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Can You Have High Cholesterol and Be Healthy?

Yes, it is possible to have a high cholesterol level and still be healthy! How is that possible? Cholesterol is not always the bad guy as we think it is. Cholesterol is something that is useful for the body and that our body manufactures itself. It becomes bad when there is an excess quantity. There is no storage spot for the excess cholesterol; neither is the body itself capable of expelling it. 

WE need to help the body expel the excess cholesterol by reducing the intake from the food and by indulging in physical exercises. The high cholesterol level is not immediately dangerous but it definitely makes the body and heart vulnerable. So how can stay healthy when you have high cholesterol? Let’s find out!

High cholesterol and total cholesterol

When we say we have high cholesterol, it is based on the blood report that shows the total cholesterol count. The ideal total cholesterol should remain within 200. Anything beyond that is considered high cholesterol. 

Cholesterol in the body contains 3 main components named- triglycerides, HDL-high density lipoprotein and LDL- low-density lipoprotein. There is also a minor component called very low-density lipoprotein or VLDL. All these components have their roles inside the body and are needed as well. 

What we do not know is that there are good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in this total cholesterol. The cholesterol is said to be high when any of these components soars up in value. What we really need is a higher amount of good cholesterol rather than the bad ones. If it is the good cholesterol that is causing the high total cholesterol number, you have nothing to worry about. 

Good cholesterol and bad cholesterol

It is the HDL that is the good one and LDL is the baddie. HDL can actually control the LDL levels. You need more HDL to stay healthy. A reduction in the HDL level can immediately increase the LDL levels that are bad for the body. 

LDL cholesterol is the sticky cholesterol that actually binds to the blood vessel walls to form the plaque. The whole danger of high cholesterol is the chance of plaque formation in the blood vessels that can eventually reduce or block the blood flow. This jeopardizes the heart health. 

When you have more of the good cholesterol, the risk is lower as it prevents the plaque formation. 

High cholesterol and heart health

The whole talk about high cholesterol danger is because the events can lead to coronary heart diseases. People with high cholesterol are more at risk of such diseases than those with normal cholesterol range.

But it does not mean that you would have a heart problem. It is just that the possibility is higher. Still, you cannot take it lightly and should see to it that you stay healthy. 

This again comes down to the good and bad cholesterol counterparts. You need to work on maintaining a healthier cholesterol level to keep the heart healthy and away from dangers. All you need to do is to change a few things in life. With some determination, dedication, and patience, you can really have control over the high cholesterol and can actually lead a healthy life. This is what you need to do. 

Many ways to a healthy life

Body and mind

If an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, an idle body is also a devil’s workshop. A body that is not used properly will have the devil working his magic and making it useless. Start some exercises of any kind that makes you work and sweat. It is good for cholesterol levels. Moderate exercises are enough to ward off the bad cholesterol. When you are sweating out, do know that you help improve the good cholesterol levels. 

Exercises also help to spend some calories that prevent the formation of triglycerides or fatty acids. The ultimate result of exercise is weight loss. Shedding a few pounds definitely lowers the total cholesterol by a few counts. 

Indulge in some 15-40 minutes long physical exercises, 3-4 times a week. On the other days do some yoga or meditation that reduces stress and relieve the mind as well. 

Diet is essential

We live to eat, aren’t we all? Then we need to eat healthy as well. What we eat makes what we are. Avoid any food that can possibly increase cholesterol. Include fibrous food and that is healthier than the cholesterol-rich food. You may find numerous food replacements for a healthy diet. Take upon them. 

Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated. It will help flush out toxins and cleanses the body. Switch to warm water which is a healthier option than the normal or cold water. 

Equally important is to check on the food portion that you eat. So consult a dietician to get a proper diet plan on what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. All 3 are important. 

Don’t forget the doctor

Obviously, it would be your doctor who found out that you have a high cholesterol level (there are no symptoms for this condition). You need to consult the doctor before you start with the new changes in your life. You also need to regularly do the blood tests to see how your efforts are going. If you have managed to lower the danger levels or at the last managed to maintain the count, your efforts are being fruitful. 

Take it as a motivation to work harder. Never forget that hard work always pays. You just need to be patient. 


High cholesterol may be a hindrance and a lifelong problem for many. Even if you have managed to gain control over the problem, there is all probability that it can happen again. Once you have switched to healthier living, stick to it for your own benefit. It will do you good. It would definitely assure you that you CAN be healthy, even if you have high cholesterol. 

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