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Buy Enviroklenz Air Filtration – Purifier Reviews

The most effective air filtration facility should be able to eliminate all kinds of allergens from not just the air, but also from all kinds of surfaces as well. The Enviroklenz air filtration bundle is one such air filtration method that has products to clean the air quality and the environment around, including all surfaces and the laundry. Now that can be called a complete package. 

We are constantly exposed to various chemicals right within our home. Though we keep our homes clean as best as we could, that might not be enough all the time. There are some things that are beyond our control and that are indoor air quality. The minute amount of asthma pr allergy-causing compounds or the chemicals that affect people who are highly sensitive can be eliminated from the home but not eradicated in most cases. What is the solution, the various ranges of products from Enviroklenz? 

These products include the movable air purifier, laundry enhancer that can remove toxins while the clothes are in the washer, odor neutralizer that can be used anytime, anywhere and an all surface cleaner. All of these products are made to capture the chemicals and toxins from the air and surfaces intended and destroy it completely to make the indoor air quality better and safer. 

Why use Envirokelnz products?

The very fact that Enviroklenz products can neutralize the chemical compounds is the main reason why one should use them. Not all air purifiers are made to remove the chemicals and odor causing compounds from the air. Even if they can, they can only work on those chemicals that are in the air. Our home surfaces and materials are also host to such chemicals does not help in the bigger picture. This is where the Enviroklenz products come into picture. 

Merely removing the chemicals and compounds from the air will not make indoor air quality improvement. One must also be able to neutralize the other odors from the surfaces as well. This is most important if there are people who are chemically sensitive. The range of products of Enviroklenz comes as a blessing for them. These products can do the same work as any high-quality expensive air purifier can but at a cheaper rate. 

The chemicals from cigarette smoke are numerous. Although a good part of them are removed by an effective air purifier, their residue is still sticking to the walls, furniture, floor, and other surfaces in the room. Simply masking them will not do. These can only be cleaned with a neutralizing agent as in Enviroklenz. In short, Enviroklenz products together can work wonders and clean both the air and the complete room with its accessories from all kinds of physical and chemical pollutants. 

Enviroklenz products

As mentioned, there are air purifiers and various products that can neutralize the chemicals from many surfaces.

1. Enviroklenz Mobile air purifier 

The major air purifying product is the mobile air purifier. This is a portable air purifier with an air filter that is replaceable. It is compact in size and light weight. This air purifier measures to 15.5 x 15 x 19 inches in width, depth, and height. 

  • It can work on 115 volts of input current and uses up to 100 watts of power. The 8 foot power cord is easier to have it moved to reach any area that is nearby. 
  • The Enviroklenz Mobile air purifier also has four wheels attached to the bottom for its mobility. It can cover an area of 750 sq ft. 
  • The blower inside can be adjusted to very low, low, medium and high speeds. It works quiet and at highest speed maintains a pleasant level of noise meant for residential use. The rotation rates are 85 CFM, 150 CFM, 200 CFM, and 250 CFM at the respective speeds. 
  • The blower can cover 250 cubic feet in a minute at high speed and can make 2-4 air exchanges in an hour. 
  • The air cartridge and the filter fitted inside can both be removed and replaced.  This filter is capable of eliminating the VOCs, chemicals, gas, odors of smoke etc, in addition to the physical pollutants I the air. 
  • The Enviroklenz Mobile uses a certified HEPA filter that removes the dust, pollens, mold spores, bacteria, and all minute chemicals from the air. 
  • As for the work mechanism of Enviroklenz materials in the filters, the captured chemicals and odor causing compounds in the filter will come in contact with the various metal oxides such as magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide in powdered form, incorporated into the filter. When these come in contact with the chemicals, they work on the neutralization that reaches to the very core. It will not just capture the pollutants but will completely, chemically, remove it from the environment. 
  • The materials used in the filter have got high chemical reactivity, porosity, and adsorption rate to work better. 
  • Depending upon the air quality, this air filter could last for a maximum of 2 years. The air cartridge attached has a life of 3-4 months, depending on the air quality. 
  • The Enviroklenz Mobile, comes ready to use and no tool is required for its assembly. It is also easy to replace the air cartridge or the HEPA filter when needed. 

2. Enviroklenz 14 x 14 replacement cartridge for 250 CFM exchange unit

The air cartridge is the main part of Enviroklenz Mobile where the metal oxides are incorporated. This air cartridge measures to 14 x 14 inches and lasts for a few months. Do not forget to replace this air cartridge in every 4 months, at least, for effective elimination if hazardous compounds, noxious chemicals, toxic vapor and VOCs from your environment. 

3. Enviroklenz HVAC filter

Enviroklenz provides protection also in the central air circulatory system as well. The Enviroklenz HVAC filter is available in various sizes to fit inside your air system and remove all possibilities of VOCs and other pollutants from the indoor air. 

The filter can effectively remove and neutralize the noxious odors and chemicals that cause them. Unlike other common HVAC filters that mainly focus on physical pollutant removal, this HVAC filter can literally clean the air to provide sanitized air to breathe and live in. the neutralization of these chemicals prevent its return into the air anymore. 

Why use this HVAC filter?

The organic chemicals are present in every household, thanks to the paint, varnish, furniture, cleaning agents and what not! They emit chemicals when in use and also at rest, gradually worsening the indoor air pollution. These compounds have high sustainability that it requires a highly capable material to capture and remove them from the air. Since this filter is attached to the main circulatory system, the air from all spaces, including the hidden space and basement could be filtered to remove the pollutants. 

4. Enviroklenz laundry enhancer liquid and powder

What do you use to wash your clothes, laundry detergent? Even that is not par with any polluting chemical. The Enviroklenz laundry enhancer in liquid form can be added to the normal wash to remove the unwanted chemicals attached to the clothes. The most common being the perfume smell that still lingers even after several washes, can be removed completely with this laundry enhancer. 

People with chemical sensitivity may not be comfortable with any smell from the clothes, whether it is the detergent, perfume or the softener. Be it the rusty smell of mold in towels or the nasty smell of sweat and body odor, you no longer need to worry. Adding the required amount of this laundry enhancer will neutralize all smells to get the clothes fresh with no smell at all. 

  • Enviroklenz laundry enhancer, in liquid form or powdered form can be added to the normal wash cycle along with your regular detergent. 
  • It is safe to use with white or colored clothes. It contains no bleach so safe on all clothes. 
  • The laundry enhancer does not mask the smell but neutralize it to vanish it completely. 
  • Highly effective in eliminating odors like smoke, chemicals, mold and mildew, sweat and body odor, perfume smell and also the nasty smell that comes after a long time storage. 
  • The Enviroklenz laundry enhancer powder is available in two bottles that last for either 30 wash loads or in larger bottle for 80 wash loads. The liquid form is available in cans for 15 loads or 30 loads.  

How to use Enviroklenz laundry enhancer?

  1. The quantity is given on the bottles. Use ¼ cup of the liquid enhancer for small loads and ½ cup for medium or larger loads. Pour it into the same as the laundry detergent. 
  2. For top load machines, add the detergent and laundry enhancer as the tub is filling with water and add the clothes in the end. Instructions for the front load machine are given in the manual provided. 
  3. Ideal to use with a fragrance free detergent in warm water cycle for best results.
  4. Do not use with bleach or vinegar. 
  5. Enviroklenz laundry enhancer in both forms are safe to use with all clothing materials like cotton, synthetic, wool, lace, rayon and all washable materials. 

5. Enviroklenz absorbent neutralizer

Accidental spilling of liquids might be quiet common. What we usually do is to absorb the liquid and later use some vinegar to clean the spot. If it is on the floor cleaning is much easier but what about the carpet or the furniture? The smell can linger for a long time to come. The best solution in such situations is the Enviroklenz absorbent neutralizer. 

This is a dry powder product that is simply spread over the affected area. It absorbs the smell or odor and neutralizes it completely. It comes in a small convenient bottle and can be carried anywhere, even on vacations. The accidents in the car or in the hotels can be troublesome, but it is no longer the case when you have this absorbent neutralizer. 

  • Enviroklenx absorbent neutralizer is effective in removing the odors from beverages, urine, pet odors, sickness etc. 
  • It can be used in car, carpets, solid or furnished surfaces etc. It can absorb both the liquid and the odor.
  • Use it especially if you have pets around.
  • Spread it evenly on the affected area; let it work for a while. Later, you can vacuum it to clean the area. 
  • No more coffee smell, urine odor or any trace that let others in guessing that you have a pet at home. 

6. Enviroklenz everyday odor eliminator

Enviroklenz everyday odor eliminator is the all purpose, all surface agent that removes odors and chemicals from the household surfaces. Our regular cleaning is able to remove only the dust and physical pollutants and not only that, but is also adding to the toxic accumulation into the air with the cleaning agents we use. 

  • Enviroklenz everyday odor eliminator is a liquid that is safe on all surfaces like solid, carpet, upholstery, and furniture. It contains no harsh chemicals and absolutely does not cause any chemical emission. 
  • It is safe to use in household that have chemical sensitivity.
  • It can neutralize all kinds of odors with environmental safe ingredients. 
  • There is no after fragrances left behind and does not require any masking agents.
  • It works faster to remove the odor at the earliest. 
  • It is available in a large bottle of 1 gallon capacity. 
  • Most useful to make the second hand furniture safe for a fresh use. Remove all traces of any nasty smell, smoke residue or pet accidents form such furniture and enjoy the freshness. 

How to use Enviroklenz odor eliminator?

  1. The first rule for using Enviroklenz everyday odor eliminator is that it is suitable only on the washable surfaces. 
  2. Using it on surfaces with contaminated agents is not effective. Wash such surfaces with water to remove those agents before applying this Enviroklenz odor eliminator. Use it only on cleaner surfaces to remove the odor. This is not a cleaning agent but an odor remover.
  3. Apply the Enviroklenz odor eliminator directly on highly affected areas. You can use a pump sprayer for convenience. 
  4. NEVER use this in a carpet shampooer as it can clog the line. 
  5. Leave the product on the affected surface for about 15 minutes. It can be removed with the help of a wet extractor, vacuum, or a carpet shampooer. 
  6. Once it is dried, there will be a white residue which could be removed with some good brushing or washing. 
  7. Use only diluted product in areas that has non-sever odor. Dilute it in the ration 1:4 with 1 part of Enviroklenz odor eliminator and 4 parts of clean and warm water. This diluted form could be used as a follow up for the highly affected areas for further cleaning. 
  8. For the diluted form, apply only a small and visible amount and lave it for 15 minutes before the extraction.
  9. Use it for your home as well as in your vehicles to make it odor free. 

Purchasing Enviroklenz products

All Enviroklenz products could be purchased directly from the official site of the manufacturer. You might get them at reduced price if there is any sale. Purchase it to detox your home from top to bottom. Also use them as part of the daily cleaning cycle to keep all allergies and chemical sensitivity at bay. 

Enviroklenz air filtration bundle is not just about the air purifier but about the complete elimination of chemicals and pollutants right from its source. After all, the chemicals reach the air from these surfaces, so using only an air purifier will not do the work. Use it at your home, car, and also in your dorm. 

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