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Healthy Gums For Feline Periodontal Health – Remedy

Healthy Gums for feline periodontal health is a herbal remedy that has been designed by an experienced veterinarian and her team to boost the gum and oral health of your cat. The product is manufactured by Pet Wellbeing at a well-hygienic FDA-registered facility. This is our review.

What is Healthy Gums for cats?

Feline periodontal diseases are quite common both in young and older cats. It occurs when the tissues that surround the teeth become inflamed or lose their deep supporting structures. This leads to plague/tartar buildup, bleeding gums, swollen gums, yellow deposits, bad breath, loss of appetite, pawing at the face, and much more.

Stating the obvious, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to maintain a healthy regime of your cat (especially when the pet reaches the age of 2-3) because such dental conditions can become irreversible after a certain stage. The sad part is cats are good at hiding their symptoms for months or years. This makes the situation even more difficult for cat owners because they might not even realize their cats are dealing with dental disease.

To prevent such situations, it is always wise to take your cat for a dental checkup at regular intervals. It is also wise to put your cat on a daily brushing spree to keep him/her safe from any periodontal disease.

While there are antibiotic medications available at the over-the-counter, natural remedies for periodontal disease always benefit your cat in multiple ways. That’s why Healthy Gums is worth a try.

How does Healthy Gums for cats really work?

The first and foremost thing that passes your mind is doubt. Do herbal ingredients work on cats? Is it safe? Yes, it is absolutely safe and effective. That’s because the product is made by an experienced veterinarian and all the ingredients have been clinically studied to deliver efficient results.

In fact, there are many customer testimonials from pet users who claim that the product is excellent in eliminating bad breath, bleeding gums by reversing the condition. The holistic ingredients are powerful to boost the immune system to make the body resistant to fight free radicals.

The website is very much informative and is completely dedicated to dogs and cats health. The base of the product is MCT (medium chain triglyceride)) oil that stays at liquid state even at room temperature. It not only raises the immunity level but also supports the natural skin’s barrier capability thus protecting cat’s dental health.

Healthy Gums Ingredients

As mentioned above, the base ingredient is MCT oil that is known for its ability to maintain strong cellular health. It also provides optimum nutrition to the layers of the skin thus keeping gums and teeth clean and plague-free.

Here are the active ingredients of Healthy Gums.

  • Calendula Flower (Calendula officinalis) – contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that heal the skin normally. It is also famous to soothe any inflammation in the skin including gingivitis.
  • Marshmallow root – speeds up the healing process of any skin inflammation. Marshmallow also contains high mucilage that protects the mucous membranes from any irritation.
  • Goldenseal root – boosts the immune system naturally. It targets the bacteria, viruses, and other toxic chemicals that penetrate the body and flushes them out efficiently.
  • Bayberry root bark – is a herbal astringent that not only tightens the smooth membranes but also keeps the gums and teeth healthy. The mild antibacterial property keeps bad breath away.
  • Chinese Skullcap – not just flavonoids, Baikal Skullcap is also famous for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It is also a natural sweetener that is loved by cats.
  • Prickly Ash bark – a Native American medicine, this bark is often called “toothache bark”. It has astringent properties that cleanse the oral area and keeps the mouth clean and odor-free.
  • Coptis root – can heal any ulcer in the gums or mouth area.
  • Myrrh gum – is a natural antiseptic that has bacteriostatic and astringent properties to fight bad breath and maintain clean oral health.

It comes with natural bacon flavor which is loved by cats.

Being a herbal product, the company need not list out the exact potency of each and every dosage. However, one ml contains 183mg of this holistic blend.

Dosage and Directions

It is advised to administer twice every day. The recommended dosages are –

  • Cats under 10lbs – 3-4 drops
  • 11lbs – 40lbs – 5-7 drops and
  • Over 40lbs – 8-10 drops

Use the dropper and apply it directly to the gums. Follow the recommended dosage to coat the gums.

Few owners find it useful to apply gently and spread it evenly with a fingertip or a cotton swab (if the gums are NOT inflamed too much). Make sure that you do NOT cause any additional discomfort or pain while applying on infected gums. That’s because inflamed gums can be extremely sensitive at such times.

DO NOT touch the dropper to the infected areas so as to prevent contamination of the product. We understand that keeping your pet stable can be a challenge especially when they are in pain but then your pet will appreciate it.


DO NOT use Healthy Gums for feline periodontal health if your cat is pregnant or nursing. If your pet is suffering from any cardiac or kidney condition or under medication, consult your Vet before using this product.

Healthy Gums for cats side effects

The first thing that passes the mind is side effects mainly because owners cannot really interpret what the pet is going through. Hence, we are always on the lookout for a product that is safe for the pet. There are no such thing as a perfect product and Healthy Gums is not an exception.

However, we did not find any side effects that come with Healthy Gums for cats. The product has been deemed safe and effective by many pet owners on the official website as well as retailers such as Amazon.

But for safety purposes, the manufacturer does issue a statutory warning not to cross the recommended dosage. That’s because excessive dosage or use can cause water retention or hypertension in cats. It is also vital to use this product only after consulting the Vet.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Healthy Gums


  • Certified Organic and wild-harvested herbs that ensure optimum potency
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that complies with GMP guidelines
  • Each and every batch is tested to ensure high potency and quality
  • Follows the guidelines as laid by FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines
  • 90-day return policy, if not satisfied with the results
  • Manufactured by experienced Veterinarian


  • Available online only
  • Side effects possible (if overdosed)
  • Takes at least a month or so to notice an improvement

Healthy Gums for Cats Reviews

  • Willowkins from Foxboro, MA – “I was quite skeptical to buy this product. My 1 yr old cat has gingivitis even though it’s rare to see such an ailment at a young age. I tried putting him on treats but still didn’t work. It didn’t get the area where his gums were inflamed. I then used this dropper formula and put it straight to his gums. Within two months, I saw a huge improvement.”
  • Sarah from Powhatan, VA – “My cat won’t allow me to put the drops on her gums. I mixed the drops with her food. Within two weeks, she started eating regularly and stopped screaming when her gums would hurt. I knew her gums were healing.”
  • Amazon customer –“Bought this to help a stray cat! He is a lot happier and healthier after using this product.”
  • Amazon customer – “My cat is suffering from stomatitis and had some teeth pulled. He was on Prednisone which I really hated. I had read a lot of reviews on Healthy Gums and wanted to give it a try. This natural alternative has helped me to pull my cat from Prednisone. His stomatitis has not gone completely but then it’s bearable than before. This product has really helped him. I consulted my Vet and she was definitely satisfied with the results. She saw an improvement in the cat’s mouth and told me to continue using it as long as it helps. He is a happy playful cat now. I recommend to all.”

Where to buy Healthy Gums for cats?

You can order Healthy Gums for feline periodontal health right from the official website of Pet Wellbeing. The company offers the product at a discounted rate if you are purchasing in bulk. If you are planning to use it regularly, then we suggest going for a bulk purchase. This way you will not only avail of great discounts (without any coupon code) but also become eligible for FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA and Canada.

There is also an auto-ship program available at Pet Wellbeing. This way even if you forget to order the bottle of Healthy Gums, the company will still deliver at your doorstep. Pet Wellbeing charges your card only after shipping the product.

But that’s not all. Pet Wellbeing offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all its products. This means you have plenty of time to test the efficacy of the product. If not satisfied, simply return the unused bottle and get your money reimbursed.

Healthy Gums for feline periodontal health is also available at Amazon at the same price as Pet Wellbeing. This product is available online only and you won’t find it in any OTC stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, GNC etc. However, you may find alternatives at these stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix Healthy Gums Natural Support for cats with food?

Yes. There are pet owners who have tried this trick when their cats don’t let them touch any infected gums. At such times, mixing with food have worked in improving their dental health while making the whole situation much easier.

How long does it take Healthy Gums to work on a pet?

It all depends on the severity of the gum condition. Usually, it takes a month or two to notice an improvement in the condition. Being a natural product, Healthy Gums works at its own pace and cannot be rushed in with overdose. If you are using this product in sync with other medication, the absorption rate will be delayed further.

The Final Verdict

Healthy Gums for Feline Periodontal Health is a safe and effective (We can’t stress that enough!!!) product that is known to show improvement on cats’ oral health. We have tried to cover every aspect of this product and hope to have provided you with what you have been looking for. In our verdict, we definitely recommend Healthy Gums for cats. It does take some time to see results but then it’s definitely worth than having to see your pet suffer.

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