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Features Of An Effective Classroom Air Purifier – How Holmes Air purifiers Work Indoors

This article is dedicated completely as to how efficient a classroom air purifier should be, features you need to look out for in an air purifier. Also, read on to know how Holmes air purifiers fit the standards. Get to know the features, specifications, reviews, FAQs, etc.

In this article we will be discussing –

  • Features of an effective classroom air purifier
  • A brief about Holmes air purifiers – Top products
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Benefits
  • Warranty and Returns
  • Customer reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Features Of An Effective Classroom Air Purifier

Gone are those days when trees used to shield us from the UV rays and the pollution was much less. Today’s children are exposed multiple times to the bad pollution not only lurking indoors but from outdoors as well. So much is the power of air pollution that it is impossible to think of a life without an air filtration system. While we are helpless during the outdoors, indoor pollution can be tackled easily. Indoor pollutants from school include fumes from the building materials, things kids bring to the classroom, buildup of CO2 from so many people in such concealed spaces. If the school is near to the highway or factory, I cannot imagine the level of pollution your children and the teachers are exposed to. In fact, a study shows that black carbon levels in the classroom are 80% of the levels found outside. This is quite a big number.

Constant exposure to pollutants can not only drain the energy levels of kids but can also discard their ability to perform mental tasks that require focus, memory and calculation. Need I say more?

One simple way to eliminate such health risks is by using HEPA air purifiers in classrooms. They have the ability to remove 99.97% of the airborne particles from indoors. But there are so many options that can be a head-scratcher. For an efficient classroom air purifier, make sure that you have the following check-list in your hand.

  • More result with less maintenance – since the classroom is a busy place, you need to have a unit that will take care of your students without worrying too much about maintenance. Apart from changing them at a specified period, it should not call for cleaning, spraying, or handling almost every day. This is an impossible task. So ensure you own a filter that needs to be changed every 5 years.
  • Quiet performance – when switched on, it must not bark to disturb all the students from focusing on studies. The unit should perform silently yet powerfully without any sound other than that of air.
  • Continuous cleaning – the main motive of the air filtration system is to get rid of allergens indoors and have healthy air all year through. Make sure that your air purifier possesses a motor that has high revolutions per minute.
  • No controversy please – fresh air should be the only by-product delivered by your air purifier. Few systems come with ionizers that are still under a lot of controversies. Two words – stay away.
  • HEPA and carbon filtration system – these two create a powerful combo to chuck out just about any bad allergens in the air. For instance, toxic chemicals, foul odors, gaseous chemicals, second-hand smoking, etc. arising from wax, paint, cleaning solutions, and so on.

A Brief About Holmes air purifiers – Top Products

There are many products from Holmes air purifiers. However, I am providing top Holmes air purifiers to serve your purpose.

Holmes HAP706-NU Allergen Remove Air Purifier Mini Tower

First on the list is Holmes HAP706-NU allergen remove air purifier mini tower is currently a hit among many classrooms. The silent operation while simultaneously filtering the bad pollutants is loved by many students, school authorities, and parents as well. The Holmes air purifier is best recommended for rooms up to 120 sq. ft. in size so that you can place it in a corner and enjoy a breath of fresh crisp air.

Be it dust, mold, or smoke, Holmes air purifier comes with pre-filter and HEPA filter that grabs not the big particulates but also the tiny ones. This way you can derive the best benefits of health with Holmes HAP706-NU allergen remover mini tower. Eliminate any respiratory health condition and embrace a new life with Holmes allergen remover air purifier.

Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier 3 Speeds plus Optional Ionizer (HAP242-NUC)

There are enough pollutants indoors that can trigger respiratory disorders right from an early age. Apart from home, we tend to spend spent most of the hours at work. The office is another arena where pollution is at its peak. Not only does it welcome outdoor pollution but if you are working in a factory or have a factory nearby, the tendency to attract allergens is quite easy. This makes us easily susceptible to health conditions that can affect their lungs triggering irregular breathing, wheezing, runny nose, headache, and so on.

A quality HEPA purifier filters seen in Holmes air purifier the air throughout the day. It eliminates viruses, dust, bacteria, pollen and other airborne contaminants. Holmes air purifier mini tower gives a positive and healthy air assisting them to improve their academic skills easily.

A portable product, Holmes HEPA type desktop air purifier HAP242-NUC comes with optional ionizer that also plays an important role in chucking out miniscule particles. Though beneficial on many levels, ionizers still needs clear evidence on safety measures. However, elimination of ionizers does not in any way underplay the performance of the purifier.

The negation of the carbon filter is still a question. However, Holmes air purifier comes with a prominent feature known as the “Arm & Hammer” baking soda enhanced filter. Stating the obvious baking soda does great work in getting rid of mold, moist, chemicals in upholstery/furniture/ detergent that not only breed bacteria but also can be dangerous when inhaled. It is also efficient in clearing out any bad odors from indoors.

Holmes True HEPA air cleaner and odor eliminator with digital display for large spaces, HAP756

It enhances the positive Chi in the home/school enhancing the role of air purifier. With a smoke CADR of 270, Holmes allergen remover air purifier is one of the best to filter out the foul smell and gaseous chemicals.

Now about the appearance. I have looked upon many air purifiers and many consumers often complain about the look of the air purifier. Well, not this. Holmes mini-tower adds an aesthetic appeal to your indoor. They are a compact product and enhances the decor of your home/school.

The main job of air purifiers is to chuck out the bad wind out and bring on a breezy atmosphere that is loved by both teachers and kids. Be it for the classroom, school, or home, Holmes HAP756 HEPA Air cleaner and odor eliminator can be used for large spaces (340 sq. ft.) as well. It comes with a carbon filter and has received fantastic reviews from users in amazon. It has got a 4 out of 5-star ratings from consumers who have fallen in love with the crystal clean odorless breeze.

Holmes HEPA Type Tower Air Purifier, HAP424-U

Not knowing when your filter needs change is one of the most sought questions by many consumers. Stating the obvious, we often tend to buy the air purifier and then forget all about it. The busy lifestyle pushes the thought of replacing the filter further back in our head. To ease out such worries, Holmes air purifier comes with clean indicator that will eliminate the guess work of when your filter will need change. This is a relief for many.

Excellent product for school class rooms, household purposes or small office, it can clearup the space of 168 sq. ft. within a few minutes. The pre-filter is washable and stays durable for a good life. This takes the pain of going over the budget for changing the filters regularly.

Summing it up,

  • HEPA filter that removes up to 99% of airborne particles as small as 2 microns
  • Arm and Hammer enhanced baking soda that filters indoor smell
  • optional ionizer helps in optimum filtration
  • three options for regulating the fan speed (based on the conditions)
  • silent yet powerful performance
  • has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) for smoke (depending on the model ) which means it will clean out second-hand smoking or any other smoke smell within a few minutes
  • compact product and fits just about anywhere
  • beautifully crafted design that enhances the decor indoors

Benefits Of Holmes air purifiers

An air purifier is beneficial at all times. Holmes air purifiers offers you myriad benefits that I am happy to sum it up for you.

  • Clear air all through the day
  • optional ionizer-negative ions that bind with the airborne allergens to form large molecules for easy capture
  • filter reminder for replacing the filter
  • manual settings to control the fan speed
  • works powerfully in any indoor atmosphere – school classrooms, home, office, factory, etc.
  • allergy sufferers need not look beyond this

Warranty And Returns – HOLMES AIR PURIFIERS

Sunbeam Products, inc. which is doing its business as Jarden Consumer Solutions offers a 3-year warranty on its products. Holmes air purifier warranty is valid from the date of purchase. If the product needs replacement, it shall be equally done if it falls under the warranty period. If the product is no longer available, you will be provided with a replacement product.

GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!! The company makes it a point that you are satisfied with any of the holmes air purifier you choose. If in any case, you are not satisfied with Holmes air purifiers, then you will be reimbursed completely.

Holmes Allergen Remover – Customer Reviews

Holmes air purifier reviews are flat out opinions that come straight from the heart. So when consumers are talking all good, I feel a bit cautious. The product seems too good to be true. However, it says so. You can look up websites that have reviews about consumers absolutely adoring the product.

There are of course critical acclaims as well. Many raise the voice – “holmes air purifier, does it work?” Yes, there are reviews that speak for itself and slant towards the positive side. Here are a few of the customer reviews.

It has received in 4.8 out of 5 stars in a couple of websites (,, etc.) while has got 4.0 out of 5 stars from consumers. Here are a few quotes about what customers have to say.

“Works great” – Pamela

As soon as I got it, I started running it in full speed in my bedroom all evening and night. I myself couldn’t believe but within 2 hours of use, there was a noticeable difference in the air quality. I purchased it with the ionizer. The air feels so fresh and I can breathe easy.

In fact this is the first time in my life, I woke up without my nose and throat congested due to dust and mold allergies.

“Filtered” – VINE VOICE

This is my third and also the largest Holmes air purifier. My wife is using it in her art classroom to help her pick up the dust that clay creates. Till now it seems to help a lot. It has improved the room’s air quality without being too loud to talk over. Its too early to tell but then I imagine that the filter will need to be replaced quite quickly than mentioned by the company. The affordable and range of replacement filters is one of the biggest strengths.

“Works great” – Barbara Gonzalez

I bought the Holmes Mini-Tower air purifier couple of years ago. I have used it in my home (master bedroom), a small business office, and in a classroom. It works great. I never had any issues with it. Super easy to use it is a breeze to wash the pre-filter. Even at the highest speed, it makes only a quiet and calming that puts my little one to sleep easily. Am planning to buy another one for my other son. Worth every penny.

“No complaints here” – J. Harris

I am very pleased with this one. It is exactly what I needed. A quiet operating and effective unit that is equivalently small. It reduces the allergens in the home but works great in small rooms.

Final Verdict

Every kid is the future’s hope AND SO is the teacher who imparts wisdom to the little geniuses. So it is in our hands to give them the best education by assisting them in whatever way we can. If an air purifier can make a difference in their lives, why not initiate a positive step? Holmes allergen remover air purifiers have been slowly but steadily topping the list. Great value for the price you pay, Holmes air purifier benefits not only children but adults as well by cutting out many health conditions from their body. The lack of carbon filter is a drawback that many feel but it is complemented with the baking soda filter that tackles the pollution without mercy.

Bottomline, Holmes air purifiers is a definite yes for those who crave for crisp and rich air everytime they enter their home or classroom.

Frequently Asked Questions – HOLMES AIR PURIFIERS

Where do I buy holmes air purifier filters?

You can buy straight from the official site Currently they are giving away BUY 1 GET 1 FREE offer on filters. If that’s not enough they are giving away a discount of 30% off on air purifiers.

Is the holmes air purifier ionizer safe to use?

Ionizers release negative ions that get attached the particles in air. They are then captured by the filters that release them outdoors bringing in natural air indoors. Though ionizers claim to be beneficial for people dealing with allergies such as asthma, skin disorders etc. they also have an evil side as they can make the symptoms worse as well. This topic is still murky and needs good evidence to stand valid.

How do I contact holmes air purifier customer service?

Well, you can fill out the ‘Contact us’ form available OR else call them at 1-800-546-5637.

Are there any holmes air purifier coupon codes or discount codes available?

Yes, there are many websites that provide coupon codes so that you can get your favorite system at a discounted amount.

Are holmes air purifiers good?

Holmes air purifiers have stood the test of time and there are reviews that will prove it true. If you are skeptical about the product, the company offers a 30 day trial period from the date of purchase. This gives you ample time to voluntarily inspect the purity of the air indoors. If unsatisfied, simply return and get your moolahs back.

Does holmes air purifier make noise?

No, holmes air purifiers come with three different settings depending on the speed level. When set on a high level, it barely hums and is quite bearable.

Does holmes air purifier come with permanent filter?

Yes, the Holmes® Egg Air Purifier comes with permanent hepa filter. An total treat to the eyes, it adds a luscious look to your bedroom or guest bedroom.

Are holmes air purifier price affordable?

Yes, these compact air purifiers are available at a competitive rate and is a treat to people who are living on a budget.

Are there any Holmes air purifier for large room or extra large room?

Yes, the Holmes True HEPA air purifier, HAP756 is the perfect product that virtually eliminates any odor and purifies the wind inside.

What is the holmes air purifier with visipure?

Infused with HEPA type filter, Visipure is basically a filter viewing window that allows you to see when it is the right time to change your filter.

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