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Get Rid Of Your Cat Allergies – How Air Purifiers Can Prevent

How Air Purifiers Can Prevent “Cat Footprint” In Your Home

You are an ardent cat lover. You love them like your own baby and feel difficult to part with it even for a second. Its vacay for your little sis. She drops by for some quality time to spend with you probaby a week or so. Now you are in a tough spot. She is allergic to cats. Just a walk down the cat zone and you will see her sneezing, nose dripping, headache etc. Not a pretty picture!!!

Now let’s it clear. You can’t get rid of your cat. That’s not the option here. But you can’t throw your sis out of your home either. This is not just your story but evey 2 out of 3 pet owner who have some one in their family dealing with allergies.

However, there are steps to prevent such health issues in the most natural way possible.

Cat Allergies, Causes And Symptoms

Contrary to what many believe, its not the cat or the cat fur but its the cat dander (i.e. shedding of skin cells, drool etc.) that people are allergic to. Danders are quite small particles. They are difficult to get away with and need proper equipment as well to chuck them out. Same rule applies for cat saliva as well.

Cat allergy symptoms arrive in different ways. While sometimes it’s just a bit of sneezing, but at times its multiple symptoms. Some of them include:

  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • nasal congestion
  • itchy eyes
  • watery eyes
  • rash or any skin irritation
  • wheezing
  • coughing

In people with sensitive skin, the symptoms are immediate. For others, it may take a course of time to appear.

Curing cat allergies naturally

Now that you know the causes and symptoms, be prepared to make a few changes in your life – vacuums, air purifiers, steam cleaners, kitty wipes (just like baby wipes but this is for feline), hand sanitizer. They all perform in their own manner individually but when combined they deliver the most powerful results. Use it regularly to deliver an allergy-free zone to your home. For cat owners, living without their feline is inevitable. So note these suggestions to have an allergy controlled life with your pet.

Suck it up

Use a high quality filtered vacuum that will get rid of cat hair and dander from your home. Make sure to vacuum twice a week. This means little dander will move in air. HEPA vacuum is considered best in trapping tiny dander, dust particles that can trigger allergies in body.

Steaming it away

Steam cleaners are healthy way to thoroughly clean VOC chemicals that can aggravate your allergic reaction. They are HARD WORKING UNITS that work efficiently on both soft and hard surfaces safely.

With the right steam cleaner, heck…you can even clean up behind your feline easily. Go for a quality steam cleaner just like HEPA filter vacuum. They arrive in a range of styles to serve your needs.

Breathe Pure air

Allergies in your body float in the air. They are so tiny at times that they are not even visible to the naked eye. And only pop up as symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or runny nose. Cat dander is one such particle that you won’t even know exists till symptoms pop up. The worst part is they can stay in the air for a prolonged period. The best way to deal with them is by using air purifiers. They clean the air using a filtration system. They trap 97-99% of air pollens using HEPA/carbon filter. Air purifiers also trap pet hair and also cut your contact with feline drool as well.

Air purifiers play a key role in making the indoor environment healthier and allergen free. They allow you to breathe free and are available in variety of choices. Find the one that works for your indoor space.

No pets in bed

Do not bring your problems to bed! If your cat hops on the bed, trust me your allergy ain’t getting any better. Imagine tiny particles of skin shedding all over the mattress or pet drool sloppy all over the bed? Disgusting!!! All that dander and saliva appear in your body as asthma attacks, respiratory disorders, etc. As the body relaxes we tend to breathe heavily and open-mouthed as we are. The dander floats right on the body during every breathe we take.

So WHAT DO I DO? BE STRONG and keep your pets away from your bed. This is crucial to maintain a good health. I know its a hard step but it has to be done. You can ease the transfer by getting a new pet bed. Once you initiate this step, both you and your pet will sleep better.

Healthy Hygience…Always

Be wise to your body. While you must be eating right, make sure not to touch your cat and then touch your eyes. Result is an itchy-eye syndrome. Symptoms include watery and swollen eyes. Easy remedies to solve such issues include hand sanitizer i.e. good hand washing regime that will inhibit health problems.

Another remedy is to give your cat a good bath regularly such as using pet wipes that is readily available at any pet store. Your pet will be much cleaner. It will also remove any extra hair and dander cutting out any allergy risks from your pet.


Follow a clean routine that will give your a fresh breathe of air and a home where you and your pet will live happily.

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