EyeGlasses have become the style statement these days. Today’s generation love to have freaking frames. And Cosmo Eyewear have a big and classy collection of these. Cosmo is an online optical store where all type of glasses and sunglasses are available for men and women. Get that stylish and elegant look with Cosmo Eyewear. Here we shall review some of the collections that are available at cosmo and other coupons and scams if any.

Cosmo eyewear has collections of top brands in its store. The Cosmo site is legit and not a scam and offers high quality designer glasses at reasonable and affordable price. All collections are legit. Discounts and coupons are available to get these glasses at attractive prices. It sometimes offers about 50% off, so you can now look stylish and wear designer glasses without burning your pockets. You will get the best money saving offers and coupons on glasses of every type here. The brands list include top brands like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Anna Sui and the list goes on, in short you have got an ocean of options to choose from.

Cosmo eyewear Men’s Collection – a review

A very big collection for men is available here of different types and different styles. The collection is of high quality brands. One of the most attractive part of the spectacles is its frame, Cosmo Eyewear has a variety of them. If you are allergic to metal and Titanium then you can opt for plastic or wood. There’s also stainless steel, Memory metal and Mix Match frame materials to choose from. The frames are available in Black, Grey, Brown, Tortoiseshell, Red, Purple, White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Gold. Whether it is for office or for casual outings Cosmo Eyewear suits everywhere. Now apart from the normal glasses there’s also good choices for sunglasses, stylish and cool collection. The collection includes Wayfarer, Aviator/Pilot, Clubmaster, Active Life-style, Butterfly, Brownline, Sports sunglasses etc. In sunglasses you can choose the lens colors as well and there’s a wild range blue, black, fire, gold, Grey, green, multicolor….There’s many!!

A review of Cosmo eyewear Women’s Collection

Reviewing the collection of eyewear for women, there’s a wide range of collection for women, in the same there’s a huge variety for men. The frame material available is same as men’s collection wood, plastic, metal, Titanium etc. The list of frame colors is really colorful with black, Grey, pink, purple, yellow, green in its list. Numerous styles glasses like aviator/pilot, round & round, cat-eye, vintage plastic, baroque Inspired, Lightweight etc are present in the store. Gradient, Polarized and mirrored lens stylish sunglasses are really cool. In sunglasses also there’s variety in frame material and colors and brands.

Cosmo eyewear The top designers and Brands – not a scam

Cosmo Eyewear review has revealed that it legit and not Scam and cosmo stores eyewears of various high brands which are supreme in quality. The site is no scam. Ray-ban is considered one of the coolest eyewear brands. They have been in the industry from the past 70 years and have been on the eyes of many famous Hollywood biggies. They have been on the top on the list of fashion industry. Bvlgari is another famous brand like Ryan-Ban, they are known for the quality of their products and the variety of styles they provide. Dolce & Gabbana eyeware is an stylish eyeware brand that has proved itself through its styles and choices. In cosmos eyeware the brands Oakley, Marc Jacobs, Cazal, Prada, Tom Ford, Miu Miu, Corrada Eras etc are also available. Actually in Cosmos there is wide variety of choices for everything from frame to glasses everything, every section of the spectacles with options. And if you have any doubt regarding anything about the spectacle or discounts and coupons, you can clear your doubts by chatting with the customer care professionals. The chat is available 24*7.

Cosmo eyewear Orders

After placing the order you can do the payment via credit cards. Do look out for discounts or coupons before ordering. The company doesn’t store any information about your credit card account. This site is legit and so you can be tension free while placing your orders with Cosmo Eyewear. After your order has been successfully registered you will getting an confirmation email from the company. In the mail the conformation of your order along with the details of the order will be present. If you want you can change or cancel your order, but this facility is available only for sunglasses and glasses frames. You have to notify within this 24 hours of placing the order. The company will send you emails containing information on where your order will be delivered and when it will be delivered. So, don’t forget to check your email regularly. All the information of yours account with the website is kept secured Cosmo Eyewear respect the privacy of their customers. Note: if you don’t have a prescription while ordering, it is okay you can send the prescription later and while entering the information about the prescription if you feel you may enter wrong info then just send a copy of the prescription to the company’s email. I think sending a copy of your prescription is a better and safe option, because your glasses will be made according to the formation you provide, so you can’t afford to go wrong over here. But once you send a copy of your prescription to the company, then you don’t have to worry about anything, the company will take care of the rest.

Cosmo eyewear Returns and Shipping

For local customers the shipping is done through USPS and for international customers the international shipping method is used. It may sometime take more than a week for your order to be delivered. It depends upon the type of order you have placed. For instance if you order for specs with 1.56 single vision lenses then it will take around 5 to 7 for manufacturing itself. So the delivery time depends on the type of eyewear you have ordered. If the quality or the appearance of the product does not satisfy your expectations then you can return the product , but if it is sunglasses then only you will get the full refund for other glasses only 50% of the cost of the product will be refunded. For returning just contact the company , remember within 30 days and inform about the return, then repack the product along with the proof that includes details of your purchasing and ship it, use the post office service and don’t forget to collect the proof of the post fee for this will have to be sent to the company’s email as a proof.