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Purrfect fence, cat fence is a unique fencing that ensures that your little cats are kept within the safety boundary. They would be unable to break out of this cat fence and stay safe from predators, accidents, and other troubling animals. Purrfect cat female is an ideal solution for the pet owners living in the country area where they are able to keep track of their pets wandering outdoors. The Cat fence makes a convenient boundary for them and allows you access through the special gates provided that can be attached to the fence. There also are solutions for the dog owners as well as for those living apartments to have convenient fencing around their pets when they want to play in the open. 

About Purrfect cat fence

Purrfect cat fence is unique fencing that is easy to install and that ensures that the cats are not able to break them to escape. Cats are meant to live outside. The domestication and the cringe for space have really restricted their lives. They need some open space to roam around and at the same time need something that can prevent them from getting into trouble. The Purrfect cat fence is a sturdy and flexible material that can keep the cats indie the premises, no matter how big or small your open area available is. 

Cats love to roam around. There also are predators that are ready to catch them or a troubling neighbouring dog that is ready to leap inside. Not to mention the traffic outside. Your cats need protection from all these. 

Purrfect cat fence makes a higher wall over the existing fence or makes a new one. With it’s bending inwards roof, the cats will not be able to jump out of this boundary. A perfect fence makes an ideal option over the usual playpen that most likely makes them feel restricted. This cat fence allows them the freedom they need and at the same time have your protective cover over them. You can decide the perimeter of their freedom and they will have to stay within it.

How does Purrfect fence work?

Purrfect fence is a flexible and custom made fences and not the ready to use, stiff and non-budging ones that you have heard about. It is a mesh enclosure made of sturdy material with a unique curving inwards half roof. This cat fence is not fully covered over the lawn, instead, it is nothing but a mesh fence with a curved end. 

Being a flexible material, the fence would bend at the edges when the cat tries to climb over it. As the weight of the cat goes up the fence, it will not be able to stand straight and the fence bends inwards. The cat would then be forced to jump down and let the idea of getting out, forget. 

Benefits of Purr..fect cat fence

This mesh could be installed as it is or made to use over the existing fence in your household. The mesh is almost invisible to the eyes unless viewing from close proximity. The cats won’t feel like stuffed in an enclosure. It is an affordable and convenient option for all. The fence could be erected in any manner that you want. You can even cover that little bend in your ground with this. 

For your convenience, there is a Purrfect Gate that allows you access in and out of this enclosure. It is easy to install, saving you from spending on labor. It is also a wonderful option as opposed to the electric fencing that can be dangerous and power-consuming. 

Buy Purrfect fence-cat fence

You can easily secure your cats and let them live a happy and extended life by buying the Purrfect fence for them. it also lets you have some peace of mind in return. You can buy a Purrfect fence cat fence from the makers at their official site. There, you will find several types of these fences. You can pick the right one that suits your area. Do note that most of the cat fence option that you find there comes as a complete kit with all that is needed for the installation. 

The different types of cat fence

you can find 4 main types of cat fence at Purrfect fence. The first one is free-standing, the next is that is installed over the existing fence, the third one being the penthouse type and the fourth is the small, carry-along Purrfect playhouse for your cat buddy to be used while traveling as well. 

1. Free standing cat fence

The free-standing cat fence from Purrfect fence is a 100 ft long enclosure system. If you have a larger yard you may add the extra kit to it to cover the area. The 100 ft polymath would be able to cover 100 linear feet. the single kit usually covers an area of 25 x 25 sq ft area. If you can make use of the back of your house, you will get a larger enclosure with the same kit. 

The poly-mesh is built to last longer. The cats will not be able to damage the fence, but larger breeds of dogs might be. So you need to be careful if you have larger dogs in your home. 

The free standing cat fence comes with the posts, arms, wire made of steel and all its hardware needed for installation. 

In the kit

  • Installation video DVD and written instructions and parts its
  • 8 posts of 80” long and 8 sleeves that are 24” long that goes into the ground to secure the posts
  • 1 driving cap for driving the sleeves into the ground
  • 16 self-tapping screws to secure posts to their sleeves
  • 8 post caps, 8 cat proofer arms, and 8 set screws
  • 1 chew guard and a 7.5’ extra heavy-duty fence
  • 200 heavy-duty ties to secure the fence and welded wire to the posts
  • 400 light duty ties for  the seaming of the plastic fence to chew guard
  • 600 ground stakes that pin the chew guard to the ground at an interval of every 2 ft

2. Fence topper for cats on existing fence

If you already have a fence in your yard, you can make use of the Conversion system Cat proofer. This cat proofer is usable for fences that are at least 3 ft high or over. This fence mesh could be attached to the top of the fence interior. The mesh would stretch out higher and wider. They are tied with the help of zippered ties. 

Here also, you can cover a larger area of 100 ft. the 100 ft kit includes the spring-loaded arms, mounting plates for the arms, heavy duty black poly mesh and zip ties. This conversion system can be used over an existing wall as well.

The conversion system makes good use of the existing fence and saves you money. You can easily convert it into an enclosed area to take full use of whatever available area that you have your yard. 

In the kit

The kit includes the cat-proofer arms, mesh roll and zip ties.

  • There are 12 cat-proofer arms made of galvanized steel with a black coat finish. The stainless steel spring and its hardware. The mounting brackets are 3 x 3 inches and the arms are projecting from the mounting at a distance of 31 inches. 
  • The 100 ft roll of the poly mesh is made of polypropylene and it is UV stabilized with carbon. 
  • there also are the 100 standard zip ties

You don’t get an instruction DVD with this. Instead, you can have the access to the instructions in PDF form at the official site. 

3. Purr..fect Penthouse

In areas where there is too much danger, you cannot afford to send your pet coming around even if it is in close proximity. Here, you need stronger protection than the free-standing fence. You need the Purrfect Penthouse for it. The Penthouse is a completely enclosed mesh box, large enough to allow free movement of the cats inside. 

The Purrfect penthouse is 7 1/2 inches wide and 15” long. it has a height of 73 inches. It has a gateway that is 36 inches wide to have ample space for the entrance. You can easily go in and come out of this penthouse. You can pretty much set up an outdoor condo for your cat with as many accessories as possible. 

The penthouse is fully enclosed with a door, of course. It is made of black steel all over. The steel is heavy duty and can withstand the weight of a heavier animal. The penthouse is easily assembled from scratch. It is secured to the ground firmly. 

The penthouse is immovable. It stays where it is installed and does not move easily. You need to disassemble them to get it moved. You can set it up closer to the house or make it as a free-standing house in the middle of the yard. 

In the kit

  • 1 gate kit that includes all that is needed for its installation. The kit contains corner connections, hinges, tubes, latch, and an additional clamp post.
  • 1 4 x 100 ft welded wire
  • One 4 x 50 ft welded wire
  • 6 post sleeves that are driven into the ground for the vertical posts. It also has a 1 sleeve driving cap to help the sleeves into the ground.
  • There would be 19 posts for the vertical and horizontal framework.
  • 4 numbers of 3-way steel corner connectors
  • 2 4-way corner connectors
  • 4 corner clamps and 2 in-line clamps
  • there will be 30 12” ground stakes that pin the fence to the ground
  • 2 bags of HDzip ties with 100 ties inside
  • 2 bags of standard zip ties that have 100 in it. 

4. Purrfect playhouse

Purrfect playhouse is a portable enclosure that measure to 5 x 10 ft in size. It even comes with a tunnel to let your pet out through the door opening, straight to the playhouse. The tunnel adds to the extra space for the cat for its play. 

This playhouse is highly convented to take with you on vacation. It does not take much to set up. It is as easily collapsible, completely. It has a dry bag where you can keep all the assembly. 

The mesh used for the playhouse would also provide a 30% sunshade also. The playhouse could be installed on the ground or on a hard surface. You will have the needed hardware for both. 

The mesh is dense enough to keep the small insect away and keep your kitties safe as long as they are inside it. 

There is a zippered door provided for human access. It is located at the 5 ft side of the playhouse. The zipper is lockable so that the cats cannot open them even by accident. 

The tunnel and the hardware for the bottom rail to connect to the hard surface do not come with the kit, by default. You need to opt for that while purchasing. 

In the kit

The kit contains a light weighted collapsible aluminium framework. 

  • The netting assembly and storage bag
  • 28 steel stakes that are 12” long that connects the playhouse to the ground
  • A large duffel bag

5. 30” wide Purr..fect gate 

When you are in need of an extra gate to fit any where on the Purrfect fence, you have this extra gate assembly. The gate is 30” wide and can be extended to an opening of 60 inches if needed. the wider gate allows easy access for the lawn mowers or other equipments. 

You need to measure your yard carefully before purchasing g the Purrfetc fence. Every turn or corner would need the use of a post there. So calculate carefully. The distance between the posts should be a maximum of 14 ft from each other. So measure with care to get the right number of posts and enough mesh cover the intended area. 

The gate and the free standing cat fence are currently running out of stock. You need to place the order in advance sometimes so that you get the product in time. As of now, the few products are unavailable until 10th of Sept 2017.

Protection for dogs!

Yes, Purrfect fenhce makers are offering the protecting fence to safeguard the dogs as well. The Dog0proofer is a poly fencing that can cover a larger area. This fence keeps the dogs from jumping or climbing over the fence and get away. 

This could be fitted over the existing fence to extend it further in height. The arms of this fence could be attached to almost any surface. This will keep the less aggressive dogs within the premises. 

It may not be a good option for the heavier or aggressive dogs. It would also not suit a dog is of a habit of chewing things. The mesh can be easily damaged if they do so. 

Purrfect Fence topper for dogs kit contains

  • 12 dog-proofer arms
  • One 4 x 100 ft roll of heavy duty poly mesh fence
  • 200 heavy duty zip ties for securing gather fence


A purrfect fence is a family-owned business. They started as a fence for keeping the deers which later turned to protect the cats and now for dogs as well. You are perfectly safe to purchase from them. If you have any queries regarding the use or installation you can easily contact them to clear the doubts. A perfect fence is the perfect cat fence that is worth every penny spent on it. You won’t be disappointed. 

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