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BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Reviews, Ingredients

Sleep is one of the most important factors of brain health.  Sleep deprivation can impair your health as the blood flow to your brain reduces, and you end up making bad decisions. Dr. Daniel Amen, MD developed a sleep supplement – Restful Sleep Supplement, containing rich nutrients and ingredients for night-long sleep. Dr. Amen BrainMD Restful Sleep Dietary Supplement contains Melatonin to eases you into sleep, helps you stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. Continue reading to know more about BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Reviews, Ingredients, Side Effects, Price, etc.

BrainMD Restful Sleep Dietary Supplement for Natural Sleep, Calmness and Relaxation

Getting the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep is must for healthy brains. This is because in sleep deprivation the blood flow to your brain drops. As per new research, the brain’s special “waste management system” works to get rid of toxins including brain plaque while you sleep. Lack of healthy sleep provides limited time for cleaning and trashing build-ups, causing brain fog and memory problems. 

Restful Sleep supplement from BrainMD Health is a special formulated dietary supplement by Dr. Amen. It helps you get completely natural sleep that won’t leave you groggy or irritable the next day.

This sleep and brain supplement contains melatonin to keep you asleep throughout the night. It also includes calming neurotransmitter GABA, as well as magnesium, Vitamin B6, and valerian. All these nutrients combine to produce a soothing, sedative effect to help relax your body and mind and ease you into a peaceful sleep. One bottle contains 60 capsules for the best price.

Restful Sleep Supplement Benefits & Uses

  • Promotes a calm mind and a peaceful sleep
  • Promotes sustained restorative sleep
  • Promotes soothing sedative effect 
  • Helps in relaxing the body and mind
  • Promotes a tranquil mind and body to make you feel calm 

BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Ingredients – How Does Restful Sleep Supplement Work?

This nutritional supplement has five ingredients to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and enjoy a better quality of sleep.

  • Vitamin B6 (20 mg) – As pyridoxine, it helps with the production of neurotransmitters (serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, GABA), that supports balanced healthy sleep. It promotes relaxation and enhances mood.
  • Magnesium (100 mg) – This relaxation mineral is vital in hydration, muscle relaxation, energy production, deactivation of adrenaline and sleep. It helps calm brain neurons, initiates sleep and improves overall sleep quality.
  • GABA Gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) (750 mg)This amino acid and neurotransmitter inhibit the excessive firing of neurons, for calmness. It supports the body’s natural mechanism for calming the mind.
  • Valerian (600 mg) – For centuries, this traditional herb has been used for its calming and sleep-inducing effects. It may work through the GABA receptors, which calm brain activity when activated. It supports deep, restful, quality sleep.
  • Melatonin (5 mg) – This hormone helps regulate your sleep/ wake cycle. Aging, jet lag, and certain medications can all affect melatonin production, interrupting your sleep. It promotes restful sleep and healthy sleep patterns.

Serving Size 4 Capsules and Servings per Container 15. Other Ingredients include Vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, and silica. It is free from milk/dairy, gluten, wheat, yeast, eggs, corn, artificial colors, or flavoring.

Restful Sleep Supplement Dosage & Drug Interaction Symptoms

The recommended Restful Sleep Supplement Dosage is to take one to four capsules of Restful Sleep 30-60 minutes prior to the desired bedtime or as directed by your healthcare professional. There are no Restful Sleep Supplement Drug Interaction Symptoms known. However, if currently taking an antidepressant or monoamine oxidase inhibitor medications than avoid using this sleep supplement. 

Restful Sleep Supplement Side Effects, Risks & Adverse Reactions

There are no negative Restful Sleep side effects reported by its users. However, few users reported to experience a headache and chest pain initially but after deciding the right dosage, they were fine. To avoid any risk and adverse reactions, women who are nursing or pregnant or people using antidepressant should not take Restful Sleep.

Is Restful Sleep Supplement Safe?

This is a specially formulated sleep supplement to be safe and not habit-forming. It contains all sleep-inducing ingredients that will help you sleep well all night long and wake up feeling refreshed. In addition, it will not make you feel groggy or ill-tempered the next morning. 

BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Reviews & Complaints

People share impressive Restful Sleep Supplement Reviews online. On Amazon, it has received 4.1 out of 5 stars from 34 Customer Reviews. Today, people know that sleeping well is very important for the brain. So they keep on trying various sleep support supplements. Most customers reported sleeping great after years of sleep problems only after starting to take the Restful Sleep Capsules. Some users also gave BrainMD Health Restful Sleep to their ADHD children. They say it has helped them sleep all night long and wake up feeling great.  There are no BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Complaints online. However, few people complain that the product didn’t work for them.

Restful Sleep Supplement Testimonials

  • Elizabeth’s husband has neuropathy and says sleep is difficult for him. He has tried all kinds of products. It took a while for him to get the right Restful Sleep dosage but this certainly helped him sleep more than before.
  • Reza says this product didn’t work for her. 

BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Price

One bottle contains 60 capsules and will cost you $39.95.

BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Results

You can expect Restful Sleep Results such as improved natural sleep, calm mind, and body and wake up feeling rejuvenated in the morning. 

Restful Sleep Supplement Before And After

This brain and body renewal sleep supplement is great for people having sleep deprivation. The number of Restful Sleep Supplement before and after comments online from actual users says it all.


Is Restful Sleep Supplement FDA Approved?

It is manufactured in GMP certified manufacturing facilities adhering to strict FDA regulations. 

Where To Buy Restful Sleep Supplement?

Buy Restful Sleep Supplement online from its manufacturer – Get 100% money back guarantee, Free shipping on orders over $75 and more.

Is Restful Sleep Supplement available in Amazon?

Yes, buy Dr. Amen BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Dietary Supplement with Melatonin in Amazon for $39.95+ free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Can I Buy Restful Sleep Supplement In Costco or Wal-Mart?

No, at the time of writing this article, it is not available here.

Are there any BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement Coupon Codes, Discount, and Promos available?

Search for BrainMD Health Coupon Codes or Restful Sleep Coupon Codes to find amazing deals such as Free shipping on orders over $75, no code needed or use promo code HAPPY4TH to get $25 off all orders over $100 which expires 7/4, etc.


BrainMD Health Restful Sleep Supplement delivers the most effective, recommended nutrients to calm and relax your body and mind for great sleep every night. It promotes an enhanced quality of sleep and reduces daytime fatigue. 

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