Flashpoint Candle

Flashpoint candles are this kind of luxury candles that is fancy and stylish in looks. It also has a better quality wick that provides proper flame without flickering.

If candles have been a necessity in the ancient times, it is a luxury in the modern life. Candles have found many other uses than just being a source of light. This is part of a table setting for dinner, luxury or for healing purposes also. Flashpoint candles are this kind of luxury candles that is fancy and stylish in looks. It also has a better quality wick that provides proper flame without flickering.

The most interesting part is that the candles no longer needs to be mini, small or even medium in size. They can be large, as large as 8 inches in diameter. This makes it an ideal centerpiece on a table and makes a proper luxury addition. In short, Flashpoint Candles are unique decorative candles.

Flashpoint Candles- The Making

Flashpoint candles are handmade pottery. The pottery is made in many shapes and sizes. These candles in the handmade pottery are a great choice as a gift for anyone. The different fragrances suit many occasions. Once the candle is used up and the wax is gone, you can reuse this pottery for other purposes.

Many of this pottery are designer candles to make wonderful showpieces. Made with a high quality thicker wick and in fact, many wicks in a single candle enhance the overall appearance and improve the ambience of the room.

Types of Flashpoint candles

The Flashpoint Candles in different types such as glass, pottery, with citronella, for a wedding, outdoor purposes, multi-wick etc. You can choose the right candle that you want for the right purpose.

Glass candles

Here the candles are inside the glass jars. The glass jars itself are of many kinds. There are jars with lids, Flight lantern style, mini jars with lids, and solid glass tumbler style. The candles may be single wick or two wicks. The glass candles do not come in larger sizes. They reach only up to medium sized candles that are just a few inches in diameter. The fragrances used for the candles would be natural with the matching designs either on the glass itself or on the lids wherever applicable.


Yes, candles used for weddings. These are multi-wick candles and also come in larger sizes. You get the center piece as well as the dinner candles. They may be scented with exotic flavors or unscented. They are meant to create the right mood for the occasion.

The centerpiece candles are shorter, wider and with many wicks. The candle holders are pottery piece, made of Earthenware. They can be repurposed later. These multi-wick candles look elegant and classy on the wedding table. These are available in 9 different colors.

The diameter of these wedding Flashpoint candles can go up to 15 inches. The smallest would be 3 inches. The number of wicks starts down from one wick to as many as 20 wicks in a single candle. The glow from these many wicks would be sufficient for the ideal mood of a wedding.


The pottery section of Flashpoint Candles consists of only the handmade pottery candle holders in various shapes and sizes. This pottery is designed personally by the founder, Drea Groeschel. All the candle holders have the trademark glaze to it on both the interior and exterior. These candles are categorized into 7 groups.

  • Trio 1 wick is a gift set of 2 including the candle and a bottle. The crock shaped candles are glazed, striped with color shades and tones. The color options are blue, gold, green, purple, and red. The candles have a diameter ranging between less than 3 to as big as 9 inches.
  • Prairie point 2 wick candles are in stoneware. Each candle has 2 wicks and the wax used here is soy wax. They are available in the colors of green, white, and yellow. The diameter is small, less than 3 inches.
  • Luscent 4 wick candles from Flashpoint Candles have 4 wicks in each of them. This is a contemporary design with the wax poured into the Terracotta vessels in a sleek deep shape. They have a metallic finish to each color for a classy look. The color option would be black, gold, neutral and silver. All candles are 8 inches, which is fairly large in size.
  • Saxon 6 wick is a category of Flashpoint Candles that have pottery candles made of clay. The glazing is artful that holds the soy wax candles in them. There are 6 wicks in each candle that is available in the colors of blue, gold, green, grey, red, and white. The candles are large in size at 9 inches diameter. These candles make a centerpiece in any room.
  • Bennett 12 wick: This is one of the larger multi-wick candles, in terms of the number of wicks. There are 12 wicks in each candle and each of them 12 inches wide. These are meant as centerpieces for décor. It also makes an ideal gift to anyone. Just remember to choose the recipient’s favorite aroma. The color options are blue, gold, green, grey, red, and white.
  • Hamilton 17 wick candles are made in Earthenware pottery in the style of low bowl. The large size of the candles reaches 15 inches in diameter. The 17 wicks are enough to illuminate the table enough for an instant candle light dinner. It is also one of the most expensive candles from Flashpoint Candles. These are available in 6 different colors.
  • Beauregard 23 wick: The candles in this category are the largest at Flashpoint Candles. The candles measure to 20 inches in diameter and contain 23 wicks in each of them. These are useful for both indoor and outdoor purposes. With 6 color options, these magnificent pieces serve the dual purpose of illumination and as a décor item.

You can also find the pottery candles in the form of small Posh Pot shaped and the other names Small villa. They are a large collection with the color options of 23 to choose from.


This is a category of candles that have the citronella flavor added in the wax. The citronella is mixed with other flavors to make 8 choices. They are,

  • Coastal breeze citronella has a refreshing sea spray aroma and different floral. It gives a feel of a marine atmosphere with the touch of citronella.
  • Mango citronella has the tangy mango with peach and subtleness of citronella oil
  • Blueberry citronella has a smell of blueberry harvest and citronella oil
  • Spanish moss and palm give the feel of the woody green area and sweet palm along with the citronella oil.
  • Sea salt and Hibiscus citronella is a mix of floral fragrance with some salt and then the lemon.
  • Coconut citronella is soothing and relaxing to give the effect of a tropical beach with palm trees around. With a dash of lemongrass flavor these candles really rocks for a cool relaxing environment.
  • Water Lotus citronella gives a fragrance of Lotus petal and a feel of white husk somewhere. It can purify the mind and rejuvenate with the citronella oil.

Other categories

  • Outdoor: If you are looking for candles to use outdoors, at Flashpoint Candles, go to the Saxon, Hamilton, Bennet, and Beauregard categories. These are the same candles given as outdoor candles. All of these are large sized and multi-wick candles.
  • Multi-wick: You can choose the ideal candle according to the number of wicks that you prefer in them. The choice is between, 2, 4, 6, 12, 17 or 23 wicks. They also vary in size according to the number of wicks they handle.
  • Collections: You can go through the collections that the above- mentioned candles are categorized into different groups. You can find all that in the pottery section with the addition of flight lantern, Bertu, posh pot, and villa.

Product shipping and other details

Flashpoint Candles are all handmade candles and are bound to be expensive. You come here only if you are looking for some fine candles and not any cheap items to accommodate you. Since these entire candle holders are purposeful, the price should be considered half of what it really is.

The reusable candles will still have half an inch of wax remaining at the bottom. This is to keep up the integrity of the candle and to avoid over heating of the bottom of the pottery. Keeping the candle in the refrigerator for an hour makes it solid enough to let you pull the wax out with the help of a spoon. You can then wash it with a mild soap and clean with an all-purpose cleaner to use it for any other purpose.

There are a few candle vessels that are food safe. They are Trio, Cove, and Prairie Point. These are 100% food safe and could be washed in an over, microwave or a dishwasher.


All products from Flashpoint Candles are mostly available via FedEx, USPS, or UPS. It takes about 3-4 days for processing and another 7-10 of transportation, depending on the address. The products will be shipping to 48 states in the USA. You will receive the shipping detail and tracking number, when it is shipped. The shipping charge would be extra and depends on the size, weight, and location.


You don’t have to depend on the online site to place the orders. There are about 617 stores that have Flashpoint Candles, across the US. This means there are multiple stores in each city for your convenience. You can find the nearest store for you from the official website. There you can get the directions as well.


Flashpoint Candles was a small scale business started to get some extra income has not grown into a large business. The handmade products and the uniqueness of each product make it different from the factory made candles. These candles are not just for illumination but to enhance the ambience of the home. These candles would surely make you love your life.