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Biogetica Freedom Kit with Vitiligease Formula for Vitiligo

Biogetica Freedom kit with Vitiligease Formula is a homeopathic remedy that can bring relief from the skin problem- vitiligo. Vitiligo is the white pigmentation of the skin seen in patches. It makes the skin look ugly and embarrassing. It is called Leucoderma that is mostly visible on the hands, legs, and on some rare cases, spreading all over the body. Though it is not a contagious disease, it can put a stop to the social life of the affected people. 

The Vitiligease formula helps overcome this tough situation with no side effects and with maximum effects. The product is able to reach the bottom of the problem and find an ideal solution to bring the best out in the immune system, where it all starts from.  

Details of Vitiligo 

Vitiligo is the white patches formed on the skin surface. These white patches are the result of loss of skin pigmentation. The natural skin pigment melanin is lost from the affected areas. 

It happens as a result of the attack of the immune system on the melanocytes or the pigmented cells. The autoimmune condition fails the body by destroying its own cells. This is why the immune system needs to strengthen and regulated to have control over vitiligo. 

Vitiligo is caused by various reasons and not only because of the autoimmune condition. 

Causes of vitiligo

  • The most common reason for vitiligo is autoimmunity where the body immunity is causing the destruction. It is possible more often when there is a family history of this disease
  • Hormone imbalance is another reason
  • Certain diseases like hypothyroidism, cancer, diabetes or alopecia areata can also lead to vitiligo

While these reasons can cause the disease there are certain factors that trigger the onset. The common triggers are- wearing tight clothes, use of rubber gloves too often, certain medications, etc. 

All of these can lead to the typical signs of white patches on the skin. These patches would be milky white in appearance. There can be a single spot or multiple spots. 

Vitiligease Formula benefits

Vitiligease Formula is a combination of homeopathic remedies that can work together to relieve the symptoms of vitiligo. Vitiligease Formula can control the de-pigmentation process, stimulate the body to produce more melanocytes, and restore skin health. 

The Biogetica kit with Vitiligease Formula contains 2 products- 

  • Vitiligease Formula that is the remedy for vitiligo
  • HoloRam Reginat a dietary supplement that can regulate the energy and tissue regeneration processes

Biogetica kit with Vitiligease formula ingredients 

  • Vitiligease Formula contains Arsen sulph and phosphorous. The Arsenicum sulfuratum flavum is the primary ingredient that is a popular inclusion for skin diseases. It has deep penetrating action and can work for vitiligo. It works especially well for the patches appearing on the limb junctions, between the fingers. Phosphorous is an essential mineral. It can help the person emotionally and bring them back to social life. It is also essential for all the cells in the body. 
  • HoloRam Reginat on the other hand contains 5 groups of ingredients that perform separate tasks. The first group is activated micronutrients like antioxidants and enzymes that can protect the skin cells and do repairs. The second is the Reishi mushroom that can boost and regulate immunity. The third group contains several herbal extracts that are loaded with antioxidants. The fourth group comprises amino acids and the fifth group contains minerals and vitamins. 

Biogetica Freedom Kit with Vitiligease Formula dosage & drug interactions

Dosage of Vitiligease Formula is 6 tablets per day. This is to continue for 6 months for best results. 

HoloRam Reginat is in capsule form. There are 60 capsules in each bottle. The dosage is 1-2 capsules per day- one capsule with the breakfast and the other with dinner. 

Drug interactions

There is nothing in the Vitiligease Formula or the other 2 products that can cause any interaction with the existing drugs used. At least, there are no such reports. If you are taking any medicine for any serious diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, etc, consult your doctor before starting with this remedy. 

Vitiligease Formula risk, side effects and adverse effects

Vitiligease Formula is safe for the body and does not cause any side effects or adverse effects. Being a homeopathic preparation, it is completely risk-free. 

Does Vitiligease Formula work?

Vitiligease Formula Vs Conventional treatments for vitiligo

Vitiligo is an internal problem of the body that has somehow come off the rail. The permanent solution is possible only when you can put the train back on the track.  Though no treatment method can assure 100% success, the homeopathic approach stands better against the conventional treatment methods. 

The conventional treatment includes, steroids applied on the skin as well as taken internally, UV treatment and surgical treatments like skin grafting. But none of these can put a permanent stop as these are only useful for covering up the problem. These methods also cause side effects in the form of lower immunity, vomiting, headaches, etc. 

Moreover, it can help regulate the immune system and take control over the de-pigmentation process. Unlike the other methods, it does not cover up the problem or put on a mask over the problem. 

Instead, it reaches to the root level and does the needful, as much as possible to get the situation under control. It helps with the restoration process as well. This is something the conventional treatment method cannot offer. 

Vitiligease Formula results

Whatever be the cause behind, the actual problem with vitiligo is the destruction of the melanocytes. The remedy that works best is something that can avoid the destruction of the melanocytes and that can help with the skin regeneration and restoration. 

Vitiligease Formula helps with controlling the pigment loss and stimulates the body to produce more melanocytes. In this process, the body gets assistance from the biomolecules and regulators provided by the HoloRam Reginat. This helps with the regulation of the immune system and the oxidation process that leads to de-pigmentation. At the same time, it supplies the body with the needed ingredients to restore the skin cells. 

Vitiligease Formula reviews, complaints and testimonials

Currently, no user reviews are available for the Biogetica Freedom Kit with Vitilgease Formula.

Where to buy Vitiligease Formula 

Vitiligease Formula is available only directky from Biogetica. It is not available on the online stores Amazon or in the shops like Walmart, Costco or pharmacies. 

Vitiligease Formula price

The Biogetica Freedom Kit with Vitiligease Formula costs $119. In India it costs about Rs.1999. 

Vitiligease Formula discounts, coupon codes and promos

There are no product-specific coupon codes or promos available online. The available codes are applicable to BIogetica products in general. You can make use of these to get further discounts on Vitiligease Formula. 


Vitiligease Formula is not a fast remedy for vitiligo. It works slow and can take longer to show any major change in the problem. In addition to taking the formula in a timely manner, you must also make sure to stay away from harmful UV rays, having a better diet with not too much of sour foods. It helps the body make more of the dark pigments and fade the white patches. This would definitely boost morale and can also de-stress the body to an extent. It shows a better way of getting back to the normal life you once had. 

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