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Best Price Cookshack Smokers Sale, Reviews

Started in the backyard more than 50 years ago, Gene and Judy’s Cookshack Company is functional and growing. This family operated the company is making some of the best smokers on the market. They make both Cookshack Residential Smokers and Cookshack Commercial Smoker for restaurants and businesses. These smokers give you a great, authentic barbecue with ease. These smokers are easy to use and burn standard wood chunk, gives you control over the temperature, timing, and more. Keep reading for the Cookshack Smokers Reviews.

About Cookshack BBQ Smokers 

Cookshack Electric Smokers allows you to smoke authentic BBQ in your backyard easily. Feature easy-to-use controls, giving you the ability to precisely set the cooking temperature. These smokers let you cook mouth-watering low-and-slow BBQ at the touch of a button. 

Made in America, each Cookshack Smoker is made from insulated double-walled stainless steel for ultimate heat retention and consistent cooking temperatures. These portable units are available in various sizes. They have a compact design and space-saving footprint to fit any patio or backyard. They also feature Digital IQ controllers, programmable meat probes, a full line of accessories, making BBQ cooking a breeze.

Cookshack Electric BBQ Smokers – General Features

  1. These units have double-walled stainless steel surrounding, 850 degrees Fahrenheit Spin-Glass insulation for superior heat retention and keep cool on the outside
  2. Features digital controller that allows you to set precise automatic cooking temperature 
  3. Its commercial quality meat temperature probe allows you to set and monitor the desired internal meat temperature. When the meat reaches a pre-set temperature, the smoker automatically goes into a 140-degree hold cycle.
  4. With the maximum smoking temperature range of 100-300 degree, you can smoke meat, fish, and vegetables for a variety of dishes
  5. The LED panel displays the cooking temperature as well as the internal meat temperature. 
  6. These models come with everything you need to start smoking immediately including five pounds of hickory wood, stainless steel wood box, and operator manual to help you easily and speedily cook food.
  7. They also feature four 3 inch locking casters, Smoking At Home cookbook with tried and true Cookshack smoking recipes
  8. These smokers require 7 amps/120V/750W
  9. All Cookshack smokers are proudly made in the USA.

Cookshack Electric Smoker Reviews

Cookshack Electric Smokers Models – Cookshack Smoker Elite Smokette Electric BBQ Smoker (SM025) and Cookshack Smokette Original Electric Smoker (SM009-2) The Cookshack Smokette Elite Series Electric Smoker is their most popular model for backyard chefs.  And the Cookshack Smokette Original Electric Smoker is the home smoker that started it all.

  1. Cookshack Smoker Elite Smokette Electric BBQ Smoker (SM025) – It offers 504 square inches of cooking area and allowing you to smoke 20 – 25 pounds of food at once. It features two 18 x 14-inch nickel-plated shelves that are large enough to hold full slabs of ribs or whole briskets. Overall Dimensions and weight are Height 31 5/8 Inches x Width 20 1/2 Inches x Depth 17 3/4 Inches and 93 Pounds, respectively. 
  2. Cookshack Smokette Original Electric Smoker (SM009) – This is an entry-level smoker that flavors your food with wood over the electric heating element. It features four lockable casters, easy-clean, removable and dishwasher safe grills and racks. It can operate at a temperature range of 100 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. It features three nickel-plated 14 x 14-inch cooking grates. It provides 588 square inches of cooking area for 20-25lb of food to be smoked. It comes standard with an aluminum drip pan, Cookshack Smoker Owner’s Manual, 5lbs of Cookshack hickory wood, and a Smoking at Home cookbook. This unit requires 4. 2 Amps/20V 500W. Overall dimensions are Height 30 5/8  Inches x Width 16 Inches x Depth 17 1/2 Inches and weight is 74 Pounds.

Cookshack Electric Smokers Customer Reviews – 

  • Cookshack Smoker Elite Smokette Electric BBQ Smoker (SM025) – People share several positive responses for the SM025 unit. Though some people say it is more expensive than many of the other similar smokers, the great customer reviews and its construction are among the best. Some people say this is a commercial standard unit which will last for many years. The unit performance is outstanding and smokes best pork, chicken, turkey, ribs, salmon, brisket and more. Some people say the oven temperature fluctuates rarely for more than a few degrees, but it’s manageable.
  • Cookshack Smokette Original Electric Smoker (SM009) – You will find many positive Cookshack Electric Smoker reviews from its users. There are many customers who are using this unit for past several years. They say it is one of the best purchases ever made. This unit is very simple to use and gives amazing results. The butts, ribs, turkey, meatloaf, chicken, jerky, and more come out great. If you are looking for a good first-rate smoker that needs less effort and is very inexpensive to operate, consider SM009.

Cookshack SuperSmoker Smoker Review

Cookshack SuperSmoker Electric BBQ Smoker (SM045) offers 756 square inches of cooking space to smoke up to 35 pounds of food at once. It includes large three 18 x 14-inch nickel-plated shelves to hold full slabs of ribs or whole briskets. Its overall Dimensions and weight are Height 35 1/8 Inches x Width 20 1/2 Inches x Depth 17 3/4 Inches and 103 Pounds. Cookshack Smokers Best Price SuperSmoker – $1,199.00.

Customer Reviews – Users of SM045 SuperSmoker Electric smokers are extremely happy to own this product. They say it is very easy to use and utilizes less wood. Some people call it a great all-weather product, as it cooks the best and manages the temperature very well during winters. Some people comment on it as a “Set and forget” unit. Many similar smokers require constant attention but this one is different. You can set the temperature and forget it until the time you are playing, sleep, or do any other activity and your smoker will smoke food well for 10-12 hours. This well-constructed design seems durable and gives consistent results every time. They are happy to use this durable and sturdy unit.

Cookshack AmeriQue Smoker Review

Cookshack AmeriQue Electric BBQ Smoker (SM066) provides 1,008 square inches of cooking area. This smoker has a large up to 50 pounds of food smoking capacity. It comes with four 18 x 14-inch nickel-plated shelves, two-position side racks and stainless steel drip pan for easy cleanup. Its overall dimensions are Height 39 1/8 Inches x Width 20 1/2 Inches x Depth 17 3/4 Inches and weigh 150 Pounds. Cookshack Smokers Best Price AmeriQue – $1,799.00 

Customer Reviews – People say this is a great smoker and outstanding piece of equipment with large capacity. It’s a relatively high price but supported by its quality construction. People are using it regularly during weekends or entertain people during the party. This user-friendly smoker has large racks to hold whole briskets, several Boston butts, and whole racks of ribs. The probe placed perfectly helps with reliable smoking. People put brisket or Boston butts overnight without worry. It cooks juicy, tender, and delicious foods. It is also easy to clean. This truly awesome unit can help anyone turn into a professional quality chef.

Cookshack Smokers For Sale

Currently, some Cookshack Smokers such as SuperSmoker and AmeriQue are available on sale at and Cookshack Smoker Coupons such as get 15% off with any purchase is also available on its official website

Cookshack Smoker Accessories

  • Residential Cold Smoke Baffle
  • Smoke Enhancer
  • Pepper Popper Grill-1
  • Pepper Popper Grill-2
  • Jerky Rods
  • Rib Rack
  • Seafood Grill
  • Cookshack Smoker Cover
  • Smoker and Cart Cover
  • Stainless Steel Storage Cart and much more

Cookshack Smokers Warranty

Cookshack Smoker Ovens are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and when installed as per factory recommendations. This limited warranty includes parts and labor for the first 90 days. After the 90-day period, Cookshack will repair or replace at its option any part deemed defective upon examination by the company for a period of two (2) years from the original date of sale.


If you are looking for professional quality, well-built, durable, and large smoked barbecue for your backyard that will also help you turn into a professional chef, consider to buy Cookshack Smokers only. In addition, Cookshack Smoker Instructions make it convenient for you to use, set up, and clean.

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