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Buy Airpura Air Purifiers – Reviews, Filters

Table of Contents

  • Basic features of Airpura air purifiers
  • Airpura Models
    • Airpura R600 All Purpose air purifiers 
    • Airpura Model T-600
    • Airpura T600-DLX 
    • Airpura V600 air purifier
    • Airpura UV600 microorganisms air purifier
    • Airpura P600 air purifier
    • Airpura H600 HEPA air purifier
    • Airpura I600 
    • Airpura F600 air purifier
    • Airpura F600 DLX
    • Airpura C600 air purifier for chemical removal
    • Airpura C600-DLX air purifier 
  • The Airpura Central Air System
  • Where to buy Airpura air purifiers
  • Airpura dealers
  • Conclusion

Airpura air purifiers are those tailor made air purifiers that stands to serve specific purification needs. We have seen the air purifiers being used as a general air filtration purpose. Though they are effective to cleanse the air is whichever manner that is required, not all homes or indoor environment have the same needs. 

The air pollutants or the allergens are specific to different discomforts and having those specific air filtration devices is nothing short of the best option. Airpura air purifiers are of 12 kinds that are targeting 12 different air filtration methods. 

Basic features of Airpura air purifiers

  • Appearance: All the Airpura air purifiers, regardless of their filtration purpose and method, are cylindrical in shape with the exact same size and dimensions. The body of the purifiers is made of powder-coated steel. The difference is seen in its color that could be white or black, depending on the filtration method.
  • Size: The purifiers are 23 inches in height with a diameter of 15 inches. It weighs about 45 lbs but can be moved with the help of the 4 casters attached to them. 
  • Coverage: The total coverage of the Airpura air purifiers would be 2000 sq ft for a room that has an average ceiling height of 8 ft. It does 2 air exchanges in an hour. 
  • Mechanism: These air purifiers take in the impure air in 360 degrees to get air from all parts of the room. This taken air is purified and let out through the upper region of the purifiers. This works the same for all these purifiers. 
  • Filters: All the Airpura air purifiers use powerful HEPA filters that have maximum efficiency to eliminate the smallest of the airborne particles. The Airpura HEPA filter covers about 40 sq ft inside the purifier with numerous folds for maximum surface area. The carbon filters trap a wide range of odor-causing and obnoxious chemicals and gases from the air. The Airpura carbon filter runs about 570 sq in inside the purifier and weighs about 18-30 lbs. There is also a pre-filter attached to every air purifier to filter the larger air particles and to allow maximum filtration by the finer filters. The Airpura pre-filters runs all around the device. 
  • Fan: The device uses a permanent split capacitor and a backward curved motorized impeller. The Airpura noise level is 28-62 dB. At the lowest setting, the noise level is 28.1 dB and at the highest speed, it is 62.3 dB with 560 cfm for maximum airflow. 
  • The Airpura air purifiers target 9 different air pollutants to give you clean air. The targeted air pollutants are pollen, pet dander, mold spores, tobacco smoke, odors, chemicals, dust, allergens, disease-causing microorganisms, etc.  

Airpura Models

  1. Airpura R600 All Purpose air purifiers 

The Airpura R600 air purifier is the daily air cleaning. This everyday clean air purifier can filter almost all the airborne particles, odor, and microorganisms. The resultant air that you breathe would be chemical and odor-free and you can feel the freshness in the air as well. 

This is generally used for having clean air for the family. It is also useful to eliminate the allergens and is quite suitable for any indoor location. This air purifier is available in 3 colors- white, black and beige. 

These air purifiers has the prefilter, carbon filter and the HEPA filter to get you the clean air that is 99.97% cleaner. 

The Airpura R600 replacement filters and parts would be- Poly prefilter C600 2PK, 18 lbs coconut shell carbon filter and HEPA 600RVHU filter. 

The Airpura R600 manual is available with the product that explains the usage of the purifier.

Airpura R600 review

The Airpura R600 reviews reveal that the device is quite easy to use and highly efficient. It has helped many to eliminate the allergens from the air and they could feel the fresh air even inside an older building. The only con regarding this air purifier is the noise which has bothered many users. They are even ready to neglect the noise owing to its effectiveness. 

  1. Airpura Model T-600

The Airpura T600 air purifier is designed to eliminate tobacco smoke and tar from the air. It can effectively remove the various odor causing gases and chemicals as well as the carcinogens from the air. The harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene etc are completely scrubbed from the air to make it safer and cleaner. 

Airpura T600 tobacco smoke air purifiers are ideally used for homes, offices, hospitals, or any other places where there is smoking or have plenty of smoke traces in the air.  The device uses 26 lbs carbon filter to adsorb these chemicals while the prefilter itself traps the tar. 

The Airpura T600 smoke eliminator performs 2 air exchanges in an hour and comes in an easy to maintain body. It is available in black, beige or white color in body. 

Airpura T600 replacement filters: 26 lbs Coconut shell carbon filter- 3 inches, TarBarrier pre-filter and HEPABarrier 600CT filter. 

Airpura T600 review 

Airpura T600 air purifier reviews vouch that this air purifier worked the same as it was advertised. Many say that this is a must-have air purifier for any home that has smokers living inside. Users say that all they had to do was to run the device in medium speed to get the air scrubbed and the result is zero smell of tobacco or smoke. 

  1. Airpura T600-DLX 

The Airpura T600 DLX air purifier is to get the extra tobacco protection. It is a heavy duty purifier that can remove tobacco smoke and most chemicals. This is ideal for homes and offices that have smokers and also for the bars, restaurants, waiting rooms and other institutions for a smoke free environment. 

The Airpura T600-DLX uses the special pre-filter called TarBarrier prefilter to remove the tar. Then the air passes through the HEPA barrier filter to get the particles out and then to the heavy-duty carbon filter that has got 17% potassium iodide and 83% coconut shell carbon. 

The replacement filters that you will need for this air purifier are Tarbarrier prefilter, HEPA barrier 600CT filter, 26 lbs impregnated carbon filter. 

  1. Airpura V600 air purifier

Airpura V600 purifier is to remove the VOCs and chemicals present in the air. Indoor air has more of these than the outside environment. Almost all of the household materials emit these chemicals and that from the cleaners would only increase the quantity. Many people are sensitive to these chemicals and can succumb to various diseases and discomforts.

The Airpura V600 is specifically used for these sensitive people to let them breathe non-irritant air. It can remove every inch of these volatile organic chemicals with the help of the specific carbon blends to take up them. 

This air purifier can be used for the homes were there people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities, where the air quality outside is very poor, homes that are closer to industries and in any workspaces as well. 

This air purifier is available in beige, white and black colors. 

Airpura V600 replacement filters

The Airpura V600 filter replacement parts available are 18 lbs impregnated carbon filter- The blend used is 1/5 blend of KI/Potassium iodide with coconut shell carbon. The pre-filter is poly prefilter C600 2PK. Airpura V600 HEPA air purifier needs the HEPA 600RVHU filter. 

The Airpura V600 instructions are given in the manual that comes with the product. You can also access the Airpura V600 manual online. 

Airpura V600 review

Airpura V600 is also known as the Airpura V600 pet air purifiers because of its ability to eliminate the strong odor from the pets and its capability to remove the pet dander. Pet odor is hard to remove and the carbon filter fitted inside is made to adsorb such harder odor causing chemicals. 

The Airpura V600 air purifier reviews show that this air purifier has been able to remove the pet odor and the dander under control. People have seen visible changes in the pet allergy and with chemical sensitivity. 

Users who have used it in painting studios say that it has made them comfortable with the chemicals and they no longer have to keep the windows open to let out the smell. 

People feel that this is one necessity into a new, renovated house to get immediate fresh air. 

  1. Airpura UV600 microorganisms air purifier

Airpura UV600 air purifier is made to use as a germ defense mechanism inside the home, office, or anywhere that is prone to airborne diseases. The Airpura UV600 can protect you and your loved ones from all kinds of germs such as bacteria, viruses, mold etc. The UV light technology used inside sterilizes the air to removes these microbes and their spores along with other chemicals. 

This air purifier can be used in homes where there are people who have lower immunity, anywhere that has mold infestations, schools and daycare centers, offices and even in the basement area. 

The mechanism of The Airpura UV600 filter system is such that the pre-filters remove the larger particles and the carbon filter adsorbs the chemicals in the air. The Airpura UV HEPA air purifier makes full use of the HEPA filter to remove the microbes while the additional germicidal UV lamp puts in the final nail on the microbes coffin. 

Airpura UV600 manual duly explains how you can replace these important filters when they are completely used up. The Airpura UV600 replacement filters needed are prefilter poly type, particle HEPA 600RVHU filter, 20W UV germicidal lamp and 18 lbs coconut shell carbon filter. 

  1. Airpura P600 air purifier

This Airpura photocatalytic air purifier does the chemical reduction using TitanClean technology. It is one step ahead of the germ defense air purifier. In addition to the pre-filter, carbon filter, HEPA filter, and the germicidal UV lamp, the Airpura P600 air purifier uses an additional TitanClean photocatalytic oxidizer that neutralizes the airborne chemicals. Thus, this air purifier sterilizes the air and at the same time neutralizes all of the chemicals present in it as well. 

Airpura P600 is a great addition to homes that have children, elders, people with lower immunity, places that have poor air quality, etc. It removes the VOCs, other chemicals, and the microorganisms from the air. 

The filter replacement parts for this air purifier are, 20W UV germicidal lamp, poly prefilter C600 2PK, 18 lbs coconut shell carbon filter, HEPA 600RVHU filter and the PCO TitanClean reflector. 

  1. Airpura H600 HEPA air purifier

Use the Airpura H600 for allergy and asthma relief. It is the physical particles that are smaller in size that causes most of the allergies and asthma symptoms. This Airpura H600 removes the common allergens, pollens, mold spores, and the asbestos fibers from the air to make it safe. 

This standard-sized air purifier that comes in 3 color options does regular air exchange, 2 times in an hour. The filter replacement options include the poly prefilter C600 2PK, HEPA 600RVHU filter, Hi-C carbon frame, and weave 600. 

Airpura H600 review

Doyle says that the Airpura H600 helped him in keeping the dust down in a large room. The only problem with it is the loud noise when working in max speed. 

It has kept the pet dander down to allow people with pet allergies to have a better life. It has even helped allergic pets to breathe easily. 

  1. Airpura I600 

Airpura I600 is the purifier for Healthcare providers. This specially designed for the hospitals, clinics and other health related centers, sterilizes the air to make it disease free. 

This air purifier uses the pre-filter and HEPA filter to remove the allergens. There is also an option to add the UV germicidal lamp inside for better sterilization in removing the microbes to the maximum. 

The replacement filters available would be the poly pre filter C600 2PK and HEPA filter I600. 

  1. Airpura F600 air purifier

Formaldehyde is one of the most common chemicals emitted from the household products and that is seen in the construction areas. It is also one of the toughest air chemicals that is difficult to be eliminated. The Airpura F600 is an air purifier that has powerful air filters that removes these chemicals as well as the other household-related chemicals from the air. 

Homes nearer to the industrial areas can make use of this air purifier to get better and cleaner air. It is made of specific blends of carbon filters that can adsorb these chemicals. It requires these specific Airpura filters including the Airpura HEPA filter for its full performance. 

The replacement filters available are, poly prefilter C600, HEPA 600RVHU, and the specially made 18 lbs impregnated carbon filter that is made with a blend of potassium permanganate and coconut shell carbon at a ratio of 1/5. 

  1. Airpura F600 DLX

This is an industrial air purifier that is meant for heavy duty usage. It has got the extra large carbon bed for more chemical adsorption and removal of the harmful chemicals, construction materials and pesticides. Here also the carbon filter is made specifically to address these heavy duty tasks. 

The Airpura F600 DLX eliminates formaldehyde, industrial chemicals, and particles from the air with the help of the more powerful 26 lbs carbon filter. The filter uses a blend of potassium permanganate and coconut shell carbon in a blend of 35:65 respectively. 

The replacement filters are poly prefilter, HEPAbarrier 600CT filter and the 26 lbs impregnated carbon filter. 

  1. Airpura C600 air purifier for chemical removal

The Airpura C600 air purifier is meant to remove the general gases and airborne chemicals found in the indoor air. No matter what, the household items mostly emit such chemicals that can be harmful in the long run. If you have a cleaner home with not much dust or allergens and want to have the clean air, the Airpura C600 is the air purifier that you need. 

This can be used in any houses, offices or anywhere you want a cleaner air. The Airpura C600 filter system utilizes the pre filter, Airpura HEPA filter and a heavy duty carbon filter to get these chemicals out. It cleanses the air twice in an hour for a standard sized room with an 8 ft ceiling. 

Airpura C600 replacement filters

The replacement filters are also easily available. They are poly prefilter C600 2PK, HEPABarrier 600CT filter, and 26 lbs coconut shell carbon filter C600. The Airpura C600 manual explains how you can easily replace the filters and care for the air purifier. 

Airpura C600 review

The Airpura C600 HEPA air purifier has got numerous positive reviews. People have generally used it when moving into new apartments. Except for the fact that sometimes the air purifier can be noisy when working in high speed; this has worked well for almost everyone. 

One user says that none of the other air purifiers he had tried had managed to remove the ozone and smoke but the Airpura C600 has managed to do so. It has even worked quicker than expected to get clean air. 

  1. Airpura C600-DLX air purifier 

While the Airpura C600 works to remove the general chemicals in the air, the Airpura C600-DLX is able to remove the VOCs as well. VOCs are stubborn chemicals that need special treatment when you need to eliminate them. The Airpura C600 DLX uses the specially made carbon filter to do this job. 

This air purifier can be used anywhere where there could be chemicals in the air. This can remove all the toxic pollutants and cleanses your indoor air every 30 minutes. 

The special feature here is the heavy duty carbon filter that is 26 lbs and has the potassium iodide blend added to adsorb the VOCs. The potassium iodide is added in a ratio of 1/3 with one part potassium iodide to every 3 parts of coconut shell carbon added

The replacement filters you will need in the future are poly prefilter C600, HEPA Barrier 600CT filter, and the 26 lbs coconut shell carbon filter C600 blend. 

The Airpura Central Air System

Apart from the portable units of Airpura air purifiers, you can also have the filters attached directly to the central air system of your homes and offices. It happens to be accost-effective method than having individual purifiers in each room. It works the same as the air purifiers mentioned above, with individual needs and specifications. There are 6 options for the Airpura central air system filters.  

  1. Airpura R600-W is used for the elimination of airborne chemicals and odor. 
  2. Airpura V600-W is useful for removing the harmful chemicals and VOCs from the indoor air. 
  3. Airpura UV600-W uses the germicidal UV lamp to sterilize the air and remove the pathogens, spores, antigens, and microorganisms. 
  4. Airpura P600-W is ideal for the complete elimination of the chemicals, microbes, odors, and air particles as it uses the sophisticated Airpura TitalClean photocatalytic oxidation method. 
  5. Airpura C600-W is beneficial in adsorbing the airborne chemicals and gases from the indoor air and is best for those with chemical sensitivities. 
  6. Airpura H600-W reduces the allergens to get relief from asthma and allergic symptoms. 

These central air systems use 40-120 watts of energy when used in high or low settings. It can work in any power supply ranging from 120-220 volts. It uses the same sized equipment as the individual air purifiers from Airpura with 22×15 inches in size. These will have special ports to connect the inlet and outlet to the central air systems. 

Where to buy Airpura air purifiers

Airpura purifiers can be bought from the manufacturers or from the online stores like Amazon, Allergybuyersclub, eBay and other stores. You can make use of the Airpura coupon code and promo codes to get discounts while purchasing. 

Airpura dealers

You may become a user or a dealer with the Airpura air purifiers. The Airpura phone numbers are 1-866-505-7872 for Canada and USA. The phone number would be 450-978-9020 for International inquiries. You could also send an email at for any queries. 


Airpura air purifiers are ideal for homes and offices. They also give you ample options to suit your specific needs. They are pretty expensive air purifiers but given the results, it is worth a try. Airpura air purifier reviews show that it has performed well in comparison to many other brands. The choice to have a central air system with the air purifier is another advantage for these air purifiers. With the multi filtering system in every air purifier, the Airpura air purifier would be the one that you have been looking for. 

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