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Home remedies for cat anemia from fleas

The pet name for the cat anemia caused by fleas in cats is ‘flea anemia’. It is resulted as a result of excessive blood loss due to flea infestation. This condition mostly affects the young kittens and older cats. The infested fleas will draw blood from the cat to survive. When the infestation is not treated promptly it helps the flea to grow faster and more. 

Flea anemia is a condition that is seen in unhygienic conditions. This is identified with the symptoms of anemia like weight loss, loss of appetite, restlessness, lethargy, rapid heart rate; over sleepiness, etc. the cat would also show severe itching and biting its body. 

Cats that have weaker immune system get the receiving end. The young kittens, elderly cats and the kitties that are recovering from any diseases are more at the risk. This coupled with unhygienic conditions favors flea infection and non-treatment makes thing worse. 

Home remedies for flea anemia

1. Eliminate fleas: The first step is to eliminate the fleas. It prevents further blood loss. Use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar to get rid of fleas. The apple cider vinegar also has antibacterial properties to reduce the infections. Clean the cats, its accessories and also every nook and corner of the home or area to ensure that fleas are eliminated. Vinegar can be used for all these. 

2. Meat protein: The next step is to reinstate the lost blood. It requires iron. Since the cats can easily absorb the iron form the food and process is faster. This step is easier. Feed them some good meat protein. The iron content in meat is all that the cats needed. Beef liver is an excellent source for protein and iron. Beef liver also contains the necessary vitamins that are needed for the production of red blood cells. 

3. Sea kelp and Green vegetables: Both sea kelp and green vegetables like spinach, green beans, and broccoli are good source of many nutrients. Make puree of these and add with the regular cat food. 

4. Dietary supplements: Sometimes the cats need addition nutrition from the supplements. Get them supplements that can provide iron, vitamin B12, copper etc. Brewer’s yeast is another good source for the necessary nutrients, especially vit B12, to compensate the lost blood. It also helps improve the immune system. 

5. Flea control treatment at home: Flea eggs can stay virile for a year. A long term flea control and prevention is necessary in these cases. Thoroughly clean the home and of necessary get professional help for the task. Also gets some flea preventing items like collar and other items for the cats to stay protected against re-infestation. 

Care while taking alternative remedies

The home remedies should not be given all at once. The recovery took sits time. Try only one remedy at a time and see it for a few days. If there is no improvement even after 5-7 days, change the remedy and once again monitor the changes. Do not try these home remedies for severe cases of flea anemia. The cat might need a blood transfusion. In this case, use these remedies for the recovery period. 

Flea & Tick Control

TripleSure Trigger Natural Flea & Tick Spray Reviews For Cats

As a responsible pet owner, you would like to protect your pets from the toxic chemically loaded products that can harm them. You should prefer an all-natural, safe and effective remedies for your dogs and cats.  Consider looking for products from which offers herbal solutions for dogs and cats. 

TripleSure NEO (No Essential Oils) All-Natural Flea and Tick Spray Made by Natural Wonder Pets is a natural and safe remedy for Cats & Kittens. This natural flea control spray is specific No Essential Oils formulation for the safety of cats. Read on for the TripleSure NEO Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients and more.

About TripleSure NEO

TripleSure NEO for cats and Kittens will kill fleas, ticks, bedbugs, and mites without harming your pet. This No Essential Oils formula is safe for cats, kids, and your home. It contains extracts of Rosemary and Vanilla to eliminate fleas/ ticks fast. It is safe for felines because of the proprietary extraction process that yields valuable bio-pesticides but leaves essential oils (from Rosemary and Vanilla) behind. It is available in convenient, 16 oz “any position” trigger sprayer.

TripleSure Natural Flea Tick Spray for Cats & Kittens Benefits 

  • 100% safe and natural because of No Essential Oils for Cats and Kittens
  • Kills Fleas, Ticks, Bedbugs, and Mites naturally on contact 
  • No hot or burning sensation instead soothes the pet coat
  • Rest assure of using no Vaseline or no toxic chemicals which may enter your pet’s bloodstream

Why TripleSure NEO All-Natural Flea and Tick Spray for Cats & Kittens?

In recent times there are two controversies related to cats and essential oils. One group says that certain essential oils go unprocessed in a cat’s liver and may cause serious toxicity. Hence, they advocate using no essential oils. The other group says it all depends on the strength (or weakness) and purity of the essential oils being used collectively with the experience level of the user. Let’s call the first group the NEO (No Essential Oils) Cat People, and the second group the Traditional Cat People. 

  • NEO Cat People warns that few feline species lack certain enzymes that are necessary to metabolize certain plant constituents as found in essential oils. This can cause serious buildup in the liver and symptoms of toxicity occur.
  • Traditional Cat People see the issue in a different way. This group observed multiple health benefits and virtually no adverse symptoms described by the NEO group when the holistic veterinary experience with cats was combined with aromatherapy and essential oils for many years. Further, they say that any possible adverse effects of essential oils on cats maybe because of the lack of oil purity and/or undiluted use of essential oils.

Natural Wonder Pets’ TripleSure 100% Natural Flea & Tick treatment is proven safe and effective product with cedar oil and peppermint oil for cats, dogs, and humans. Since 2005, over tens of thousands of bottles are sold without a single report of adverse effects from pet owners. However, NEO Cat People can buy TripleSure NEO with just same effect, without the essential oils.

TripleSure NEO Ingredients

The proprietary extraction process and certified organic ingredients make TripleSure NEO (No Essential Oils) All-Natural Flea and Tick killer effective for Cats & Kittens.

Similar to a hydrosol (a cat-safe by-product of essential oil distillation), only the water-soluble parts of the plant’s chemistry extract goes into this product. This extraction process is a chemical reaction where “like attracts like”. Their slow, cold water process captures the beneficial plant constituents but leaves behind the oil-based terpenoids (which are not water-soluble) to be discarded.

The proprietary formula is rich in Rosmarinic acid from USDA Certified Organic Rosemary leaf extract (7.75%). This powerful bio-pesticide in combination with pure Vanilla extract and Citric acid produces a lethal, triple mix that quickly, safely kills fleas, ticks, bedbugs, and mites on cats. TripleSure NEO with these ingredients and price has no match in the natural flea control market today.

TripleSure NEO All-Natural Flea and Tick Spray Directions

You can use this spray every two weeks or depend on the cat’s outdoor activity. It is easily absorbed into the hair follicles and thousands of tiny wicks create a no entry barrier for insects. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

TripleSure NEO Side Effects

There are no reports of any adverse side effects from pet owners. Also, it contains natural and organic ingredients that are safe to use on cats as well as kittens.

TripleSure NEO Where to Buy?

The best place to buy TripleSure NEO (No Essential Oils) All-Natural Flea and Tick Spray for Cats & Kittens are from its official website Here you will get the best TripleSure price, best discount – no coupon needed. Buy TripleSure NEO for $34.95 instead of its regular price of $49.95. Also, it comes with a full 90 days money-back guarantee.

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TripleSure NEO Natural Flea & Tick Spray Reviews

You will find only positive TripleSure Reviews from pet lovers. People are happy to use this safe no essential oil option for their cats. They could easily remove Flea & Tick from cats/ kitten within few days of use. Their cats show no adverse side effects like scratching or rashes after spraying. In addition, they love the pleasant vanilla scent. Many people recommend this extremely effective and safe Flea and Tick killer to friends and relatives.


TripleSure NEO (No Essential Oils) all-natural remedy is best and safe to keep your cats & kittens fleas, ticks and bugs free. If you are one of those NEO cat lovers, then buy this safe, affordable, natural and specific solution for cats today.