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Biocide Systems Room Shocker Instructions, Reviews

Biocide Room Shocker is an odor eliminator made of harmless material. It makes an easy alternative to the costly air purifiers. It is an eco-friendly product that can work on all chemicals and vapors and completely eliminates them. A single container of this powder formed odor eliminator is effective for a maximum room size of 400 sq ft. 

This eco-friendly Biocide room shocker uses only the bio-degradable technology in it for the purpose. It has maximum strength with each type. This indoor use odor eliminator is available in different sized packs for the differently sized rooms. 

What is Biocide room shocker?

Room Shocker ClO2 odor eliminator has got the strongest odor eliminating material inside that is eco-friendlily and has a wider reach on various chemicals. It uses the latest technology named ClO2-DMG technology for the safer elimination of any odor-causing chemical or vapor in the indoor air. the specialty of Biocide Room Shocker is, 

  • ClO2- chlorine oxide is a gas that penetrates deep into the air and is much more effective than other odor eliminating products. 
  • The molecules of ClO2 attract the negative ions found in the odor-causing chemicals and pulls them like a magnet. Their interaction results in the destruction of these odor-causing chemicals. 
  • It works well on all kinds of odors and chemicals. It is effective or smoke smell, cigarette, the smell from urine, food, mildew, vomit, mold, or any other chemical- organic or inorganic in the vicinity. 
  • Biocide Room Shocker is one odor eliminator that can deal with the toughest of the odors.

Features of Room Shocker

  • The Biocide Room Shocker can have a coverage of 400 cubic ft or 250 cubic ft sized rooms. 
  • It is strictly for indoor use only
  • It acts fast, safe, and non-toxic in nature. 
  • It leaves no residue behind and is quite easy.
  • There is no case of carbon footprint and causes no harm to the environment. 

How does the Biocide Room Shocker work?

Room Shocker is an oxidizer that oxidizes the chemicals and makes them harmless and odorless molecules. Unlike other products that use the harmful version of the chlorides, the Room Shocker uses the harmless, chlorine oxide. 

Room Shocker comes in individual pouches and in powder form. They need to be mixed with water. The mixed solution has the potency for 2 weeks. The vapor technology here gives out the chlorine oxide as vapors into the air that reaches each and every chemical in the air. They interact and neutralize those chemicals that eliminate the odor. 

How to use Biocide Systems Room Shocker

Room Shocker comes in containers. Inside the container is the instruction leaf and the foil packet. You need to open the foil packet. Before that, shake the packet well to mix the contents inside. Once it is shaken well, open the foil packet to take the micro-generator pouch. 

Place the micro generator pouch back in the container and pour water using the measuring cup provided. Do not replace the lid and keep the container as it is. You are done!

There is no need for mixing, shaking, or dissolving. Just pour in the water and done. It is as simple as that. The water will mix with the contents of the micro-generator pouch to generate the chlorine oxide that vaporizes into the air. 

The chlorine oxide is powerful enough to eliminate, not mask, the odor-causing chemicals from the air as well as from its hidden areas like the pores on the walls or other substances.  

Biocide Systems Room Shocker reviews

The customer reviews show that the Room Shocker works like magic. It removes the entire nasty odor from the indoor air and replaces it with fresh feeling air. Although there may be a chlorine-like smell for a while, it will be gone within 24 hours so you can enjoy the fresh air inside. 

Users say that it has effectively eliminated the pet odors and cigarette smoke also. It works great for the old homes as well as the new homes with paint smell.

  • One user says that on the first use, the Room Shocker caused many of the hidden bugs and spiders to come out of their hide and was left dead on the floor. The user used 3 shockers simultaneously on 3 different areas and got rid of these bugs also. He even repeated the process after a few weeks for an extra dose. He urges everyone to repeat the process twice or thrice for effective odor elimination. It may not go on the first go itself. 
  • Holly says she managed to get rid of the cigarette smell from a room within 4 hours. Even the after smell o chlorine was gone within a few hours. she says the fabric in the room is now odor-free. She says it’s worth the money for that teeny tiny cup. 
  • Amy could successfully get rid of the dead rat smell from her room with this Room Shocker. 
  • Nicole says the product work well in the sealed room rather than one with an open window or door. She says she got rid of the smell from even the fur coats, soft cases, comforters, and even the stuffed toys. She warns that it might damage the vinyl old drums. 

But users like Brad have other opinions. He says that Room Shocker works well for the initial use but that can make the odor come back again. 

Another user says that it did not work for the VOC paint smell. 


Biocide Systems Room Shocker is not a onetime use product but the product is for single use. When you need further odor elimination you need to get another Room Shocker to shock the smell. It could be used for an indoor room, RVs, and cars as well. The working mechanism is the same for all. The fact that the chlorine smell would dissipate after a few hours makes it desirable over many other chemical odor eliminators that can be harmful to the health.

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