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Blackstone Flat Top Grills & Griddles Features, Reviews

Blackstone flat-top grills and griddles are the best way to cook healthy and nutritious while enjoying the outdoor climate. This is a detailed review of Blackstone products, grills/griddles, their features, reviews, performance, and so on.

Blackstone Products – The Company

Though started in 2005, the popularity of Blackstone company has dramatically improved over the last few years with many people indulging in the fun of outdoor cooking right at their home. The signature griddle offers you unparalleled types of food – from burgers to steaks to mixed vegetables making it friendly not only for non-vegetarians but vegetarians as well.

The price is affordable with much latest technology implemented in the griddles to make them more user-friendly. The website is very much informative and provides you an in-depth detail of the products. Check out the review section to get an overview of the product. There are also a variety of recipes that you can try in your Blackstone flat top griddles. The FAQ section is pretty good and comes with common questions raised by the consumers.

A true USA company, Blackstone products have its headquarters located in 513 W 2500 N, Logan, Utah 84341. They offer FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the USA and offer the best customer support via email and telephone. You may contact them at 435-252-3030 or

But that’s not all.

The company offers a wholesome 30-day money-back guarantee in case the product does not meet your expectations. Now that’s a safe bet for skeptical users who are purchasing from online.

Grills Vs. Griddles

One of the most commonly mistaken words, grills and griddles are often used by consumers interchangeably. However, NOTE that grills and griddles are two different cooking surfaces.

Griddle cooked food is unmistakably delicious. Be it light or fluffy pancakes or a perfectly seared burger, outdoor griddles offer huge heated surfaces. Think of it as a griddle top made using iron or stainless steel. The more you use, the more seasoned it becomes thus preventing rust to gather around.

A griddle is nothing but a flat cooking surface that uses propane or charcoal with grates on top.  It does not have any openings or grates. The griddle is one solid sheet of metal. While it was available commercially only, nowadays half of consumers own it at their home for personal use. In short, the griddle has become the next culinary canvas to amateur chefs.

A grill, on the other hand, comes with distinctive features such as raised ridges that leave a beautiful grill shaped marks on anything you cook on it. This includes hamburgers, steaks, sandwiches, and weiners. The grill also eliminates the need for extra grease thus maintaining a healthy level of calories.


Top Products of Blackstone

Blackstone 28” Flat Top Grill for Outdoor Cooking

There are currently two types of 28” flat top grill available – one with stainless steel panel and other with powder-coated steel. You can choose the one at your discretion. The price range between the two is a matter of less than $20 which isn’t a biggie. The prominent features remain the same.

Specs & Features

  • Suitable for outdoor grilling and camping
  • New design eliminates cold spots
  • 15,000 per burner with dual burner offering 30,000 BTUs
  • Blackstone griddle comes with dual stainless steel burners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Electronic ignition for instant go
  • 28” x 16” cooking surface
  • Easy to remove griddle top
  • Commercial grade swivel casters with lock feature that allow easy portability
  • Thick cold-rolled steel surface of 6 gauge that allows even heat distribution and optimum heat retention
  • Side and bottom shelves for setting cooking utensils or storing multi-cuisine
  • Power using LP gas cylinders or propane with proper regulator
  • Powder-coated steel body
  • Propane tank holder of 20 lbs for easy carriage
  • Easily foldable for discreet storage
  • Grease cup measures 5.5”L x 3.5”W x 2.5”D
  • One-year limited warranty

Design & Performance

Made using solid stainless steel, Blackstone 28” flat top grill comes with a fantastic cooking surface of 28.5” x 16.5” dimension with a versatile design. A portable product, replace your grill or BBQ with this Blackstone Griddle. One look and it resembles a PC/study table. However, the features are simply mindblowing.

The griddle is made using 6 gauge thick cold rolled steel surface that is easily detachable for quick cleaning (once it is cold). This ensures proper heat distribution and stagnant retention. The cooking surface is slightly angled forward. This makes any extra drippings flow right into the V-shaped grease tray and then straight into the removable drip pan. Two “H” stainless steel burners with stainless steel tube rule the griddle that delivers a 15,000 BTU output each delivering a total of 30,000 BTUs. This ensures quick heat-up and best durability. The electronic ignition is easy to assemble. The battery-powered ignitor (AA batteries) delivers instant start so that you can start cooking right away. These burners can be handled independently.

The body of the grill comes with a sturdy steel frame that is powder-coated to fight rust and other environmental challenges. It is fastened with two commercial caster wheels that come with lock features to keep the grill intact. It also supports quick portability from indoors to outdoors. The best part is the handy fold-and-go design that maintains a stealth storage post usage.

You will also find a 2-inch shelf on the one side of the grill and one on the bottom that holds your cooking necessities aptly. Last but not least, this propane-fueled grill comes with a standard 20lb tank with an accommodating tank storage that can be tucked away nicely under the left side shelf.

Blackstone 28” Griddle Reviews

This product has received 4.6 out of 5-star ratings from Amazon users and 4.9 out of 5 by Walmart consumers. This says a lot about product performance and durability. However, there are few disgruntled customers as well. As they say, there is no such thing as perfect. So while some are happy, some are not satisfied with the product.

Here are few of the reviews received from consumers available at various websites.

  • Jay Man – “Great griddle for the price. I was using Camp Chef with the griddle attachment before but Blackstone is far better. The package was extremely well. The product is built well to heat up evenly. The table that goes with this is a lot of money but I would highly recommend it. The grease capturer is essential as the design slightly bends forward. While it can be messy, the grease holder captures it efficiently. The only maintenance required is the burner tubes that need to be taken off before using to clean it out.”
  • Fonzie – “A quality griddle that makes outdoor cooking a fun experience. The product is very well built and performs excellently. Cleaning up is a breeze and I can’t say enough about the versatility of meals that can be prepared on this generous cooking area. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, cooking is a breeze with Blackstone flat-top grills and griddles.”
  • Jen K – “This grill was awesome at the start but then within 2 months after purchasing and using it only a handful of times, the regulator stopped working. The grill doesn’t get hot.”
  • Dutch – “Within 6 months of use, the product has begun to rust. I did follow instructions but the problem persists.”

Blackstone 36” 4-Burner Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station

Get restaurant-quality food with Blackstone 36” flat top grill that comes with some of the best features. One of the BEST-SELLERS and most REVIEWED PRODUCTS IN AMAZON, this 36” flat top griddle comes with many distinguishing features, performance, and durability that sets it a class apart.

Specs and Features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Electronic push-button ignition
  • 60,000 BTU total (15,000 per burner)
  • Four independently controlled burners that come with high/low-temperature settings
  • 36” x 21” cooking surface
  • Easily removable griddle top
  • Black powder-coated steel frame
  • Swivel caster wheels that allow easy portability
  • Extremely durable solid stainless steel burners
  • Thickly rolled steel surface allows even heat distribution and superior heat retention
  • Convenient lower and side shelves for storage
  • For outdoor use only

Design and Performance

A hearty breakfast of eggs and bacon to warming Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, anything is possible with this Blackstone flat-top grills and griddles. The pure grade stainless steel frame is powder-coated with black and is absolutely sturdy and can withstand the test of time. You will find four commercially designed caster wheels that come with lock-in feature to prevent wobbling or swaying. It also helps in easily moving the griddles from indoors to outdoors or vice-versa.

The electronic four-burner griddle cooking station comes with independent controlled humans with high & low-temperature settings. These “H” shaped burners are made using solid stainless steel that not only lasts long but delivers instant heat. It offers you 60,000 BTUs in total (with 15,000 BTU per burner). The prominent feature of the Blackstone 36” grill is the enormous 36” x 21” area of a cooking surface. It is made using cold rolled steel, sandblasted, and dipped in thick soy oil to preseason and protect it during the shipping process. It is always recommended to rinse away the top before use and dry it off.

When used rigorously, the griddle top can become non-stick and free from rust or other environmental conditions. As a matter of fact, the griddles are so strong that you can even cut or chop on the griddle top and it won’t harm the surface.

With four burners in your control, this Blackstone flat top gas grill is considered an epic product ever designed by the manufacturer. The easy to remove griddle top makes it easy to clean and attach it back on the grill. Unlike 28” flat-top grill that comes with only one side shelf, the 36” griddle comes with two side shelves and one large bottom shelf for storing the food and cooking utensils. You will find a 20lbs propane tank that can be easily tucked in the bottom shelf.

This product is available in 4-burner type only.

Notice how the cooking surface is slightly slanted? This is to ensure that extra grease (drippings) flow right to the grease tray (V-shaped). It further moves to the detachable drip pan. On the sides and behind the cooking surface are 2” splash guards that help you to keep food on the griddle itself.

Blackstone 36” Flat Top Grill Griddle Reviews

There are many Blackstone griddle customer reviews for Blackstone 36” grill which is a benchmark product. While majoritively, the reviews have been positive, the one major drawback is the grease catcher that seems to be troubling a few consumers. Some also complain that the product seems to rust early and does not meet the expectations. However, the positive reviews surpass the Blackstone griddle’s complaints.

  • Jim Bonza – “I have had this grill for more than 2 years now and it is still going strong. It is fun to cook on and makes me feel like a chef at times. I use an infrared heat gun to check the temperature. It is so easy to cook on using various foods. Bacon on a side, pancakes on other and eggs in the other two zones.”
  • James R Hubbard – “The knobs that hold the two side trays are too short. It does not create enough pressure against the tray rails to hold them in place. Most disappointing is the drip hole where the grease runs off and ends up all over the control place, bottom tray, leg, wheels and my patio deck. I will return this product, unfortunately.”
  • Gary – “I have been eyeing this grill for more than a couple of years now. Finally, I was able to get a grip 3 days ago. I have cooked breakfast and burger & pork chops tonight. I have been a BBQ freak for years and since I have started cooking, the Blackstone has been amazing. The grill is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Warranty for Blackstone Products

All the grills and griddles from Blackstone comes with a warranty for 90 days against defects for materials and craftsmanship from the date of purchase. The griddle part is warranted for one year against defects and craftsmanship from the date of purchase. Blackstone will replace the part or product with proven defects at their discretion.


Where to buy Blackstone flat top grills and griddles online?

Blackstone products have partnered with many online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, and so on. There are available at retail locations as well such as Walmart, Home Depot, Target etc. Of course, the price varies based on retailers discretion. Hence, we always recommend buying from online.

Where will I find Blackstone griddle accessories online?

You can order the Blackstone griddle accessories such as cover online at many sites such as Amazon, eBay or Walmart at best price.

Why does my regulator make a humming noise?

There is nothing to be worried about and basically, it means there is a loose plastic washer. You can contact the customer support and they will replace the regulator for you.

How to clean the griddle top?

The best way to clean the griddle top is by using oil and a metal scraper. If things get difficult at times, you can use a small amount of water to steam up thus allowing the excess food or sauce to be easily scraped from the grill. Then put a thin layer of oil down over the griddle top.

How to season my Blackstone griddles?

The company recommends to wash off the griddle top and dry it well. Once the griddle top is cold, spread a thin layer of oil all over the griddle top. Then turn the griddle on till it begins to smoke. Note that based on the cooking oil, the temperature and time will vary. You should allow it to smoke for 20-25 minutes or until it stops smoking. Now turn the temperature down and apply another thin layer of oil on the griddle top. Repeat this process 3-4 times. Eventually, the griddle top will become black and shiny.

Where can I find Blackstone flat top grill recipes?

There is a recipes tab at the official website where you can find easy-to-make Blackstone flat top grill recipes.

Blackstone Flat Top Grills & Griddles Vs. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

Comparing two products can be challenging. Both Blackstone and Camp Chef offer best grills and griddles in the market. While Camp Chef focuses more on actual grills, Blackstone offers more griddles. However, the Flat top grill from the Camp Chef is one of the biggest competitors of Blackstone.

Camp Chef

Camp Chef clearly has been in the industry for more than two decades now. Set up in 1990, the company has earned a great reputation for creating great designs to cook outdoors. The company has many products such as BBQ boxes, pizza oven,s grills, flat top griddles etc.

Flat Top Grill

The Flat Top grill (griddle) is one of the best sellers simply because of its flat top griddle and grill combination. Remove the griddle and you will find a grill just beneath it giving you the liberty to use just a single product with the benefit of two.

Specifications (freestanding) $349.99

  • Comes with four 12,000 BTU stainless steel burners
  • Interchangeable flat top griddle
  • Two large folding side shelves and two generous bottom shelves
  • Electronic ignition system
  • Easy grease tray, catch bucket and micro adjust griddle levelers
  • Propane tank holder
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Allows a cooking surface of 501 sq. in. (grill side) and 604 sq. in. on (griddle side)

The problem with this commercial restaurant grills is that they look like an ugly unit. In fact, they are many people who find that the product looks ugly. Basically, it looks like a cart with a cooking unit placed on top of it. There are just too many additions clubbed in one single product that might be overwhelming for some. However, for the professional and passionate chefs who love to cook, this is definitely worth the money.

It is one giant commercial style grill that helps you to cook anything – breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 75-100 people without making your guests waiting for food.

The company also offers a 3-year warranty from the purchase date.

Blackstone Products Flat Top Grills and Griddles

Blackstone Products is a company that offers more griddles than grills. The products are limited as compared to Camp Chef but it stands out for having the best-selling product – 36’ flat top grill that has received many reviews in Amazon surpassing Camp Chef. Though started much later (in the year 2005) than Camp Chef, Blackstone grills have managed to become America’s favorite griddle.

Blackstone 36” Flat top grill griddle for outdoor cooking

The 36” Flat top grill is a simple product that offers nothing but a cold-rolled stainless steel griddle that serves your need. Using innovative technology and user-friendly features, the flat top grill is certainly everyone’s favorite for cooking outdoors.

Specifications (freestanding) $299.99

  • 4 “H” shaped stainless burners with independent controlled burners
  • Comes with low to high-temperature settings
  • Pure stainless steel burners
  • 15,000 BTU per burners delivering 60,000 BTUs in total
  • Electronic push-button igniter
  • 7 gauge of thick rolled steel surface for optimum heat retention
  • Handy fold and go design makes the griddle absolutely portable for any occasions or events
  • Four industrial strength caster wheels with a lockable feature
  • Pre-seasoned griddle for a non-rust finish
  • Comes with dual side shelves and one bottom shelf
  • Large grease can and hanger included
  • 20lbs of propane tank included

The only drawback is the grill and griddle combo but then not many find it a big difference and are absolutely comfortable with this griddle. The Blackstone 36” flat top grill is available in two types – one with a steel panel on the front and one black powder-coated panel. Go with your preference.

Which is the best?

The price of Camp Chef is definitely more than Blackstone but then they do offer grilling option as well which makes the price justified. Performance wise both are considered best since there are many users who have been using this product for more than 2-3 years and having the best foods they have ever tasted.

However, Blackstone offers high BTU output than Camp Chef taking minimal time to grill a steak than you expect.

Overall, both the brands are best in their own way.


We are definitely happy with the reviews and performance of Blackstone Flat Top Grills & Griddles. There are few drawbacks which the company is working on such as the grease dripping system but there are users who find this quite a trivial point and are happy with the performance and durability of the griddle.

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