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Best Kansa Wand Reviews Online, Benefits, Uses

Since thousands of years, Ayurvedic medicine is being practiced in India. Ayurvedic treatment or massage options are powerful healing system. The Kansa Healing Wand is a traditional healing tool from Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical system believes that everything is made up of the qualities of the 5 elements – Sky, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. These elements or energies in their natural form are known as the three Doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Ayurveda teaches that the majority of mental, emotional, or physical problems are due to an imbalance in these three energies. 

The Kansa Healing Wand is a natural tool used to promote wellness and balance these doshas to support vitality, promote good health, and provide a great looking skin. Kansa Wand appears as a simple metal ball shaped tool with a wooden handle but holds some special properties. Read on to know more about Kansa Healing Wand Reviews, benefits, how it works and more.

About Kansa Healing Wand

The Kansa Face and Body Wand work wonders for giving you a youthful face, stress-relief and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation. You can use it as a part of a facial or individually to experience a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience like never before.

This tool is made from very high-quality metals – tin, copper, and zinc. In India, people call this golden, historical healing metal – Kansa. In the Western part of the world, people call it bronze. This tool is all natural and has no electronic gadgets, no harmful radiations, and no chemicals.

This powerful tool when massaged on your face it helps heal and balance your energy while leaving your skin looking and feeling a lot better. It also helps calm your nervous system, relieves stress, relaxes your mind, and offers several other benefits.

Kansa Healing Wand Where to Use? 

These wands come in different sizes and traditionally are useful on the face, the body and the feet together with some Ayurvedic massage oils. The medium sized wand is most versatile and good to use on the face as well as the rest of the body. 

You can use it on the face as a part of a facial or use it on your neck, head, back, arms, legs, chest, abdomen etc. This will help relax the area, improve blood circulation and energize the body.

You can also use this wand in painful areas like frozen shoulders or painful backs and to get relief and relaxation.

Kansa Healing Wand Benefits 

Kansa tools healing benefits like skin tightening and toning abilities are very impressive. Besides these, it is gaining much popularity in western world because of some other benefits that include – 

  • A pleasurable sensation to calms the entire nervous system
  • It helps relieve muscle tension
  • It eliminates stress and tiredness in the feet or any muscle 
  • It helps to relax the whole body and calm the mind 
  • It makes it easy to fall into deep, relaxing sleep
  • It helps ease chronic aches and pains
  • It promotes vitality and improves circulation
  • It helps relieve frozen shoulder and painful neck and back issues
  • It provides relief from the common cold
  • It can have a positive effect on mental disorders and dementia
  • It makes you feel clearer and relax so that you can go out bright and shine in the world

Kansa Healing Wand Sizes

Kansa wands are available in different sizes – small, medium and large which are used on the face, feet, and overall body, along with Ayurvedic massage oils.

  • Small Kansa Face Wand – This small wand, specifically designed for face massage has smooth dome surface which gently moves across the sensitive skin of the face.  This wand’s smaller surface allows you to easily and accurately reach all areas of the face. 
  • Medium Kansa Face and Body Wand – This slightly larger wand has a multi functional design to target the face as well as other points on the body. It has a dome shape with a light, durable handle to allow the user to target specific areas with ease.
  • Large Kansa Foot Wand – This is the largest of all the three wands with a wide and open shaped dome. It has a soft, smooth surface and a specially shaped handle to work wonderfully and target the full contours of the foot, allowing you to access the general energy of the foot.
  • Marma tool – The various energy points throughout the body are known as Marmas. Marma tool is perfect for reflexology, for face points and for addressing Marma points in the body.

Kansa Healing Wand How it Works?

In Ayurvedic healing techniques, Kansa Wand also known as “healing metal” is an ancient blend of metals (copper, tin, and zinc) which helps restore your mind and body. For centuries, people in India are using it to revitalize tired faces and provide a gentle lift to body and mind. It helps revitalizes a youthful complexion, reduce inflammation, congestion, and also eases headaches and relieves stressed shoulders and aching necks.

The wand is applied to the skin after some Ayurvedic oils have been gently massaged in. It feels cool and as it’s massaged around the face the wand warms up to body temperature and is barely felt. A professional Ayurvedic practitioner has the best knowledge on how to stimulate the meridians and helps the flow of the chakra grid. This technique helps your body to heal, relieve tension and pains, and improve the overall look and feel of the skin.

Kansa Healing Wand How to Use?

It’s very simple to use a Kansa wand. Its wooden handle has curves that allow for several different types of grip. Moreover, when the skin is oiled it flows freely across the skin. Below are some important points to note for giving a face massage – 

  • Before using this wand, you should clean your face thoroughly. Then apply two pumps of any organic or essential face oil like jojoba.
  • Then start rubbing the wand gently around in circular motions to get it warmed up. Most people say it feels just like a warm hand. 
  • Start in the middle of the forehead as this is a key energy center. Apply in zigzag and small circular motions on the forehead to release tension.
  • Then, start to move it around the eyebrows, and the temples. 
  • Bring the wand around the right eye and gently circle in both directions and then around the cheek bone below the eye in the same way.
  • Applying around the cheek bones and sinuses will help to clear out sinus congestion and allergies. 
  • Now, focus around the ears, small circles in front of the right ear hole and then up and down the right jaw line to help relieve tension across the side of the head.
  • Then, circle around the mouth, then in the middle of the upper lip and middle of the chin.
  • The chin relates to the heart, so massaging the chin will help to increase blood circulation around the body.

It is suggested to work on just one side of the face at a time to compare the difference. Maintain the comfortable pressure and not too hard all over the face. Massaging wand for 5-10 minutes on each side of the face is plenty to see results. You will notice the skin to have a rosy complexion, because the circulation in the skin is improving, one of the positive effects of using a wand. 

However, it is important to learn the specific Ayurvedic technique of using this amazing healing tool. You can purchase the Kansa Course – DVD Set which includes everything about the product.

Kansa Healing Wand Where to Buy?

You can buy the Kansa Wand online from many retailers like Amazon,,, and more. All the brands and the wands look similar, hence, before making a purchase I would recommend you read the customer reviews and the complete product description available on the website. 

Kansa Healing Wand Customer Reviews

You will find many positive customer reviews for Kansa Healing Wand. People say it is equally beneficial for personal as well as for professional use. Users really enjoy the relaxing effect and skin improvements from this product. Some people say it only gives happy results and a sense of well being. However, some customers complain that the product is costly, turns face black and ships in poor condition. Here are few real users’ reviews for your reference – 

  • Silvie is having a facial rejuvenated acupuncture done 2 times a week with a massage with the Kansa Wand which she simply loves. She is going to use it with facial creams next.
  • Shae is been using her face wand for three days and loves her skin. She notices her frown lines and others smoothing out.
  • Kathleen says these are not really expensive if you consider the price of one Spa facial. She loves these wands and the wonderful results it has most in texture and firmness.
  • Amazon Customer says it helps relieve an achy foot and was surprised at the toxin release.
  • Designing woman says these are just ok but every time she uses them, her face turns black.

How to clean your Kansa massage tool

Since the Kansa metal is extremely sensitive due to the electro-conductivity feature, it should be cleaned with absolute care.

When you receive the product, it is necessary to clean it using non-abrasive and non-chemical soap. This ensures that there are no manufacturing residues left on the wand.

Alternatively, you can use sterilized organic clay. Mix the clay with water to form a paste. Now apply it to the metal cup. Wipe it clean using a damp cloth. Apply a drop of tea tree oil. Wipe the wand before using again to remove the tea tree oil.


  • Do not use hot water. Use only tepid or cool water.
  • Do not use anything harsh to scrub the wand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Kansa Wand online?

There are many websites that offer Kansa Wands such as Amazon, eBay etc. However, these massage wands from The Ayurveda Experience is best purchased from the official website or their retailers that navigate you straight to the official website. This saves you from getting ripped off by purchasing duplicate Kansa Wands.

What is the graying effect of Kansa Wand?

There are many users who claim that their skin turns grey when they use the Kansa massage. The main reason for the graying effect is acidity. The acidity in your body reacts with the metal and creates a grey color to the skin. However, there is no need to panic. It is actually a positive action as the Kansa Wand are eliminating the excess toxins from the body. The copper and tin increases energy and flushes out any unwanted elements respectively.

Kansa Healing Wand Conclusion 

Kansa Healing Wand for face, body, and foot are the original, effective massage protocol for an instant face-lift, relaxation to body and excellent foot massager. Buy them today and gift yourself and your family the best body and mind rejuvenator. 

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