Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV Electric Knife EdgeSelect Sharpener by kitchen-universe

The most annoying inconvenience in my kitchen is when I find my knife not sharp enough. I use the traditional knife sharpener that sometimes cuts right through my hand. I was checking for a new one and I came across this electric knife sharpener.

Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife EdgeSelect sharpener is one versatile sharpener that can be used for any kind of knives, smooth or serrated edged ones. With 3 slots for the process, it makes the knives sharp, shiny, and smooth. Let us see what it offers that is not seen in other knife sharpeners.

Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife EdgeSelect sharpener features

  • This is a professional knife sharpener that can be used for small or large knives.
  • This sharpener makes the knives into the professional look of 15-degree edges from the old 20-degree edges.
  • It is compatible with the fine edge or the serrated edged knives. It can also be used for the single bevel traditional Asian knives and the double bevel new model knives.
  • The Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife EdgeSelect sharpener uses the diamond abrasive for the sharpening that makes it durable and safe to use in any climate.
  • There are 3 stages of precision angle control and keeps it fixed at the 15-degree angle at all time.
  • The first 2 stages are for sharpening and the third stage makes the finishing with smoothed edges.
  • The device works fast and the sharpness stays longer as well.
  • The overall size of this electric knife sharpener is 9.75 x 4.5 x 4 inches.
  • This is completely made in the USA and comes with 3-year warranty.

How to use Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife sharpener

There are 3 stages in this electric knife sharpener. The big advantage is that you can sharpen any knife according to your need. It can be used to have the finest sharp edge or to use for salad dressing of fibers with not so shape edges etc.

To use this knife sharpener, connect to a power socket and switch it on. Once the power is on, pull the knife through the stage 1. There are 2 slots- right and left in each stage. Pull the knife through each slot of stage 1. Spend somewhere around 3-4 seconds for each pull.

Depending on the state of the knife, you may have to repeat the pulls many times to get the right angle with the first use. This may take more if you are sharpening the Asian knives.

When the knife has a burr on the edge, move on to stage 2. Repeat the same process in this stage as well. Once you are satisfied and the knife not overly sharp, move on to the last stage.

Stage 3 polishes the edges. Here also, pull the knife through the left and right slots, alternately for 3-4 times. Then do a quick pull through each slot to finish with a shiny edge.


For re-sharpening the knives, you need only stage 2 and stage 3. In most cases, stage 3 only is needed. Depending upon the bluntness of the edges, you decide where you want the knife to go in first.

For a right handed knife, use only the left slot of the sharpener. Here you need to do repeated pulls to get the sharp edge in stage 2.

For the left-handed Japanese knives, use the right slot only in the similar manner.


The chef can make his own specifications on the knife with the help of this Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife EdgeSelect sharpener. The trick is in the speed at which you pull the knife through the slots. Faster the pulls, smother the edges are going to be on stage 1 followed by the other 2 stages. This suits well for gourmet.
For knives to cut meat, and fibrous material, sharpen the knife first in Stage 1 and go directly to stage 3. This will have micro flutes along the edges, instead of the smooth surface.

For poultry and fish, follow stage 2 and 3 only. For raw poultry materials, it should be stage 1 and 3 only,  filleting, it is 2 and 3.

Caution while using

The Stage 3 is only for polishing or dressing to make the finish. It is not for sharpening and not meant to be. You need to use this stage sparingly to the minimum.

The stage 3 can sometimes get clogged with the debris or food particles. You can press a small button at the recess on the device to do the self-cleaning. The debris will be collected below in a small area. You can later remove the cover of this bin to remove the metal dust. Do this self-cleaning step only if it is desperately needed.

Cleaning the knives before inserting them into the sharpener will make this last longer. Then, the stage 3 would need cleaning only once or twice a year.

Chef’s choice trizor XV best price

Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife EdgeSelect sharpener is an economic value product. This cost roughly about $150. This is available at popular online stores like Amazon or eBay and also at other stores. You can also get some discount with the help of discount coupon codes. It is not so popular but still available online. The product is easily available in many countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK etc.

Chef’s Choice trizor XV review

Several electric knife sharpener’s review has rated this Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife EdgeSelect sharpener as the leading contender. The customers who used have said that it not only sharpened the knife edges but also managed to repair some of the damage done on them.

Some say that it takes a bit practice to marvel at this sharpening device. Using the right pressure and the time that you spend at each slot for each pull all has its significance. It’s up to you to figure out the right process with time.

The negative remark is that the power cord is short. You need to find a space on the counter closer to the power socket to have this device working. A longer power cord would have been an icing on the cake.

The fact that it takes out much of the metal on the knife on the first use didn’t go well with many. Quality knives do cost high and to see the costly metal carved out was a bit hard for them.


NO matter what the negative points are, Chef’s Choice M15 Trizor XV electric knife EdgeSelect sharpener IS the best in the market. It comes in 2 colors, silver and black body for you to choose from. It does the real business and produces quality, sharp knives for each purpose. This is great for home users as well as for the professional chef. This is one option as a gift to a chef and you can be sure that it will be used. This also makes a great addition to the household.