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Broil King Electric/Charcoal Smokers Reviews, Manual

Replace the traditional way of barbeque with Broil King Smokers that act as excellent energy savers and deliver better healthier foods with minimal time spent as compared to traditional cooking. This is our review.

About Broil King Smokers and Grills

Almost every American crave for that juicy bite of smoked duck that doesn’t dry up easily. A true US-company, Broil King is a brand that engineers innovative and uniquely designed vertical smoking system that offers you rich, juicy flavors at every bite.

Manufactured right in the USA, these professional grills are made using high-grade stainless steel that is absolutely durable. Impeccable designs, top-notch craftsmanship, and good customer support are few of the features of Broil King Smokers. Products such as Broil King 28” vertical charcoal smoker, Keg charcoal Kamado, and 16” vertical traditional smoker are the benchmarked for their exceptional design and performance.

As a matter of fact, Broil King offers many grills and designs that can be very much intimidating as it can literally confuse anyone to zero in on a particular grill.

If you are looking for smokers only, we have the best products for you.


We look at the common features and designs implemented by Broil King Smokers. To begin with, the smokers are made using North American Stainless Steel that is durable and can withstand environmental changes. Furthermore, there are powder-coated black to inhibit rust or corrosion. The brimming stainless steel is welded in such a way that no moisture or grease would form on the grill. The caster wheels ensure a sturdy grip and make it easier to maneuver the product indoors and outdoors easily.

There are different options to choose from – natural gas smoker or propane or charcoal. The ignition system is instant and lights up the burners instantly. The temperature gauge assists you to regulate the heat inside. The grills of the broil king smokers are made using stainless steel that can be easily detached (in the vertical smoker models) and put it back to the adjustable rails.

The water-filled pan underneath the grilling system ensures proper efficiency, temperature, and allows the juicy flavor to retain longer in the meat. The adjustable dampers or vents on the smokers work like a chimney. They allow better airflow into the smoker especially when you are cooking on charcoal. They fuel the fire with oxygen thus ensuring a flavorful smoky taste in your food.

Notice the dome-shaped hood on the broil king smoker? This Kamado-shaped smokers ensure high efficiency, optimum insulation, and the ability to hold the changing temperatures.

That being said, let’s take a look at the four best-selling smokers at broil king.


Smoke Vertical Gas Smoker

The broil king 16” traditional vertical gas smoker offers you gas (Liquid propane) smoking system that delivers a punch of smoke flavor in foods that comes with authentic BBQ flavor. The durable and unique construction with stylish accents enhance the look of the model. It comes with dual steel walled design for efficient thermoconduction cooking. This provides consistent results every time you cook outdoors.

The electronic ignitor creates an instant spark so that you can cook easily. An energy-efficient product, it is made out of stainless steel with powder-coated black to resist any climatic changes. The four tool hands attached to the sides of the cabinet are to hang essential tools and kitchen vessels for prompt use.

This electronic broil king smoker comes with a hose and regulator with QCC (Quick Closing Coupling) that limits the flow of gas to the smoker. You can use wood chips that when infused with slow-cooked meats can enhance the flavor and yields in incredibly tender results. Always pre-soak the wood chips for 30 minutes before adding to the smoker. The limit of smoke roasting can be from 275 to 400 degree Fahreiheit.

The generous 770 sq. in. of space can be efficiently utilized for cooking. The cooking grills of the broil king electric smoker can be easily detached for easy clean and attached back in position. The wall hinges can be adjusted as per the proportion/size of the food. This broil king vertical propane smoker also comes with 16 “S” type hooks for the additional hanging of food. The door mounted Accu-Temp thermometer gives you the control of updating the changing climate inside. Place the rib/roast rack upright instead of the stainless steel cooking grids for barbecuing more foods at one go.

The convenient bottle opener gives you the freedom to open up a beer and enjoy the nature while the BBQ does its job.

Take a look at the specs of this broil king stainless steel smoker box.

  • Adjustable multi-purpose rib/roast rack
  • Adjustable Roto-Draft cast aluminum damper system for best air circulation and balancing the heat
  • Door mounted Accu-Temp thermometer
  • Extra stainless steel water bowl and smoker tray
  • 16 integrated meat hooks
  • Four sturdy tool hooks
  • Easy bottle opener
  • Three heavy-duty door handles
  • Two rugged steel doors with silicone gasket and premium latch system
  • Double-walled steel construction

Broil king smoke vertical propane smoker reviews

  • Suzie Q – “Can smoke so much at a time. I have done beef jerky, burgers, brisket, pork ribs, pork roasts and much more at the same time. This broil king gas smoker is so easy to feed a group of people without tiring oneself. I get to enjoy my company without standing at the BBQ and putting out fires.”
  • Liam – “Purchased this broil king barbecue smoker box 6 months ago. It is the first smoker I have owned. Book an evening to assemble the unit but it’s a straightforward process. I have completed 4 batches now as of smoked salmon and trout. It does smoke a little hotter than most of those electric ones but I just replace the chips a little more frequently and take some time off the process. It tastes better than electric units and the moisture tray is simply an awesome feature. The doors seal off great and it also doubles the BBQs (I have had it up to 400).”

There are much more broil king vertical smoker reviews/testimonials available online.

Broil Smoke Vertical Charcoal Smoker

This exceptional vertical smoker is one of the most reviewed products of Broil King. A best-seller in its own way, charcoal smoker promises to deliver you with impeccable juicy flavors that tingle your taste buds. Every bite you get out of that juicy beef with a tinge of smoke will linger in your mind and sense for a long time. Let’s look at the features of this broil king bbq smoker box.

For starters, it is built with a sturdy design using hardcore stainless steel that is powder-coated with black. The heavy-duty caster wheels and legs give you the liberty to move the product indoor and outdoor easily. An innovative design unlike normal grills in the market, it comes with four adjustable stainless steel cooking grids. These grids can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. You will also find wall-attached hinges in the smoker box that adjusts the grids to suit the quantity of your food.

It comes with a secondary door that provides access to the smoker box and the water pan. The doors seal tight the food and do not let anything pass through. They also come with two gasket premium latch system that protects tiny tots from opening the smoker box.

Another advantage of this secondary door is to alleviate the chances of smoke and heat loss in the main oven. You can adjust the temperature with the two cast aluminum dampers that can be regulated for optimum temperature control.But that’s not all. The roast/rib rack offers you to cook large meat. All you have to do is replace the normal stainless steel grills but this roast rack. Not to mention the 16 stainless steel meat hooks gives you additional space to hang vegetables, chicken pieces etc.

Read the specifications of this Broil King Smoker Charcoal Smoker.

  • 770 / 4968 total cooking surface
  • Adjustable multi-purpose rib/roast rack
  • Adjustable Roto-Draft cast aluminum damper system with chrome coating
  • Door mounted Accu-Temp thermometer
  • Extra-large stainless steel water bowl and smoker tray
  • 16 integrated meat hooks
  • 4 sturdy tool hooks
  • Convenient bottle opener
  • 3 heavy-duty door handles
  • 2 rugged steel doors with a silicone gasket and premium latch system
  • Heavy-duty charcoal tray
  • Two front leveling feet with two rear easy move wheels
  • Double-walled steel construction
  • Premium epoxy high heat paint

Broil king vertical charcoal smoker Reviews

  • Zane, Canada – “I bought this from a fellow who won it. It works so well and I just can’t keep up with the demand from friends and neighbours.”
  • SoCal Chris, CA – “I bought this smoker a month ago and have completed my third smoke in it. I have done ribs, pulled chicken, smoked salmon, and Canadian bacon. The smoker worked great each time. It is very easy to maintain a constant temp and there is no leakage of smoke. It is so easy to access the firebox. It could have been nice if there was a port to allow temperature probes to be inserted into the smoker. However, I just ran them through the door seal with no problem. The unit is sturdy and a lot of hard work has been put which can be seen. I look forward to many years of great use.”

Other Broil King Smokers products are –

  • Smoke offset Charcoal Smoker and
  • Smoke Charcoal Grill
  • Broil King Keg Grill/Smoker


These Broil King Traditional Smokers are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years. The stainless steel grates and all other parts and paint are warranted for a period of two years.


There are few users who are not happy with the performance of Broil King. The most common complaint received is that the smoker grills fall out every time making it difficult to users to hold it in position. Even the water tray is hard to pull out of the rack and tends to leak.

Another complaint received is that offset charcoal smoker doesn’t get hot above 140 Degree Celsius. Here are few of the complaints received.

  • Rrapidron – “Will not go below 275f. So far I am very unhappy with the product. The manufacturer is sending in new regulator to see if it cures the problem. (UPDATE). Cannot get the unit go below 275f even after working with the manufacturer. I am returning this product.”
  • Pepp – “Can’t get the temperature to go over 140 celsius. For even this temperature, the firebox door (cleaning door) needs to be open. If the door is closed and the air regulators are used, the charcoal doesn’t get much oxygen and starts grey smoke. The temperature begins to drop 90-100 degree celsius.”
  • SRTM – “Use this only for a few times. The racks are really very hard to pull out due to the side that holds them in fall out all the time. And every time I use it the water leaks everywhere even if it is a perfectly flat concrete patio. Not sure if it’s worth the price. Got it for my husband on our 15th wedding anniversary. We are not happy.”
  • stmalott – “I have used this smoker a few times. It smokes good but the pieces that hold the racks always tend to fall out. And every time I have smoked the smoker leaks water everywhere.”

We hope the company takes these issue seriously or else they might lose valuable customers.


What is a broil king upright smoker?

Upright smoker is nothing but Vertical smokers available at Broil king.

What is a broil king premium bbq smoker box?

The broil king premium imperial bbq 60190 smoker box is designed to sit on top of the cooking grill and deliver smoke to your food. But that’s not all. This smoke and flavor infuser from broil king has the ability to hold juice thus adding moisture and flavor especially when you are slow cooking meat. Broil king smoker box reviews are excellent with 4.2 out of 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Where to buy broil king smoker accessories for sale online?

The official site of broil king smokers offers you many accessories such as cover to enhance and safeguard your BBQ experience.

Are there any Broil king smokers discount coupon codes available?

Yes, there are many websites that offer Broil king discount coupon codes so that you can purchase the product at good savings.

What is broil king smoker barbeque horizontal smoker?

The Broil King Smoke Offset Smoker (Dragon Black) is commonly called as the horizontal smoker due to its obvious manufacturing.

Where will I find broil king smoker instructions online?

While broil king smokers products come with instruction manual, you can download it online from the official website.

Where to buy broil king smoker for sale at best price online?

There are many websites such as Amazon, Walmart, Target etc. that offers you broil king products at best price.

Where can I find amazing broil king smoker recipes?

The official website of broil king smokers offers you mouthwatering recipes for your BBQ smoker.

Is broil king smokers available worldwide?

No, currently the company ships only in the USA. However, there are many online retailers such as Amazon, eBay who offer international shipping such as Edmonton (Canada), New Zealand, India and so on.

Are there any retail outlets to order broil king smoker?

Yes, Broil King can be ordered from Lowes online or at retail outlets.

What is broil king wood chip for smokers?

Apart from smoker box, you can order different kinds of broil king wood chips that come with various aromatic flavors such as Mesquite, Whiskey, Hickory, Apple, and Rum Barrel.

The Final Verdict

It’s time to put on chefs cap and explore outdoor cooking. For those who love to experiment various delicacies while enjoying nature with friends and family, Broil King Smokers are the best bet. So stop thinking and start cooking!!!

Got a Broil King Smoker? Share your experience with us here. Your opinion does matter.

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