replacement with the code GL10447H from Amazon. 

Cajun Cookware Hibachi grill reviews

  • Mitchell-“The grill is larger than what it looks in the pic. I felt it is less heavy than anticipated. I read comments that it is heavier, but for me, it was fine.”
  • David-“The grill size is just right for me. It is neither big nor small.”
  • A customer-“This grill is highly convenient to make a decent meal for a few people. It is cheaper to fuel than the usual grills. You get the same flavor and sear for the foods grilled. It is a grill for the grill lovers!”
  • Jones-“It has a larger surface area and ideal for homemade pizza and burgers. I have also used it as a cooker for the cast iron skillet for veggies and fish. It makes an ideal homemade brisket smoker that does not choke you up.”
  • Windy-“This grill works well with the hardwood charcoal stuff. You need to maintain it well. Never leave it in the open in the rain and remember to oil it regularly. It will last longer. Trust me; I have been cooking on cast iron for years. I bought this grill from Amazon and have got a decent one.”
  • Linda-“This grill has enough space to cook and feed a feast for at least 4 people. We have been using it for 4 years now. We never had any complaint with this grill. We ran out of charcoal once and used the wood chunks. It worked just fine. This simplifies outdoor cooking.”

Maintaining cast iron grills

  • The cast iron grills such as the Cajun Hibachi grill has porcelain coating over the grates. It does not suit to use soapy water over it. Using abrasive material for cleaning can cause scratches on the surface.
  • You can use baking soda and vinegar to clean the grates. Use a soft bristles brush or scrub to cleanout. You will also get special brush-like materials to clean the grates.
  • You need to clean the grates when it is still warm to get the leftover food scraped off easily. 
  • Wipe it clean with vinegar or water. Use a kitchen towel to rub in cooking oil all over the grates and also on the whole grill to maintain and protect from rusting. 
  • Keep it away from moisture and water. 


Grilling is a fun activity but can consume time and fuel. The charcoal can provide the same heat and last longer than gas or electricity. To make things simple the Cajun Cookware Hibachi charcoal grill makes things easier. It lets you cook with charcoal or wood pieces that are available. The only thing to be sure is to maintain it well. It will reward you with a long-lasting grill that is easier to handle and maintain.  

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