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The evidence of people who have lost weight with complex hcg is available on the website For best price on biosource hcg complex, check the link below Among all the programs and packages of HCG, the HCG Complex diet is the next one we intend to review and go deep into. The HCG complex diet drops, from the first view is simply just another hcg site and product.

Easy HCG oral diet drops are produced in the USA by Easy HCG who are leaders in the supply of HCG oral diet drop. The drops are of the highest quality and have been trusted and used by thousands of people to lose weight. Easy HCG is a trusted supplier of Easy HCG oral diet drops and has a wide network of satisfied customers. This drop is also are used in weight loss clinics by doctors all over the world.

About HCG and Easy HCG oral diet drops

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone produced by the placenta in pregnant women. Dr. Simeons who pioneered the study on obesity more than 50 years back was the first person to discover that the HCG hormone had weight loss properties. When HCG is combined with a very low calorie diet, he found that people were able to lose 1 to 2 pounds of weight every day. By following the diet regime developed by him, obese people were able to lose a large amount of weight in a few weeks. HCG was able to trigger the hypothalamus in the brain to use the stored fat as energy thereby reducing the craving for food. So even with a low 500 calorie diet, dieters did not feel weak or experience hunger cravings. It also prevents muscles tissues from breaking down, which is what happens when people undertake a low calorie diet without using HCG.

Easy HCG oral diet drops are a homeopathic formulation created by diluting the HCG hormone. The HCG hormone is usually administered as injections inside the body so that they can be easily absorbed by the blood stream. Easy HCG oral diet drops are made in a laboratory by using the naturally occurring HCG. When this is combined with a diet of low calorie fresh food, weight loss is achieved very quickly and easily.

The Easy HCG oral diet drops are placed under the tongue for easy absorption. When the Easy HCG oral diet drops are used while following a low calorie diet, the body is able to convert the stored fat into energy, rather than take energy from the food eaten. This results in the daily weight loss ranging from ½ pound to 2 pounds every day. About 30 drops of Easy HCG oral diet drops is equivalent to 125 IU (dosage of injection) per day, 36 drops equal to 150 IU, 42 drops is equivalent to 175 IU per day and 48 drops are equivalent to 200 IU dosage of HCG injection per day.

What is the Easy HCG diet?

The HCG diet helps people to lose all their excess fat and allows them to live a healthy life. It is natural diet where only 500 calories of food are taken every day. When combined with this Easy HCG oral diet drops, the body is able to convert the stored up fat as energy thus aiding weight loss.

The diet program can last from 4 weeks to 6 weeks depending on the amount of weight loss required. During the diet program, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean grilled meat can be taken. There are suggested menu options and recipes in the website for dieters to choose from. Day to day breakfast, lunch and dinner options are all provided. Water, tea or coffee can be taken in unlimited amounts although the intake of milk and some dairy products are restricted. At least 2 liters of water per day is recommended. A low fat diet should be eaten.

Dr. Simeons has classified the body fat into 3 categories. The structural fat is useful and helps bones from rubbing together and other parts of the body needing support. The reserve fat is used to keep the body warm and this is the fat that provides the energy for everyday needs. The third type of fat is the abnormal store of fat. This is the excess fat that is stored in the body and leads to overweight or obesity. This fat is very difficult to lose. When dieting without the aid of HCG, it is the first two types of fat that is burnt first. The abnormal fat is the last to go. So, when dieting is stopped, and people start eating again, more of the abnormal fat gets stored. This is why Easy HCG oral diet drops should be taken along with the diet.

The HCG diet boosts the body metabolism and also suppresses hunger. Dieters are also educated on healthy eating habits which should become a lifelong habit.

Why Easy HCG oral diet drops?

  • Easy HCG oral diet drops have been in use for many years and is well trusted. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • There are no prescriptions required. So the dieter can save a lot of money which he would otherwise has to spend going to HCG clinics and doctor visits. In fact, the amount spent is only a fraction of the amount that we would otherwise spend visiting HCG centers. When the cost of Easy HCG oral diet drops is considered and also the saving on eating the low calorie diet, you can even save money by undertaking the diet plan. A clinic charges hundreds of dollars for the same diet plan.
  • Since Easy HCG oral diet drops are in the liquid form, there is no need to inject oneself twice every day. This is a boon to people who are afraid of injections. The drops have to placed under the tongue for about 30 seconds and then swallowed, This is very easy to use.
  • Easy HCG oral diet drops is one of the most popular HCG formulations available on line. The orders are shipped the same day if the order is placed before 3 pm.
  • Easy HCG also provides very extensive diet support, access to menus, a detailed HCG diet instruction eBook and also any other advice required during the diet regime.
  • With every Easy HCG diet program, the Easy HCG oral diet drops, the quick start guide for easy guidance about the diet, a copy of Dr. Simeons original manuscript “Pounds and Inches” and also access to easy HCG diet recipes are provided to the customers..
  • The Easy HCG oral diet drops are easy to use and are ideal for both men and women. The HCG diet protocol is very simple to follow. Exercises may be done during the program but is not mandatory.
  • Live chat support, phone support and email support are also provided in addition to the eBook.

The HCG oral diet drops have other health benefits apart from weight loss. It helps control diabetes, rheumatism, cholesterol, gout, blood pressure, psoriasis, hair loss and varicose ulcers. These conditions showed improvement during the diet period when Easy HCG oral diet drops was administered.

About HCG Diet Instruction eBook

Dieters who start the low calorie HCG diet the first time may have misconceptions about the diet and may have apprehensions about starting this very low calorie diet. They may have a number of questions about the HCG diet protocol. The Easy diet Instruction eBook covers everything about the diet and complete instructions on what to do during the diet protocol, until the desired weight loss is achieved. It keeps the dieters motivated during the HCG diet regime. It discusses on how to start the diet, what you need to do to get the desired result, details about all the four phases of the diet plan, a list of all the approved foods to be followed during the diet, sample meals that can be followed during the diet program, exercises to be followed, tips to optimize the diet, a calorie chart for the different food, a sample grocery list, conversion charts for different measurements etc.

In short, the instruction book prepares the person for the diet program and helps him get into a positive state of mind.

Easy HCG diet – some facts

The Easy HCG diet has been in use for more than 50 years and there have been no negative side effects for those following the diet as long as the correct dosage of Easy HCG oral diet drops and the dietary instructions are followed as recommended. All people on this diet should drink at least 2 liters of water every day while following the diet. The meals should be taken preferably at the same time every day if possible.

Pregnant women have been found to naturally lose their excess fat. Hence it is not necessary to overeat during pregnancy.

If extra fat or sugars are consumed during the diet, devote the next day to eating only apples. Six apples a day will balance the extra calories eaten. But deviating from the diet is not recommended.

Some cosmetics like creamy foundations, lotions and oil are not recommended during the HCG diet plan as the fat from these cosmetics might seep into the body through the pores in the face.

There are no rigid exercises to be followed while undertaking the HCG diet. Some mild exercises are sufficient during the diet period. Exercising improves the energy levels and makes dieters stronger.

Easy HCG oral diet drops is a safe homeopathic formulation. Homeopathic drugs have been used for centuries to treat diseases. Easy HCG diet drops are made up of many useful ingredients. Argine helps tissue healing, improves the immune system and helps release hormones. L-Carnitine helps break down the excess fat faster. It helps the kidneys and energy levels by disposing excess glucose from the body. Ornithine increases metabolism and is good for both the liver and the kidneys. It also contains purified water, Vitamin B12 and USP ethyl alcohol. The Easy HCG homeopathic diet drops are made in FDA approved labs in the USA. These Easy HCG oral diet drops which is a homeopathic formulation is as effective as injections and are in fact a cheaper option than using injections.