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Fire Magic Electric Grills Manual, Use, Reviews

Electric grills are easier to handle, maintain, and take with you on trips on the water. The Fire Magic electric grills come in 2 varieties, on the tabletop and the other on a pedestal. These electric grills are all that are needed by you on any day. you don’t have to wait for summer to enjoy the grilled food. 

The electric grills do not emit smoke and are completely safe even in an apartment that has restrictions. It does not occupy much space like the conventional barbecue grills. You have more ease with these grills than any other.  You can use it for all types of cooking styles, just like the usual BBQ grill. 

Benefits of electric grill

  • The main advantage of an electric grill is its versatility in using indoors and outdoors. It is one of the rare grills that are safe inside all homes, including apartments. Apartments with smoke detectors are not safe for conventional grilling as the smoke from the BBQ can set off the alarm system. The electric grills have no such problems. You can cook the food and forget about the smoke.
  • Electric grills are economical in the sense that you don’t have to regularly spend on the gas. Whether it is natural gas or propane gas, you have to refill them and pay for it each time. Electricity is readily available at home so you don’t have to do any refueling. 
  • Convenient for small space apartments and condos. The electric grills are compact in size and do not occupy much space. 
  • They are portable and light-weighted. It can be carried on boat rides, camping, and tailgating. It can be used anywhere, as long as you have an electric port available nearby.
  • Cleaning the electric grills is easier than in other grills. There are no chars or ashes to clean up. All that is left would be food scraps that can be cleaned easily. 
  • The price of electric grills would be much more affordable in comparison. 
  • Finally, electric grills are safer for the environment as it does not emit the carbon monoxide like that in the charcoal. Just saying!

Fire Magic electric grill features

There are 2 electric grills available from Fire magic. The basic features of the grills are the same. They differ in their positioning and with the pedestal availability. 

The body

The grilling surface is 15 ½ inches with a depth of 16 ¼ inches. The whole body is made of stainless steel with a stylish contemporary finish to the equipment. Even the cooking grids are made of stainless steel. The body is 14 inches high. 

The body has triple wall insulation to keep the heat inside and not radiating outside the body. There is also the well-insulated double walled lid to it. 

The grill provides an overall area of 252 sq inches of cooking space. 

Heating and cooking

The heating element is larger so that it gets heated up fast and stays hotter for the cooking. The high intensity of heat ranges up to 725 degrees and more. There is also a precision thermostatic control system to regulate the temperature and to attain accuracy in cooking. the temperature control system can be read on the digital display. There is also the backlight for the thermometer for easy finding or reading when the lights are out in the room. 

Smart device

The Fire Magic electric grills are smarter that has a digital timer so you can set the time for cooking and the device shuts off itself when done. 

The Fire Magic Electric grill has got the cool-to-touch handle that is gripped easily. The devie is equipped to have a 2 hour safety shut-off within 2 hours. 

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning these electric grills are easy as it has the tilt-up the heating element. When you have this tilted up you get enough space to clean out the bottom of the interiors. The liners inside the grill are all removable. They can be removed, cleaned, dried, and replaced with ease. These lines are also dishwasher safe. 

There is a drip tray underneath that can be removed for cleaning. It reduces the mess inside the grill. 


The device works on 110 V AC current. It can be used at homes, condos, apartments, and boats, etc where the open flame is prohibited. You can have the equipment as a table-top one or get a pedestal to use it as a free-standing grill. You have the option to add a rotisserie kit with the product. 


The device would not work under a temperature of 40 degree Fahrenheit. 

Fire Magic electric grills

As mentioned you will get 2 varieties of this electric grill. You can have the table top or the free standing model. They are

  1. Fire Magic electric grills E250S is the one standing on the patio post. This equipment weighs about 76 lbs and stands on the provide pedestal in the same color as the body. This model also has 2 shelves on either side of the grills as workspace. The end length of this Fire Magic electric pedestal grill will be 42 inches from one side to the other when the shelves are up. These shelves are foldable. When they are folded, you have a length of 25 inches from side to side. You will easily get this product online form popular stores like Amazon. 
  2. Fire Magic E250T electric tabletop grill: The Fire Magic electric tabletop grill can be conveniently placed on the counter or the table. It does not have a stand or pedestal to keep on. There also are no shelves with this. It comes just with the grill. 

Fire Magic Electric grill review

The Fire Magic E250S electric grill review show that this electric grill is a decent one with a stylish look. Users say that it can be used for any speed cooking with the convenient temperature control and adjustment. In fact, it is the closest that one can get to a gas grill. When you have a prohibition on the gas grills in the apartment, this Fire Magic electric grills are your go-to-grill. 

The installation is easy and the foldable shelf takes only a jiffy. The only complaint is that there are no port to hook the extra length of the cord. 

Fire Magic electric grill cover

You will get the Fire Magic electric grill cover to cover your grill, whether it is the patio post or the tabletop grill.  The cover is black in color and the fabric is water resistant. The material is breathable and gets dry faster after getting wet or moist. The cover suits only for the Fire Magic electric grills.


Electric grills have their place in the grilling world. If you are looking for something that has an open flame, this is not for you. If you are looking for something to grill your food, faster and wanting something that tastes like restaurant food. You may not get the traditional woody taste or the smoked flavor, you will have the perfectly grilled steaks and veggies.

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