Crystal Explorer Kayak

Enjoy your holiday with Crystal Explorer Kayak that is built sturdy, strong and can handle breezy, choppy waters. The transparent body is made out of HQ polymer.

Confused?? Are you thinking, “ Which Kayak is right for me?” Buying a kayak is usually a complicated process for most of the people, especially for beginners.

A Kayak allows you to enjoy the scenic beach-side views, which cannot be seen from the shore.

Don’t worry, Crystal kayak is here to solve all your complications. Now, with this product, even you can go for morning workouts around the lake. Crystal Kayak is a leading producer and distributor of commercial grade transparent kayaks of America. Read on to know more about them…


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The Company

The Crystal Kayak Company is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial grade canoes and kayaks with GE brand Lexan. These kayaks are better than the normal ones. It has a transparent body, advanced polymer hull and corrosion resistant elements. The following features will allow you to see the underwater world while traveling.
Buy a Crystal Kayak For As Low As $999

Kayak explorer

Crystal Explorer Kayak- An intro

  • This Crystal Explorer is a lightweight kayak, specially designed for breezy and choppy waters. You can purchase them directly from the manufacturer by paying factory-direct prices.
  • Purely Crystal clear (to observe the underwater world below them).
  • It’s demountable seats, frames and inflatable chambers is beneficial for certain purposes like storage, easy stacking and transportation.
  • Features an advanced polymer hull and corrosion-resistant hardware.
  • This is one of the best option for resorts/hotels, vacation homes, water sport rental companies and individual enthusiasts.


  • Width: 33.5” (85 cm)
  • Length: 11′ 1” (338 cm)
  • Depth: 11” (28 cm)
  • Weight: 48 lbs (21 kg)
  • Weight capacity includes: 425 lbs
  • Seating: 1-2 Children or adults
  • Hull Material: 6mm thick (100% virgin Spanish Imported GE Lexan
  • UV protection: 40 micron, presence of double UV layer prevents yellowing
  • Frame: T6 6061 Anodized Aluminum
  • Manufacturer and distributor: The Crystal Kayak Company
  • HS Code: 89031000.00
  • Warranty: There is a 2 year warranty period for Crystal Explorer kayaks. All the quality checks are performed throughout the hull creation process.

Kayaks For Water Sports

UV protection

Special UV coatings are done to prevent yellowing from polycarbonate material. This UV absorption lacquer is 40 microns thick, containing a concentration level of 6%. It is applied to both sides of the Lexan for UV protection.

Crystal Explorer Kayak

Crystal Explorer Kayak

by Crystal Kayak Company 4 out of 5stars (375 Customer Ratings)

Price: $999
Crystal Kayaks has a transparent body, best quality polymer hull and corrosion resistant materials. Become an explorer with this lightweight kayak which is specially designed for breezy and choppy waters.

Quality Kayaks

4 stars out of 5 by Gabriel for Crystal Explorer Kayak

I purchased this product for my children when we take a break at holidays at Keywest. Let me say it is a durable design that comes with transparent bottom. It allows you to actually see through the water, the fishes and other sea life underwater. Must say a great product!!!

Crystal Kayak Explorer other products include (all are sharing the same features as mentioned above)

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Crystal Kayak Reviews

You can trust the Crystal Kayak Company. Each computer-designed kayak hull are perfectly created according to the standards of Crystal Kayak. It has a standard laser-guided machinery to carry all the hull perforation steps for framework and attaching hardware.

Great product says one of the Amazon customer

“I recently, purchased this kayak for my children to play in their summer vacation. It has a very durable design, with a transparent bottom that allows the users to view right down into the water.”

My family loves this new crystal Kayak says Nicole Blackwelder

“We are residing in Northwest Arkansas and use this kayak almost every weekend to travel down the Buffalo River with my friends.”

Crystal Kayak on amazon

Shop online from amazon!! Crystal kayak has received 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. Amazon offers 1 year warranty on these products. Normally, the item is shipped via freight, costing additional delivery charges. You can also apply for certain offers cards provided by

Crystal Kayak Discounts, Promo Codes And Coupon Codes

Looking for exciting discounts on the products of Crystal Kayak? Crystal Kayak is offering many discounts through promo and coupon codes to save your money. You may directly visit the Crystal Kayak website and use this coupon code at the checkout page to get a discount on your orders.

Crystal Kayak – Frequently asked questions

Is Crystal Kayak affordable for everyone?

Yes, there are different ranges of products (starting from low volume – high volume price).

Can you give some details on the maintenance of hulls?

Sometimes, hulls can scratch easily if not maintained properly.

Here are certain steps that should be followed after each usage:

  • Don’t forget to spray down the kayak with fresh water after each use. Because there are greater chances of scratching by the particulate materials like salt and sand.
  • Just pick it up!!! Never drag the kayak on the ground.

How to convert the kayak into a one person arrangement?

Each Crystal Kayak consists of two seats and two paddles. One can transform them into a one person arrangement by simply removing a seat (it will take around five seconds).

How much time, it will take to receive my product?

All the orders are shipped with a week’s time.

What is the general returning policy of Crystal Kayak Company?

If you want to return an item, you must possess an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from the customer care team. No products will be taken back without this RMA code.

What is customer service number and email id of Crystal Kayak?

You may clarify all your doubts and queries at:

  • Phone number: 1-888-415-9692
  • Email address:

How to request for an RMA?

It’s very simple. Just, call to the customer service number and share:

  • Your order number.
  • The item no of the product, you wish to return.
  • The volume of the item you want to return back.
  • Finally, specify the reason for this return.

I want to know about the privacy details the company, can you lend me?

The company does not sell, trade or rent your personal information to the third party users. Details like name, mailing address, expiration date and credit card number are collected while ordering.


I think, its time to buy this kayak!!! Hope this article helped you in choosing the right boat, named Crystal kayak. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Crystal kayak today itself…