Epson Expression Home XP-330 Wireless Color Photo Printer

Buy Epson Expression Home XP-330 Wireless Color Photo Printer that is easy to set up and has great features.

Epson Expression Home XP 330 is a wireless printer that also has the scanner and copier facilities. This is compact in size for the facilities it offers. This printer allows you to take printouts from any gadget that you have like PC, laptop, Smartphones, or tablets. It can print the photos also. It has so many other useful and convenient features that one is surprised to have it all in this user-friendly printer. The biggest achievement of Epson Expression Home XP 330 over other varieties of printers is that this one has more capacity to hold papers so there are no multiple loadings.

Features of Epson Expression Home XP 330 printer

  • First of all, this Epson Expression Home XP 330 is a 3-in-1 printer that can print, copy and scan.
  • It is wireless and works over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct and also at a high-speed USB
  • This printer has the higher speed for the printing. A single copy can be made at a speed of 9.0
    ISO for black printing and for the colored printing the speed is 4.5 ISO.
  • The most special feature of this Epson Expression Home XP 330 printer is a small LCD screen where you can see the preview of whatever page or picture that you are going to print. The colored LCD screen is very small, just 1.44”.
  • The LCD monitor allows you to edit the photos without using the computer. It can use tools like red-eye removal or photo restoration.
  • The printer is compatible with iPad, Android, iPhone, tablets, and Smartphones to get prints through Wi-Fi.
  • It need not depend on the network connections and can be connected to the Wi-Fi directly to take prints.
  • The printer has the capacity to hold 100 papers at a time that reduces the number of loadings.
  • The additional features of Epson Expression Home XP 330 being that it has software additionally to let you scan and share the pictures and documents to Facebook and also in the cloud. The inbuilt memory card slot allows computer free usage of this printer.
  • All you need is a power outlet to connect the printer and then you can practically take prints from anywhere, whether you have a network connection or not.

Epson Expression Home XP 330 Cartridges

Epson Expression Home XP 330 cartridges are 4 in number. One for black, another in pink, one in yellow and the last one is blue. The cartridges are independent in working that facilitates the user to change only that color which has run out of ink to be replaced. Not many printers have this facility.

All the 4 cartridges are installed one next to the other. The cartridge cabinet has a single opening and replacing the cartridges is also simple. Just take the faulty cartridge out and replace it with a fresh one. The cartridges are not expensive and are also widely available at economical prices.

Epson Expression Home XP 330 Ink

The Epson Expression Home XP 330 ink is fast drying and non-smudging. The ink used here is the 4-color DURABrite ultra pigment ink. The ink resists water so you get the pages printed instantly that you can touch and fold the paper without worrying about getting smudges or fading the prints. The photos are also touchable ones once they are out of the printer.

This printer is compatible with the Epson cartridges only for the ink source. No third party cartridges work with this device. The ink prints well even on the thick paper like cardstocks and not just the ordinary papers. The ink cartridges for the ready use are included in the product package.

Do note that the cartridges are not refillable, it has to be replaced. Also that if the printer is running out of even one single color, it will not print the pages.

Epson Expression Home XP 330 setup

Setting up is simple. The Epson Expression Home XP 330 comes with a DVD that upon installation in the laptop or PC allows you to connect the printer. Once it is installed, you can just follow the setup instruction, which is not too long and be done with it.

If there is any difficulty in the setup, it is during the installation. Installation might take a while. But once that is done, it doesn’t take much to have the printer ready for use.

Epson Expression Home XP 330 Software download

Epson Expression Home XP 330 printer package comes with the basic software needed for the installation and usage. The software comes in DVD form. In case people are not able to do the installation through the DVD, they have the option of the software download. They need to make sure that they download the software directly from the Epson site for proper and legitimate software installation and functioning of the printer.

For the Apple devices, the software required is the AirPrint which is available in iOS. In order to print from the mobile gadgets, you need to download the relevant app, on the devices to facilitate easy printing.

Epson Expression Home XP 330 review

The compact size, all-in-one facility and the ease to use the printer for any type of gadget are the high points of this Epson Expression Home XP 330 printer. The multi-functionality is also one of the major advantages of this printer.

What people do not like is that the printer does not print if even one of the cartridges has run out of ink. No matter that ink is of use or not, this auto default feature is kind of annoying. The lack of compatibility with Mac has also irked some customers and left them disappointed with the purchase.

One of the ironic reviews is that one user bought a third party ink for the printer, while the manufacturers claim that no third party ink cartridge would be compatible. It is also a fact that Epson cartridges are expensive than other in comparison. Another interesting review is that the printer does work loud.

Terry is happy to have this low-cost compact printer for him. It fitted well in his small cabinet and is quite happy with its functions also.

Wesii is another happy customer who now loves to take quality prints and pictures over the Wi-Fi without having to bother about the networks.

Nash is another admirer of the inexpensive printer. He says it is not as fast as other expensive printers but fulfills his needs. What he lauds about is the facility to have the Wi-Fi connection and printing.

Mallory assures that Epson Expression Home XP 330 is one of the best printers for printing photographs.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Epson Expression Home XP 330 is a gem for common people with multi-functionality. The feature of going wireless is what making it advantageous over many other printers. It may not be fast enough for many but makes it an ideal device to get instant prints and photographs, literally from any gadget, anywhere.