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Cuisinart 3 in 1, 4 Burner Gas Grills Accessories

Cuisinart is a brand that makes several kitchen aids and appliances to make cooking easier and a pleasant task. You can find several products in the range of bakeware, blenders, cookware, cooking appliances, grills, and their accessories here. They have a line of gas grills that are compact and easy to use. They really do have a variety of them. 

The Cuisinart gas grills are all suited for home users to use at home or be used in the tailgates, camps, etc. They are small grills that can cook a small amount of food at a time. Let’s find out more about the available Cuisinart portable gas outdoor grills.  

Cuisinart gas grill CGG 220

The Everyday Portable Gas grill goes by the model name CCG-220. This is a light weighted portable grill weighing just 40 pounds. The grill comes with a cook top with a lid and 2 side shelves that are removable. The side shelves add to the preparation space. The side shelves are 10 x 10 inches in size. 

The Cuisinart gas grill CCG 220 offers a total cooking space of 240 sq inches on the porcelain coated cast iron grill. The output from this has grill is 15,000 BTUs. The exterior is all black and has also got a small stand like structure on which the grill stands. Though it is a small grill it has the sophistication of the added temperature control that displays the heat inside. 

There is also a removable drip tray for cleaning purposes and the grill ignites with the help of the TwistStart electric ignition. This compact gas grill CGG 220 easily fit in a small patio. Space is no longer an issue for your grilling experience. 

Cuisinart gas grill CGG 240

The All Foods Roll-Away portable gas grill has its model numbered as CGG-240. This is a stylish gas grill that is compact and has its own portable table. The grill is equipped with foldable side tables for the added space for prep and keeping the bottle and beverages. 

Basically the CGG-240 is an upgraded version of the CGG-220. The upgraded CGG-240 has the roll-away portable table to add to. The rest of the features are all the same.

The CGG-240 is available in the stylish silver finish. It is the same color from the lid to the side shelves. The shelves are 10 x 10 inches in size. The cooking space on the grill is 240 sq inches that are heated by the burners that have an output of 15,000 BTUs. The temperature gauge helps you monitor the temperature inside and have control over the food getting grilled inside. 

The special feature about this Cuisinart gas grill is its roll-away cart that can be folded. You can tow away the cart folded when not in use or while transportation. You can take it to the beach, camps, tailgates, boats etc. 

Cuisinart gas grill CGG 306

The Cuisinart portable gas grill CGG-306 is the Chef’s Style Stainless tabletop grill. The entire grill including the burners is made of stainless steel. This is just the size of an induction unit with 2 burners to heat up the grill. The 2 burners makeup to 20,000 BTUs and is ignited with the help of the electric TwistStart igniters. 

There are 2 knobs for the burners and they are adjustable. There is the integrated thermometer fitted on the lid that helps you control the temperature inside the grill. The lid has a locking facility to keep the heat inside. 

The grill stands on its 4 legs that you can easily fold when you want to take it with you on trips. You can easily set it up within minutes without many tools. The cooking surface is stainless steel grate.

Cuisinart portable gas grill CGG 440

Cuisinart gas grill CGG-440 is the Portable Gas Grill with Rolling Cart. The rolling cart has a pair of wheels on one side of it. The entire grill is made in stylish black.  For a compact grill, the CGG-440 allows you 330 sq inches of cooking surface and an output of 15,000 BTUs. The grill surface is porcelain-coated cast iron. The burners are ignited by electric power and the TwistStart igniter. 

The gas grill is equipped with convenient hooks where you can hang the tools. The cart is easily folded for storage and could be taken to vacations and trips. 

Griddl’n Grill Portable gas grill- CGG 080

This is a griddle and grill equipment that is small and easily portable. It can take taken to anywhere and grill anything as long as the size fits on. This Cuisinart gas grill works on Propane gas. 

The total grill area is 192 sq inches only and comes with a non-stick griddle on which you can cook your breakfast easily. The griddle is 72 sq inches in size. You can cook eggs, burgers, pancakes, bacon, sausages etc on it. You could even sauté the onions on the griddle. This gas grill comes on with legs that can fold for the ease of transportation. 

Petite Gourmet Tabletop Gas grill CGG-180TS

This Cuisinart CGG 180TS is a fairly sized gas grill that can cook a meal for a family. It can accommodate about 8 steaks or hamburgers, about 10 chicken breasts or 40 lbs of fish on the grill. The grill is easily heated up, reducing the time to cook. This table top gas grill comes with foldable legs and is quite potable. 

This gas grill uses very less fuel and is highly fuel efficient. The drip tray provided is spill resistant and the lid has a latch to help it lock. The grill surface is 145 sq inches in size and generates about 5500 BTUs. The grill surface is porcelain coated cast iron.

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas grill with Versastand CGG-180

A similar model is also available under the code Cuisinart gas grill CGG-180 that comes with a Versastand that lets you have the grill at a higher level. The gas grill is red and stylish with the similar features as the CGG-180TS. This Cuisinart gas grill stand has telescopic legs that make the grill from table top to floor top within no time. 

Dual Blaze Two Burner Gas Grill – CGG 522

Dual Blaze 2 burner gas grill is a unique and compact grill that ahs its burners working independently of each other. This Cuisinart gas grill portable and comes in the stylish rich red color. This small thing comes with its legs that you can fold when you want to transport it. The folded legs will lock the grill as well and you can use the handle to just carry the grill. 

The gas grill can be connected to the 20 lb propane gas with the provided hose. The total cooking space is 243 sq inches and generates 20,000 BTUs. Ignition is easier and the lid has the integrated thermometer for temperature monitoring. The grill has the covering of stainless steel that is extra thick and cold rolled. 

Cuisinart gas grill parts and accessories

You can get all the parts and Cuisinart portable gas grill accessories from the same store. You can find the Cuisinart portable gas grill cover that fit the specific type or the general type of grills. The other accessories are the likes of thermometer, gas gauge, grill cleaning brush, grills, griddles, smoking accessories, and various grilling equipments for the different types of food. 

Cuisinart portable tabletop gas grill reviews

The Cuisinart gas grill reviews show that the grills are all efficient and serve for grilling food quite easily. It may not be the large sized professional grills, but they do grill the food to tasty and is efficient as it claims. 

The few cons about the products are that the foldable side tables provided for some models are not tough enough. They are thin and can be fragile. The weight of the portable grills is another concern. Some feel that they are heavier to be portable. Since these grills are not frequently transported, that is a negligible aspect. As for the performance, the Cuisinart gas grills get a satisfactory response from the users.

Where to buy Cuisinart gas grills?

The Cuisinart gas grills are up for sale in various online stores including Amazon. You can get it directly from Cuisinart. It is also up at Home Depot. IT is available in the USA, Canada, UK etc. The Cuisinart tabletop gas grill manual is available with the products. You need to read the instructions carefully for safety. 


Cuisinart gas tabletop grills or the ones withstand, all are made for outdoor use which means you need to use them out in the open balcony or patio. These are compact sized to suit the small apartments and families. When you want a small gas grill to use on vacations Cuisinart gas grills could easily fill in that spot.  

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