Lamps and Lightings

At Bowery Lighting, you will find designer lightings for any occasion, lamps, cheandeliers & much more at an amazing price.

Let me tell you about a real time incident which happened to us about a month ago. We run an event management organization, last month we had a program which was organised for a company and we had to do everything or them .The function was a launch of a product and there were 1000 of people visiting the company. All of a sudden I got a call from my light decoration team saying that they will not be able to make it up for the function cause they got held up with another program. I had no other option other than hiring another decoration team. I used all my contacts to find for an efficient team for light decoration. I was really upset and didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine saw me disturbed and asked me why I was worried, I told him the situation. He casually listened to me and said haven’t you heard about DIY uplighting.

DIY Uplighting


When I heard about Diy uplighting I found it very interesting and made a study of it. Trust me these guys are AWESOME at their work. First of all I was not confident about this. When I went through their web site I saw that these lights are incredibly good. Let me just give you a brief idea on what these lights can do.

  1. They are very easy to be fixed.
  2. You have the options of choosing different colours
  3. You can create your own custom colour
  4. You can set patterns
  5. They are cheap
  6. You can order them with a minimum deposit of just $25


Even though I saw all the features in the internet I was a bit confused because we all know that some product in the internet does not seem genuine. But I had no other choice than ordering Bowery lights. The best thing about the Diy uplighting team is that I got the lights before 3 days prior the function. When I got the light I was shocked by see the feature. You just need one connection and the rest of the other lights can be connected to the lights itself. You can create your own colour for lights .

This product helped me through. I got to say Diy uplighting is the best light Rentals I have ever seen.