CorpNet is a website that helps with filing any kind of documents regarding starting or running any business.

CorpNet is a website that helps with filing any kind of documents regarding starting or running any business. There are many types of business and all of them will need filing of documents on many details to the state and other needs.
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Starting a Business? Incorprorate or Form an LLC!

Starting a business with CorpNet business online

Starting a business is by the naming. But the name has should be unique and there should not be any other business that with the same name. Corpnet checks on the availability of the name you want and see of it is any kind of repetition and need change. This process takes time and with Corpnet you can save much time and can utilize it for other useful purposes. The next step is to select the type of business you want, whether corporate, DBA, sole proprietary etc. even the Sole proprietary or DBA business should be registered at the state. Now round up on the legal entity from choices like corporate, partnership, sole ownership etc. Allow CorpNet to take the responsibility of preparing, filling and filing of the documents for registration, legality etc, so that you have more time to look for the location, setting up the office and looking for employees and other things for a business running. CorpNet business online will have someone to represent you at the filing office that saves your time. The filing process may take a few weeks or juts a day depending on the type of filing you select.

Filing the documents is time consuming and it might cost a lot depending on the state or county. CorpNet helps you prepare the necessary document and file them at the required offices in time. It provides the document filing assistance for forming a business like corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, Foreign Qualification filing, DBA/Fictitious Business Name, Registered Agent Representations, Corporate Compliance services in all the 50 states in USA. It also provides help in handling the documents of a running business and all other documentation needed for the smooth running.

CorpNet business online can be the smartest move by you in handling and monitoring your business. They provide any help that is needed at any stage of the business and documentation part required. Choose from standard, express or 24 hr service facility depending on the urgency of the work. You need not worry about the procedures once CorpNet are in work. You will have your work done without any troubles even when you are not personally present in the state. They do not handle any legal issues but only provide advice and do the works to get any kind of documentation.


Types of Businesses to kickstart with CorpNet business online

  • Sole Proprietor or General Partnerships is where the business is your own and there are no other partners of have just one other partner. The business of this kind need not be registered unless working under a DBA- Doing Business As, name. The income will be taxable and included in the personal return tax of the owner or partners.
  • Corporations will have incorporated persons and the business does not belong to a person but to the corporate. All legalities, formalities, and working are subjected to the law governing in the state where it is registered. There are two types of corporations, C & S. C-corporation is owned by any number of shareholders, and the shares are freely transferrable unless restricted by any agreement from the holders. Unless it is dissolved by the share holders, it can be done for unlimited period. The taxation is done separate as the corporate. S-Corporation has limited number of shareholders and the taxation of the income is included in the tax return of the share holders.
  • LLC- Limited Liability Companies are type of corporate that is not a sole ownership venture or a corporate but half of both. It is a half corporate that has a few shareholders who have equal rights depending on the percentage they own. They are a pass through entities for taxation and require very less formalities than corporate business.
  • Non-Profit corporations: Charitable societies, educational or religious entities etc can be registered as Non-profit corporations. The income for this can be tax exempted but cannot be engaged in some public activities like politics and other lobbying activities.
  • Professional corporation includes all licensed professions like medical, legal, architectural, accounting corporations. A complex law governing team will need to be present for these corporations to handle the legal matters.


Services Provided by CorpNet business online

CorpNet BIZ- Corpnet Business Information Zone aka BIZ is a business compliance tool that keeps track on all small businesses to stay up to date on filing and paying dues in time. On starting an account in the B.I.Z you will get alerts on critical filings, tax payment dues, deadlines, etc and viewing and printing the official documents, multiple business monitoring for consultants, attorneys etc.
Business Filings: Filing of many kinds of documents will be required at each stage of the business. Corpnet provides assistances in most of them.

  • Filing for DBA names is undertaken and the services are to search for the name, the form preparation, filing, paying for the fees, and shipping and handling the documents, Tax ID obtainment, license compliance etc are all done.
  • Name reservation may be done to block the name for the business until you are ready to incorporate. This name will be valid for 30-90 days and after that it may expire.
  • Article amendment regarding the change in name, registered agent, business address, director or member information change, authorized share changes or any other change in the business that need to be documented legally will be handled.
  • Article of dissolution when the business is closed for ever will need some legal formalities, filing and documentations which will be done at CorpNet.
  • Business licensing formalities from head to toe will be done; conversion of the business from one entity to another etc will be done in the proper channel faster and efficient than anyone else.
  • An initial report of the new business is sometimes necessary in some states and annual reports for the LLCs will be done by CorpNet. The document will be prepared and filed before the due date to keep the good state of the business intact. Failing to file these documents may affect the future of the business as well.
  • Foreign Qualifications will be required for companies that are incorporated in one state but doing business in another. This will be needed when doing business in many states and for opening bank account also. This document for the company in any state can be done at CorpNet.
  • Reinstatements: when a company fails to be in compliance with the state it may get dissolved or be placed in a non-compliance status. In order to remove this status and get back to the active compliance status the necessary documents can be prepared and file from here.
  • It also helps for a registered agent for the business in any state who will represent and handle the business. It can also be another business entity and not necessarily a person. Any official document or notice will be sent to this agent in the case of corporation is sued. This agent should be available on the required time period specified.
  • CorpNet does the work needed for you to get an employer ID number or a federal tax ID number.
  • S-Corporation status can be applied via the IRS and it will take much time and CorpNet will do all the needful once you apply for the same.
  • The Express filing service at CorpNet business online saves time and money and will file the documents at the fastest way possible for each category in any state and it will take only a day to file the documents under this facility.

Corporate Supplies: Apart from the filing of the documents CorpNet business online also has some other packages that help in the business world. These products are necessary for every step of the business. From customized documents to the corporate seals are made at CorpNet business online.

  • The high quality steel seal embosses the company seal on any document. This seal can be used on any legal documents regarding the LLC.
  • The customized minutes for the company meetings which can be altered as per requirement is available for purchase. The document will be the standard format that can be customized by the business company as per theirs. The Bylaws will have the rules on number of directors, their range and power, date and timings of the meetings, election procedure for a director, what are his duties, annual shareholders meetings etc are specified in them.
  • The stock certificates for the business will be issued with the name, date, state and other details. The shares will specify the percentage of stock it holds. This certificate is legal and can be presented for any legal requirement. It also depicts the legal proof of ownership on the corporation.
  • For a trouble free running of business one should have a good standing with the state and as a proof of that there is a good standing certificate. This is not compulsory but is available in request and CorpNet helps to get this certificate easier and trouble-free.
  • The state can issue a certified copy of any legal document and this procedure will be done by CorpNet on behalf of you.
  • The customized corporate kit include the seal with name, state and year of incorporation, minutes of meetings for the company customized, bylaws, waivers and other notices, 20 stock certificates, stock transfer ledges and sample corporate resolutions. This will be enough for a small LLC.
  • Apostille, a certification that will be needed when forming a corporation from another country to verify the signature in the document. This certification can be availed with ease with the help of CorpNet.

Legal Advice: legal advice will be providing for the business and there are many packages that cover different aspects. They can be unlimited, one time or family coverage. The unlimited package will give you legal advice anytime on all legal matters. The contract or document reviews option will go through any document or contract that are for your signature. This review will look for any traps or loop holes that might later be proven dangerous to your business. The advice is given on the phones or sends in letters. The family coverage plan covers the family members and household. The legal protection business plan will protect the multiple businesses in different states.

Trademark: All the formalities to register as federal trademark to protect the business in all levels will be done. This process usually takes a few weeks but CorpNet can do this within 48 hrs. Only the application part will be dealt with and the payment and other procedures have to be done by you.

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