Ecowasher Pro

Presenting Ecowasher Pro by 7 Heavens LLC that comes with ozone enabled system to save you from the respiratory allergies initiated from detergents and bleaching agents.

Ecowasher is one of the innovative ozone enabled washing system that helps you save hundreds of bucks a year on laundry and drying purposes. Read on to know more about Ecowasher Review, features and more.


Not long ago there were times when ozone washing system were released, but due to the heavy expenditure it was used only for hospital purposes. The ozone washing system is highly reactive and works on fabrics to remove tough stains from them.

Though there are lot of ozone washing system in the market, Ecowasher is one of the favorite as it comes at an affordable price unlike its competitors such as Washit or Purewash.

EcoWasher – ozone washing system is compact and can fit any washing machine at your home. Let’s see how Ecowasher works to free your clothes from germs and virus.

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When the tap water passes through the EcoWasher – ozone washing system, the technology creates hydrogen peroxide, negative ions and ozone in water and passes them through a converter that delivers the water to your washing machine as a powerful oxidized water. This hydroxyl radicals (oxidized water) removes even the toughest of stains and keeps your fabrics germ free. It even removes the residues of detergents that are left over from your previous wash.

The best part of owning an EcoWasher – ozone washing system is you need not use detergents, bleaches or fabric softeners ever again. It doesn’t even need hot water for clearing off bacteria/stains. Ecowasher is one solution to all your laundry problems.

Think of all the money you will save from buying detergents or softeners. A study showed that you can save almost $100 a year on bleaches or fabric softeners. Imagine in a life span of 10 years that comes with Ecowasher, how much many you can save?

Ecowasher can be installed easily without any difficulty. All you need is just screws to hang it on the wall and a hose to connect it to your washing machine. Ecowasher comes in two types PRO and PRO PLUS and the added advantage of using PRO PLUS is the power of converting convert hard water into soft water.

If you still need some convincing, try it out for yourself. Yes…Ecowasher comes with a six week trial period from the date of purchase and during this time if you are not satisfied, simply give it back and get your money reimbursed.

Tip: You can pre-treat tough stains before you load them on to the washing machine for effective cleaning.

Ecowasher Pro

Ecowasher Pro

by Ecowasher 4 out of 5stars (308 Customer Ratings)

Price: $297
EcoWasher is an environmentally friendly laundry system that best suits your family. Ecowasher provides a bacteria-free and cost-efficient laundry system by reducing energy costs and pollution.

Good for home!!!

4 stars out of 5 by Jauna James for Ecowasher Pro

It was hard to believe that you can have your laundry cleaned without using detergents. But as a person keen at trying a complete natural way for cleaning laundry, I landed up with Ecowasher. It’s amazing how Ecowasher works.

Meet the new Ecowasher, one of the America’s favorite ozone laundry system. With both Ecowasher PRO and Ecowasher PRO Plus, experience the laundry type professional cleaning at your home at an affordable price.

  • Are you tired to driving to the laundry everyday?
  • Are the expenses of detergents, bleaching agents etc. burning a hole in your pocket?
  • Does that tough stain stay put at the crease of the shirt no matter what you do?

Meet the EcoWasher – ozone laundry system from 7 Heavens LLC that is designed to suit any washing machine and remove even the toughest of stain without fading the colour of your fabric.



Some years ago, the ozone induced laundry system were used only in hospitals and not for residential purposes due to their heavy cost. However, in recent times, the ozone laundry system is becoming quite popular due to the demand for clean clothes.

Meet the Ecowasher

Ecowasher helps you in delivering neat and clean clothes that are free from bacteria, viruses, or residues from detergents from the previous wash. When you use Ecowasher you can be sure that your clothes are germ free as it uses deep clean technology by using hydroxyl radicals in water without any use of hot water, detergents etc.

Best features of EcoWasher

EcoWasher – ozone laundry system contains a technology that utilizes ozone, hydrogen peroxide and ions in the water. This water is then passed through a static mixer that changes them into hydroxyl radicals or better known as oxidized water. This oxidized water then passes to the washing machine to provide you with stain free clothes leaving them refreshingly clean.



It even eliminates all the bacteria, suds in your fabrics from detergents that are retained from previous wash and uses deep clean technology so that you will be delivered with germ-free fabrics. Ecowasher is free of any chemicals that are harmful for your health and goes with any washing machine of your choice. They also come at an affordable price when compared to their competitive products such as Washit or Purewash.

EcoWasher Jingles in your pocket:

By EcoWasher – ozone laundry system, you can save thousands of money to buy that dream boat. Don’t believe me??? A study conducted by 7 Heavens LLC (creator of Ecowasher), resulted that you can save almost $328 a year just by saving the use of detergents. So taking Ecowasher’s life span of 10 years, you can simply imagine the amount of money you can save.

Ecowasher also helps in saving your energy bills. You need not use hot water, heavy bleaches, softeners and can thus reduce the energy by limiting your drying cycle. So scratch that detergents off your shopping list.

Do keep in mind the fact that detergents/bleaches contain hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde that can lead to various skin diseases like eczema and when inhaled can lead to asthma and many more. It is better to stay away from these chemicals and use Ecowasher which are best suited for your laundry purposes.

EcoWasher Promises to keep:

EcoWasher – ozone laundry system comes with a ONE year warranty on its spare parts and customer services. You even get a trial period of SIX weeks and during this period if you are not satisfied, simply return the product from the date of purchase and get your money fully reimbursed.



The EcoWasher is a laundry ozone system which uses ozone gas as one of the agents to clean clothes. Using ozone laundry systems is an eco friendly way of cleaning clothes as this completely eliminates the need to use detergents and also with it, the risk of chemicals being released into nature. Multiple cleaning factors are delivered to the clothes when you use this system.

EcoWasher Nature’s ozone

When an extra atom is attached to oxygen, it form ozone and it is formed in nature during lightning. This cleanses the atmosphere. When domestically used, it becomes an extremely powerful sanitizing and disinfecting agent. It is even more effective than chlorine in disinfecting.

How the laundry systems like the EcoWasher use this technique

Ozone can detach electrons from atoms and break them down. Thus, when used on dirty clothes, the electrons of sols on fabrics can be easy removed and the dirt is broken down. These broken particles or molecules are washed away by the water used in laundry and the ozone is released as oxygen gas.

To infuse ozone into cold water, oxygen is passed though electrically charged dry air. This charge will split the oxygen molecules into atom which then cluster together to form ozone.

EcoWasher uses this technology to completely eliminate the need for hot water, detergents and fabric softeners. It can activate the cold water rather than using hot water and the clothes are sanitized in way that extremely cleansing laundry detergents would do, but without any chemicals. There is no danger of any chemicals reacting with the fabrics and damaging them.

High quality cleaning can be achieved at a fraction of the cost using the EcoWasher. In usual methods, the high pH of detergents will bring the hydroxyl radicals from water molecules, but when we use the EcoWasher, hydrogen peroxide (another disinfectant), ozone and ions are mixed together in a static mixer to produce hydroxyl molecules in water. These can then do the laundry.



Ozone also acts as a bleaching agent, preserving the color and killing microorganisms left behind on clothes. Washing cycles have greatly reduced time periods as it takes a very less time to clean clothes using the ozone laundry systems.

Ecowasher is one of the ozone laundry units that delivers you with clean and crisp fabrics without compromising on the bacteria and virus on the clothes.

Though its been ages since ozone laundry units have come into the arena, it was not until recent times that they got bit cheaper. At earlier times they were used for hospital purposes but with the rising demand of “clean and bacteria free” clothes, have lead it to become one of the most sought after product for household purposes. One of the top brands to hit the market is Ecowasher from 7 Heavens LLC.

EcoWasher – ozone laundry system is automatic and very much easy to install. Just two screws to hang it up on the wall, hose for the cold water to pass through the Ecowasher and to the washing machine and voila….Your Ecowasher is ready to use. The best part is Ecowasher works perfectly with any washing machine at your home.

When water passes through the Ecowasher, hydrogen peroxide, ozone and ions are created that passes through a converter that delivers hydroxyl radicals (i.e. oxidized water) for effective cleaning of your fabrics.

Ecowasher Review

The Ecowasher Review mentions that the advantage of using an EcoWasher – ozone laundry system is you need not use any harsh detergents, chemicals, fabric softeners etc. and can work easily without them. In case you don’t know the detergents come with a chemical known as formaldehyde that is toxic for sensitive skin. It can lead to various skin diseases such as eczema etc. There are many people who have the tendency to use fabric softeners due to its pleasant fragrance. These softeners when inhaled can lead to various breathing ailments such as asthma etc.



Few users claim in their ecowasher review that the product is quite affordable when compared to other competitive products such as Washit or PureWash in the market. When you are using EcoWasher – ozone for laundry, you need not use hot water to remove tough stains of for removing bacteria. The oxidized water has the power to remove even the toughest of stains, detergent residue from previous wash and bacteria that are still retaining.

EcoWasher review says that this ozone for laundry has helped many in saving thousands of bucks from purchasing extra products for your clothes such as detergents, bleaches, trip to laundry etc. These products even consume lot of energy as the drying cycle tends to get prolonged. With ecowasher with a lifespan of almost 10 years, you can save up both energy as well as your money that might help to send your kid off to college. As per a study, you can save almost $100 a year if you stop using bleach or softeners.

Lastly, EcoWasher – ozone for laundry comes with a 6 week trial period which gives you the time to test out how the product works. If you are not satisfied, simply return it back from the date of purchase and get your money back. They also have a one year warranty on its parts and customer service.