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Air Purifiers Maintenance, Mechanism – IS It Expensive?

How much maintenance is required for the air purifiers and filters?

Air purifiers that clean your indoor surrounding air need proper maintenance promptly on time. The maintenance period for each air purifier type depends on what kind of air filter is being used in them. The maintenance of an air purifier mainly deals with cleaning the parts and keeping the air vents free of any dust or dirt. Clogged air vents do not serve the purpose of clean air to breathe. Replacing the air filters is the next step in the air purifier maintenance. Both these, need to be done promptly from time to time. 

When to do the maintenance

Many air purifiers have multi-layers of filters. They most probably will have a pre-filter that catches the larger air particles like hair, dust, etc. These pre-filters will be removable and mostly washable (read the instructions carefully to make sure this). The outer cleaning of air purifiers can be done on a weekly basis for highly polluted areas. Clean the pre-filters every month. 

Many air purifiers will have a filter indicator that indicates the time to replace the actual filter. For those air purifiers that do not have this facility, keep a tab on the outlet vent. The usual time to replace a filter will be between 3-8 months depending upon the air quality. If you spot any dirt getting accumulated near the outlet vent, the filter may need a replacement sooner. 

How to maintain an air purifier

The washable pre-filters can be washed with soap water and dry it completely before you place it back inside the air purifier. While the pre-filter is drying, use a clean dry cloth to wipe the visible interior parts of the air purifier to remove anything that is sticking to it. The pre-filter is the key to the longevity of the HEPA filter and other inner filters. The larger particles will not enter these layers that are meant to catch the smaller sized particles. 

The inner-most cavity of the air purifier can be cleaned when the filter is being replaced. This time you will have to remove the whole thing out and can clean the inner regions thoroughly before fixing the new filter inside. 

While replacing the air filters, make sure that you wear gloves and have a larger enough plastic cover handy. Once you take the used filter out, immediately keep it inside this plastic cover, and dispose of it. This will keep the caught air particles inside the air filters and do not cause any air contamination. 

Certain air purifiers will have a permanent filter that does not need a replacement. The caring and maintenance tips for those air purifiers will be provided in the manual or label. Read the instructions carefully. 

Either way, not all filter layers of the air purifiers are washable. Only a very few offer the same and there will be at least one layer that is untouchable. Know your air purifier well to know how to maintain them for your good. A wrong step can make the device useless. 

What happens if the air filters are not changed when the indicator light comes on?

The filter indicator light on the air purifier warns you when it is time to change the filter inside. Replacement filters are available for all brands and all types of air filtering systems. The filter should be replaced within a month’s time once the indicator light starts blinking. Many people do not promptly change the filter as it should be. This is when their air purifiers start to decline in the performance. What does actually happen if the air filters are not changed when the indicator light comes on? Here is a small summary on this account.

Indicator light is an indication

The indicator light is a luxury that is provided by some limited air purifier manufacturers. It is not given in the majority of the air purifiers. Most users will have to do the guesswork as on when to change the air filters. This luxury is being misused by many users. The indicator light indicates that the air filter is almost clogged and cannot do any more air filtration to keep the air fresh and healthy. If the air filter cannot do its job properly there is no point is running the air purifier. 

Most users will have to do a rough calculation and estimate the time for the air filter replacement. The usual timing is between 3-8 months depending upon the air quality inside. The indicator shows the exact time when to change to filter and keep the air purifier running fit and fine for a long time. Moreover, replacing the air filter is an integral part of the maintenance of air purifiers. 

What happens when the air filter is not replaced?

When the air filter is not replaced promptly, the air quality start decline and the concentration of the air pollutants accumulate. The people who breathe in this air may go back to their previous health condition or may start having respiratory problems or other allergies. The replacement of the air filter is important to keep up the good performance of the air purifier. Since the pollutants would never cease to enter the home or the office, the air purifier is an essential part of the life, especially of it is being used. 

People’s body which are now accustomed to healthy air to breathe may react to the sudden change in the air quality drastically. This is not a compulsory bit quite possible. Ultimately the air filter is the heart of the air purifier and it is our responsibility to keep it healthy. Changing the filter is the only way to keep it healthy, as well as for you. Sometimes, the clogged filter could cause damage to the device. The air purifier may cause a lot of noise or it might even stop working. 

Is it expensive to use an air purifier?

Air purifiers run in electric power and that is very much part of your electric bill. So yes, an air purifier could be expensive for both to buy and to use. The air purifier si recommended to run continuously. Many people do not do the same and they opt to run it for as long as they are inside the homes of offices. Either way it runs for a good number of hours in a day. That is sure to reflect in the monthly bills. The choice is to have an energy efficient air purifier that is lighter on the monthly burden. 

Power usage by an air purifier

A good air purifier uses about 50 watts on average when running at the lowest speed. The power consumption increases with the fan speed and that could go up to 200 watts depending upon the air purifier. Owing to the fact that an air purifier will be running at any speed for at least an hour in each, the energy consumed could be much higher. There are energy-efficient air purifiers that uses less power than others and help save you money on the bills.

Operating cost for air purifiers

The air purifiers do not come cheap and the initial cost itself is higher. The additional cost comes in every 3-6 months on the replacement filters. An average life period of the air filter is a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 8-10 months. The lifespan is also dependent on indoor air quality. The poorer quality air will make the filter wear out faster as the concentration of the pollutants is higher. This will clog the filter surface sooner and one may have to find the replacement sooner. 

The cost of the replacement filter starts from $70 or above. If the air filter needs a replacement every 3 months, the yearly cost of running an air purifier could be much higher than you expect. Moreover, the cost of the air filter depends on the type of filter as well. HEPA air filter costs much more than other types that are using to eliminate the smoke, odor, asthma, etc. 

Type of air filter matters

HEPA filters do cost more but could run for a longer period if the air purifier has some effective pre-filters. The pre-filters reduce the burden on the HEPA layer. Activated carbon filters have better longevity than others but here also the catch is the presence of pre-filters. The pre-filters will catch the larger air particles and only the minute ones enter the core filtering layer. It is this core filtering layer that needs frequent replacement. 

Replacement packages help

There are replacement filter packages for many manufacturers that offer more than one replacement filter in a single pack. This saves money on discounts as well as on the shipping charges. Using air purifiers could be expensive but with some smart choices and moves, one can reduce the expense and make it pocket friendly. 

How much space will an air purifier cover?

An air purifier cannot filter the air of the whole house. It has its limitations with the space it can reach out to. It all depends upon the type of fan that is attached inside. Every air purifier has a circulatory fan inside and that fan has maximum reachability depending upon the CFM. 

Air purifier work mechanism and coverage space

What an air purifier does is to draw the air from the surroundings and pass the air through the filter layers. The amount of air that is drawn depends on the power of the circulatory fan. The coverage space of an air purifier is measured in a square foot area. 

One must get an air purifier that has the same or more sq ft area than the room intended to be purified. Measure the room in sq ft to make things easier and see the label of the air purifier to know how much space it can cover. Sometimes a single air purifier cannot cover the entire home but just a single room or a portion of the home. 

If you need a complete coverage, you may need more than one air purifier or connect the air purifier to the dust of the central air conditioning system. There also are portable air purifiers that can be carried from one room to another. 

CFM and ACH also matters for space coverage

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute that measures the amount of air that the air purifier can draw in. the CFM value indicates that much amount of air passes through the device in every minute. The air purifier will have better coverage with more CFM value. 

CFM value should be proportionate to the area of the room. It is affected by the speed of the fan, the natural air flow of the room as well as on the pollutants and the furniture kept in the room. 

ACH is air changes per hour, that is the number of times the air purifier draw the air in, purify it and expel it out. The number of ACH indicates that many times the air in a room is filtered in a room per minute. The ACH value of 5-6 is considered healthy for good indoor air quality. 

Size of the air purifier affects the space coverage

The size of the air purifier affects the space coverage as they can accommodate smaller fans inside. Most often small air purifiers will have maximum space coverage of just over 100-150 sq ft area only. As the size increases the coverage also increases and that can go up to 1500-2000 sq ft. 

Open room and filled room

An air purifier can do better in an open room like a hall better than a room filled with furniture and other things. The air circulation is affected by the various obstacles in the room and the air purifier will not be able to do its maximum. 

Air Purifiers

AeroOne Purifiers Features, Reviews, Products

Breathing clean and pure air is made easy with one of its kind AeroOne Purifiers. AeroOne Purifiers are innovatively designed air purifiers, providing you with the much needed clean air. Dr. Kirschman, a former neurosurgeon turned entrepreneur founded a company named Aerobiotix Inc. that is dedicated to developing AeroOne air purifier to enhance the air quality for home and offices. These air purifiers are proven to clean and disinfect air with a True 99.97% HEPA purification system. AeroOne Purifiers are the finest air purifying devices that not only clean air but also kill bacteria, viruses, and living spores. Let’s have a look at features of AeroOne Purifiers and AeroOne air Purifiers product details.

Features of AeroOne Purifiers

AeroOne air purifying devices are designed to help you with allergies, asthma and other illnesses. These ultimate home air purifiers use medical grade 3D-UV filtration system and are proudly made in USA. Below mentioned are some more features of AeroOne Purifiers:   

  1. Uniquely Designed – Aerobiotix’s AeroOne Air Purifiers and Disinfection units are the first and only residential air disinfection and filtration system which are proven to endlessly work towards eliminating living threats such as viruses, bacteria, and living spores and improving air quality. 
  2. Professionally Planned – It is planned and designed by a physician keen on developing various medical devices including AeroOne to improve air quality for people with allergies, asthma, and vulnerable to other infections. These air purifiers are safe for both adults and children. They can be used at home or office to breathe healthiest possible clean air.
  3. Commercial-Grade Construction – Unlike other plastic units, AeroOne air purifying units use all heavy-grade steel construction giving the most durable and professional appearance. 
  4. Mobility – The AeroOne air Purifiers are mounted on smooth rolling, ball bearing lined wheels to ensure portability and easy movement. Moreover, portability allows you to move the unit in different rooms to give clean air wherever and whenever needed. 
  5. Proven Performance – It uses a patent-pending ultraviolet microturbulence technology which is tested and proven at CDC-affiliated Research Triangle Institute. It has shown to abolish nearly 99 percent of bacteria, viruses, and living spores from the room air in controlled laboratory conditions. Also, this same powerful technology is used in hospitals to reduce the risk of infection.
  6. Efficient Air Flow – The AeroOne Air Purifiers are known to clean air in a matter of seconds, it cleans 200 cubic feet of air in a minute, and it is efficient to treat up to 800 square feet of air successfully. The included AC induction motor is powerful and works silently. 
  7. High Power Ultraviolet – These devices operate on an internal reactor system that uses a full 32 watts of ultraviolet power with a solid matrix of UV-transmissible lenses that is actually more than any competitions’ residential HEPA/UV system. This solid matrix creates turbulence in the airflow by reducing microorganisms in the air and increasing the effective ultraviolet exposure. Moreover, it does not release any kind of harmful gas like ozone and thus, has the ozone-free certification. 
  8. True HEPA Filtration System – Besides the UV microturbulence system, AeroOne air purifiers come with a true HEPA 99.97 % medical-grade filter that helps eliminate non-living contaminants. It also includes a carbon-based pre-filter to remove odors.
  9. Simple Operation – AeroOne Air Purifiers are made simple and easy to use. Unlike other complex air purifiers, the AeroOne is designed to be used at one optimal speed offering you the most powerful, efficient, and effective device. It is designed to operate at one speed by pressing just one button on the unit and everything operates. There are no complicated programmers or unnecessary confusing displays that do not contribute to improving air quality.
  10. Plug And Play – It is ready to work and disinfect air immediately after unboxing. You just have to remove the device from the box, turn the switch and breathe the cleanest air in the healthiest possible environment.  

AeroOne Air Purifiers Product Details

AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System


The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is amongst the best-rated air purifiers for eliminating mold and other contamination from home or office air. It is a portable and easy to use unit that utilizes Top HEPA filter and UV technology to clean air. 


The many distinct features of AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System are as mentioned below:

  1. Air purifying Plus Disinfection system – AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System uses a professional grade HEPA filter and UV air disinfection system which is proven to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungus from room air.
  2. UV air disinfection system – It comes with a Patent-pending 32-watt ultraviolet (UV-C Lamp) system that maximizes air disinfection.
  3. HEPA filter – The True HEPA 99.97 main filtration system included in AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System improves air quality.
  4. Design – This air purifier is the first-ever design by a physician that is tested as well as proven to remove 99% of air contaminants, spores, and viruses from the air.
  5. Ozone-free – The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is certified ozone-free by the California Air Resources Board.
  6. Construction – The heavy-duty all-steel construction along with brushed stainless steel front and top body make AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System different from other air purifiers.
  7. LCD display – The new units of AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System are now available with an LCD display that shows the life of the filter. 
  8. Silent Operation – The quiet brushless AC motor/ blower included in AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System helps in noise reduction.
  9. Color choices – The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is available in two colors: Silver/ white side and Silver/Black side.
  10. Two-stage pre-filter with odor-controlling carbon layer – The Activated carbon pre-filter removes odors originating from pets, smoke, cooking, and other sources from the air. The medium 10 in x 10 in. pleated commercial-grade MERV 11 pre-filter efficiently captures small dust and dirt particles to provide you clean and pure air.
  11. Coverage – The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System is effective in rooms up to 800 square feet.
  12. Easy to use – This unit comes with a simple easy to use one switch/one-speed control. The included UV system is cautiously integrated to operate at one optimal speed while maximizing microbial elimination.
  13. Durable – Its solid steel body, sturdy frame, and proven performance is built to last.
  14. Guarantee – It comes with a 5-year manufacturing guarantee.
  15. Manufacturing – AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System air purifier is proudly made in the USA with top quality materials.

Technical Specifications

The technical specifications of AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System air purifiers are:

  • Works at 200 CFM and cleans up to 800 square feet of air in a room
  • Operates at Low noise i.e. 42 dB 
  • The all-steel construction comes with a stainless steel front
  • Capable to run at a single speed
  • Included a silent and vibration-free brushless AC motor
  • Matches to the UL and CSA safety standards 
  • Made in the USA with the best quality materials
  • Improved efficiency with True HEPA filter 99.97% 
  • Includes two-stage pre-filter, with an odor-absorbing activated carbon layer
  • Dimension – 25” high x 12.5” wide x 15” deep
  • Weighs only 50 lbs
  • Allows mobility with its ball-bearing casters
  • Improved elimination of allergens and dust with two 6W ultraviolet sources
  • No Ozone or similar toxic gas generation 
  • Comes with lamp integrity LED indicator
  • Operation at 115 volt AC, 60 hertz, 5 ampere 


The AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System air purifiers come to you with:

  1. AeroOne Air Purifier Device
  2. 1 carbon pre-filter
  3. 1 pleated pre-filter
  4. 1 HEPA Filter
  5. 1 UV-C Lamp

AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter


AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers are designed by a physician that uses state of the art technology. Its True HEPA filters work at 99.97% efficiency to eliminate 0.3 microns. The True HEPA filter acts as a post-filter and is essential for ultimate air cleaning and preventing any inert living spores’ from being released back into the air.

Features and Specifications

The many features of AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers are:

  1. Construction – The AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers come in a Metal frame.
  2. Color – these air purifiers come silver in color.
  3. True HEPA replacement filter – AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter utilizes a True HEPA 99.97% Filtration technology.
  4. Large filter size – The true HEPA is a large 12 in. x 12 in. x 6in. filter that is rated to operate at 99.97% efficiency.
  5. Medical-grade 99.97% Efficiency – The AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter captures particles as small as 0.3-micron particles. 


The AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter air purifiers come with one HEPA filter which has a filter life of 6 months on continuous use. It also requires a pre-filter which is sold separately. It includes:

  1. AeroOne Air Purifier Device
  2. 1 HEPA Filter

Tips on Changing Filters 

The Carbon and pleated pre-filter, as well as HEPA filters, must be changed every 6 months if used continuously. However, when used in more dusty environments, you must change it sooner. The included UV lamp works for 10,000 hours after which replacement is needed. The new AeroOne Air purifiers unit comes with a digital counter that indicates you with the time to change the filter. 


The AeroOne Air purifiers such as AeroOne UV + HEPA Air Purifier & Disinfection System and AeroOne True HEPA 99.97% Filter utilizes the best in class technology, are durable, portable and easy to use units that effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and dust particles providing with the best possible clean air. 

Air Purifiers

Crane Air Purifiers, Filters, Reviews, Features

Nowadays, people are realizing the need to improve their lifestyle, health, and home environment. Keeping this in mind, Crane was established in the year 2005 to offer stylish products with elegant design and effectively deal with health concerns. Crane Purifiers are designed considering the appearance and performance of the unit. Crane air purifiers’ are well known for their trendy look and ability to remove allergens from indoor air. Here are the detailed descriptions of the crane air purifiers which makes it stands apart and ahead of its competition.

Crane Air Purifiers Product Details

Crane Shark Air Purifier with Germicidal Light

Crane Shark Air Purifier with Germicidal Light is also commonly known as Crane Shark Antibacterial Air Purifier which removes airborne particles like dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke for clean breathing. This air purifier is AHAM-certified and ETL Listed that attacks and removes common odors, up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants as well as bacteria, viruses providing you with fresh, pure air. The features of this shark looking crane air purifier are:

  1. Crane Shark Air Purifier with Germicidal Light includes a 5 level filtration technology. The particle filter, true HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and a germicidal UV-light/ photocatalyst filter combine to remove all contamination from indoor air. 
  2. The Washable particle filter in Crane Shark Antibacterial Air Purifier helps trap larger particles and improve the HEPA filter life.
  3. The Crane Shark Air Purifier with Germicidal Light’s HEPA filter easily captures airborne particles such as dust and pollen up to 99.97% as small as 0.3 microns. 
  4. The included Germicidal UV light and photocatalyst effectively kills germs and bacteria for complete air cleaning. 
  5. Crane Shark Air Purifier contains an activated carbon filter to remove odors such as tobacco, pets, garbage, and cooking from the air.
  6. This Crane Shark Air Purifier’s 3 speeds functions include a low-noise setting for nonstop operation.
  7. Crane Shark Air Purifier with Germicidal Light comes with easy-to-change filters while making maintenance a breeze.
  8. Crane Shark Antibacterial Air Purifier successfully cleans the air up to 50 sq. ft. of the room area.
  9. The HEPA and Carbon filter must be changed every 3 to 6 months based on usage. 
  10. This purifier comes with a tip-over switch with auto-shutoff safety sensor function to protect your family from accidents.
  11. Its funny shark-like design matches easily to kids’ rooms. They will simply love the adorable design of the purifier.
  12. Placing a Crane Shark Antibacterial Air Purifier in children’s bedroom or playroom will give you or any parent peace of mind that their children are breathing fresh and pure air.
  13. Crane Shark Air Purifier comes in blue color with a plastic material body.
  14. Crane Shark Air Purifier with Germicidal Light includes 1 Year limited warranty. 
  15. The size of this unit is 16.6” high x 10.1” wide x 10.1” deep
  16. The weight of Crane Shark Antibacterial Air Purifier with Germicidal Light is 5 lbs.

With Crane Shark Air Purifier unit you get a germicidal UV lamp and pre-installed Filters such as HEPA, carbon, photocatalyst, and pre-filters.

Crane Penguin Air Purifier with Germicidal Light

As its name, Crane Penguin Air Purifier with Germicidal Light or Crane Penguin Antibacterial Air Purifier is a fanciful penguin designed air purifier. It comes in a plastic body with black/white in color to look the same as a penguin. The various features of Crane Penguin Air Purifier with Germicidal Light are:

  1. Crane Penguin Air Purifier with Germicidal Light is AHAM-certified and ETL Listed product with serious 5-level filtration technology for complete protection.
  2. It contains a pre-filter, true HEPA filter, a carbon filter, a germicidal UV-light, and a photocatalyst filter.
  3. Crane Penguin Antibacterial Air Purifier purifies air for rooms up to 50 sq. ft.
  4. The washable particle pre-filter traps larger particles such as hair dust and helps to extend the HEPA filter life.
  5. The included HEPA filter Crane Penguin Antibacterial Air Purifier with Germicidal Light captures up to 99.97% of airborne dust and pollen as small as 0.3 microns.
  6. The activated carbon filter eliminates odor while improving indoor air quality.
  7. Germicidal UV light and photocatalyst filter in conjunction with kill germs and bacteria for more improved air quality.
  8. Crane Penguin Antibacterial Air Purifier with Germicidal Light includes a tip-over switch with auto-shutoff safety sensor function to avoid accidents. 
  9. Its 3-speed control function with low noise setting allows constant and silent operation.
  10.  The pre-installed filters in Crane Penguin Antibacterial Air Purifier with Germicidal Light are easy-to-change.
  11. HEPA and Carbon filter should be changed every 3 to 6 months when in normal use.
  12. Its funny penguin design easily accommodates children’s playroom.
  13. The dimension of Crane Penguin Antibacterial Air Purifier is 16.6″ high x 10.1″ wide x 10.1″ deep
  14. Crane Penguin Antibacterial Air Purifier with Germicidal Light weighs 5 lbs
  15. This air purifier comes with a 1-Year limited warranty.

Crane Penguin Air Purifier with Germicidal Light is an ideal choice to eliminate dust, pollen, germs, smoke and household odors from providing pure and fresh air in your home. 

Crane Frog Air Purifier

Make your home happy and healthy residence with Crane’s Frog Air Purifier. This Air Purifier is a perfect match in your child’s bedroom. It comes with a 3-stage filtering technique to remove allergens, dust, pollen, odors, pet dander, and other airborne particles. The number of features of Crane Frog Air Purifier is:

  1. The HEPA-type filter in Crane Frog Air Purifier captures up to 95% of airborne dust and allergens. 
  2. An Active Carbon Filter is integrated to absorb general household odors such as tobacco, pets, and garbage, cooking, and pollen and dust mites. This filter also helps to neutralize unsafe fumes.
  3. This three cleaning system comes with a quiet setting for a peaceful sleep in Crane Frog Air Purifier.
  4. Crane Frog Air Purifier is apt to remove allergies, germs, household odors in up to 300 sq ft of the room area.
  5. The 3-speed control with low noise setting enables constant use and soft silent operation
  6. Crane Frog Air Purifier is available in green color to fit any home décor.
  7. It contains one starter filter set that includes HEPA Type filter, carbon filter, and washable particle pre-filter.
  8. Crane Frog Air Purifier comes with easy to change the filter.
  9. The HEPA filter should be regularly replaced, it is recommended to change every 6 months or depending on use.
  10. The Crane Frog Air Purifier size is 12.5” high x 10.5” wide x 10.5” deep 
  11. The weight of this air purifier is 5.5 lbs
  12. The 1-Year limited warranty is attached to Crane Frog Air Purifier.

This little Crane frog air purifier with 3-stage filtration system helps remove allergies, dust, mold, and household odors.

Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier

Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier is a tower air purifier with highly efficient technology for improving indoor air quality. This air purifier is a high performing unit with very little energy consumption to eliminate allergens, germs and common household odors. The unique features of Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier are:

  1. Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier provides ultimate air cleaning for up to 230 sq. ft. room area. 
  2. It is able to capture up to 95% of airborne allergens and decrease 90% viruses and bacteria within just 2 hours of operation. 
  3. Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier contains a permanent filter and washable filter.
  4. The included filter can be cleaned easily using regular tap water while saving filter replacement costs. 
  5. A clean filter indicator on the unit will signal you when the filter needs to be cleaned.
  6. Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier includes 4 cleaning speed settings for constant use with a whisper-quiet sleep mode for a peaceful sleep.
  7. Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier is perfect to purify indoor air quality with features such as high performance of up to 150 CADR, compact size, and low energy consumption ability.  
  8. The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of this unit is up to 150 including Smoke – 121; Dust – 147 and Pollen – 149.
  9. This unit comes in a compact size for high-end performance and minimal invasion.
  10. Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier has Energy Star certification for its efficiency and performance. 
  11. Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier is available in white color.
  12. It comes in size – 15.5” high x 6” wide x 9.5” deep 
  13. The weight of this air purifier is 11 lbs
  14. The 1-Year limited warranty is included with Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier.

Please note that Crane Germ Defense Digital Electrostatic Air Purifier do not include a HEPA air filter and is a filter-less unit which requires bi-weekly cleaning and no filter replacement cost.

Crane Air Purifier Filters Features

The Crane Air Purifier contains a 5 stage filtration technique. The features of all filters included in Crane Air Purifier are narrated below:

  • Stage 1 – Washable Particle Filter – The main aim of this foam particle filter is to help extend the HEPA filter life. This filter effectively removes large particles such as dust, hair, and lint that are easily visible before they enter in HEPA filter. By regularly maintaining and cleaning particle filter, you can severely extend the life of the HEPA filter and improve the overall air purifier efficiency. 
  • Stage 2 – True HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter – This filter removes almost 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns. Allergens such as pollen, smoke, mold spores, pet dander, and dust get trap in the true HEPA filter.
  • Stage 3 – Active Carbon Filter – The Active Carbon Filter is placed inside the HEPA filter which eliminates particles and absorbs common household odors from tobacco, pets, garbage, and cooking. 
  • Stage 4 – Photocatalyst Filter – This filter in combination with the internal germicidal UV light creates advanced oxidation which removes airborne odors and neutralizes harmful fumes, ultimately purifying indoor air.
  • Stage 5 – Germicidal UV Light – The ultraviolet light in the unit helps prevents germs from multiplying in the HEPA filter and destroys viruses and bacteria along with the other airborne pollutants and microns. The Blue UV Indicator Light on the unit will indicate to you that the UV light is ON and is functioning.


Crane Air Purifiers are unique with elegant design and superior performance to deliver the most needed pure and fresh indoor air. Though compact, crane air purification systems come with a filter as well as has filterless models to give better output in eliminating poor air. You can buy any of the crane air purifiers that clean air between 50 and 300 sq. ft. of room area, depending on your preference. 

Air Purifiers

What does CADR & ACH stand for in air purifiers?

What does CADR stand for in air purifiers?

CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is the measurement of volume of air that is filtered by the air purifier. It is usually measured in three types, one for pollen, the next for smoke, and the last for dust. the number varies for each air pollutant. The higher number for the CADR denotes faster activity of the air purifier in cleaning the air. The measurement is taken in cubic feet per minute. CADR is a certification provided by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) that run a test on the air purifiers on its quality and efficiency. Look for the higher CADR or the air purifiers and that is easier when you compare one air purifier with another. 

Why CADR is important?

CADR makes it easier for you to choose the air purifier. Since higher CADR number means faster the air will be purified, you can choose the device accordingly. It also ensures that the device has undergone the test and has got a clean chit to be working efficiently.  There is no point in paying for an air purifier that cannot do much. The point is that, most air purifiers are almost the same in working mechanism, filters and make, it is the speed at which they finish the job is what CADR is all about and that brings the significant difference between them. 

How is CADR calculated?

The air purifier is run in a room whose area is pre-determined and the amount of pollutants is measured. The air purifier is run for a specific time period and after which the air contaminants are again measured. The reduction in the pollutants is used to determine the CADR. The CADR is also an assurance of providing that much amount of fresh air per minute of its working. 

Limitations of CADR

CADR certification is not fool proof. CADR is just another factor to help you choose the air purifier but is not the ultimate solution for the same. It is the result of the test done on the device and cannot say how long can the device sustain such performance. The air purifier may have an initial higher CADR but might decline over the period of time. This is where other factors also come into play. What makes an ideal or perfect air purifier for you is a combination of all the essential factors like purpose of the air purifier, coverage, energy efficiency, price, and CADR. 

Where to find CADR on the label?

CADR will be provided on the AHAM label of the air purifier. The AHAM label shows the 3 numbers of CADR for the three pollutants. To calculate the right CADR for your room, find the volume of the room, spot the CADR value and multiply this value with 12. The resultant number should be equivalent or higher than the room volume for the best results. 

What does ACH stand for in air purifiers?

ACH is the Air Changes per Hour. It is the number of times the air purifiers clean the full volume of a room in an hour. The air purifiers suck the air inside the room and clean it to give out clean air. The number of times this process repeated is significant in determining the ability of the air purifier. It is termed as ACH. More the ACH rate is better is the air purifier in cleaning the air and higher will be the quality of the indoor air. There are other factors that determine the ACH, namely, volume of the room and the output rate of the air purifier. 

Room volume, CFM and ACH

The efficiency of air purifier is based on the CFM of the device. The ability of the device in changing the air per cubic foot per minute is the CFM. This CFM is directly related to the internal fan installed inside the air purifier. More CFM value helps cover more area of the room. 

The coverage area and ACH are tightly related to each other. Here, lower ACH helps cover a larger area and higher ACH will cover a smaller area. The formula to find the room volume and ACH is, 

CFM x 60 minutes X ACH value

8 feet

ACH for asthma and allergy sufferers

An air purifier can cover a larger area of the ACH requirement is low. But there are target specific air purifiers like the one intended for allergy and asthma, such air purifiers will have a specific ACH rate. The expected ACH in an air purifier for asthma and allergy is 4-6 air changes per hour for more frequent air cleaning. These rates keep the air changes in every 10-15 minutes. 

The marketing tricks

The air purifier manufacturers often advertise the coverage area based on only 2 ACH. Read the label carefully and make your own calculations to check if the maximum coverage is exactly what you expect with the intended ACH. 

There also are some who mention the coverage area based on ACH, but must be keen to identify the difference. This helps save the customers money and prevent them from buying a larger air purifier when what they need was a smaller one. To prevent yourselves from getting fooled, always calculate the coverage in terms of room volume than the square foot area. The volume comes as a three dimensional calculation the mere floor area. Find the square foot area based on volume and ACH and not vice versa. 

Comparison helps

Never hesitate to compare the air purifiers. Go deeper into the actual values on the labels to see the real difference. Know your requirements before you go shopping. Distinguish them with these ACH, CFM, and room volume for accuracy. 

Air Purifiers

Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter Reviews

Generally, many household products such as paint, cleaners, printer cartridges as well as kitchen cooking odors contain volatile organic chemicals (VOC) that affect the home environment plus your health. The Air purifier with activated Carbon is capable to remove over 9,000 different chemicals. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier contains large volumes of activated carbon to efficiently remove chemicals and heavy odors available in the air. Air Purifiers America is an online store selling a wide range of air purifiers and replacement filters from branded manufacturers. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter is one of the products made by Alen and supplied by Air Purifiers America at most affordable rates.

About Air Purifiers America

Air Purifiers America brings you variety of air purifiers from several different manufacturers. Over ten years the company is helping its customers select the best air purifier based on their needs. All products recommended by Air Purifiers America are proven products that are sold only after thorough evaluation and testing keeping you in mind. The many benefits and attributes of Air Purifiers America are:

  • The company provides you with a tab on its home page ‘Product Selector’. The product advisor from Air Purifiers America helps you narrow down the broad range of products to the one air purifier that best matches your needs.
  • Apart from this option, you can also check the buying guide to learn how to get started in choosing the perfect air purifier or you can also go through the suggested Top 10 air purifiers’ pages that are recommended by the experts of Air Purifiers America.
  • Air Purifiers America offers the standard 30-day product guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product then just return within 30 days of purchasing for refund. 
  • It offers the best possible lowest prices on all its products. However, if you find the identical product at a lower price on another site, Air Purifiers America will match the price for you. 
  • The company had acquired high ratings from the Better Business Bureau,, PriceGrabber, Bizrate, and Epinions.  
  • Free UPS ground shipping in the US continent only.  
  • It is always at your service via phone, chat, or email. 
  • Subscribing emails from the company will inbox you information about air purifiers and special offers. Sign up now and receive 10% off on your first order. 
  • The company on routine bases offers sales and discounted prices on selected brands which can easily be referred from the exclusive coupon codes page on its website. 
  • Currently, the company has an offer to refer a friend and get a free air purifier filter.
  • In addition, your overall shopping experience here will be informed, simple, and effective as the company site is certified and tested secured. 
  • This site is tested and certified to be secure to make you assured that you are browsing the safe website. 

About Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter

The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air filter is of your great help in removing odors like kitchen cooking, chemicals, and home renovations. The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter provides maximum protection against VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and chemicals. It contains 3 times more Activated Carbon than any other Alen filter products. This Activated Carbon reduces heavy odors and chemicals commonly found in the air from personal products, household cleaning, and kitchen cooking odors. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier helps you get rid of those airborne chemicals leaving your home air smelling fresh and clean. 


Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter is the perfect purifier you need to eliminate chemicals providing you the most effective performance. The many features of this air purifier are:

  1. It comes with a HEPA-FreshPlus filter to provide maximum protection against VOCs and chemicals that are found in your homes from cleaning products, personal care products, and other household materials.
  2. This air filter comes with intuitive controls 
  3. Its perfect stylish and customizable design easily fits with any home décor.
  4. Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter includes intelligent technology such as SmartSensor and WhisperMax.
  5. This product is able to deliver powerful performance and also operates silently without bothering the environment.
  6. This product is best suitable for removing chemical and cooking odors
  7. It efficiently covers rooms up to 1100 sq. ft.
  8. This product is available in different colors such as White, Espresso, Carbon, Maple, Primer, Oak, and Safari Black.
  9. It comes with automatic airflow adjustment mode to constantly monitor and remove chemicals from the air.
  10. The filter that comes with Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter has 6-8 Months Filter Life
  11. This product can easily be customized with your choice of air filter and designer panel
  12. It is the perfect air purifier for living rooms and open concept homes
  13. It comes with a manufacturer’s Lifetime Limited Warranty
  14. This product is Energy Star Certified
  15. It works best on Automatic Mode continuously offering you the best coverage and protection from airborne chemicals and other impurities. 


 The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter Air Purifier includes HEPA-FreshPlus Filter specially builds to eliminate chemicals and cooking odors. The various benefits offered by this product are:

  1. HEPA-FreshPlus is one of the most powerful air purifier designed for effectively cleaning open rooms or living areas of up to 1,100 square feet. 
  2. It is powered by intelligent technology to deliver maximum air cleaning with minimum noise.
  3. This air purifier cleans air very easily when on auto mode. Its automatic mode constantly monitors the air in your homes and on its own adjusts the fan speed when any change in air quality is detected.
  4. Its auto mode benefits you by extending air filter life and optimally utilizing energy.
  5. Its designer panel options allow you to coordinate and compliment any home decor. 
  6. Using versatile filter options to address additional concerns such as allergens, tobacco smoke, light, and heavy odors, bacteria, and mold are also provided.

Intelligent technologies of Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter

  • SmartSensor Technology – This technology automatically turns the air purifier up or down based on the home air quality when any airborne allergens, pollutants or chemicals are detected.  
  • WhisperMax Technology – This technology makes the air purifier both powerful and quiet. Using this it is able to clean a large amount of air while also maintaining quiet surroundings.  

Utilizing both these technologies, the Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier is best for open concept homes eliminating up to 99% of particles covering up to 1100 square feet areas. 

How an Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter Works?

Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter contains WhisperMax Technology. Using this technology the air is drawn into an exceptionally designed fan and air chamber. The fan and air chamber work collectively to purify large amounts of air and keep the surrounding peaceful. The air then enters the purifier it moves through advanced HEPA-FreshPlus Filter where chemicals and pollutants are captured. Thereafter, the air moves through a large layer of air filter’s Activated Carbon to remove odors and chemicals ultimately bringing out pure and clean air into the room.


The various functions that come with Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter to operate the unit are:

  • Ionizer
  • Filter life indicator
  • Timer
  • Power/Sleep Mode & Air quality feedback light
  • 4-speed fan
  • Automatic mode
  • Handle for easy moving
  • SmartSensor technology
  • Available custom designer panels in a variety of color choices


The following are the specifications of Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter:

SpecificationsAlen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter 
Filtration rateRemoves 99% of particles greater than 0.3 microns
CFM (airflow in Cubic Feet per Minute)Speed 1: 150 CFM; Speed 2: 185 CFM; Speed 3: 225 CFM; Turbo: 286 CFM
CADR300 (per Energy Star Test)
Noise levels41.5 dB (whisper); Speed 2: 44 dB (light rainfall); Speed 3: 50 dB (heavy rainfall); Turbo:56 dB (box fan, medium)
Fan SpeedsFour (4)
Power Consumption64W on lowest speed to 105W on highest speed
Standard and ComplianceUL (Edison Testing Laboratories) listed, indicating product compliance to safety standards
Power ConsumptionEnergy Star Certified – 105 watts on highest speed
Power Supply120V, Safe to operate in North America and not in countries with 220-240V power supply
Filter Life6-8 months depending on usage
Size26.75″ x 17.75″ x 10″
Weight21 lbs

Product Inclusions

The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter comes with the following items:

  1. Alen BreatheSmart air purifier
  2. HEPA-FreshPlus filter
  3. Optional Designer panel 
  4. Quick start guide for easy operation
  5. BreatheSmart Owner’s Manual for set up and future use


Alen is the first and only industry manufacturer offering the Lifetime Limited Warranty on the air purifier. The makers warrant that the Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter air purifier will be defect-free and remain intact as long as you own it. However, the company clarifies that the Lifetime Limited Warranty will remain in effect only if:

  1. The air purifier is operated as per the company’s user manual
  2. It is connected to a suitable power supply
  3. No evidence of tampering, mishandling, neglect, accidental damage, modification, and/or unauthorized repair is held.
  4. Only the buyer of the air purifier can claim warranty and remains void if the ownership is transferred.

The Alen BreatheSmart with HEPA-FreshPlus Filter is one of the best air purifiers that effectively removes chemicals and provides you with pure and clean air in your home. It is useful for getting rid of chemicals in your home is recently renovated or to reduce kitchen cooking odors and other impurities from rooms.

Air Purifiers

Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh Replacement Filter: TF30 Reviews

Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 is fitting for the air purifiers from Alen Corporation, in the series T300 as well as T100. The Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 package ha got 2 filters and they can be used as per the requirement by the different air purifiers specified. The Alen T100 will need only one filter while the T300 will have to use two filters. The Alen T100 is a small air purifier that can be used as a desktop device. It is small and compact and covers only a small area of 125 sq ft. This Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 can clean the air from mild to moderate amounts of air pollutants unless it is too heavy or has more volatile compounds in it. 

About Alen T100 and T300 air purifiers

Both Alen T300 and T100 air purifiers are similar to the tower air purifier Alen T500. These two are compact and is more space-saving. These two air purifies are apt for condos and small rooms. The coverage range for these is 125 and 156 sq ft on an average for 6 air changes in an hour. This coverage ensures the removal and most of the allergens from the air and makes the room asthma and allergy-friendly. 

Alen T100 can work on using only one HEPA-Fresh filter while the T300 series need two filters at a time. The same filters need regular replacement every 6 months. The filter change indicator has got 6 bars which have 2 bars each for green and yellow and one for red. The bars start with 2 green initially and after 2 months one yellow will illuminate. One bar is illuminated with each passing month and by the time all 6 bars including the red illuminates, it is time to replace the filter.

In addition to the HEPA filters, pre-filter and the carbon filter layer,  there is also a UV lamp that kills the bacteria and the microbes. The pre-filter traps the larger air particles so that they do not go and clog the HEPA filter. The activated carbon layer at the back of the filter removes the milder odours from cooking and other sources. The odour removal is not as effective as one may expect but it is positive when used in a small and confined area. 

These Alen air purifiers have ionizer in the device that makes the air particles charged so that they are naturally attracted to the electrostatically charged HEPA layer. Simply pressing the ION button will make it ON or OFF. 

As for the electric and other safety matters concerned, both Alen T100 and T300 needs an input current if 120V and is better used within the US. Safety measures advice that the devices are to be connected directly to the power socket and not to any extension cords or adapters. They are also to be kept at least 6 inches away from heat sources and 2 ft away from walls, curtains or furniture. Choose the fan speeds from the 3 and 4 choices for Alen T100 and T300series respectively. 

Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 work mechanism

  • The Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 has 2 filters in the pack and each filter will have three layers of air filtration. The pre-filter will stop the large pollutants and help extend the life of the HEPA filter. 
  • The HEPA layer is charged and the ionized air particles are attracted to this layer easily so that they do not escape to settle down in the room. The air circulation ensures that the charged particles reach the HEPA filter. Here, the dust, pollens, allergens, and other airborne pollutants are filtered. 
  • The carbon filter comes the last where the old odors are removed. Do not expect the major change in the odors around but there is a significant difference nonetheless. 

The ioniser in the air purifiers work safely without clung any ozone formation. The device will only charge the air particles with an additional electron so that they can reach the positively charged filter sooner. The ioniser button can be switched off if you do not wish to operate it But it is recommended for the safer and effect time air filtration, Since the HEPA filter is charged already, the ionising the air particles will enhance the performance of the filter as well as the air purifier. 

Care, maintenance and replacement of Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30

Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 is easy to use and safer for the environment. The filter is designed for easy use and replacement. The black foam layer is the pre-filter which is attached with the help of velcro. This layer can be detached and washed to vacuumed to keep the outer surface clean and devoid of any larger clogging particles like hair. One the pre-filter is washed and dried completely re-attach it to the filter and reuse it until it is time for the actual filter change. 

The filter comes as a single unit in which the pre-filter layer is detachable. Every  single filter in the Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 will have the pre-filter, HEP layer and the carbon layer in it. The air quality is maintained only of the filters are in good condition and are changed regularly to have clean and fresh layer to start the filtration once again.

The timer allows 12 hour automatic functioning of the air purifiers. It would be a good idea to run the air purifiers continually as long as you will be tyyaing in the room. 

The average life period of the Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30 is 6 months. Some times, heavy usage may bring down this time period to 4-5 months also. Since the dust and other air pollutants that are trapped in the HEPA layer will clog the air path gradually, the filter MUST b changed regularly to have effective air purification and for the life of the air purifier itself. Only if you regularly change the filter, every 6 months, can you get the Lifetime limited warranty offered by the Alen Corporation. 

  • To replace the Alen T100 HEPA-Fresh replacement filter: TF30, unplug the air purifier and push down the filter cover tab and then lift the cover. 
  • Take out the filter in the case of T100 and the filter in the T300 (the filters are arranged one above the other) and immediately transfer it into a plastic bag for disposal. 
  • Replace the filter so that the foam layer part faces outside while inserting. 
  • Cover the filter part once again and snap it into the place. 
  • Plug-in the air purifier and RESET filter indicator button with the help of a small pin or a paperclip. Press down this button until all light bars disappear. The light bars will start appearing when the air purifier is used for one month. 

Air Purifiers

Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier Amazon Reviews, Manual

Clean the air indoors with Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier that promises you to get rid of invisible particles and microorganisms not to mention vaporing VOCs that can trigger breathing problems, runny nose or other respiratory diseases in the body. Read on to know more about the product such as reviews, pros, and cons, etc. and more.

Why airpura air purifier?

Not everyone realizes that one of the underlying factors for health issues are not just lying outdoors but indoors too. The smell of paints on walls, smoking, varnishes, mold, mildew, etc. are some of the allergens that can cause health risks such as asthma. For instance, chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, ethylene glycol, and more from certain cosmetics, cleaning products can cause breathing problems in the body. One of the best in the market, the Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier has a large maximum coverage area of more than 1650 sq. ft. and can trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. The product comes with pre-filter and HEPA filter that purifies all the air indoors and kicks out the bad elements outside.

The airpura air purifier is ideal for those who are having low immunity power and need full refreshed air to breathe in. The purifier also works best for those who are living or working in an environment where they are exposed to high level of bacteria or virus. A moldy basement can be a best house where undesired mold creeep in. With Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier you can eliminate the chances of succumbing to airborne diseases.

Features of Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier

  • arrives with pre-filter and true HEPA filter
  • does not produce ozonized ions
  • reusable pre-filter and can be vaccumed from outside for increasing the life period
  • an 18lb high performance carbon filter that can challenge any negative airborne chemical lurking outside
  • adjustable fan speeds ensure silent performance
  • choices of colors available as per your preference
  • sealed individual electrical and motor chamber to prevent off-gassing
  • 5 year warranty on parts and 10 years on labor service

How Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier works for you

The UV lamp is one of the most silent but equally power packing feature of the air purifier. Even the slightest micro-organism that comes in contact is killed by the lamp as they are easily trapped by the filters. Unlike other filters that affix the UV away from the filter, Airpura ensures that the UV lamp is affixed near to the filter for optimum function of the purifier. The 20 watt UV lamp comes with switch that can be on/off as desired.

The pre-filter and carbon filter provide double filtration to any allergens lurking around indoors. Be it an apartment or office or individual villa that you are residing outdoor pollution can bring on allergens indoors causing health risks in the long run. The true HEPA filter bags to trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns and promises to change the environment every 30 minutes. Though you need to change the pre-filter every 12 months depending on the use you can prolong the life of the filter by simply vacuuming the mesh outside.

Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier is certified by ANSI/UL 507 that says a lot about the product and quality.

Pros and Cons of Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier


  • removes any type of pollutants in a jiffy.
  • Eliminates any odors including cooking, perfume or other cleaning products leaving you crisp and clean neutral air at all time
  • Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier can remove twice as much air as its competitors
  • consumes less energy – 120 on high and 40 when set on low speed
  • solves the air quality issues that is lacked by many of the purifiers available online
  • not only promotes healthy air flow but also performs quietly
  • right warranty for the product from airpura


  • no indicators to know when your filter needs change.
  • Replacing the filters can be a pain in the neck. For instance, if you are accessing the filters of Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier, you need to turn the system upside down so you can unscrew the bottom plate. Another drawback is the filter that weighs 18 lbs making it difficult for users to pick it up solely and replace it all yourself.

Reviews – Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier

Though the reviews for this product is rare, it is quite satisfactory and ahve good things to say about the product. However few complain about the noise of the fan when set on high speed. While the unit works silently in low speed, fan when set on high speed can be boisterous making it difficult for those who are hitting the sack after a day’s work. This is one of the issues that the company Airpura needs to take a look.

“Ultimate clean air machine” – DJ Chicago, Illinois

“I purchased this air cleaner as my mom gifted me a cat and I knew i would be having allergy issues. Though I was considering getting an air cleaner I knew this is the best time for controlling allergens.

Airpura UV600 is perfect and I am having no problem with the cat allergies. I purchased the airpura in black color and its a compact product that just stays there without making any noise. No, its not obtrusive at all. I recently remodelled my home and had lot of plaster dust here and there so I operated the airpura and set it on highest speed. It totally controlled all the dust. Fantastic.”

“A solid performer at affordable price” – Slm (from a popular marketing site)

“I had purchased the airpura purifier based on the star rating. I have to say at such an affordable price I was expecting some kind of a drawback but this product works excellently. It tops many of its competitors such as Airgle, Blueair, Iqair and many more. I have to admit the noise is a bit disturbing at times but I think I will pass over it as the other features are extremely top notch”.

“Great” – mfhorn (taken from marketing site)

“Works great and really scrubs the air nicely. It has a good hum and needs to be set on medium to push some really good air.”

Frequently Asked Questions – Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier

How are the airpura air cleaner and purifier reviews online?

All the product have received good reviews online. Though rare reviews claim noise, it can be easily overlooked when you check out the features available.

Where will you find airpura air purifier at a best price online?

There are many websites such as that provide you the same product at a discounted price.

Can airpura air purifier be used as bedroom machine?

Yes, airpura air purifier is suitable for purifying indoor climate so be it bedroom or your living room, you can keep your indoors fresh at all time using airpura air cleaner and purifier.

Are there any airpura air purifier coupon codes or discount codes available?

Yes, there are discount codes and coupon codes available online that will help you to get the product at a further cut off price.

Can airpura air purifier and cleaner eliminate cigarette smoke?

Yes, from pet danders to cigarette smoking, airpura air purifier filters undesired and pungent odors and completely eliminates them.

Are there airpura air purifier complaints received?

So far there haven’t been any complaints registered against the company airpura. However few users do say that fan when set in high speed tend to get noisy.

Where can I find respective airpura air purifier manual online?

While you will be provided with hardcopy of instruction guide along with your airpura air purifier, you can even download the instruction manual at

Can airpura air purifier chuck off mold at bathroom?

Yes, moisty climates tend to collect good amount of mold not just in bathroom but also in your home/work. With Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier you can completely eradicate mold from your bathroom and breathe fresh air at all times.

Does airpura air purifier release ozone air?

No, Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier or any other purifiers from Airpura for that matter do not release ozone air that can be dangerous for your health.

How much power consumption does Airpura UV600 Microorganisms Filtration Air Purifier take?

It is a known fact that you will notice a slight change in your energy bills but trust me they are pretty much less than other products in the market. As a matter of fact, the airpura UV600 consumes only 120 when set on high and 40 on low speed.

Where to buy airpura air purifier?

There are many websites such as, from where you can buy products from airpura at an economical price.

What is the warranty available for airpura air purifier?

All the products from airpura air purifier and cleaner come with 5 year warranty for parts and 10 years for labor.

Air Purifiers

Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate Junior Purifier Reviews, Filter

The Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is a small air purifying device that can remove the common dust, allergens such as pollens, elements from smoke and tobacco, gases and odors,  and the disease-causing viruses and bacteria also. The advanced filtering technology if Austin Air uses filters that can even remove the chemicals from the air, making the breathing air clean and disease-free. It cleans the air to improve the immunity and lessen the diseases. 

The Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is suitable for those who are sensitive to dust, mold, pollens, chemicals in the air, etc. With this small air purifier, they can have a better no-disease, non-allergenic life. It is designed to use every day for a reasonable period of time and protects from a wide range of air pollutants. 

Features of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner 

  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner can clean the air in a small area of 700 sq ft or an average-sized room within 30-40 minutes.
  • The size of this Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is only 16.5 x 11 x 11 inches in height, width, and depth. 
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner works in input power of 120V and consumes 80 watts of current when running in the highest fan speed.
  • There is a 3-speed fan that circulates the air. It works almost silently and rotates at 200 CFM.  
  • The filtering system of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is a 4-stage filter for a more thorough and faster air filtering. It also works on to draw in the air in 360° from all the sides around. Each stage of the filter cleans out each section of the air particles and pollutants. 
  • The filters used for Austin Air HealthMate Jr are a perforated pre-filter on the outer covering body, 6.5 pounds of activated carbon, and 30ft of the medical-grade HEPA filter. The passing filtering layers filter out the air particles according to their size and the finer particles as small as 0.3 microns also can be filtered out by the HEPA filter at the core. 
  • The Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner filters have an amazing 5-year life warranty that no other air purifier can offer. The filter needs replacement only once in 5 years when used under normal residential conditions. 
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner comes in 5 distinctive colors of white, black, silver, sandstone, and midnight blue. 
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is movable with the attached roll casters at the bottom. 
  • Austin Air is so confident in its product Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner that they offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee with no questions asked. 
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is also eligible for 5- year mechanical warranty that involves the replacement of defected parts. 

4-stage filtering system of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner 

The filtering system of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is rounded and covers a 360° angle for maximum efficiency. It is this rounded shape that allows a 30 ft coverage in the HEPA filter, all around.

  1. Stage1: Pre-filter on the outer body of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner will remove the larger air particles that are visible to the naked eye. The dust, pet dander, hair, etc are filtered out in this initial stage. 
  2. Stage 2 of the Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner has the medium particle filter that cleans out the finer particles that are just smaller than the dust. They include the pollens, mold spores, etc. 
  3. Stage 3 is the 6.5 pounds of activated carbon/zeolite blend filter. In this stage, the chemicals, gases, and odor from various sources in the room are filtered inside the Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner. The gases including the harmful ammonia and sulfuric acid are also removed here. 
  4. Stage 4 makes the medical-grade HEPA filter at the core where the finer air particles up to the size of 0.3 microns, along with the bacteria and viruses are eliminated. 

The benefits of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner 

  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is space-saving and does not occupy much space in any room. 
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner removes most of the allergy-causing agents in the air to allow comfortable breathing for as long as the device is switched on. 
  • It also reduces the coughing, sneezing, wheezing caused by the airborne irritants. 
  • The dry mouth and runny nose which are also a result of air pollutants are also in the decline when Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is in use. 
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is helpful in relieving the night time asthma attacks and other respiratory allergies. 
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner works silently, making it comfortable in the bedroom at night for a comfortable sleep without any health troubles. 
  • With lots of health issues relieved, Austin Air A200A1 healthmate junior air cleaner can otherwise help improve the immune system as well. It is also known to lessen snoring.
  • Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is completely safe not even any trace of ozone is produced by it. 

How do I change the filter of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner? 

  • For changing the filter in Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner you will need a pair of working gloves, a large plastic trash bag, and a screwdriver. 
  • As in the case of all electrical devices, switch off and unplug the air purifier from the power outlet. 
  • Put on the working gloves and turn the air cleaner upside down on a firm and soft surface so that it does not suffer any scratches. 
  • With the help of the screwdriver, unscrew the nails that secure the bottom cover. Take out the bottom cover carefully after removing the screws. 
  • Take the filter system out of the device carefully and place it immediately into the trash cover. You may want to arrange the trash plastic cover in a large cardboard box for easy disposal later. 
  • Remember to take the outer pre-filter out and place it disassembled. 
  • You may clean the interiors with a dry cloth. If wet cloth is suing, allow enough time to make sure that the interiors are completely dry before replacing with the new filter. 
  • Now insert the new pre-filter and align it with the seam and power cord. 
  • Insert the new filter for Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner upside down, securely.
  • Replace the bottom cover and tighten the screws to secure it into the place. 
  • Now turn the Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner to its right side up.
  • Re-plug in the Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner and run it at the highest speed for at least 1 hour. 

Availing the 5 year warranty from Austin Air

Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is eligible for the 5-year warranty by Austin Air. For the same, one must be sure to return the warranty registration to Austin Air Systems. The warranty is applicable to the defects on the material and the workmanship. The Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner must only be used for residential purposes. Using it for the heavily polluted area can damage the filter easily and earlier. 

Customer reviews of Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner

Blake from Illinois had suffered 3 years of headaches and nausea due to chemical sensitivity to various household items and cleaning solutions. The HelathMate Jr has brought complete relief from those problems and he now feels to love an entirely new world. 

Gould got this product for his wife who had allergies and chest congestion for a long time. He states that the air had become fresh within a few hours of working of this device. 

Another user has the opinion that the sound of the fan running in this Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner is slightly higher and so is it at the medium speed. The low speed is only better than the other two but still convenient to have a talk over. But it is nowhere near the near-whisper working claimed. The main advantage is that it draws a lot of air exactly how it should have done. 

Another user states that the air cleaner is working well but is not enough to clean the smell of the old building where he lives. Otherwise, this Austin air cleaner is working well. 

There also are many who have not got the expected effects and relief with the Austin Air A200A1 HealthMate junior air cleaner. The majority of them complain about the inability to remove the smoke smell. Another negative mark is on its knob which seems to come off easily and is not child safe. 

Air Purifiers

Best Amcor AM-45 Air Purifier – Reviews, Features

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is a tower air purifier. Amcor is a specialized company that manufactures indoor air control devices. The Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is an ionizing purifier that makes the air particles negatively charged so that it reaches the positively charged HEPA filter easily. This air purifier is compact and can be used as a floor air purifier or as a desktop air purifier. Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier unit can purify a room of 220 sq ft with lesser noise. It uses a 5 stage filtration system that is quite efficient. It can be used at homes or in the offices, for the luxury of breathing pure and fresh air all the time.

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can trap the dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria in the filters to let our pure air. It is ideal for homes where there are asthma patients, to make the home allergy and asthma free. The air that enters the air purifier passes through various stages to come out clean. It works very efficiently as long as it is kept about 1.5 ft away from any blockage, especially the surfaces that are non-washable.  

Features of Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is an auto working air purifier with electronic controls. 
  • It can get rid of air particles and bacteria equally. The UV light works with PCO technology and kills the microbes as well. 
  • The pre-filter is permanent and is also washable. 
  • The 3-speed fan can work silently without much noise, even at high speed. 
  • This single Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can get rid of the air particles, bacteria-like microbes and smoke. 
  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is made for extended use for longer hours without fail, though the timer will work only for 8 hours. 
  • The Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can also work using a remote control. 
  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier comes with a one year warranty. 

How Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier works?

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier uses a 5 stage air filtration. It uses the high tech components of PCO technology for high class air filtration. It is similar to the advanced health care professional filtration. It can get rid of the invisible pollutants and allergens like pollens, dust, mold, animal dander, mildew or tobacco smoke etc. 

The 5 stage filtration system uses a pre-filter, 6 layered aluminum electrostatic filter, carbon filter ionizer, photo-catalytic oxidation filter, PCO technology, and UV-A anti germicidal bulb. The PCO- photo-catalytic oxidation unit is made of titanium dioxide. When the UV rays from the light source reach this titanium dioxide, it releases an electron that goes on to split the water molecule in the air into hydroxyl ions and oxygen. These hydroxyl ions will then collide with the air particles which also will be charged negatively. The hydroxyl groups will break the chemical bonds in the air particles that are organic or inorganic. The organic compounds are broken down into carbon dioxide and water molecules, making them completely harmless. 

The air passage is regulated by the 3 speed fan connected inside. It takes in the air from one side and allows its exit through the other. It is powerful enough to circulate the air of around 220 sq ft area. 

PCO Technology in Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier

The PCO stands for photocatalytic oxidation. When light rays fall on a semiconductor, the electrons on its surface will be excited and becomes free to move. They move around and reach the atmospheric water molecules and split them up into hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions which have a positive charge. It happens when the UV light rays collide with the semiconductor, titanium oxide-coated filter, which releases a series of hydroxyl groups and their subsequent collision with other compounds and microbes in the air. These particles will become charged and are unstable. To find the stability they collide with the organic compounds and break their bonds. This bond-breaking happens continuously until there are only CO2 and water molecules are left. 

PCO is an advanced technology than a simple ionizer. PCO technology is the most effective way to get rid of the volatile organic compounds. Other air purifiers just trap the compounds in the filters, while the PCO technology based filters convert these volatile organic compounds into harmless molecules such a CO2 and water molecules. 

The titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst to release the electrons. These electrons ultimately oxidize the compounds, bacteria, and viruses, etc. The hydroxyl radicals attach themselves to the microbial particles and oxidize them which kill them easily. Because of this oxidation reaction, this technology is termed as photocatalytic oxidation. This technology has been approved to be used in poultry processing to eliminate the bacteria in the premises. 

The other technologies and filtration systems have limitations according to the size of the target pareticles. The PCO technology works at the molecular level and the size does not matter to it and is the main reason why it has a higher hold than other methods of air filtration. When looking at the fact that the titanium dioxide coating is a very thin film on the filter surface, this technology is a wonder in itself. 

The vulnerable compounds against PCO technology

PCO technology can effectively eliminate the chemicals and compounds such as toxic gases like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide lingering in the air. Even carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, etc are also destroyed by this method. The pesticides from fruits or vegetables are also destroyed by this. 

Dimensions and specifications of Amcor AM-45 air purifier

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier works in a voltage of 120 V and consumes about 25 watts of power when working. It can work automatic and the timer allows a set of auto working from 1-8 hours continuously. The fan speed is low, medium, and high. The ionization output of the air purifier is 5.5 KV.  The Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier measures approximately 27 x 7 x 9 inches in height, width and depth respectively. It weighs just above 8 lbs. 

Operating Amcor AM-45 air purifier

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier has 4 buttons at the top for UV, ionizer, timer, and the power button. The UV and ionizer are single press buttons to ON or OFF the functions. The timer buttons should be pressed for 1, 2, 4, or 8-hour timings. The power button also regulates the fan speeds from 1, 2, and 3 for the low, medium, and high speeds. 

Once the device is plugged-in to a 120 V power supply and the power button is on, it starts working at low speed. The UV and ionizer will also be on. The device will remember the settings when we just switch it off and not disconnect it. Each button will have a light indicator adjacent to it indicating the function is ON. 

Where to place the Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Placing the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier at the ideal place is important in its working and efficiency. The device should not be placed near other electronic devices or the devices that are sensitive to electrical fields. 
  • Never place the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier over a metal shelf or surfaces. It also should not be placed over any other device. 
  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier must be placed on a flat surface, on floor, table, desk, nightstand, etc. 
  • The air outlet of the device should face the user for maximum effects. 
  • The device must be at least 1-2 ft away from any non-washable surface. The ionization makes the air particles heavier and makes it fall down. Placing a non-washable surface near to the device will make a host fir these air particles. This can reduce the effects of the air purifier.  

Cleaning and maintenance of Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for Amcor AM-45 air purifier. It must be cleaned once every 2 weeks if the ionizer is in use. If you are not using the ionizer, the maintenance time is once a month. 
  • The rear cover is removable. Switch off and unplug the device before cleaning. Just press down the button to release the cover, and then slide it off from its place. 
  • UV light will be the first part visible at the rear end. Gently remove it by rotating the lamp. Clean the tube with a cloth or replace if needed. The replacement should be done once a year. 
  • The PCO filter can be cleaned thoroughly. 
  • The pre-filter should be slid off the rear cover for cleaning. It can be washed with soap and water, but make sure that it is completely dry before re-installing. 
  • Inside this layer is the aluminum mesh filter which is also connected to the ionizing needles. These needles are cleaned with a brush. The aluminum mesh filter can be removed for cleaning and so is the carbon filter layer. The aluminum mesh filter and carbon filters are inside the same metal frame. 
  • The aluminum mesh filter also can be washed with soap and water and should be done once a month. The carbon filter is NON-WASHABLE and should be replaced once every year. If it is dusty, simply brush off the dust and dirt from its surface with gentle strokes. Do not use pressure on the carbon filter surface. 
  • Before reinstalling the aluminum mesh filter and carbon filter, clean the inside of the metal frame thoroughly with a clean cloth. 
  • Always remember to clean out the carbon cord in the front grill. It must be cleaned with a soft tissue. 

Availability of replacement parts

The replacement filters and UV lamp for the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier are available for purchase. Use only the authorized filters made for this particular device. Most replacements are done once a year. If the device is run overtime for a longer period, or of the air is highly polluted, the replacement interval will be shortened to 8-10 months. 

Safety tips and warning when using Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Never clean the exterior of the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier with a damp cloth. It should be kept away from moisture or water. 
  • Never insert any metallic or otherwise objects into the device, when it is switched on. 
  • Never use an extension cord to work the Amcor AM-45 air purifier. Always install another accessible outlet if there are no convenient ones nearby. 
  • All-electric maintenance of Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier must be done by an authorized service representative from the manufacturer. Failure in doing so will nullify the warranty. 
  • Avail all parts for replacement from the authorized dealers only. Use only the parts made by the manufacturer for better life of Amcor AM-45 air purifier. 

Pros and Cons of Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier 

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is highly efficient and effective to remove the dust and other air pollutants for a healthier breathing air. The ionizer and PCO technology makes it worth the money. The titanium dioxide used is a natural compound and is harmless. It has been used as a food additive and is widely used in many cosmetics also. 

The free radicals in the air are not everlasting and get destroyed within a few seconds it is born. They do not build up in the areas which make the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier a lot safer than using ozone generators. 

But there is a slight problem that the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can produce smaller amount of ozone. The amount produced is highly neglectable, the possibility of accumulation is always lingering around. 

The photolysis of water molecules occurs, it split up into OH and O2, a small amount of O3 is also formed sometimes. The ozone produced is still within the guideline limit. Those who are allergic to ozone may need to avoid the ionizer. But without the ionizer, Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier will not be as effective as it is meant to be. Since the ozone and sometimes the hydroxyl groups itself can be harmful, once must be careful while using devices such as Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier inside the homes. 

Air Purifiers

Austin Air HM-250 Healthmate Plus Jr Air Purifier Reviews

Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr super blend air purifier is capable of removing allergens and chemicals from the air. It is more user-specific and can scrub off the difficult chemicals from the air that many other air purifiers are unable to. 

This Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr superblend has the unique blend of potassium iodide along with the zeolite in the carbon filter layer. This air purifier serves great for a medium to larger living space. With the compact size and larger work efficacy, Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr superblend air cleaner can make a huge difference in the health condition of anyone who has been suffering from allergies or asthma. 

Features of Austin Air HM250 Healthmate plus Jr superblend air purifier

  • Size and weight: Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr super blend air purifier is a compact-sized device measuring to 16.5 x 11 x 11 inches in the height, depth, and width. This lightweight air purifier weighs about 18 lbs and is easy to carry from room to room. 
  • Portability: The Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr stands on 4 legs. There is an option to add casters to make it easier for transportation from one place to another, inside the homes. 
  • The Make: The Helathmate plus Jr air purifier is made of 24 gauge steel, with the same grade steel with perforations for the exterior. The perforations allow the easy flow of air into the filter. The perforations are seen all around the air purifier, allowing a complete 360 degrees of the air inlet. The exterior of the air purifier has a baked-on powder coat to finish the look. 
  • Motor: The motor of the Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr air purifier is a permanent split capacitor with continuous high rotations per minute. The motor has a long life with shock-absorbing mounts for extra safety. The motor is approved by CSA and UL. 
  • Fan: Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr super blend air purifier has a 3-speed fan that circulates the air. The centrifugal fan has low, medium, and high settings. The fan runs at 50 CFM on low speed, 100 CFM at medium, and 200 CFM on high-speed settings. 
  • Sound: Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr has low noise level ratings. At the low speed, the sound is less than 50 Db and for the medium and high speeds, the readings are 60 and 67 Db respectively.
  • Filter: The filter of Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr has 3 main layers. The permafilt pre-filter, activated carbon with potassium iodide and zeolite, and the core True medical-grade HEPA filter. The filter is cylindrical without any edges to give maximum coverage. The HEPA layer has a surface area of 30 sq ft in total for maximum filtering.
  • Durability: The Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr air purifier is guaranteed to work for 5 years under normal circumstances. The filter is made for longer use with the regular vacuuming of the filter and pre-filter. The pre-filter can be washed with soap and water and the inner filter may be vacuumed to keep it cleaned.   
  • Coverage: Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr can cover an area of about 700 sq ft making it fitting for a medium to large room easily. The maximum coverage area is estimated for a room of ceiling height at 8 ft. It makes an ideal air purifier for a large living area or a medium sizes office room. 
  • Energy efficiency: Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr does not consume high power to work on. The power usage depends on the speed of the fan. At the low speed, the air purifier utilizes 25watts only and that on medium and high will be 41 and 80 watts of power. The air purifier is made to work on a power inlet of 120 V. 
  • Colors: The Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr air purifier is available in 3 different colors of black, sandstone, and white. 
  • Warranty: Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr has a 5-year limited warranty on the damaged parts and labor required if or when it is needed. 

Health benefits of Austin Air HM250 Healthmate plus Jr 

  1. The main health benefit is the relief from constant allergies that are especially caused by dust mites or other chemicals present in the air. People with high sensitivity to chemicals may find themselves at relief from the problem when the Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr is working. The activated carbon has got additional support from the potassium iodide impregnated in it. 
  2. Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr makes the air asthma safe. It can remove the dust, pollens, and other minute allergens from the breathing air. With fewer allergens, lesser will be the frequency of asthmatic attacks, allowing the person to sleep peacefully without any respiratory disturbances. 
  3. Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr provides relief from dry mouth and runny nose that are caused by the dust and mites. 
  4. The removal of allergens and chemicals will improve the state of the immune system and lessen its burden. The relief from the allergies and asthma gives the immune system to work on strengthening and can lead to better immunity. 
  5. Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr is a perfect air purifier to be used in the salons where the air will have a constant supply of chemicals and vapors from the various creams and lotions. Salons can be allergic to many who are sensitive to chemicals. With the Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr running it will allow chemical sensitive people to visit and work the salons. 

Austin Air HM250 Healthmate plus Jr work mechanism

Austin Air HM250 Healthmate plus Jr works with a 4 stage filtration process. There are 4 layers of filters for this air purifier. The air is drawn inside by the powerful fan through all around the air purifier. The purified air is blown out through the top area of the air purifier. 

  • The primary layer is the perforated steel cover of the air purifier. The larger air particles like dust, hair or the pet dander are caught in this perforated steel cover. This pre filter is operating all around the air purifier for faster and maximum air filtration. 
  • The air will then enter the permafilter layer where the medium sized air particles that are invisible for naked eye are caught. The different pollens in the air, dust mites, mold, and spores etc are filtered here in this layer of the Austin Air HM250 Healthmate plus Jr.
  • The True medical grade HEPA filter will filter almost 99% of the particles that are up to the size of 0.3 microns and about 95% of the other smaller air particles. The bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms are also got rid at this stage of the air purification by the Austin Air HM250 Healthmate plus Jr super blend air purifier. 
  • The last and final stage of air purification is done by the 6.5 lbs of activated carbon filter that also has the additional help from zeolite and potassium iodide. The activated carbon itself is an adsorbing material where the odor causing chemicals are trapped in the minute perforations on the activated carbon. With the addition of the zeolite and potassium iodide, the adsorption surface is increased many folds for even deeper air filtration and removal of maximum chemicals. 

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral that is made of silica and aluminum. This material along with the potassium iodide can catch more chemicals from the air than the zeolite alone. The zeolite makes an excellent adsorption material on which the chemicals attach themselves to. With the potassium iodide impregnated, this efficacy is doubled to give a thorough air scrubbing to result in the purer air quality. 

Austin Air HM250 Healthmate plus Jr reviews

  • The smoke smell from cigarettes, no matter where the origin is well dealt with by the Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr. According to one customer, where the chain smoker downstairs apartment has been a problem for a while. When he used this air purifier in his bedroom he now can identify the wooden smell o his floor and the smoke smell has completely gone. The child who has congestion due to this cigarette smoke is not breathing well with this Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr. 
  • The dust mite allergy from the carpet is also relieved with Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr. Mr. Murdock who used this air purifier is more than satisfied with the results with no more allergic reactions and lesser use of antihistamines. 
  • The low maintenance of the Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr is another attraction of this air purifier. The filter life is 5 years and the advantage of a washable filter is not something we come across often. 
  • The portability and the better coverage are the other most commented benefit of Austin Air HM250 Healthmate Plus Jr air purifier. The ease to take it along to the room you occupy is made easy with an extra fitting of the casters, which can be added to the cart while purchasing the air purifier.