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CLE Holistic Health Naavudi reviews, Benefits

Naavudi Glucose Support is a dietary supplement from CLE Holistic Health that will help you to balance spike in blood sugar levels naturally. It is a clinically-studied product that helps to eliminate fatigue and control the occurrence of diabetes. Read on to know more about Naavudi Lower Blood Sugar Support reviews, ingredients, side effects & more.

How does Naavudi glucose support supplement work?

Diabetes is one of the dreaded health conditions and yet it affects millions of people around the world in many different ways. While some people have to deal with diabetic conditions due to their lifestyle choices, others are not even aware of the cause at all.

Irrespective of the reason, the condition remains the same. Surely, you can consult your medical practitioner for proper treatment. Natural remedies are considered the best and Naavudi is one such natural supplement that aims to give you healthy glucose levels.

As per clinical tests conducted, subjects who took Naavudi Glucose Support Dietary Supplement reported low blood sugar counts apart from a decrease in body mass index and appetite. This product can be beneficial for anyone dealing with high blood glucose levels, glycosuria, Type 2 Diabetes, or just anyone who wants to keep their blood glucose levels within a healthy range.

The ingredients of Naavudi are 100% natural, organic, and absolutely vegetarian that has been proven to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Regular use of Naavudi will give you benefits that include –

  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Support insulin sensitivity
  • Promote blood glucose metabolism
  • Reduce cravings for carbs and sweets
  • Enhances physical adaptability and reduces stress levels

So can Naavudi cure diabetes?

A dietary supplement is not intended to cure or prevent the occurrence of a health condition. Naavudi is a dietary supplement. Hence, it cannot be termed as a “cure” for diabetes.

It is important that you follow a proper dietary lifestyle, exercise regime in combination with Naavudi to achieve optimum results. After all, there are several testimonials from users who have achieved healthy blood glucose levels naturally with Naavudi.

Naavudi Ingredients

  • Malabar Kino Bark – used in traditional Ayurveda of India, it has been practiced for thousands of years. This plant has many therapeutic properties which include lowering blood sugar levels naturally in diabetic patients.
  • Bitter Melon – a unique vegetable/fruit blend that has myriad health benefits. It increases glucose metabolism thus assisting you to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Bitter Melon also inhibits the risk of kidney stones, lowers LDL cholesterol, and helps you lose weight.
  • Fenugreek – another substance that can bring down the glucose level in the body. It slows down the digestion process thus maintaining the sugar levels steady throughout the day.
  • Java Plum – highly recommended by doctors, it has a powerful effect on blood sugar. Apart from controlling the blood sugar levels, it is great to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and bone strength.
  • Indian Lilac – improves the metabolism level thus eliminating lethargy or low energy levels. It converts the sugar in the digestive system into metabolism thus acting as an energy booster.
  • Kutki Root – maintains the function of the liver and flushes out the unwanted toxins from the body. It is also used to lose weight and enhance the role of blood in handling glucose levels.
  • Holy Basil – found in India, it has many medicinal benefits. From anxiety to hair loss to handling blood sugar, holy basil has all the benefits.
  • Gurmarbooti – roughly translated to “sugar destroyer”, it prevents the spike in blood sugar levels. It also reduces the sweet tooth craving so that additional sugar does not get introduced in the body.
  • Indian Bay Leaf – among numerous benefits, few include reducing glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides levels from the body.

One bottle of Naavudi comes with 60 capsules. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules a day with food. As per the manufacturer’s claims, you will see results within 4-6 weeks of regular use.

Note that if you are pregnant, nursing or currently taking any medication, consult your medical practitioner before trying this product.

Naavudi Side effects

So far, there have been no reports of any side effects. As the product has been clinically tested on real users, it is safe to say that even long-term use of Naavudi would not trigger any side effects.

Naavudi Lower Blood Sugar Support reviews

The product has received a positive response from users. People report that the product works just as claimed and there are no negative reactions on the body. In fact, few people are actually using Naavudi as a safe alternative to prescription medications. This says a lot about the potency, quality and the genuineness of the product to benefit the customers.

Now, to quote a few downsides here. It takes 4-6 weeks to see results (based on person-to-person). Few people notice rapid results while for others it takes time. The price of Naavudi is expensive as compared to other blood sugar controller in the market. The fact that you need to consume it for a specified period will add to your budget. As if that’s not enough, the shipping charge is not free and is expensive especially to those on strict “economy”.

BUT THEN, NO ONE’S COMPLAINING!!! Coz, there is no compromise when it comes to health.

Here are few of the Naavudi Lower Blood Sugar Support reviews.

“Wow! What a quality product. I never expected such amazing results. This morning my sugar was at its best in many years. It improved from 170 to 117. I feel simply great. What a relief it is to know that my blood sugar levels are improving.”

“Naavudi has been helpful for my type 2 diabetes. I only take Naavudi and nothing else. No more prescription medications.”

“This product reduced my blood sugar with the recommended dose of 2 capsules twice a day.”

Shipping and Returns

CLE Holistic Health ships worldwide. So irrespective of your location, the product will reach your doorstep.

Naavudi comes with 30-day money-back guarantee i.e. return policy. If at all you don’t see any results, you can return and claim a refund.

Where to buy?

The product is available online only. If you are looking to purchase Naavudi on Amazon, it is currently unavailable.

We do recommend to buy it from the official website. This way, you can avail of better promotional deals offered by the company. Current deals include –

  • Buy 2 Get 1 Bottle Free
  • Buy 4 Get 2 Bottles Free
  • Buy 10 Get 5 Bottles Free

Apart from the promo deals, the return policy is eligible only for those who purchase from the official website. Not to mention, it also saves you from ordering a fake product.

Can I use Naavudi as a weight loss supplement?

Many people ask if they can use Naavudi to lose weight. The answer is NO. Naavudi is a blood sugar control supplement that helps you to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Though people report curb in their cravings and weight loss after using Naavudi, DO NOT consider this as a weight loss pill.

The Final Verdict

Naavudi is not a scam supplement. In fact, the product is very much genuine that is manufactured in a hygienic facility that complies with all the GMP regulations. It is a natural and safe remedy for those who are concerned about their blood sugar levels. It is best recommended for users who not only struggle with diabetes but also for those who want to use it as a preventative care.

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