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Best Kulae Yoga Mats online – Reviews, Features

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Kulae eco friendly mats

Why you need a yoga mat

The deal with eco friendly mat

Yoga mats at Kulae

  • Kulae elite hot hybrid the Hot Yoga mat
    • Features of Elite hot hydrib yoga mat
    • Kulae Elite hot hybrid yoga mat customer reviews
    • How to maintain the Kulae Elite yoga mat
  • Kulae Jivana mat
    • Features of Jivana mat
    • Maintenance tips
    • Jivana mat Customer reviews
  • Kulae- Eco friendly Yoga Mats
    • Kulae tpECOmat
      • Features of Kuale tpECOmat 
      • Storage and maintenance instructions
      • Kulae tpECOmat customer reviews
    • Kulae tpECOmat Plus
      • Features of Kulae tpECOmat Plus
      • Storage and maintenance instructions
      • Kulae tpECOmat Plus customer reviews
    • Kulae tpECOmat Ultra
      • Features of Kulae tpECOmat Ultra
      • Maintenance tips for tpECOmat Ultra
      • Kulae tpECOmat Ultra customer reviews

How to choose the perfect yoga mat?

Eco-friendly Yoga Towels at Kulae

  • zuSKa Premium Yoga Towel
  • zuSKa Premium yoga hand towel
  • Kulae Yoga towel

Pilates products at Kulae

  • Pilates hand towel 
  • Foam Pilates blocks

Yoga Accessories at Kulae

  • Foam Yoga block 
  • Organic yoga mat cleaner
  • 8’ Black cotton strap 
  • Yoga mat bag 

EasyMat Yoga kit for beginners

Kulae makes eco friendly mats for yoga. If yoga improves the positivity in the person and thereby in the community, these eco-friendly mats are more a betterment towards the environment as well. With peaceful yoga with no problems can bring peace to the person and then to the Kula or community. Kulae unites the collective communities with good karma or the net balance of one’s action with beautiful and positive yoga practice. 

There are yoga mats, yoga towels, pilates accessories, other yoga accessories and a starters kit at Kula that offers more than just yoga mats. 

Kulae eco friendly mats

The Kulae eco-friendly mats are made using a special kind of material -TPE. The TPE is thermoplastic elastomer, a man-made material that can provide needed grip. The greatest advantage is its bio-degradability that it completely disintegrates into the soil and does not be a burden on the earth.  It is completely free of PVC and plastic. 

The Kulae eco-friendly yoga mats are available in varying forms and thicknesses. Each mat has its advantage depending on the level of yoga one is participating in. do go through each mat type before you zero in on any of these. 

Why you need a yoga mat

Yoga is done with lots of lying down, balancing on the arms and legs most of the time. All these poses requires a comfortable surface to start with, otherwise they cane asily injure the joints or bones. The yoga mats are special kind of mats that can add padding for the comfort and yet stay firm on the floor. The yoga mats are sticky, as you know and do not budge, no matter any way you move. 

The yoga mats are also a means of making a comfortable surface on any other type of flooring. It is also a means of absorption of the sweat but most of the PVC mats are not up to this distinction. Finally, the yoga mats are also an exclusive personal surface or a trustworthy friend that you have. Having the similar or the same mat every time makes the yoga easier. 

The deal with eco friendly mat

When yoga has become a mandatory or a necessity, there is the eco-friendly mat. The initial yoga mats were all made of synthetic materials that are harmful to environment when left outside. The bio degradable material is degradable would completely disappear in the soil. Let me tell you that the eco-friendly yoga mats are expensive than other yoga mats and should be bought only when you are really planning for a long term use. Getting these expensive just for the fun and out away in the corner of your closet would not be ideal!

Yoga mats at Kulae

There are 5 types of yoga mats at Kulae. One is the most favorite hot yoga mat- The Elite yoga mat and the others are the eco-friendly mats. These mats are made using closed cell technology that can repel the growth of germs and other odor causing bacteria. The mats are comfortable with good support and grip even when it is wet, which is not with all other yoga mats. 

Kulae elite hot hybrid the Hot Yoga mat

Kulae Elite hot hybrid mats are otherwise called the Kuale Hot Yoga Mats. The hot yoga when the person sweats buckets. The ordinary yoga mats can be slippery for these kinds of yoga moves. The Kulae hot yoga mats are made especially for this purpose, to absorb the sweat and keep the surface non-slippery. Usually it happens that people keep a towel under them while doing hot yoga but that ends up bunched into a ball and would definitely come in the way of yoga practice. The Elite hot hybrid hot yoga mats has no such problem.

These hot yoga mats have 2 layers, a non-slippery eco friendly mat layer under, and a towel layer at the top. This revolutionary mat provides great supportive and gripping as any other mat. You no longer have to concentrate on the towel that can bunch up anytime. Just focus on the yoga focus and enjoy yourself.

Features of Elite hot hydrib yoga mat

  • It is 100% recyclable and degradable
  • The mat is made using ECO PER, microfiber and bamboo carbon. 
  • The size of the mat is 72 x 24 inches in length and width and weighs about 3 lbs or 1.36 kgs.
  • It is easily foldable and no hassle in its storage. It does not make a bulk for the 2 layers in it. 
  • The mat is completely free of common phthalates the harmful chemicals which are widely seen in other yoga mats. Mostly these chemicals care used for softening purpose which is not needed in this hot yoga mats.
  • The hot yoga mats can stay soft and supple. 
  • Most importantly, this yoga mat is machine washable. It can be washed in a cold cycle and dry it by hanging. If using tumble dry use only low heat. The mat is also able to fold in half to make it convenient for washing in machines that has n agitator in the middle. 

Kulae Elite hot hybrid yoga mat customer reviews

Jennifer states that this hit yoga mat is the best she ever had. She is impressed with the super absorbent towel layer and the grip that it provides without hurting. There is no trouble with working hard and the poses can be done with ease on this mat. 

Leslie feels it is the best ever choice over the towel spread over the mat that hardly covers the required length. This yoga mat has helped her improve her practice and let het focus more on the class and posture. The ease to wash and dry also gets thumps up from her. 

Kacey, who is not that into hot yoga but get real sweaty with ordinary yoga, finds this Kulae Elite hot hybrid yoga mat quite comfortable for her needs. With this she is able to hold down her difficult poses with ease without slipping. She can throw this hot yoga mat in the washer at the end of the day. 

How to maintain the Kulae Elite yoga mat

The very purpose of the Elite yoga mat is to absorb the sweat and keep it non-slippery. But if you are not careful it can stink in no time. This is a washable mat, and wash is what it needs after a session. This is no rocket science but there are some specifications that you need to care about to keep this hot yoga mat clean and hygiene. There is not much work to do. 

  1. Start with this rule of no roll – only fold. Yes, rolling can bring in all the dirt and germs into the mat. Not to mention the yucky bacteria and other germs. This is worse when you are doing yoga in public places or there are so many others around. The best way to do is to fold it first in half and then roll it for convenience. 
  2. You need to wash it every time you use the mat especially if you are a sweaty person. While you wash, remember to set the cold cycle and use only mild detergent. The detergent is preferably an eco friendly to go with the yoga mat so that no harsh chemicals cause any damage to it. 
  3. Do not go for the cheaper detergent, get quality ones to maintain this precious (yes, it is costly in comparison) yoga mat. 
  4. While you dry, it is better to choose the hang dry option than the dryer. It is not that it cannot be used in the dryer, but the dryer can be a bit harsh on the mat. Hang dry is natural and does not wrinkle it too much. Just lay it flat on the surface or hang it whichever is possible for you. A little sunshine will not hurt and it would also act as a natural sanitizer. 

Kulae Jivana mat

Jivana yoga mat from Kulae is no fancy mat but made of only the non-toxic PVC material. Jivana means life, in Sanskrit and this mat is considered to be enhancing the life with practicing yoga on it. 

Features of Jivana mat

  • The mat is made with closed cell technology to avoid contamination. The moisture or wetness does not penetrate through the mat. The grip it provides is also ample enough. 
  • The mat is light weighted with a dimension of 72 x 24 inches, with a thickness of 4 mm and a weight of 4.5 lbs. 
  • The mat offers stability for yoga poses and is sustainable. This is latex free and non toxic. 
  • The Jivana mat is available as single colored doubles sided mats. It is available in 2 color options of purple and black. 

Maintenance tips

There are no specific instructions on the maintenance of this mat. Regular cleaning and rolled up storage is what is important. Also ensure that the mat is not exposed to too much of heat. 

Jivana mat Customer reviews

The customer reviews hint that the mat is quite satisfactory with good quality material and ease for cleaning it. Some had to spend some time on it to break it completely for the full use of it. There are no problems found with this one and the overall opinion is that it makes a good companion for every yogi. 

Kulae- Eco friendly Yoga Mats

Kulae tpECOmat is thin in comparison with other yoga mats. It is highly comfortable for taking ti laong anywhere. It doesn’t weight much. It is the lightest yoga mat available at Kulae. It can be easily folded, rolled, and packed. It easily fits inside a backpack! The folding will not harm the mat as the thickness is too low and is also flexible. 

Kulae tpECOmat

Features of Kuale tpECOmat 

  • Needless to say that the tpECOmat is eco friendly, made with closed cell technology to prevent germs and bacterial growth as well as odor prevention. These pathogens cannot penetrate the surface of the mat so that the mat stays safe and sterile and so do you. 
  • The main feature of Kulae tpECOmat is that it is 4 inches longer than any other ordinary yoga mats. It is highly convenient for people who are taller. Yet, the foldable feature makes it easy to carry around and also while travelling. 
  • The mat weighs only 2 lbs and the thickness is 3mm. 
  • The mats are 2 colored with available combinations of blue-steel, sea-slate, violet-orange, and plum – slate. The color changes with the sides. Both the sides are useful and could be used as per preference. 
  • These yoga mats are 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. 
  • The ultra hygeinec nature of this mat is topped with no allergens in the making. It is devoid of PVC or latex. 
  • The mat provides ample support and grip under all conditions. 

Storage and maintenance instructions

  1. The mats are thin and foldable. Though people usually roll the mat for storage, it is recommended to fold it in half and THEN roll it. This way you will not get the dirt from the ground or floor on to the mat surface. 
  2. Remember to clean the surface regularly and especially when you are switching sides of the mat for the next session.
  3. Avoid keeping the mat in hot areas or expose it to too much of sun. Leaving the mat inside a car under the sunshine can harm the mat from the heat. 
  4. Clean the mat surface with the organic yoga mat cleaner available from Kulae. Alternatively, mild soap and water would also do.
  5. For drying, simply hang the mat and it will be dried within half an hour. 

Kulae tpECOmat customer reviews

Lindsay who has knobby knees is quite comfortable with this Kulae tpECOmat even if it is the thinnest. The thickness is comfortable enough for her and she really enjoys it. She likes the bright green mat that looks beautiful and makes her feel energizing. 

Maria loved this tpECOmat yoga mat but she got a tiny hole in it when she used it on a rough ground. So caution is called for when using it in an uneven surface. The mat is thin and could get damaged easily. Otherwise she is happy with the quality, grip and comfort it offer.

Leslie who didn’t like the smelly plastic yoga mats really loved this Kulae tpECOmat mats. It does not have that irritating smell. She is also a tall girl who now can comfortably fit inside the mat while she holds her poses. 

And then is another customer who uses this mat for Bikram yoga and found that the mat can be slippery when gets wet, though it does not allow the wetness to penetrate to the floor. It is also observed that sometimes this thin mat gets bunched up, especially when used over carpets. 

Kulae tpECOmat Plus

Kulae tpECOmat Plus is the most popular yoga mat at Kulae. It has the right sponginess and sturdiness needed in a yoga mat. It has the folding ability and light weight to carry it on the go. 

Features of Kulae tpECOmat Plus

  • Kulae tpECOmat Plus is 5 mm thick with a weight of 2.5 lbs. 
  • The size of the mat is 72×24 inches which is 4 inches extra than other ordinary yoga mats. 
  • The mats are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. 
  • It can be easily folded to fit inside a backpack and carry it anywhere. 
  • The 5 m thickness has better cushioning effect but not overly so. It can be easily used for the high intensity vinyasa flow. 
  • People with minor aches or pains and those who love varied yoga practice can benefit with this tpECOmat plus yoga mats. It cushions the temperamental joints.
  • The mats are two colored with either side having separate colors. There are 5 color combination choices available for this mat. They are, plum-slate, blue-steel, sea-slate, violet-orange, and black-raspberry. 

Storage and maintenance instructions

  1. The Kulae tpECOmat Plus can be folded or rolled for storage. Folding is preferable over rolling for hygienic reasons. 
  2. Do not keep the mat in a hot area or near the sunlight where it can get hot. The heat can cause premature decomposition of the mat as it is buo-degradable. 
  3. As for caring, the mats are washable. You can clean it with a mild soap and water (cold water only) or make use of the Kulae organic yoga mat cleaner. Using harsh chemicals are better avoided. 
  4. Dry the mat by hanging in an airy area. 

Kulae tpECOmat Plus customer reviews

Kendra is happy with the non-slippery surface of Kulae tpECOmat Plus and the fact that is lengthier. The double sided color lets her change the look whenever she feels like that actually helps with her mood. 

Jennifer finds that this yoga mat is perfect for her and that she does not run out of room for the legs with the extra length in it. The double sides and the different texture get applaud from her. The light weight and ease to carry around makes this yoga mat her number one choice. She states that the mat is easy to clean and she cleans it by soaking it in the tub and hang dry it. 

Mandy has been using this yoga mat for more than an year. What she likes about this is that, it has a fine grip that eases many of the difficult poses. The double colors is another plus point of this Kuae tpECOmat Plus. 

Kulae tpECOmat Ultra

Kulae tpECOmat Ultra is yet another eco friendly yoga mat that is longer than usual. The bio degradable make of the yoga mat is made with closed cell technology to prevent and germs and odor causing bacteria from thriving on it. The mat is made to be sterile all the while you work and after cleaning it. 

Features of Kulae tpECOmat Ultra

  • Kulae tpECOmat Ultra is the thickest yoga mat of the tpECOmat series with a thickness of 8mm. The cushiest in this series, this yoga mat has a plush feel without compromising on the grip. 
  • The total weight of the mat is 4 lbs. 
  • Kulae tpECOmat Ultra is best suited for the older yogis who are well able to hold the yoga poses and needs a cushioning effect from the mat. They really need some pampering while practicing yoga and this is exactly what they needed. 
  • People with knee problems can use this mat for their yoga practice. 
  • It can be used anywhere with a flat surface without any stones or sharpies. 
  • The mat is completely bio-degradable or recyclable to unburned the environment.
  • These double sided yoga mats are available in 2 color combinations of sea-slate and sea-blue. 

Maintenance tips for tpECOmat Ultra

  1. The yoga mat is better stored rolled up and kept in a dry area. 
  2. Heat can damage the mat material so be careful not to keep the mat inside hot cars or near the sunlight. 
  3. Regularly clean the mat for hygiene purposes. 
  4. Clean the mat using a mild soap and cold water or with the organic yoga mat cleaner. After washing, hang dry the mat in an airy spot. 

Kulae tpECOmat Ultra customer reviews

Henniet has the view that this tpECOmat Ultra is not a good bet for hot yoga as it loses its grip when gets wet. You would need an extra yoga towel spread over it for that purpose. The advantages of this according to her are that it has calming color options with a spongy feel on the mat. The reversibility of the mat is another plus point for a brand new look each day. 

Jennifer who has bony knees needed cushion like yoga mat and she has met her match in this tpECOmat Ultra yoga mat. She feels good about the gripping and is yet to try hot yoga without a towel over the mat. So she is yet to make her view on the “slipping after getting wet” problem. She wishes to have this tpECOmat Ultra made as the same as the hot yoga towel mat with a towel layer over a mat with the same thickness as the tpECOmat Ultra. 

How to choose the perfect yoga mat?

Yoga mats are many kinds, as you just saw. It takes a few factors that help you decide which type you need to fulfill your demands. The major factors to consider while purchasing yoga mats are its thickness, material, and type of yoga practiced. 

  • The thickness of yoga mat has nothing to do with yoga practice but only on your comfort. If you are ok with the feel of floor under your knees a yoga mat that is thin is also fine with you. If you prefer comfort more than anything then the ideal choice would be the thicker mats such as Kulae tpECOmat Ultra. People with knee problems should also choose the thicker mat. 
  • Material of the mat has importance when you have any allergies towards latex or is chemical sensitive. In this case choose only bio-degradable mats. If you are environment conscious, choose the eco-friendly mats. 
  • Style of yoga is the last but most important aspect on choosing yoga mats. Not all mats can withstand the wetness and still provide good grip so choose wise otherwise you might injure yourself. 
    • For Hatha yoga and all normal kind of yoga, you can choose the tpECOmat Plus with its medium thickness. It is neither thin nor thick. 
    • Restorative yoga needs cushion effect for prolonged yoga poses. In this case the ideal choice would be tpECOmat Ultra.
    • Hot yoga needs something to absorb the sweat and the only choice should be the Elite Hybrid yoga mat that has eco-friendly gripping mat under and a layer of yoga towel spread over the top. 

Eco-friendly Yoga Towels at Kulae

zuSKa Premium Yoga Towel

zuSKa means dry in Sanskrit and the main purpose is to keep the yoga mat dry while you perform rigorous yoga. This towel can offer better grip and traction. It allows you to make poses without slipping over. 

  • The material is resilient and non-fading. 
  • It has super absorbency with microfiber knitting. 
  • This premium yoga towel is latex free and silicone free. The material is 100% recyclable.  
  • This yoga towel is reversible and can be used for yoga as well as for other purposes. 
  • This product is available in 2 colors, tangerine, and ocean. 
  • The towel measures to a size of 72 x 24 inches that makes it perfect to e used on any other Kulae yoga mats. The towel weighs only 1.4 lbs. 
  • The yoga towel is machine washable and can be dried in a dryer under low or medium heat. 

zuSKa Premium yoga hand towel

zuSKa premium yoga hand towel is great for hot yoga. After the immense sweating, this hand towel can absorb as much wetness as possible. The material is resilient with super absorbency microfiber. The hand towel is plush in feel. 

  • The material used is latex free and silicone free so free for all to use. Use it for yoga or simply as a hand towel because of its absorbent capacity. 
  • The measurements of this yoga hand towel are 24 inches long and 18 inches wide. 
  • The towel is available in 3 different colors of tangerine, ocean, and slate. 
  • The towels are machine washable and use low or medium heat in the dryer. 

Kulae Yoga towel

This is simply yoga towel to dry you during the hot yoga session. It has better absorbency to keep you dry. Spread it over the mat and continue with the yoga. 

  • The material of this yoga towel is antibacterial and does not become smelly. The material is 100% recyclable with latex free and silicone free make. 
  • This can be a great addition to the daily yoga practice with its superior grip and comfort. 
  • This yoga mat is 72 inches long and 25 inches wide. The yoga towel weighs one lb and is available in 4 color choices. It is available in colors of lilac, ocean, slate and tangerine. 
  • Wash this yoga towel before first use and after every use. It is machine washable in cold water and dry in low or medium heat. 
  • This is also listed under the pilates yoga mat towel header. 

Pilates products at Kulae

Pilates hand towel 

Pilates hand towel is available in bamboo green color. It has super absorbency and more resilient to keep itself from fading. The microfiber used is anti-bacterial and both latex and silicone free. The material is recyclable and can provide grip to the hands during yoga poses. 

The specifications are that it measures to 25 inches long and 18 inches wide with a weight of 4 oz. The hand towels are machine washable and can be dried in low or medium heat. It can be used for yoga or any other workouts or to simply wipe your hand dry.

Foam Pilates blocks

Foam pilates blocks are used to prop yourself up and to add flexibility to the yoga movements. These pilates blocks from Kulae are made of light weight dense foam. They are firm to hold on to but softer on the hands. It can help with certain types of stretches and has been used by both professionals and amateurs. The blocks are available in 2 colors, blue and green. The measurements are 3 x 6 x 9 inches. 

Yoga Accessories at Kulae

  • Foam Yoga block: Foam Yoga block is used for flexibility and eases to attain certain yoga poses. The blocks are made of super-dense foam which is also light weighted. It can be used all, beginners or experienced, alike. The blocks are 3 inches thick, 6 inches wide and 9 inches long. These blocks are available in blue color only. 
  • Organic yoga mat cleaner”: Organic yoga mat cleaner is made from vegetable oils and herbs. It contains coconut oil, Jojoba oil, and olive oils, along with aloe vera and rosemary extract. They clean the mat and the antimicrobial property of aloe vera sanitizes it. The rosemary extract provides a soothing smell without using any chemicals or preservatives. It is completely safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. It is available in 4 oz spray bottles. To use, simply spray it over the yoga mat and wipe it clean with a clean and dry cloth. 
  • 8’ Black cotton strap: The 8 ft long black cotton strap from Kulae can be used as a perfect prop for better flexibility to hold many yoga poses. It can give you ample stretch without causing difficulty. It can be strapped around and pull to get the maximum stretches with ease. This strap is made of 100% cotton. 
  • Yoga mat bag: Yoga mat bag from Kulae is large enough to carry the yoga mats. The bag has an adjustable strap, drawstring closure, multiple zippers to keep the essentials, and a towel holder. The bag is 100% polyester with a diameter of 10 inches and a length of 27 inches. The 10 inches width of the bag allows users to carry all the essentials and pros in it to haul it from class to class for the instructors. 

EasyMat Yoga kit for beginners

Kulae offers yoga kit for the beginners. The kit includes a yoga mat, cotton yoga strap, foam yoga block, and a hot yoga hand towel. It can be used as a gift also. 

The yoga mat is made of non-toxic PVC and eco-friendly material. The mat measures to 68 x 24 inches with a thickness of 1/8”. The color choices available for this yoga mat are black, blue, purple, and white. The cotton yoga strap is 8 ft long and is available in black color only. 

The hot yoga towel is also safe and non-toxic with better absorbing capacity. The measurements are 25 x 18 inches with a color choice of bamboo green, bubble gum, lilac, lavender, moss, ocean, slate, waterfall, and tangerine.  

The Conclusion

With most of the yoga products being made in eco-friendly, bio-degradable, or recyclable materials, the Kulae yoga mats, and accessories are for all to take. Products are all aimed at friendliness, comfort, and easy to use and handle. One cannot ask for more. Try it to know it!

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