Eco Washer Pro

Eco Washer Pro is a safe alternative to toxic chemicals such as bleaches, washing detergent etc. that can release allergens in your body leading to many respiratory disorders.

With Eco washer Pro at your home, no more laundry detergents filled with toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your health. This article is devoted to eco washer pro reviews, features and many more.

Dress to kill…!!! You must have heard this phrase a lot. But now believe it. Everyone loves a clean and crisp dress which leaves a lasting impression on people.

Eco washer Pro uses deep clean technology for giving you ultimate relief from tough stains. It uses the ozone, hydrogen peroxide, ions in the water and passes it through a converter that creates oxidized water (i.e. hydroxyl radicals) that removes even the toughest of stains. For better purposes, you can pre-treat the cloth which are stained.

Eco Washer Pro Reviews


Benefit of using Eco washer Pro is you need not use heavy detergents or bleaches that possess toxic chemicals which released can lead to skin diseases or other health issues. One such commonly found chemical is formaldehyde.

Ecowasher Pro can be installed easily and doesn’t require heavy equipment’s. It works well with any washing machine of your choice. All it requires is few screws to hang it above the wall of the washing machine. Now use a hose and connect it to the water tap and connect the other to your washing machine. Your Eco washer Pro is now ready to use.

Another benefit of using Eco washer Pro is the consumption of heavy bills such as energy, purchase of detergents etc. Heck, you don’t even need hot water for cleaning the stains. Just the normal tap water would do as it gets converted into oxidized water. Take for example, when you use fabric softeners, detergents it increases the energy as well as the drying cycle which shoots up your power bill. A study by 7 Heavens LLC says that a family can save up to $221 per year just by avoiding hot water usage for cleaning fabrics.

Ecowasher comes in two different models – Ecowasher PRO and Ecowasher PRO PLUS. No matter what you choose it is available to you at an affordable price than its competitors such as Washit or Purewash.

Ecowasher comes with a one year warranty and a six week trial period from the date of purchase. In case if you are not satisfied with the product, simply return them with the said time and get fully reimbursed.

Best eco washer

Are you looking for the best ecowasher to buy? Then buy EcoWasher Pro as it is one of the best eco washer available online. The Eco Washer Pro model is designed for residential purposes with municipal and city water only. If you are looking for the best eco washer for hard water, you can buy EcoWasher Pro Plus.

EcoWasher Pro – the best eco washer

EcoWasher Pro as the name suggests is an eco-friendly water system designed to work with your home washing machine. If infuses cold tap water with ozone, hydrogen peroxide and ions and mixes them together through a static mixer to create the ultimate oxidizer known as hydroxyl radical.

Ecowasher Pro

Ecowasher Pro

by Ecowasher 4 out of 5stars (308 Customer Ratings)

EcoWasher is an environmentally friendly laundry system that best suits your family. Ecowasher provides a bacteria-free and cost-efficient laundry system by reducing energy costs and pollution.

Good for home!!!

4 stars out of 5 by Jauna James for Ecowasher Pro

It was hard to believe that you can have your laundry cleaned without using detergents. But as a person keen at trying a complete natural way for cleaning laundry, I landed up with Ecowasher. It’s amazing how Ecowasher works.

Being the best eco washer, EcoWasher Pro sterilizes and deeply cleanses your laundry with no detergent. EcoWasher Pro saves more energy and is used basically for residential laundry facility. It is also designed to work with your existing washing machine. Buy EcoWasher Pro and step into the next level of eco-friendly laundry system.

Eco Washer Dryer

Eco washer dryer is the best in the market which has the capacity to clear out any chemical left out from the detergent. It is mainly used for laundry purposes mainly in hospital and hotels. Now a short product is also available for house hold purposes. It is simple to install. It is natural and free of maintenance. There is no need for expensive detergents. Eco wash dryer reduces stiffness and premature shedding of fabrics. The most important aspect is it has an energy saving property which makes us to save our money.



Eco washer Pro is laundry technology which works without any of the detergent toxins typical of normal detergents. Super cleansing molecules are combined to form a completely natural and efficient oxidizer which is called the Hydroxyl Radical. It makes cold water a superb cleanser and thus helps you save a lot of money with continual use.

Laundry Chemicals

Surprisingly, what is supposed to be keeping us clean is actually harming us. The scent of laundry detergents triggers a calming and pleasantly clean feel in us, but the truth is, most of them contain toxins that have links to cancer. There are chances that the flowery smell you get is a form of formaldehyde or a carcinogen. Some of the fragrances could affect reproductive health, cause allergies, asthma, nausea, etc.

There are even some substances known as optical brighteners. A layer of these laundry chemicals are left behind on clothes which reflect ultra violet light giving an illusion of brightness. When these chemicals reach your skin, you become more sensitive to sunlight and chances are, you are at a risk of skin cancer.



Bleach could disinfect and brighten your clothes during laundry but when these flow through drains, they could produce organochlorines (OC) which are harmful to the reproductive system and even the neurological system. There are even links to cancer. They can also harm the environment and when, to stabilize bleach, EDTA is added, they harm aquatic life. There are also chances that settled heavy metals get released into the water sources.

Other laundry chemicals like Sodium lauryl sulfate, dioxane, linear alky benzene sulfonate, nonylphenol ethoxylate, petroleum distillates, phenols, artificial fragrances, phosphates, etc are also present in detergents. They have their own uses and harms.

Why to switch to an Eco washer Pro unit?

These above mentioned chemicals are the main reason you should switch to using the Eco washer Pro right away. Not only does this system use none of the chemicals, but it also gives a better, long lasting clean to your laundry. When cold water passes through the unit, ions, hydrogen peroxide and ozone are added to it and it is passed through a static mixer to produce the hydroxyl radical. This is known as Nature’s Detergent as it can clean deeply embedded dirt and make colors last a very long time without harming the cloth material. It produces no odor, but rather gives a clean and fresh scent.

If your are ready to move on to a toxin and detergent-free laundry method, try the Eco washer Pro systems.

Eco washer Pro – Chemicals in laundry detergent

Eco washer Pro is a laundry detergent which does not use chemicals to clean clothes. Chemicals used in detergents not only affect our skin directly, but they also pollute the environment and affect us indirectly. There are carcinogens and other offensive chemicals in most detergents and they create a lot of waste water. This water, when led into water sources, can affect aquatic life and when it is led into land, it becomes arid.



Chemicals in laundry detergents

The detergents contain chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, nonylphenol ethoxpylate, phosphates, etc. Sodium lauryl sulphate is a chemical used in fabric softeners, detergents, etc and have hundreds of other uses in make up and cosmetics. It can cause skin and eye irritation, cellular changes, organ toxicity and mutations.

Nonylphenol etholxylate is inexpensive and a frequent ingredient of laundry detergents. It can cause kidney and liver damage and there is proof that when it gradually gets saturated in our bodies, it can cause gender changes!



Phosphates are excellent cleansers: they can easily remove stain and dirt, but they can cause innumerable health disorders. They can cause nausea, diarrhea, skin problems and when released on the aquatic life, they increase algae growth, thus reducing sunlight and oxygen to deeper-residing organisms.

With Ecowasher Pro to help you, there is no need to buy wide range of washing accessories such as detergents, bleaches and other products.

How to set up Eco washer Toto

Eco washer Toto operates without power and can be easily fit to any toilets both regular and elongated. The specifically designed polyxmethylene nozzle has its own self cleaning housing which cleans the nozzle before and after use. Following are the instructions on how to set up an Eco Washer Toto:

  • Remove your old toilet seat and clean up using a bleach or CLR if any dirt left. Remove the Eco Washer Toto bidet seat from its pack and identify the different components to the kit.
  • Isolate the plastic bag containing the 2 black rubber mounting tubes.
  • Now push the top part of the rubbers down into the mounting holes on top of the toilet pan.
  • Place the mounting plate on top of the toilet pan and tighten the screws. Make sure the plastic loading washers are sitting correctly in the base.



  • Fit the bidet seat to the base by sliding the seat over the base until it clicks on.
  • Close the stop valve to the cistern tank and flush the toilet to empty the tank.
  • Unscrew the retaining nuts at both ends of the supply pipe. Now lift the pipe out of the stop valve and slide the pipe out of the plastic tank fitting to remove it completely.
  • Fit the T-piece pipe with the tap. Tighten the retaining nut with a suitable spanner.
  • Attach the flexible line from the bid set seat to the outlet of the isolating tap. Tighten the flexible pipe by hand and now you are ready with eco washer toto.

How does the Eco washer Pro clean clothes?

The Eco washer Pro, on the other hand, uses no chemicals to clean. It uses a hospital laundry technology and can turn cold water into a power yet non toxic detergent. The system is very easy to install near a washing machine. An inlet pipe for the cold water has to be attached and an outlet pipe for the processed water to come out. Inside the EcoWasher Pro, the water get infused with hydrogen peroxide, ozone and ions that go through a static mixer to create hydroxyl radicals. This water can deep clean clothes by digging out dirt, odor and grime and also disinfect the fabrics. Since there are no chemicals used, the color and material last longer than when detergents are used.

Using the Eco washer Pro is not a complicated process. After installing the unit, you just need 10 minutes to start using the product. To start the unit, the power button has to be pressed and that’s it.

Eco washer fluid

The Eco washer fluid is called OzzyJuice that is clear in appearance and can turn darker after washing the dirty machine parts. The eco washer fluid is readily soluble in water and has a pH value closer to neutral which makes it safer even it it is handled with bare hands.

The eco washer fluid- OzzyJuice does bio-remediation, that is to turn the hazardous chemicals into smaller compounds that are comparatively safer. Through the OzzyJuice and OzzyMat the hazardous carbon compounds are broken down ultimately into carbon dioxide and water.



The Eco washer fluid contains no hazardous ingredients but has some lively microbes that aid in breaking down of the cabin compounds. Even if it is highly effective in removing the oil and grease, it is hardly anything that can be treated as an oil dumper. The eco washer uses high temperature to heat up the fluid and do the job it is intended to do.

Eco washer Pro – all natural detergent

EcoWasher Pro is an all natural detergent which uses a technology which produces “Nature’s Detergent”. Some people like the smell of detergents and this smell is usually associated with clean laundry. This is not always true: there are many chemicals used in the process and this process can damage the clothes more than the cleaning them. Sure, they can kill the microorganisms using harsh chemicals, but when these takes their toll on your clothes, the clothes will lose most of their vitality.

How is Eco washer Pro an all natural detergent?

It is actually a technology used on some of the cleanest hospitals: a hospital laundry technology which has now been domesticated through EcoWasher Pro. Normal cold water is transformed into an efficient and non-toxic cleaning agent. Ordinary cold water is passed through the system during which time hydrogen peroxide, ozone and ions are infused into it. This then passes through a static mixer to produce hydroxyl radicals which are also known as Natures Detergent.



In order to use EcoWasher Pro, we only need cold water and we can completely remove the need of hot water, detergents or fabric softeners. The laundry will be deep cleaned, removing embedded dirt, odor and grime and also killing microorganisms left behind on the clothing.

It is safe to be used by people with sensitive skin, chemical allergies or infants. When detergents are used, there are risks of skin allergies and risks for the environment. The toxic detergent-mixed water enters rivers, lakes and other water sources.

Eco washer Pro For the environment

The EcoWasher Pro gives you an option of completely eliminating detergents from your homes and the environment: the empty containers filling up landfills and the dirty water in water sources. This unit leaves no carbon footprint.

Eco washer Pro Ease of use

It is a fully automated system and takes just about 10 minutes to install. It has one inlet for cold water and one outlet for oxidized water which then enters the washing machine. There are no setting for each time you want to clean your clothes and all you have to do is attach EcoWasher Pro behind your washing machine. Press start to begin the process.

Eco washer Pro Conclusion

The all natural detergent system will not harm you clothes and it also prevents fabric wear and tear. The clothes will last longer and the colors wouldn’t fade easily.

Eco Washer Pro Reviews

From the name itself you can understand how environment friendly is the EcoWasher. It conserves energy without compromising on its performance. Removal of the stains have been effective reported many users. The laundry from the EcoWasher smells fresh and looks clean. You can save couple of bucks on the detergents and bleach as the EcoWasher does not require that. With fewer detergents you can reduce the chemical contacts. The performance still lasts high even when there is a hell load of cloths to wash. Performance wise there are good eco washer pro reviews were reported by the existing users. The complaints were mainly about the leakage of the hose. The hose is one thing that needs regular replacement as the leaking sometime is very high.



Ecowasher pro plus reviews

Ecowasher Pro Plus model is designed for homes with hard water. If your is a city or municipal water, you can buy Ecowasher Pro for residential laundry. Ecowasher Pro Plus is same as Ecowasher Pro. Its an eco-friendly appliance designed to work with your existing washing machine but make sure your water is hard water.

Eco washer Pro Reviews

Customers who used ecowasher pro plus were pleased to enjoy the effectiveness of the appliance. You can also see ecowasher pro plus reviews online in amazon. Here are some of the ecowasher pro reviews – both positive and negative:

Ecowasher pro plus review 1: Todd V. Evans said that ecowasher pro plus gave cleaner clothes without any smell. He also liked the mechanism of no more detergent and no hot water. He added that ecowasher pro plus came with outstanding quality.

Ecowasher pro plus review 2: M. Teater reviewed that ecowasher pro plus was easy to install which took just 10 minutes. She added that ecowasher pro plus removed every stains and odors. She tried using ecowasher pro plus for cleaning her dog’s bed pads as the stains of urine was not gone using other methods. After using ecowasher pro plus for cleaning her dog’s bed pad, all the urine stains were gone which really surprised her.

Ecowasher pro plus review 3: Fmareen added her statement by saying that she loved the ecowasher but had to replace it twice as the alarm stopped working after 2 months.

Eco Washer Pro Reviews

There are good eco washer pro reviews on the EcoWasher Pro because of its no-detergent, no-bleaching and no-hot water features. That is, the EcoWasher Pro does not require any detergent or bleach or hot water like other washing machine to wash its cloths and there is no compromise on the clean and fresh clothes. You can save money on the detergents and bleaches. The EcoWasher Pro is completely eco-friendly and conserves energy. It kills the bacteria, virus and other impurities present on the cloth and sustains the texture and color of the fabrics.

The EcoWasher Pro is high in efficiency. It is available in white, blue and green colors. The product dimension of the EcoWasher Pro is 17 by 8 by 4 inches with a weight of 1 pound.



The Eco washer PRO model is only designed to work for homes with city and municipal water. It is not for hard water. Eco washer PRO has a high review rating in the market. Eco washer PRO cleans deeply the laundry without detergent and it conserves a lot of energy. It is environmental friendly. Reviews says that people buy Eco washer PRO due to the high efficiency of the product, its low rate and its energy saving capacity. The other main advantage of Eco washer PRO is it is specially designed to use with your existing washing machines.

Is ecowasher dryer available in UK, Canada or other countries?

No, though the brand ‘Ecowasher’ is not available, there might be other brands resembling ecowasher dryer that will help you to keep your water ozonised.

What is the prominent feature of eco washer dryer?

The most prominent feature is the unbelievably true process of creating ozone friendly water and producing negative ions that disinfects and cleans the laundry like never before. With PRO PLUS of eco washer dryer, the features are doubled since it will convert any hard water to soft water for best results.

Can I ship eco washer dryer to UK?

You can, but first you need to purchase the product and then ship to UK or any other country at your own risk. However, this procedure is not entertained as many countries have developed their own ecowasher dryer brands.

Does this mean I need not use washing machine?

You need to use washing machine along with eco washer dryer as the pipe of ecowasher is connected to the tap as well as washing machine. But it will certainly eliminate the need of detergents or unwanted bleaches, fabric softeners. However for your own peace of mind, you can still continue its use if you want.

Is eco washer dryer easy to install?

Yes, ecowasher is absolutely easy to install. The instruction manual is provided with the ecowasher dryer when you purchase or is available in the official website.

Is Eco washer Pro shipped to Colombia?

Eco Washer Pro is an eco-friendly appliance designed for residential laundry system. It kills the bacteria and viruses without leaving behind any residual detergent. Eco Washer Pro is not shipped to PO boxes. Orders that are requested to ship to Alaska, US Military APO/ FPO address or Hawaii will incur an additional shipping charge based on the product size and weight. Eco Washer Pro is not shipped to Columbia.

Does eco washer dryer come with warranty?

Yes, ecowasher dryer comes with three years of warranty.

Where can I buy closet duduk eco washer?

Buy Jual closet duduk eco washer from where you get closet duduk eco washer at cheap price. Jual closet duduk eco washer is very helpful for pregnant women, obese people and older people. offers high quality eco washer products that will provide comfort and better hygiene. offers reasonable price for people who are looking for closet sitting with the eco washer quality.

Please visit the below link to buy closet duduk eco washer

Eco washer & dryer

Are you clothes really clean? With ecowasher and dryer, you will find spotless and clean laundry all year long with stains that are just hypothetical. The breakthrough technology of eco washer purifies the laundry water and gives you oxidized water to remove odors and stains thereby disinfecting your clothes making them really ‘clean’.

Say good bye to chemical filled detergents and bleaches. With eco washer and dryer you are in for an eternal change of toxic free clothes. Of course, you can use fabric softeners or detergents but it is better recommended to stay away from them as even inhaling these chemical can trigger allergic reactions in the body in the long run.



Coming back to eco washer and dryer, ecowasher works with any washing machine and hose. All you have to do is pass the water through the ecowasher and it releases ozone friendly water to wash your clothes. Run it by the dryer and voila…you get clean crisp clothes.

Eco washer and dryer comes with three years warranty just in case you need them. The too good-to-be-true product ecowasher is available in two different models PRO and PRO PLUS. PRO PLUS of eco washer and dryer introduces the feature of converting hard water to soft water.

Asko EcoWasher

Asko is a Scandinavian firm dealing in household appliances and they are known for their product quality and durability. The Asko EcoWasher is a washing machine that has the capacity of 10 kg and serves the purposes of washing large amounts of cloths at the same time. Large cloths like bed sheets, bedspreads, curtains and so on can be washed in this Asko EcoWasher. There is both hot water and cold water inlet connection with spinning speeds of 1400 rpm. The Asko EcoWasher has 15 programs in it and also you can put the washing machine in the automatic mode. There is a separate compartment for putting the liquid detergent. It is also equipped with a waterproof bottom plate, an anti block drain pump, a PEX inlet hose and has an option for Water overfill protection.



To place an order for the Asko EcoWasher, click on the following link:

Eco washer toto price

Buy ecowasher toto at a low price here. The ecowasher toto is one of the innovative designs that operates without electricity to give you a perfect hygiene each and every time after use.

Some of the features of eco washer toto price include:

  • Automatic and extendable nozzle for self cleaning
  • Operates without electricity
  • Features easy to use quality metal control knob
  • Comfortable cleansing with silent performance
  • Can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled it back for reusing
  • Features bidet function that sprays water softer and wider

Eco washer toto comes at affordable price and is available at different models.

Eco Washer Price

Ecowasher comes in different price tags according to the different types. Eco washer PRO has a price of 297 dollars. Eco washer PROPLUS has a price tag of 397 dollars. Eco washer ELITE has a price of 477 dollars. The price variation is according to the different variants and the volume of the product .Eco washer is environmental friendly and it saves energy. The three variants has difference in the amount of ozone concentration, dimension and the amount of input energy used. Five star rating shows the quality of energy saving of the Eco washer.

Eco Washer TOTO Harga

Eco washer in TOTO is a famous product. It has the widest sales all over the world. Eco washer harga ranges from 500000 IDR to 1140000 IDR. There are many models with various specificant available in Toto. It is one of the largest selling brands in the world. Its best part is the elegance and simplicity of the product. The reduced harga in toto website is seasonal and vary according to the new models arriving every time. Eco washer is unique, simple and helpful to maintain an bacteria free atmosphere. It also removes odor and makes a fresh feel.



Electrolux eco washer

Planning to buy electrolux eco washer? Then read this first. The electrolux eco washer is currently one of the top front loading washing machines that provides you with ample features making it a product that stands class apart.

  • Pre-wash option
  • Eco wash option that delivers ozonised water to eliminate any odor.
  • Stainless steel drum with lcd control panel.
  • Smart lock to keep away little hands from the washing machine.
  • Time manager function with 5 preset wash programs.

The technologically advanced features of electrolux eco washer helps you to eliminate the residues of detergents and bleaches that can not only spoil your clothes but will also trigger allergic reactions in the body during prolonged use. Electrolux eco washer comes with two years warranty for any replacement of spare parts or service support.

ASKO W6884 Eco washer

ASKO W6884 Eco washer is the latest and the best washer with multiple features with most energy consumption feature. ASKO w6884 Eco washer has a five star energy and five star WELS rating. It has a cold and hot water inlet connection and both connections are automatically managed to achieve the desired temperature for the selected program. It has a 12 program set to work efficiently. ASKO W6884 ECO washer has many additional features like unbalance detection, water overfill protection, waterproof bottom plate, antiblock drain pump, child lock, pex inlet hose, compartment for liquid detergent etc.

Eco Wash Laundry System

Eco wash laundry system transforms the ordinary cold water into a powerful non toxic cleaning agent. Eco wash is the best and most effective, natural way to clean and clear your laundry unbelievably to the best. Eco wash laundry system gives brighter colors and also helps in softening the fabrics. It also kills the viruses and bacteria present in clothes. Eco wash laundry system has been using since years in large hospitals and hotels for their laundry purposes. Eco wash laundry system is powerful, new and also helps in saving a lot of energy. So it is Economic in all the sense.



Whirlpool eco washer

Buy whirlpool eco washer for effective residential laundry system. Whirlpool eco washer comes with the most innovative 6th sense live technology that activates specific options when you are not at home. Whirlpool eco washer keeps your appliance work great by letting you know when it is time to replace the useful accessory. Using whirlpool eco washer helps to clean your clothes by removing all dirt and stains leaving no detergent build ups.

Hoover eco washer dryer

Hoover eco washer dryer is one of the top front loading washing and drying machines designed in UK. If you are looking for a combo of machines and dryers, tumble dryers, then Hoover eco washer dryer is the perfect one to keep your clothes safe, clean and crisp.



There are lot of models available depending on the weight it can carry. The Hoover eco washer dryer has lot of advantages especially if you do not have space to have bot washing machine and tumble dryer. Some of the top notch features of owning a Hoover eco washer dryer are:

  • Save space with a combo of two appliance in one
  • If you have small space make sure to go with Hoover eco washer dryer only where you can reap all the benefits
  • Best recommended for large families where tons of washing is necessary
  • Hoover eco washer dryer cleans just like a washing machine and adds its own features
  • Comes with self-condensing facility which curbs the need for ventilation
  • Better buy a washer dryer than owning washine machine and dryer separately

The downside however is the fact that you won’t dry all the products at one go unlike washing machine that washes everything at a stretch. You might need to air dry some of the clothes. Another downside is you can’t wash and dry clothes simultaneously with washer dryer.

Eco Washer Toto Indonesia

The Eco Washer by Toto Indonesia is a washer fitted in the toilets. It is named as Eco Washer is because it is eco-friendly and does not require electricity for its operation. This washer is easy to be fitted in both regular toilets and elongated toilet. The Eco Washer by Toto Indonesia is easy to install and is available in three models, TCW 03s, TCW 05s and TCW 06s. The Eco Washer by Toto Indonesia is also equipped with a POM (Polyxymethylene) nozzle that has self cleaning property. It automatically cleans the nozzle before and after use. The Eco Washer by Toto Indonesia is easy to operate by just turning the knob on and off. The problem of slamming the toilet seat is eliminated here as the Eco Washer by Toto Indonesia has a soft closing seat and cover.

Kloset toto eco washer

The kloset toto eco washer is one of the best ways to maintain a hygienic and clean crapper at all times. The kloset toto eco washer is designed specifically with a self cleaning nozzle that sprays wider and softer for best effects.



The kloset toto eco washer comes with soft closing seat plus cover that inhibits the noise of toilet seat slamming each and every time. The product is easy to install, can be easily removed for cleaning and then reinstalled without any difficulty. Prominent features of kloset toto eco washer include simple knob that can be easily turned to maneuver the nozzle to spray gentle aerated water. With a twist of knob, the nozzle automatically retracts back to its position. The best part is all these features operate silently yet powerfully without any electricity. The kloset toto eco washer is available at various sizes depending on the width of the lavatory.

Toto TCW07 eco washer

The Toto TCW07 eco washer model is a state-of-the-art accessories that add a classy touch to your lavatory. Featuring the soft closing model, the Toto TCW07 eco washer model is best recommended for Australian round style pans.

Began in the year 1917, Toto is one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen, bathroom and sanitary accessories giving you some of the best quality products.

Toto TCW07 eco washer comes with 140mm mounting hole centres with easy to install features. The soft closing lid ensures silent shut contrary to the old slamming noise every time you take a tour. Some of the prominent features of Toto TCW07 eco washer:

  • Easy to assemble features
  • Two black rubber mounting tubes
  • Stainless steel screws and plastic washers
  • Step by step installation guide provided online and also with the product when ordered
  • Automated nozzle that retracts back once you twist the nob back to position
  • High quality engineering that can be used easily even by freshers
  • All the above functions without any electricity sockets or plugs

Alsco eco washer

Alsco eco washer is a safer and eco-frindley way to wash the oil and grease from the engine parts of the machineries. the oil and grease are environmental hazards as it is, it can also be unfit for the hands that handle the parts. The Alsci eco-washer uses a safer liquid called OzzyJuice to wash down the oil and other dirt from the industrial parts and also make the dirt into biodegradable compounds as well. The liquid will also pass through an OzzyMat material to kill the microbial growth.

By using Alsco eco washer, the washed out water will no longer contain hazardous chemicals and will also not be toxic, flammable or be a burden on the earth for the rest of the lives. Alsco eco washer uses no solvents of chemicals that can be harmful, instead uses a heated water based fluid to clean the toughest grease.

Toto eco washer usa

Planning to buy the state-of-the-art Toto eco washer in USA? Then this article is for you. Know all about how Toto eco washer works for you. Started in the year 1917, Toto Ltd. features optimum quality kitchen and bathroom accessories that stands par excellence by delivering durable products with excellent caliber.

Toto eco washer wash-lets in USA come with excellent features such as:

  • Purified water
  • Deodorizer
  • Elongated features for proper seating comfort
  • Operational panel with preset features such as warm air dryer
  • Automated nozzle that retracts back once you are out of the “john”
  • Easy to assemble, remove, clean and reinstall

There are several models/types available with Toto eco washer in USA including portable ones that you can carry if you tend to travel a lot.



Toto eco washer in USA can be ordered online at the official website at a budget fit price that saves you from fraudulent transactions and bogus products. The smart system of Toto eco washer in USA cleans the bowl with electrolyzed water after every use and comes with handy remote control for easy cleaning.

If you desire you can upgrade the package of Toto eco washer by choosing extension kit, flexible hose and more for optimum benefits.

How does an Eco Washer Pro machine work?

Eco Washer Pro machine is an environmental-friendly appliance that is designed to work with residential washing machines. Eco Washer machine is suited to work with your residential laundry system by killing all the bacteria and viruses from the clothes without leaving any residual detergent buildup.

Functions of eco washer machine

Following are the functions of eco washer machine:

  • Eco Washer Pro machine kills the viruses and bacteria and deeply cleans your laundry.
  • Eco Washer machine is an eco-friendly appliance that saves energy and cleanses the laundry with no detergent.
  • Eco Washer Pro machine is strictly used for residential laundry system.

The best part is you get Eco Washer machine at the lowest prices when buying Eco Washer Pro machine online from their official website.

EcoWasher Dryer Combo

Nowadays you get washing machine with both the Washer and Dryer feature. This has been very helpful especially during the monsoons when it is difficult to get the cloths dry. The capacities for both the washing and drying cabinets will be different for different brands of EcoWasher Dryer Combo washing machines. Depending upon the amount of cloths you have to wash you can purchasing the capacity weight of your washing machines. The EcoWasher Dryer Combo is available in varied sizes. It is less time consuming for washing and drying cloths when compared to the washing machines that are only for the purpose of washing. People running on a busy schedule can drop in their cloths into the EcoWasher Dryer Combo and don’t have to worry about it.



Why buy jual eco washer toto?

Jual eco washer toto is designed in such a way that it operates without power and can be easily fitted to any toilets be it regular or elongated. The speciality of jual eco washer toto is its polyxymethylene nozzle that has its own self cleaning house which cleans the nozzle before and after use. It comes with a soft closing seat and cover to avoid noise from the toilet when slamming the toilet seat.

Features of jual eco washer toto

  • Jual eco washer toto is easy to operate without electricity.
  • The nozzle automatically cleans itself during and after use.
  • Jual eco washer toto offers comfortable spray. The water spray from the nozzle is aerated to provide a strong and comfortable cleansing.
  • Jual eco washer toto can be easily removed for cleaning from the toilet bowl by sliding out.

Kenmore EcoWasher

Kenmore has energy efficient and high performance deliverance Washers in its stores. The Kenmore EcoWasher is flexible and provides a smooth and quiet operation. It is even Energy Star Certified which means that this EcoWasher is eco-friendly and saves energy. Any type of wash load can be put in the Kenmore EcoWasher and there are 5 cycle options, 5 speeds, 5 temperatures and 3 soil level options in it. If you want your fabrics to have a deeper cleaning in cases of stains, then there is an option of Stainboost. The Kenmore EcoWasher also features an Advance Rinsing Technology that allows for fresh water rinse directly through the cloths. If you don’t have time for washing and does not like put your cloths in the morning and allow it to sit in that state for a long time then there is a Delayed Start Option where you can delay the starting time as per your schedule.



Samsung Eco Washer Dryer

Even Samsung has introduced its eco washing machine with a dryer feature too called the Samsung Eco Washer Dryer. This washer dryer has an ecobubble technology that helps to conserve energy. A smooth and noiseless operation is provided by the Samsung Eco Washer Dryer because of the Digital Inverter Motor. The Samsung Eco Washer Dryer also has a Diamond drum technology that washes with clothes gently with care and it is suitable to put in delicate fabrics too. You can also customize your washing and drying time and settings of the Samsung Eco Washer Dryer. There is a feature called My Cycle where you can load in your settings as per the load of your cloths. There is also a Quick Wash feature equipped in the Samsung Eco Washer Dryer where you can get your cloths washed in just 15 minutes.



Toto EcoWasher Kuala Lumpur

The Toto EcoWasher provides an efficient and effective washing system which is easy to operate and easy to clean. High hygiene maintenance is followed by the Toto EcoWasher with its self cleaning nozzle. It is stated to be eco-friendly because the operation of the Toto EcoWasher does not require electricity. A smooth operation eliminates the slamming sound of the toilet seat. A comfortable and convenient experience is what you get from the Toto EcoWasher. There is a water spray that provides for strong and comfortable cleansing, the operation of the knob is simple and easy too and for cleaning the Toto EcoWasher you can easily remove the toilet bowl and reinstall it back. The Toto EcoWasher is installed in many hotels and households in Kuala Lampur.

Toto EcoWasher UK

The Toto EcoWasher was available for the UK customers since the year 2009. With the Eco friendly feature of the Toto EcoWasher, the need for cutting down trees for toilet paper is reduced. The Toto EcoWasher provides a hygienic and effective washer with a nozzle that can automatically clean itself before and after use. The Toto EcoWasher goes by the highest hygienic standards. No water is wasted as the water sprays in an angle where the waste water does not come in contact with the nozzle. The Toto EcoWasher is also equipped with a bidet function that has proven to be more convenient for women. All they have to do is just turn the knob. The water is sprayed smooth and wide.

Eco washer in Singapore

The easily available eco washer toilet cleaner seat in Singapore is the Toto eco washer. The Toto eco washer uses a nozzle that sprays water when activated and retreats it when not in use. The merchandise can be purchased online easily and safely. Simply order it online and you will have it at your door step sooner. The Japanese made Toto eco washer toil;et seats can be considered the next generation seats that has thorough cleaning principles to the satisfaction of all.

The Toto Eco washer is easy to work on and works without electricity so can be used not juts in Singapore but anywhere else as well.

Eco washer by Toto

Eco washer by Toto is a convenient toilet seater with rear cleaning bidet. The nozzle is self cleansing to keep hygiene. The seat cover is easy to clean and closes on its own, slowly. There is no electricity required to to work.

The water comes at a comfortable pressure through the nozzle. The eco washer by Toto is also available without the bidet function. The colors it is available are white and pastel ivory.

The convenient shapes of universal, rounded or elongated makes it easier to have the customized shape suitable for your toilets. The lid of the Toto eco washer closes itself but slowly so that there is not the salmon down. The seater can be easily removed from the toilet for through cleaning when needed. Sometimes it may not fit some toilets so do check the compatibility before purchasing.

Toto closet coupled eco washer

The Toto eco washer is also available that is coupled with the closet tank attached. The mechanism is basically the same as the Toto eco washer seaters, the only difference being here is the presence of the flush tank. It comes as a single package of toilet, seater and the flush tank.

The Toto closet eco washer is available in many shapes. The seat cover is auto closing when not in use. The ion barrier glazing is provided for a cleaner bowl. The flush capacity varies from different models.



The toilet is designed fully skirted to avoid any traps where there are less chances of dirt or other microbes sticking to. It also enables easier cleaning.

Toto eco washer in USA

The Toto USA is offering eco friendly toilets in US. The eco washers use less water and has more hygiene than the cleanest toilet. The cyclone flushing technology uses more pressure and less water for flushing saving almost 35% water in the process.

The sleek and unique designs are stylish and fashionable. The Toto eco washer toilets come in one piece, as two piece designs or as wall hung. The shape of the toilet is also available in three categories.

Totousa is the site where you need to look for. Toto eco friendly toilets are now getting popular in USA, why don’t you try?

Fisher & Paykel eco washer

The Fisher & Paykel eco friendly washers are easy to use washing and dryer machines. The washing machines use simple Smart drive that senses the clothes and cycle to use less water. There are very less moving parts so that the Fisher & Paykel washers can run without taking up much power to move each and everyone.



There are both top load as well as front load washers, but unlike other brands the design and shape of both the washers of Fisher & Paykel are the same, just shifting the openings. These eco washers d not take much time to complete the cycles.

The customer service is open 24/7 and the service is available almost everywhere.

Hotpoint Eco washer

Hotpoint eco washer is an economical way to wash the clothes without spending much water or power. The smart sensors in the washers sense the level of the clothes and adjust the water level accordingly. This Hotpoint eco washer can also work on hot water and allows almost 16 combinations of programs.

This high tech eco washer has a digital display helping in juggling between the different programs. There are options for delay start and child lock. The washing cycles can be changed according to the clothes type.

Hotpoint eco washers also come with dryer as well, making drying the clothes easier and not having to transfer the clothes.

Maytag eco washer

Maytag eco washers are the convenient way to wash clothes still staying eco-friendly. There are fewer moving parts so that the complete focus can be in washing the clothes without using much energy resources. This eco washers come as a means of affordable washers that are effective as well.



The stainless steel basket inside is gentle on clothes and does not snag or pull at the clothes. The capacity of the washers is enough for heavy load also. The powerful motor can still work with complete balanced suspension to reduce the noise and vibration. The spin cycle removes maximum moisture making drying easier.

Harga Closet Eco Washer

Closet Eco washer is an ultimate product from the TOTO which is used to clean and disinfect the closet without any electricity. The Eco washer is made to fit easily to various toilets and is made up with high quality materials. There is a nozzle in the closet Eco washer which is produced under a high precision process to ensure years of trouble free operation. It also has a vacuum breaker and a strainer. Vacuum breaker prevents back flow of water and strainer to prevent clogging the nozzle. The harga of closet Eco washer ranges above 5000000d. The harga varies according to the different variants of toilet Eco washer.

Karcher Eco washer

Karcher Eco washer is a convenient and environmentally friendly cleaner with Eco mode. This high pressure cleaner with water cooled eco motor saves up to 20 percent of water and power. Karcher Ecowasher is designed for heavy dirt cleaning instantly like from swimming pools, large vehicles, bicycles. This karcher Eco washer has many impressive features like quick connect connector, high pressure rubber hose, Eco mode universal cleaner and water filter for pump protection. Karcher Eco washer is made from recycled materials up to 60 percent and rest from PVC free materials. It is available in many different variants classified according to the performances.



Samsung Eco Wasgher Bear

ECO feature washing machine from Samsung has set new trends in the market. It has Eco bubble feature. Huge bear surprises Samsung Eco washer stills shoot as in the video seen in the link below. It is shot from manning park .B.C. in April 1st 2013. Actually everybody thought it be to be an original video but it is a prank. In the advertisement everybody getting ready for the photo shoot then a bear get surprisingly appeared in to the shoot area. Seeing the Samsung Eco washer bear itself removes his puffy jacket and get washed in the washing machine. Then people realizes it’s a prank video. This video goes viral in social Medias. Check out the video of bear from the link below.



Toto Eco Washer Jakarta

Toto Eco washer is mainly sold in Indonesia with dealers in Jakarta. Toto Eco washer is easy to use and install for every model of closet. As the need of proper hygiene and comfort is more especially in public toilets and schools there comes the Toto Eco washer. It is specially designed with poloxy methylene 9POM0 nozzle. Toto Eco washer has a self cleansing housing which cleans the nozzle before and after the use of toilet. It is easy to operate. Dealers in Jakarta has sold a lot of Toto Eco washer in the last years.

Toto Eco washer TCW07S

Toto Eco washer TCW07S is very fast selling product. It can be used in any type of closet. It has a soft closing seat and a cover. It comfortably spray with gentle stream of water. It shows a 100 percent of hygiene during and after use. TOTO Eco washer TCW07S is easy to operate and install. It does not require any electricity to operate. It has a elongated bowl shape. Usually it comes in white color. Plastic is used as the main material in TCW07S series. It has a size of 385*504*80 mm and maintains a water pressure of 0.05 MPa – 0.75MPa.