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Biogetica’s Anagrow Roller For Hair Growth Reviews

Hair treatments are usually related to hair conditioning, hair rejuvenation, and clinically limited to hair loss and hair restoration. Treating hair thinning has never been a possibility until now. Hair treatment centers offer Hair Replacement Surgery and Hair Transplant procedures, with the latest addition of Stem Cell therapy for Thinning Hair. The Stem Cell procedures are a lot less painful and problematic in the long run but are very expensive from $1000 to $10,000. 

Biogetica is happy to bring you similar products at reasonable prices. Anagrow Roller from Biogetica is a Breakthrough Innovation in Hair Re-Growth. This Advanced Plant Stem Cell solution, developed by Richfeel in conjunction with Mibelle Biochemistry of Switzerland is economical and can be performed in the comfort of your home. Read on to know everything about Anagrow Roller Reviews, Side Effects, Ingredients, and more.

Anagrow Roller For Thinning Hair

Stem cells are the building blocks of life, which renew and help to re-generate all the other cells of the body, like hair, skin & nails. Recently in Biotechnology, Stem cells are being studied as treatments and cures for various ailments. They have already shown huge promises in hair loss. Biogetica is proud to provide the first plant stem cell-based therapy for thinning hair at affordable prices – Anagrow Roller.

It is a unique combination of plant stem cells from the Argan Tree, the Swiss Apple tree and Pea Plant extract along with the Nano Lipobelle Co-enzyme Q10, which stimulates hair follicles for hair growth and prevent graying.

Anagrow roller has tiny protrusions that help stimulate the scalp and improve Anagrow delivery to the roots to replenish your hair’s health and increase follicular strength. This product can be used by both men and women. 

Anagrow Roller Ingredients

It contains PhytoCellTec RejuvaMax, Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 oA, Pea Protein, Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, PEG 7 Glyceryl Cocoate, and Purified Water.

Anagrow Roller Benefits 

This plants stem cell therapy for hair loss is the world’s no 1 treatment for hair thinning. This Swiss-Italian origin treatment helps fight five signs of hair thinning – scanty hair, decreased volume (length), lack of hair growth, decreased density (thickness) and hair loss. It helps in improving the thickness of the hair, the hair starts becoming thicker and thus, the scalp visibility decreases to some extent.

Anagrow Roller Side effects & Adverse Reactions

There are no reports of any negative side effects from the users of this product. It is safe, natural and easy to use in long run and causes no adverse reactions.

Anagrow Roller Risks & Cautions

As this product comes in a roller form and applied directly to your hair, follow the following cautions to avoid any risks associated with it.

  • Do not share this product with others
  • Do not roll/ apply for more than the time indicated
  • Always keep the micro-needle part clean
  • Store it in a safe place out of the reach of children.
  • Regularly clean with antiseptic/ disinfectant solution only.
  • Do not use 2 days before and after coloring treatment.

Anagrow Roller Application Instructions

Roller size 0.25mm, run the Roller ten times, in an up and down motion to maximize penetration.

Is Anagrow Roller Safe?

This is the only safe and non-invasive treatment available today for hair thinning. It is a plant stem cells based treatment in which the stem cell extracts from the Swiss apple, Argan tree and pea plant is taken as they have similar epigenetic factors. This natural product is safe and effective to use. It is studied and proven in various studies and backed by many positive feedbacks. 

In a study conducted, 0.03 % of Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 (an ingredient of Anagrow) when applied to isolated hair follicles, enhanced follicular growth by 14% within 7 days.”  It has also actually helped in improving the growth of the existing hair by 85%, decreasing the hair fall by 56%, and finally helps in restoring hair regeneration by 78%.

Is Anagrow Roller FDA Approved?

This product is made in FDA compliant GMP certified Laboratories in various countries. It is appropriately registered with the FDA in these countries – Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Spain, India, and New Zealand. Hence, Anagrow Roller is the FDA registered and not FDA approved the product. 

Does Anagrow Roller Work?

Anagrow Roller is best known to work with the Anagrow and OM12 Homeopathic Sarcodes for thinning hair. Buy Biogetica’s Optimal Hair Rejuvenation Kit (With Roller) which includes all these products. This natural hair loss product kit consists homeopathic impressions of organs and tissues along with plant stem cell solution. In combination all these natural remedies potentially benefit hair follicles by –

  • Assists cell regeneration for growth of new hair
  • Improve blood circulation to the affected parts
  • Boosts the immune system for optimal functioning
  • Provides the body with vital nutrients
  • Eliminates waste from the bloodstream

Anagrow Roller Reviews 

Hair loss is complex issues where a number of companies make fake claims and scam people. Biogetica does not make any claims for Anagrow Roller. Instead, they provide you with the independent research on their ingredient and plant stem cell therapy which clarifies everything in a scientifically verifiable way.

Their website displays the Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 oA research and Plant Stem Cell culture research which proves the product efficacy. Also, Anagrow Roller Reviews from The leading Indian newspaper, Times of India says ‘The exciting scientific breakthrough achieved by the Indo-Italian-Swiss collaboration is guaranteed to revolutionize the way trichologists treat thinning hair around the world’. There are no Anagrow Roller Complaints available online. For more details on Anagrow Roller Testimonials please visit the manufacturer website.

Anagrow Roller Results

This is one of the Hair Loss and Hair Thinning Treatments done using the Stem Cells of the plants. It has resulted in improving the growth of the existing hair by 85%. It also helps in restoring the regeneration of hair by 78% and support decreasing hair fall by 56%. 

Anagrow Roller Before And After

This is a new product in the market which is all set to change the course of many lives. Hence, the manufacturer asks the users to share their Anagrow Roller before and after pictures depicting the progress with it. They also say that the product requires at least 3 to 6 months of use for visible results. Hence, returns will only be honored once you have used at least 3 kits (Optimal Hair Rejuvenation Kit (With roller)). If you are unsatisfied, they will accept your return after 90 days from your date of purchase.


Where to Buy Anagrow Roller?

The best place to buy Anagrow Roller online is from its official website Here you can avail the best price plus the complete information (ingredients, research, etc.) about the product.

Can I buy Anagrow Roller in Amazon or from any other online retailer?

No, at the time of writing this article, this product is not available on Amazon, Costco or Wal-Mart.

What is the Current Anagrow Roller price?

Presently, buy Anagrow Roller on sale for $29. You can also consider buying Optimal Hair Rejuvenation Kit (With roller) on sale for $129 for best hair re-growth results.


Anagrow Roller is the revolutionary new technology with plant stem cell-based therapy for thinning hair. This 100% natural and safe product comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee. In addition, search for Anagrow Roller coupon codes, discounts, and Promos and you will find plenty of Biogetica Coupon codes for additional savings. Order Today and gain your hair and confidence back. 

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