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Can You Have High Cholesterol and Be Healthy?

Yes, it is possible to have a high cholesterol level and still be healthy! How is that possible? Cholesterol is not always the bad guy as we think it is. Cholesterol is something that is useful for the body and that our body manufactures itself. It becomes bad when there is an excess quantity. There is no storage spot for the excess cholesterol; neither is the body itself capable of expelling it. 

WE need to help the body expel the excess cholesterol by reducing the intake from the food and by indulging in physical exercises. The high cholesterol level is not immediately dangerous but it definitely makes the body and heart vulnerable. So how can stay healthy when you have high cholesterol? Let’s find out!

High cholesterol and total cholesterol

When we say we have high cholesterol, it is based on the blood report that shows the total cholesterol count. The ideal total cholesterol should remain within 200. Anything beyond that is considered high cholesterol. 

Cholesterol in the body contains 3 main components named- triglycerides, HDL-high density lipoprotein and LDL- low-density lipoprotein. There is also a minor component called very low-density lipoprotein or VLDL. All these components have their roles inside the body and are needed as well. 

What we do not know is that there are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in this total cholesterol. The cholesterol is said to be high when any of these components soars up in value. What we really need is a higher amount of good cholesterol rather than the bad ones. If it is the good cholesterol that is causing the high total cholesterol number, you have nothing to worry about. 

Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol

It is the HDL that is the good one and LDL is the baddie. HDL can actually control the LDL levels. You need more HDL to stay healthy. A reduction in the HDL level can immediately increase the LDL levels that are bad for the body. 

LDL cholesterol is the sticky cholesterol that actually binds to the blood vessel walls to form the plaque. The whole danger of high cholesterol is the chance of plaque formation in the blood vessels that can eventually reduce or block the blood flow. This jeopardizes the heart health. 

When you have more of the good cholesterol, the risk is lower as it prevents the plaque formation. 

High cholesterol and heart health

The whole talk about high cholesterol danger is because the events can lead to coronary heart diseases. People with high cholesterol are more at risk of such diseases than those with normal cholesterol range.

But it does not mean that you would have a heart problem. It is just that the possibility is higher. Still, you cannot take it lightly and should see to it that you stay healthy. 

This again comes down to the good and bad cholesterol counterparts. You need to work on maintaining a healthier cholesterol level to keep the heart healthy and away from dangers. All you need to do is to change a few things in life. With some determination, dedication, and patience, you can really have control over the high cholesterol and can actually lead a healthy life. This is what you need to do. 

Many ways to a healthy life

Body and mind

If an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, an idle body is also a devil’s workshop. A body that is not used properly will have the devil working his magic and making it useless. Start some exercises of any kind that makes you work and sweat. It is good for cholesterol levels. Moderate exercises are enough to ward off the bad cholesterol. When you are sweating out, do know that you help improve the good cholesterol levels. 

Exercises also help to spend some calories that prevent the formation of triglycerides or fatty acids. The ultimate result of exercise is weight loss. Shedding a few pounds definitely lowers the total cholesterol by a few counts. 

Indulge in some 15-40 minutes long physical exercises, 3-4 times a week. On the other days do some yoga or meditation that reduces stress and relieve the mind as well. 

Diet is essential

We live to eat, aren’t we all? Then we need to eat healthy as well. What we eat makes what we are. Avoid any food that can possibly increase cholesterol. Include fibrous food and that is healthier than the cholesterol-rich food. You may find numerous food replacements for a healthy diet. Take upon them. 

Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. It will help flush out toxins and cleanses the body. Switch to warm water which is a healthier option than the normal or cold water. 

Equally important is to check on the food portion that you eat. So consult a dietician to get a proper diet plan on what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. All 3 are important. 

Don’t forget the doctor

Obviously, it would be your doctor who found out that you have a high cholesterol level (there are no symptoms for this condition). You need to consult the doctor before you start with the new changes in your life. You also need to regularly do the blood tests to see how your efforts are going. If you have managed to lower the danger levels or at the last managed to maintain the count, your efforts are being fruitful. 

Take it as a motivation to work harder. Never forget that hard work always pays. You just need to be patient. 


High cholesterol may be a hindrance and a lifelong problem for many. Even if you have managed to gain control over the problem, there is all probability that it can happen again. Once you have switched to healthier living, stick to it for your own benefit. It will do you good. It would definitely assure you that you CAN be healthy, even if you have high cholesterol. 

Heart & Cholesterol Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Buy CLE Holistic Alistrol Reviews, Blood Pressure Support

Alistrol reviews

Alistrol is a natural heart health supplement that is meant to maintain healthy blood pressure naturally thus promoting a healthy heart. The manufacturer of Alistrol is CLE Holistic Health, a company located in Canada. Check out Alistrol reviews here.

This is a daily supplement that helps you to maintain healthy blood pressure range so as to keep your vital organs healthy and active. The ingredients are highly professional-grade all-natural ingredients that work together to create a synergistic blend which is Alistrol.

As per the manufacturer claims, regular dose of Alistrol will –

  • Help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Promote healthy and strong heart muscle
  • Strengthen the arterial walls and the arteries thus preventing atherosclerosis (hardening of arteries)
  • Improve the blood circulation to all the vital organs
  • Dilate the blood vessels and enhance blood flow to the heart & other vital organs
  • Deliver anti-aging benefits by maintaining healthy skin

Ultimately, it is the combination of the ingredients of Alistrol that helps you achieve the best results than a single component alone.

What is it not?

The product is not intended to cure or prevent the recurrence of the disease. It only acts as a supporting supplement to help you manage high blood pressure and reduce hypertension. A well-balanced diet, stress-busting techniques such as yoga, meditation along the combination of Alistrol will give you the best results.

How does Alistrol really work?

Alistrol ingredients help to dilate the blood vessels. This gives the blood a wider area to flow more easily at a reduced pressure. It is also known to soothe the mood levels and reduce hypertension.

For those who are not aware, hypertension is also a reason for high blood pressure levels that ultimately leads to many health issues such as damaged blood vessels, kidney failure, heart failure, stroke etc. The effects are similar to many anti-hypertension medications in the market. The best part is the ingredients are all-natural without the risk of running into side effects.

Ingredients of Alistrol

  • Garlic – has numerous benefits on the body, one pertaining that it promotes cardiovascular health thus alleviating any risk of heart disease. Apparently, many clinical studies show that garlic contains a nutrient called allicin that can lower blood pressure levels naturally.
  • Hawthorn Berry extract – contains phytonutrients and antioxidant properties. It has many therapeutic effects such as strengthening the blood vessels and boost the function of cardiovascular system.
  • Daikon Seed extract – is known to purify the blood and deliver optimal blood circulation. It is also effective in boosting the immune system and reduce any inflammation in the body.
  • Chinese Holly Leaf extract – used in traditional Chinese medicine, it is a natural remedy for treating coronary heart diseases. It also has a calming effect on the body which makes it a perfect choice as blood pressure remedy.

The recommended dosage is three capsules thrice a day with or without food. It is best recommended to accompany these capsules with your meal. As per the manufacturer claims, you will notice an improvement in your blood pressure levels within 4-6 weeks of regular use. Once your blood pressure is normal, you can lower the dosage to 2 capsules twice a day.

One bottle comes with 120 capsules that would last you 20-30 days based on the dosage level.


This product should not be used for children. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any blood-thinning medications, consult your medical practitioner first. Since few ingredients are anticoagulant, it is strictly advised to consult your physician before trying this product.

Use Alistrol as directed by the company. Do not overdose.

Side effects

One of the dreaded things while buying a product online is its safety. There are numerous questions hovering in the mind regarding side effects. We can understand. When it comes to herbal extracts mild effects are inevitable. The fact that companies that manufacture herbal/natural supplements are not required to mention the exact dosage of the product adds more to the worries. However, we would say that so far, there have been no side effects reported.

If you notice any mild reaction to the capsule, bear in mind that it is temporary. It will fade away once the body system gets adjusted to the product.

If at all, you notice that the conditions persist, discontinue use and consult your physician.

Alistrol Reviews

Alistrol reviews have been majoritively positive with many users thanking the manufacturer wholeheartedly. Of course, we all know that Alistrol is not a miracle cure. So there are bound to be few complaints. As mentioned above, we would like to clarify again that this blood pressure lowering supplement is not a “cure pill”. It is a dietary supplement that helps you to regulate the blood spike in the body.

We give you few Alistrol reviews right from the user’s heart.

  • “This has kept me prescription free and high blood pressure free for many years now. Fantastic product.”
  • “Alistrol keeps my blood pressure under control.”
  • “I am using this product for 4 months now and it works wonders on my health. From lowering my blood pressure from 140/80 the progress is very good gradually. Every week I monitor my BP, it goes down to 126/79 or 130/80. This says it all that it works so positively on my body. I need to order more bottles.”
  • “Gave it a fair trial. My blood pressure never varied from the start to the end of the trial period.”

There are much more Alistrol reviews and testimonials available at the official website.

Where to buy Alistrol?

We definitely advise purchasing it from the official website. This way you can be sure you are purchasing the actual product than ending up buying a fake one. No. Alistrol is not a scam or fake product but there are many products that contain low doses and claim to be original.

Also, CLE Holistic Health offers you many promotional deals and offers. Current offers include –


You don’t need any discount coupon codes to make this purchase.

The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that can be available only if you purchase from the original website. Alistrol price too is quite economical and does not add up to your expense. Think of the frequent visit to doctor, prescription medications and you will realize this natural cardiovascular supplement is the best bet.

The company ships worldwide at a flat-rate shipping charge.

Does all this mean that Alistrol can help in lowering my blood pressure levels?

Obviously, this product has been able to reduce the blood pressure in many people but only by 10-20 points if you take Alistrol daily. But that’s not going to be enough if your blood pressure is over 160+ systolic or 95+ diastolic.

A healthier lifestyle with essential supplements such as Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and Omega 3s are also necessary.

On the other hand, if you are “pre-hypertensive” (130-145 / 90-95 BP range), then a daily dose of Alistrol would certainly help. In fact, there are clinical tests of Alistrol that show positive results with many subjects (14 out of 15) showing a dramatic reduction in their spiked up blood pressure levels after the first month.

We are not claiming that Alistrol will work for everyone. No two bodies are the same. This is why it is difficult to state facts about blood pressure medications – be it prescription or natural.

The Final Verdict

Alistrol has been in the health market for quite some time. There are a lot of followers who love the product and claim it the best alternative to high blood pressure prescription medications. If you are looking for a dietary supplement that will assist you in sustaining normal blood pressure levels, then Alistrol is definitely recommended.

Heart & Cholesterol

Choleslo Amazon Reviews, Ingredients, Dosage

Do you know heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? Having high blood cholesterol puts you at risk of heart diseases. Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance in your body. You need a healthy balance of cholesterol in the blood. Too much (high) cholesterol builds upon the walls of your arteries leading to heart disease and stroke. Too low (low) cholesterol may also create a problem, like disturbing the hormones (testosterone, estrogen, DHEA, etc) production. Hence, it is important to have healthy and balanced cholesterol levels and optimal lipid profile. 

CholesLo from HFL Solutions is a natural dietary supplement for lowering cholesterol from Dr. Sam Robbins. It is a natural alternative to harmful prescription medications that causes no negative side effects. Keep reading for the complete Choleslo for Lowering Cholesterol Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and more.

Choleslo for Lowering Cholesterol

CholesLo is a natural dietary supplement that contains organic herbs, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for balancing cholesterol levels. It contains scientifically researched and clinically tested ingredients to support healthy cholesterol levels and promote improved lipid profiles.

This doctor formulated supplement gives the body key nutrients, to help your body “heal” from within. The synergistic combination of ingredient creates a perfect formula to promote healthy cholesterol levels, naturally.

A most prescription cholesterol-lowering drug such as statin drugs causes harmful side effects. But this natural formula has no known reported side-effects and is safe for daily usage. It comes in a vegetarian easy to take capsule form. The general dosage is to take 2 capsules, twice a day with one glass of water — with or without food. It comes with 200% Satisfaction Guarantee. One bottle contains 80 veggie capsules which may typically last for 30 days.

Choleslo Benefits 

  • Helps create healthy cholesterol levels  
  • Reduce homocysteine levels  
  • Helps lower triglycerides   
  • Help reduce arterial plaque   
  • Helps cleanse, repair and Strengthen liver  
  • Normalize blood sugar  
  • Helps balance HDL/LDL levels  
  • Helps reduce inflammation

Choleslo Uses

  • It is useful to lower cholesterol quickly, naturally & safely.
  • It can improve your total lipid profile (HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, etc)
  • It is helpful to reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke.
  • It is a natural solution, without harmful drugs or side-effects.
  • It gives peace of mind for a healthy & happy future.

Choleslo Ingredients

This natural alternative to harmful prescription medication contains 17 clinically proven ingredients including organic herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This five-step formula helps deliver the specific nutrients your body needs to heal from within without any side effects.

IngredientsAmount Per Serving
Synergy Optimizer Blend746.50 MGS
Lipid Optimizing System [Cholesterol, HDL/LDL & Triglycerides]: 
Red Yeast Rice (5.0% Extract, Citrinin removed)) 
Artichoke Leaf Extract (15% Chlorogenic Acid, 5% Cynarin) 
Phytosterols Complex (40% extract from non-GMO pine tree extract) 
Garlic (Extract 5% alliin) 
Pantesin d-Pantethine 
Co-Q10 (Ubiquinone) 
Guggulsterones (10% Pure Extract; E and Z) 
Policosanol (from Sugar Cane – Saccharum species) 
Liver Cleansing Formula: 
Milk Thistle (80% Extract) 
NAC (N-Acetyl L-Cysteine) 
Insulin/Blood-Sugar Regulator: 
R+ Alpha Lipoic Acid (r+ ALA) 
Inflammation Reducer: 
Turmeric (95% curcuminoids Extract) 
Mixed Tocotrienols (90% Delta &10% Gamma Tocotrienols) 
Homocysteine Reducing Formula: 
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCL)12.5 mgs
Vitamin B12 (as methylcobalamin)125 mcgs
Folate (as 5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF))200 mcgs
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid)100 mcgs

Other Ingredients in this formula are plant-derived cellulose gelatin (Vegetarian capsule), Maltodextrin, and Magnesium Stearate. It does not contain any artificial colors, wheat, gluten, dairy, egg, fish, soy, peanuts. This is a gluten-free, vegetarian and Non-GMO product with no additive and fillers.

Choleslo Dosage & Drug Interaction Symptoms

As a dietary supplement, the recommended Choleslo dosage is to take 2 capsules, twice daily for a total of 4 capsules daily with 8 oz of water (with or without food). Take this during the week (5 days on) with the weekends off (2 days off). In this way, one bottle will last an average of 30 days. For best results, use continuously for at least 4-6 weeks, this will give your body time to naturally normalize and optimize your lipid levels before your next blood tests. For more detailed dosage info with various “cycles patterns” visit “how to use” instructions page on their official website.

There are no known negative Choleslo Drug Interaction Symptoms available. However, if you are using prescription medications, eventually lower the dosage while using Choleslo. This will reduce the negative side-effects from the drugs. But, it is best to never change the dosage of your current prescription medication or stop using it, until you consult your doctor.

Choleslo Side Effects, Risks & Adverse Reactions

There are no known negative side effects associated with this product mentioned on its official website. However, the manufacturer states, as with any food product, there are chances of infrequent and unusual highly sensitized reactions associated with this or another nutritional supplement. If such an adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

The only reported negative side effect from users is from people with a sensitive stomach. They should take CholesLo with food, rather than an empty stomach.

There is no risk associated with this product but pregnant, lactating or trying to conceive women should avoid this supplement. Also, a person under the age of 18, or taking other medications, should consult your healthcare practitioner before using the nutritional product.

Is Choleslo Capsules Safe?

CholesLo contains natural ingredients and is completely free of gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts. Plus, it contains no sugar and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. It is a non-GMO and 100% vegetarian product that is safe to use.

The formula is backed by 18+ proven track records and clinical data that utilize scientifically researched ingredients. Each ingredient in the formula comes with a Certificate of Analysis and is manufactured in the US, under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & NSF (third-party certification) regulations.

Is Choleslo FDA Approved?

CholesLo is a natural dietary supplement that follows Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) guidelines set up by FDA. In addition, this product is manufactured under GMP standards as defined by the FDA that guarantees the highest degree of consistency, reliability, and potency.

How Does Choleslo Work?

This complete heart health solution for lowering cholesterol contains natural and organic ingredients that work to provide a number of benefits.  It contains a sytrinol a patented formula to support normal cholesterol levels in the body, including LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. It also is a strong antioxidant with many advantages for heart health.  CoQ10 is a critical natural enzyme that protects and creates energy within the cells of the heart and skeletal muscles. 

Policosanol from sugar cane is helpful to improve the protective HDL cholesterol and lower harmful LDL cholesterol. Garlic can perfectly inhibit LDL oxidation and protect the arterial lining from oxidation. The red yeast rice extract main function is to lower the cholesterol levels. Likewise, there are many other Choleslo ingredients including liver cleansing formula, phytosterols complex, and Homocysteine reducing formula that intends to lower cholesterol levels.

Choleslo Reviews & Complaints

The plenty of video, audio & text Choleslo reviews online from users proves the product effectiveness. Users say this is an “all-in-one” natural remedy for healthy cholesterol levels as it offers plenty of benefits. Some users define it as a vitamin for the heart. There are great numbers of amazing Choleslo reviews online from satisfied customers. Most users are amazed at how fast and well the product works. The majority of the people noticed a drastic improvement with 6 months of use. Many users are happy to use a well-formulated, natural solution for cholesterol that causes no negative side effects. They say it is one of the safest options to lower cholesterol levels, naturally.

This product is available in the market for over 15 years and it is obvious to have few Choleslo Complaints as well. Some people complain that it contains red yeast rice that produces a toxic by-product called “citrinin” during fermentation, which can harm the body and liver. But, Choleslo contains a very small amount of citrinin that makes the product safe to use. Some people complain about the product being quite expensive and for some, the product didn’t work.

Choleslo Testimonials

  • Thomas’s doctor wanted to put him on Statin drugs but he started taking this and his cholesterol went from 232 to 194 in just 6 months with no side effects. 
  • Crystal is taking this fantastic product for about 5 years. When she started, her cholesterol was 216 and after 6 months it was 135. Presently, it remains around 120. However, she complains about the not accurate dosage on the bottle and is quite expensive.
  • Mario checked his cholesterol levels after using this product for 6 months and found no change
  • Julia experienced slight headaches on the left frontal side of the head when taken as directed so she returned the product.

Choleslo Results

This simple and convenient, drug-free option works to give intended results without harming the body. It has been clinically proven to decrease cholesterol levels from 11% to 54% in different patients without any change in exercise or diet. This is an over-the-counter (OTC) product that is available for everyone. Check Choleslo before and after videos, audios, blood reports, and text comments on its official website to see how effectively it improves HDL/LDL ratios and bring healthy cholesterol levels. 


Where To Buy Choleslo?

The best place to buy Choleslo online is from its official website Here you can avail the best discount, best price, BOGO offers (Buy 2, Get 1 FREE), easy auto-ship option (Save an additional 20%), and more.

Can I buy Choleslo on Amazon, Costco or Wal-Mart?

Yes, you can buy Choleslo on Amazon for $49.97+ free shipping with Amazon Prime. However, Choleslo in Costco or Wal-Mart remains unavailable at the time of writing this article. 

What is the best Choleslo Price?

Buy Choleslo on sale online for $49.97 from its official website (Regular price $79.97 and you save $34.48)

Can I find Choleslo Coupon Codes, Discount & Promos online?

Yes, search for them and you will find plenty of offers such as Get 20% off any purchase of your favorite products at valid for new customers only or Save Up to 60% Off Sale Items and more.


Choleslo is a complete “all in one” natural formula designed to improve the 5 primary lipid levels. Combine it with a healthy lifestyle that includes natural foods, daily exercise, and appropriate supplementation to give your body the specific nutrients it needs, to heal from within. Backed by 200% Satisfaction Guarantee, give this natural alternative a try today.