Dr Fixit Dampguard is a coating for the interior walls, ceiling, and water tanks as a protection against dampness. This can be applied over the damp surface. It shows water resistance, hardness and adhesion power on to the surfaces. This coating is tough and sets faster as any solvent based formulations. Here no solvent is used. Water is the diluting medium for this epoxy coating. It can be mixed with white cement to fill any cracks or used as putty when mixed with OPC or white cement for using on high damp surfaces.

Components & Areas of Application

Dr Fixit Dampguard is composed of epoxy resin, a curing agent, some inert pigments, fine fillers, and additives. It is diluted in water and can be applied on cementitious surfaces also. This can be used for water proofing in RCC water tanks, internal damp treatments and also to fill cracks. IT can also be used on the sterile areas of pharmacies and food industries. It is also used in hatcheries.

The Application Procedure

The intended surface needs thorough cleaning. It should be free of oil, dust, grease, dirt, fungus, or moss. After a thorough brushing, sanding should be done with emery paper. Any existing paint, lime or other coating layers should be removed while doing the internal damp walls. Now mix the base and hardener thoroughly for uniform consistency in their respective containers. Pour the base first followed by the hardener. Mix them thoroughly and slowly add the water. The ratio is 1:1:1 for base, hardener, and water. Mix it until a brush able consistency is reached. Now it is ready to use for the coatings.

The Benefits of Dr Fixit Dampguard

    • The flexibility if using water instead of any solvents saves money. The water base is also beneficial in the ease to coat on the damp surfaces. This coating is water resistant and will not be harmed.
    • It not only has water resistance but also has reduced water absorption and very low permeability, as it form a tough and hard coating which is also flexible.
    • The adhesion is excellent that it can be applied on concrete surfaces. It can be applied from either side of the water pressure.
    • It contains no toxic substances, non-inflammable and microbial resistant.