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Gateway Drum Smokers Reviews, Accessories

Drum smokers are the cross between a grill, smoker, and a pit that offers the multiple benefits of all of these BBQ units. The most beneficial feature of a drum smoker is that it gives you an easy time cooking and cooks fast as well. It takes a very small space in your patio or backyard and can deliver a larger amount of meat perfectly smoked and cooked. You don’t need BBQ skills to use drum smokers. 

Gateway drum smokers are the easily available ready-to-use smokers of this variety. These drum smokers are often made of heavy-duty steel barrels with porcelain coating over it. The Gateway drum smokers are available in 2 sizes 30 gallons and 55 gallons. The larger capacity accommodates a larger volume of meat inside the barrel and occupies very little space to bother you. 

Gateway drum smoker types

There are mainly 2 types of Gateway drum smokers – 30 gallon and 55 gallon barrels. You can find more models within these types. But the basic structure remains the same for all. 


  • The Gateway drum smokers have multi-levels for cooking. There would be 2-3 plates inside the drum smokers depending on the size. 
  • The cooking grates are stainless steel in making.
  • There will be a fire basket at the bottom that is removable. It has a high capacity to have a larger amount.
  • The covering lid has a hook to lift it. the hook is conveniently placed inside the hang off. 
  • Every Gateway drum smoker has a center-mounted custom dial thermometer on the covering lid. The thermometer is 3 inches in diameter for the dial and can read from 50-500 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • There will be 2 intake pipes that you can adjust as required. 
  • Every drum smoker has 2 handles made of steel that are welded. 
  • The drum smokers come fully assembled and are ready-to-use. 
  • They also have a removable caster wheel kit. You can easily have it a portable smoker if you want. 
  • The exhaust pipe at the top lets the smoke out of the smoker when it is done. 
  • The faster temperature adjustment helps you get the flavor in the food and have them moist and tender in no time. 
  • The heat tolerance level of the gateway drum smokers varies with the type. The flat bottom drum smokers can withstand a temperature up to 1000 degrees while the other types have a capacity of 650 degrees. 

The Gateway drum smoker models

  1. Gateway Drum Smoker 30 gallon, flat back, NO plate: Here the drum smoker does not have the plates inside the cooking levels. This is the drum smoker that can withstand a higher temperature of 1000 degrees. The cooking grate of this drum smoker is 18 inches in diameter. 
  2. Gateway Drum Smoker 30 Black is the standard drum smoker in the smallest size that has everything needed. This model does not have the caster wheels for the portability and no logo plate as well. 
  3. Gateway Drum Smoker 55 black with logo plate: This is the standard larger drum smoker. This 55-gallon drum smoker can withstand a temperature of 650 degrees at maximum. It has 3 levels for cooking because of its larger capacity. This model is available with the caster wheels as well as the logo plate. It comes in 3 other colors like red, royal blue, and Camo. 
  4. Gateway Drum Smoker 55 Red with logo plate: This model also comes fully equipped, including the standard cooking grates that are 22 inches in diameter. The fire basket can carry up to 8-10 pounds of charcoal. 
  5. Gateway Drum Smoker 55 Royal with Logo plate is another of the larger models. The large drum smokers will have just one cooking grate with the product. Though there are 3 levels you will be getting only one and you have to purchase the other 2 plates. 
  6. Gateway Drum Smoker 55 Camo with Logo plate is in the TAN color with CAMO accents on it. 

Use, fuel and capacity of the Gateway drum smoker

The Gateway Drum smokers can be used for grilling, smoking and also for the combination of these 2 methods.  The primary capacity of the cooking grates would be approximately 18 burgers on the 380 sq inches of the space. The fuel type is charcoal in all of these drum smokers. 

Gateway drum smoker accessories

Gateway drum smoker accessories are easily available with the product of you want. The available accessories are, 

  1. Gateway Drum Smoker extra hooks 6 in number is the most popular one. You will need these hooks to hook the ribs. The rib hanger will be sold separately and you will be needing these hooks as well. This set will have 6 hooks in the pack. 
  2. The Gateway Drum Smoker rib hanger is available separately for the 55 gallons and the 30-gallon drum smokers. 
  3. Heat diffuser plate helps you tame the fire from the basket. The heat diffuser distributes the heat evenly and is placed on the bottom grate level. You will get the properly sized heat diffuser plates for the 30 gallons and 55-gallon drum smokers. 
  4. Gateway Drum smoker cooking grate 55 is fitting for the larger drum smokers. You will get only one plate with the product, here you can get the additional ones. 
  5. Gateway Drum Smoker custom dial thermometer can replace any faulty thermometer on the drum smoker you have. The dial can have 100-500 degrees. It is 3 inches in diameter. 
  6. Gateway Drum Smoker Signature series smoker cover is a double-lined cover that covers the 55-gallon models. It has padding inside and is quite useful while transporting drum smokers. It can be tightened at the bottom. It is made of durable polyester and is waterproof. 

You may also get the fire starter cubes, wood chunks in various flavors, etc. The cutting knives, thermapen to probe the food etc are also available as the accessories. 

Gateway Drum Smoker Vs Pit Barrel smoker

Pit Barrel smoker is considered the leader among the drum smokers. When compared with Gateway drum smokers, you don’t get the versatility with Pit barrel smoker. There is only one size for the Pit Barrel smoker while you get 2 sizes with the Gateway drum smokers. 

The work mechanism is the same in both with the fire basket, cooking grates etc. When comparing the inclusions with the product, The Pit Barrel smoker takes the price as it includes the stainless steel hooks for the ribs, hanging rods, a hook remover and a barrel stand as well. The Gateway drum smoker comes with the minimal paraphernalia. 

While the Gateway drum smokers can have the cooking grates, Pit Barrel smokers use the hanging method as the primary method for cooking. 

Both the drum smokers are durable. The Pit Barrel smoker is light weighted among the BBQs but does not have the portable caster wheels. The Gateway drums smokers are light weighted and portable on its legs. 

Gateway Drum Smokers reviews

The Gateway drum smoker reviews show that drum smokers are quite effective for fast cooking. The versatility is cooking on the grates and on the hook and hang method is the biggest catcher. 

The easy maintenance of the drum smokers are the next commendable feature. All you need to do is to clean the barrels after every use and season it with cooking oil on the inside surfaces. Once the oil is coated, heat the pit in medium heat for a few hours and you are done to store it. 


Gateway drum smokers are very easy to use. It lights up faster and can maintain the temperature as you need. It is easy to set up and transport. The only problem might be that you may get a different flavor than you used to. 

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