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Best Home Air Purifiers For Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette Smoke Is Bothering You? Get Any of these home air purifiers. They are the best!

Cigarette smoke is highly irritating no matter the source is near or far away. The health hazards it brings affects one and all. The simple air purifiers may not be able to get rid of this stubborn smell. It needs some powerful equipment like the activated carbon of high quality to wipe the smoke off. 

These home air purifiers did not simply become the best home air purifiers for nothing. Each of these air purifiers has that special kind of activated carbon filter that can effectively remove all traces of the cigarette smoke to make the breathing air clean and safe. 

The problem with cigarette smoke is that there is not just the smoke but also these tiny particles that are irritants to the respiratory system. Only high performing specially formed air filters can eliminate all of these smoke and chemicals. 

1. AirPura tobacco smoke air purifier 

AirPura tobacco smoke air purifier is capable of eliminating the harmful contents of both first hands as well as second-hand smoke. It works well with cigar and cigarette. This air purifier can reach up to 2 air changes for 1500 sq ft and 6 air changes in an hour for a smaller room of 500 sq ft. 

The working mechanism involves multi-layer filtration with a pre-filter, 2 anti-microbial filters, and an activated carbon layer which can remove more than 400 chemicals from the cigarette smoke. The pre-filter traps the tar from the smoke and the next 2 layers get rid of microbes and other pathogens. The 3-inch deep carbon filter is the main filtering layer which is followed by the final HEPA barrier for carbon dust particles. 

What makes this air purifier to the list of top best is the fact that each of the filtering layers could be individually removed and removed. The pre-filter should be changed every 2 months, carbon filter once in 2 years and the final micro barrier HEPA filter layer has a life of one year. 

2. Alen BreatheSmart FIT50

Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 needs the HEPA-Odor cell filter that can remove the air particles as well as the stubborn chemical pollutants from the smoke and heavy odors from the pets. It uses HEPA filter and activated carbon filter to do the job it is intended for. 

The biggest advantage of this air purifier is that the device works real quiet and in fact is one of the quietest air purifiers. This feature makes it suitable for the bedrooms to have peaceful sleep with no fear or chemicals in the air. 

This air purifier can also adjust its working or fan speed according to the air quality. The color choices in the body make it even more suitable to get matching colors for your décor. It can be used to cover an area of 1100 sq ft. it even shows the real-time indoor air quality by changing the color from blue, to light red to dark red indicting the air is pure, a moderate amount of pollutants and heavy amount of pollutants in the air respectively. These smart features and complete automation makes this device into the top best list. 

3. Austin Air allergy machine

Austin Air allergy machine carries a HEPA and HEGA layer each for high performance air filtration. Suitable for a room of 300-900 sq ft, this air purifier has three filtering layers. The pre-filter that removes the larger particles followed by medical grade HEPA filter to remove the allergens, bacteria, viruses, spores, pollens etc. This is followed by military grade HEGA filter, the activated carbon cloth, especially made to eliminate the gases in the air. 

The medical-grade and military-grade filters ensure that all traces, even the tiniest of the particles are removed to make the environment complete allergy-free. The positioning of the HEPA first HEGA second makes the carbon cloth to perform better as there are fewer compounds or molecules to plug it to reduce its life. The main filtration is done by the HEPA layer and the carbon layer needs to concentrate only on the chemicals. 

4. Austin air Healthmate 

Austin air Healthmate and all its varieties are effective against the smoke and chemicals from almost all kinds of sources. The models differ only in their size and weight. The working mechanism is the same in all of these. 

The pre-filter followed by medical-grade HEPA eliminates all the particle contaminants from the air, even the sun microscopic items like bacteria and viruses. The busiest filtering layer in a house of a smoker or that is near to a smoking neighbor is the activated carbon layer. This carbon layer has an extra ally in the zeolite added in it. Together they catch the most stubborn chemicals from the air. 

The only problem with these air purifiers is when it is time for a replacement. The filter is rather expensive and it takes some effort in getting the device upside down to remove and replace the filter. The only advantage in this matter is that the filter has an extended life of up to 5 years before it needs to be changed. 

5. IQAir GC multigas air purifier

IQAir GC multigas air purifier is another multi layer air purifier with individual filter replacement facility. This air purifier is mainly used to eliminate all kinds of chemicals from the air including the cigarette smoke and VOCs. 

The pre-filter here is the HEPA filter that eliminates almost 99% of the coarse dust and carbon particles from the air. The air is drawn through the base and the fresh air is vented out through the upper sides. The next multi-gas carbon filtering layer has embedded alumina for extra efficiency to remove the chemicals. Finally, the air reaches the post-filter sleeve where any trace of the carbon dust is trapped. 

The advantage of this air purifier is that there are 3 individual LED filter indicators for the 3 filtering layers so that you know when it is time to change each of the layers. It also works on the remote control and can keep the air clean for a room size of 300-1000 sq ft. 

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