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Warticide – Natural Wart Cleanser

Warticide is a clinically proven topical solution that is very much effective to remove warts. A product from Sisquoc Healthcare, it contains Salicylic Acid that has been FDA-approved to eliminate warts naturally. This is our review.

How exactly does Warticide work?

Warticide is a well-formulated topical formula that claims to kill warts. The potent ingredients are highly powerful that have been proven to work for removing warts. The key ingredient is Salicylic Acid (10%) apart from other essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil and Cedar Leaf Oil. There are many clinical studies that claim that using Salicylic Acid on the skin slowly destroys the effect of the virus on the epidermis. It is also known to boost the immune system that triggers a mild irritation caused by this ingredient. Tea tree oil is another holistic remedy that removes warts and is hence selected to be included in this product.

Regular application causes a process of keratolysis so that wart can be peeled off easily.

What is it not?

The product is NOT intended to cure the virus that triggers warts. It is a topical solution that helps in dissolving warts. This assists to easily peel off as the skin cells inside are unable to stick together.

How long will it take to work?

The manufacturer claims that it takes at least 2 weeks time to completely remove warts. Another advantage of using this topical solution is it works on plantar or common warts.

Warticide Ingredients

  • Salicylic Acid (10%) – an FDA-approved ingredient to remove warts. It is one of the commonly included ingredients in many OTC wart removers to get rid of warts.
  • Cedar Leaf Oil – contains strong antiviral properties that strengthen the immune system of the skin and alleviates painful warts. It also prevents the virus (warts) from spreading onto other areas of the skin.
  • Tea Tree Oil – contains antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Tea tree oil is one of the most commonly used natural remedies to remove warts.

Other inactive ingredients include Ethyl Alcohol, deionized water, and Xanthan Gum.

How to use Warticide

Before applying this topical formula, there are few steps to follow.

  • Wash the affected wart area with soap and warm water. You may also soak the area in warm water for 5-10 minutes prior to application.
  • Dry the area completely.
  • Use the dropper to apply the solution to the wart. A few drops will suffice. Ensure that the wart area has been covered.
  • Wait for a few minutes till it is completely dry.
  • Repeat the entire procedure twice a day.

Do NOT exceed Warticide usage for more than 3 months. In most cases, it is sufficient to use this topical solution for 2 weeks only as you can see results within this period.

One bottle comes with enough solution that should last for 30 applications i.e. for about two weeks given the twice a day dosage.

Side effects

There are few side effects reported by a couple of users. One user says that this product burned her skin that gave her burn scars on the skin. Another user reported pain post-application of the product.

To be fair, the majority of the users report no reactions on the skin and absolutely effective results within two weeks.

You may notice slight irritation while applying on the topical area due to salicylic acid. This is not a side effect but the basic nature of the salicylic acid on warts.


NOTE: This wart removing topical formula should NOT be used on infected or reddened skin areas. It should not be used to remove warts on sensitive areas such as genitals.

It is always important to consult your medical practitioner if you are dealing with poor blood circulation, diabetes or any other health condition just to be on the safe side. This rule applies for pregnant or breastfeeding women as well.

Warticide Reviews

As the product is relatively new, we are still waiting for many Warticide reviews to pour in. Many people are yet to give it a try. However, there are still pretty decent reviews available on the internet. The testimonials are mostly positive. This is a good proof that the product is an effective wart remover and works just as the manufacturer claims.

Just on the other hand, there are few users who don’t find it 100% satisfactory. But then, this is the case with any wart remover as there is no perfect product.

Here are few reviews available online.

  • Amazon Customer – “I am using this bottle currently and definitely happy with the results. It works where other products have failed but this one actually works on removing different types of warts even in sensitive places.”
  • A. Hollands – “I’m still struggling to get rid of plantar wart which is why I bought this product. But it has removed a regular wart smoothly and a few skin tags which is a great relief for me.”
  • Alison Tummond – “Absolutely an amazing product. I started applying to my warts and saw results within 5-7 days. Very much skeptical but it does work.”
  • Amazon Customer – “Talk about side effects. If it works for you, then it’s good but for me, I had the worst pain in my life after trying this product.”

Pros and Cons of Warticide


  • Carefully selected ingredients that have been proven to work on removing warts naturally
  • Can be used to remove plantar or common warts as well
  • Delivers faster and effective results
  • A clinically studied ingredient that has also been approved by the FDA
  • Comes with easy to apply dropper tip
  • Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility that abides by GMP guidelines
  • A product of Sisquoc Healthcare that has many health products to its credit
  • Risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Should not be used in sensitive areas such as the face, genitals etc.
  • Couple of users report side effects

Where to buy Warticide online?

The product is NOT available in any OTC stores or pharmacies. You can purchase it online at sites such as Amazon or the official website. Of course, we always recommend buying from the official website. This gives you an assurance that you are buying the original product with all the 100% risk-free guarantees from the manufacturer.

Sisquoc Healthcare ships worldwide at a small shipping charge. If you live in the USA, you are eligible for FREE SHIPPING. This means you only have to pay the price of the actual product. The price of the product depends on the number of bottles you want to buy. The company offers many promo deals such as free bottles which you can consider at your discretion if you are struggling with more than one wart.

Current offers include –


But wait…there is more!!!

Warticide FAQs

Q. How will I know whether the treatment is working or not? 

A. Many users reported that it works within a few days of use. Its active ingredient, salicylic acid, starts attacking a wart almost immediately. The wart will begin to turn a whitish, light gray color with a few hours of application. Following a series of applications, a wart may turn dark in color which means it is beginning to die. The wart will diminish in size allowing the healthy new tissues to grow in its place.

Q. How soon can I expect to see results?

A. You may notice a wart dying within 1-2 days of initial application. Using it continuously as directed may see most warts getting completely eliminated within 2 weeks.

Q. Will my warts return after treatment with this formula?

A. Recurrence is quite common when treating warts. This is mainly because a topical solution can kill individual warts and not the underlying virus that causes warts. Currently, there is no treatment available that help to fully eliminate the virus that causes warts. However, regular application of Warticide to a wart will continue to lessen the frequency as well as the severity of future wart outbreaks.

Q. Does this product come with any money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, if for any reason you find that your wart condition is not fully eliminated using this solution, simply return the product and packaging to the company within 60 days of your purchase date. The company will be happy to refund you the entire purchase amount less shipping and handling charges.

The Final Verdict

For those looking for a natural remedy to get rid of warts, Warticide is best recommended. The product is well-formulated with carefully included ingredients that are safe to use on skin. Satisfied customers, excellent return policy, free bottles etc. are few of the features that make Warticide worth a try.

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