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BrainMD Health Betaine TMG Ingredients, Reviews

Betaine or the trimethylglycine (TMG) is a natural nutrient in the cells. Betaine helps SAMe or S-Adenosylmethionine in regulating the mood. The SAMe provides methyl group for DNA formation and also takes part in the cell repair process, gene regulation, etc. Betaine supplies methyl groups for the various enzymes and activities. The BrainMD Health Betaine TMG supplements from Dr. Daniel Amen promotes a healthy mood, regulates the homocysteine metabolism, and is also helpful with the cell water regulation. It uses only one ingredient that is important for so many functions. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG ingredients, Benefits & Uses

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG contains only Betaine TMG- 500mg per capsule. 

  • Betaine reduces the homocysteine level. Homocysteine is a byproduct of SAMe making. These homocysteine have toxic effects. The betaine provides methyl group to homocysteine to recycle it to a non-toxic state. Reducing homocysteine is good for the heart as it can affect the heart negatively. 
  • The osmoprotectant effect of betaine keeps the cell hydrated and helps adapt to stress. It controls the expansion and shrinkage of the cells to maintain its integrity. 
  • Betaine donates methyl group for the production of SAMe that is important for DNA production and also for being an antioxidant. Increased SAMe level promotes the production of important neurotransmitters. Do note that it is SAMe that enhances the mood and not betaine. Betaine plays only the second-hand role by promoting the effects of SAMe. 
  • SAMe helps regulate the mood by improving serotonin production, dopamine levels, etc. It can enhance mood from depression-like state and can also reduce anxiety. 
  • Betaine can affect brain functions by improving memory, reflexes, etc.
  • Betaine helps the liver in the detoxification process by breaking down the fats. 
  • Betaine protects the kidney cells by lowering the uric acid level. It initiates the production of carnitine that is also protective of kidneys from any cellular damage
  • Betaine helps improve muscle mass and bodybuilding. It reduces fat inside the body and helps develop muscles. Betaine improves the endurance of the workouts. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG Dosage & Drug interaction Symptoms

The BrainMD Health Betaine TMG is in the form of capsules. The recommended dosage is to take 2 capsules per day. Each bottle of BrainMD Health Betaine TMG contains 60 capsules for a supply of 30 days. Take the capsules between the meals. 

There could be interactions of BrainMD Health Betaine TMG with other prescription medications and the over-the-counter herbal supplements. Talk to the doctor about taking betaine and they may help you with the dosage of the existing medications as well as that for the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG capsules. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG Risks, Side effects & Adverse Reactions

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG is generally a risk free supplement. There are no reports of any major or adverse reactions of taking this supplement. The common possible side effects are nausea and stomach upset. In case of any serious side effects like breathing difficulty, memory issues, speech problems, unconsciousness etc, seek immediate medical attention. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG can affect the brain so start with just 1 capsule per day and increase the dosage only after you are sure that there are no side effects. 

Another problem could be the fishy smell in the breath and sweat. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG reviews & Complaints

The general reviews say that the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG is very effective for methylation and shows detox like symptoms in some. This shows that the supplement is effective and is working fine. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG Testimonials

  • David- “I have been taking BrainMD Health Betaine TMG to compliment SAMe. This combination of supplements has made me feel better than better.”
  • Gail- “It has increased my methylation as I get detox like symptoms. It has been effective for me but I skip the night dosage due to detox. The product is great for the price and I will stay on it.”
  • Anonymous-“My son has been better since these capsules. He is been staying regulated.”

Where to Buy BrainMD Health Betaine TMG

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG is available directly from the manufacturer BrainMD Health. You will get discount and auto ship facilities from the makers. The product is economical. You could get free shipping with the auto shipping.

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG in Amazon: The BrainMD Health Betaine TMG is also available in Amazon in many countries. The same auto shipping facility is up there at Amazon as well. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG in Costco: It is NOT available from Costco. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG in WalMart: There are betaine TMG available at WalMart but NOT the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG price

One bottle of BrainMD Health Betaine TMG supplement costs $14.95. The price is the same at all the online stores it is available from. The only discount you may get is when ordering with auto shipping. The auto shipping will send one bottle per month so that you supply stays ready to go. Auto shipping will get one bottle at only $12.71 and with free shipping. If buying only 1 bottle, the shipping charges are applicable. The amount for shipping depends on the distance. 

When you buy BrainMD Health Betaine TMG from the manufacturing, more than one item with a total bill of $75 or above will get you free shipping. 

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG FAQs

Is BrainMD Health Betaine TMG capsules safe?

Yes, the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG capsules are safe for adults. Keep the capsules for at latest 2 hours away from the meals as the digested meals could interfere with the absorption of the contents in the capsules. The capsules are 100% vegan so vegetarians can have it without worry. 

Is BrainMD Health Betaine TMG FDA Approved

No, the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG has not got the FDA approval as it is a non-prescription dietary supplement. 

Does BrainMD Health Betaine TMG work with 2 capsules per day?

BrainMD Health Betaine TMG can work to improve healthy methylation, having a good amount of betaine in the system can also bypass certain metabolic anomalies that take methyl groups from other sources. One must also take 1 capsule of BrainMD Health Betaine TMG per 800 mg of SAMe for the best results. As a maintenance dosage, take just 1 capsule per day. Some people may also need to have higher doses than that is recommended. In such cases, a doctor’s advice and approval is mandatory to maintain good health. 

When will the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG results show?

It may take about a week’s time to show proper results of taking BrainMD Health Betaine TMG. Improvement in the mood and feel could be visible in 2-3 days; further improvements can take a while. 

What is methylation?

Methylation is the process of adding a methyl group to any compounds. The day to day activities inside the human body requires methylation frequently. The body takes these methyl groups from betaine which is naturally available. When there is a deficiency, the body starts taking methyl groups from other sources that could affect health. Having betaine ensures that the body gets its methyl from the right sources.

It says that it increases the performance of SAMe but the ingredient list shows only betaine in it!

Yes, the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG does help improve the performance of SAMe. This works for those who don’t take SAMe supplement. For those who take SAMe supplements, the effects of the other supplement can be greatly improved when you take betaine capsules as well. Betaine can improve its effects and can also counter the ill effects of any byproducts of the SAMe activities. 

Are there any allergens in the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG capsules?

No, the BrainMD Health Betaine TMG is free of any common allergens like dairy products, gluten, wheat, soy, eggs, yeast etc. It does not have any artificial color or flavorings either. The capsules are completely vegan with vegetable cellulose for the covering. 

Can I apply any BrainMD Health Betaine TMG Discount, coupon codes and Promos while purchasing?

Yes, there are BrainMD Health coupons that can provide an additional discount of $10 or 20-25% off on the purchase from BrainMD Health. These coupons and promo codes are available from,,,, etc. 

Who must take BrainMD Health Betaine TMG capsules?

Anyone who is taking SAMe supplements can benefit by BrainMD Health Betaine TMG. Those who want to recycle homocysteine in their system and fail to get results by taking folate or vitamin B12 should try betaine. They need 2 capsules per day for the proper recycling of homocysteine. 

Can BrainMD Health Betaine TMG be effective for autism?

There is no direct evidence for the effects of BrainMD Health Betaine TMG on autism but the TMG is known to reduce methionine levels in those with autism. Abnormal methionine levels could create cognitive issues and the betaine TMG could have a positive effect on this issue. You must talk to the concerned doctor regarding this possibility. 


BrainMD Health Betaine TMG can be helpful for the internal organs and nervous system in a positive way. There could be minor issues of fishy smell for the urine and sweat etc, yet this may be required for many who have a low betaine diet. They would have mood swings and have difficulty processing the toxic homocysteine level in the blood. Taking this dietary supplement can ensure balanced homocysteine and better mood for them. 

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