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Best Amcor AM-45 Air Purifier – Reviews, Features

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is a tower air purifier. Amcor is a specialized company that manufactures indoor air control devices. The Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is an ionizing purifier that makes the air particles negatively charged so that it reaches the positively charged HEPA filter easily. This air purifier is compact and can be used as a floor air purifier or as a desktop air purifier. Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier unit can purify a room of 220 sq ft with lesser noise. It uses a 5 stage filtration system that is quite efficient. It can be used at homes or in the offices, for the luxury of breathing pure and fresh air all the time.

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can trap the dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria in the filters to let our pure air. It is ideal for homes where there are asthma patients, to make the home allergy and asthma free. The air that enters the air purifier passes through various stages to come out clean. It works very efficiently as long as it is kept about 1.5 ft away from any blockage, especially the surfaces that are non-washable.  

Features of Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is an auto working air purifier with electronic controls. 
  • It can get rid of air particles and bacteria equally. The UV light works with PCO technology and kills the microbes as well. 
  • The pre-filter is permanent and is also washable. 
  • The 3-speed fan can work silently without much noise, even at high speed. 
  • This single Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can get rid of the air particles, bacteria-like microbes and smoke. 
  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is made for extended use for longer hours without fail, though the timer will work only for 8 hours. 
  • The Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can also work using a remote control. 
  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier comes with a one year warranty. 

How Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier works?

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier uses a 5 stage air filtration. It uses the high tech components of PCO technology for high class air filtration. It is similar to the advanced health care professional filtration. It can get rid of the invisible pollutants and allergens like pollens, dust, mold, animal dander, mildew or tobacco smoke etc. 

The 5 stage filtration system uses a pre-filter, 6 layered aluminum electrostatic filter, carbon filter ionizer, photo-catalytic oxidation filter, PCO technology, and UV-A anti germicidal bulb. The PCO- photo-catalytic oxidation unit is made of titanium dioxide. When the UV rays from the light source reach this titanium dioxide, it releases an electron that goes on to split the water molecule in the air into hydroxyl ions and oxygen. These hydroxyl ions will then collide with the air particles which also will be charged negatively. The hydroxyl groups will break the chemical bonds in the air particles that are organic or inorganic. The organic compounds are broken down into carbon dioxide and water molecules, making them completely harmless. 

The air passage is regulated by the 3 speed fan connected inside. It takes in the air from one side and allows its exit through the other. It is powerful enough to circulate the air of around 220 sq ft area. 

PCO Technology in Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier

The PCO stands for photocatalytic oxidation. When light rays fall on a semiconductor, the electrons on its surface will be excited and becomes free to move. They move around and reach the atmospheric water molecules and split them up into hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions which have a positive charge. It happens when the UV light rays collide with the semiconductor, titanium oxide-coated filter, which releases a series of hydroxyl groups and their subsequent collision with other compounds and microbes in the air. These particles will become charged and are unstable. To find the stability they collide with the organic compounds and break their bonds. This bond-breaking happens continuously until there are only CO2 and water molecules are left. 

PCO is an advanced technology than a simple ionizer. PCO technology is the most effective way to get rid of the volatile organic compounds. Other air purifiers just trap the compounds in the filters, while the PCO technology based filters convert these volatile organic compounds into harmless molecules such a CO2 and water molecules. 

The titanium dioxide acts as a catalyst to release the electrons. These electrons ultimately oxidize the compounds, bacteria, and viruses, etc. The hydroxyl radicals attach themselves to the microbial particles and oxidize them which kill them easily. Because of this oxidation reaction, this technology is termed as photocatalytic oxidation. This technology has been approved to be used in poultry processing to eliminate the bacteria in the premises. 

The other technologies and filtration systems have limitations according to the size of the target pareticles. The PCO technology works at the molecular level and the size does not matter to it and is the main reason why it has a higher hold than other methods of air filtration. When looking at the fact that the titanium dioxide coating is a very thin film on the filter surface, this technology is a wonder in itself. 

The vulnerable compounds against PCO technology

PCO technology can effectively eliminate the chemicals and compounds such as toxic gases like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide lingering in the air. Even carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, etc are also destroyed by this method. The pesticides from fruits or vegetables are also destroyed by this. 

Dimensions and specifications of Amcor AM-45 air purifier

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier works in a voltage of 120 V and consumes about 25 watts of power when working. It can work automatic and the timer allows a set of auto working from 1-8 hours continuously. The fan speed is low, medium, and high. The ionization output of the air purifier is 5.5 KV.  The Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier measures approximately 27 x 7 x 9 inches in height, width and depth respectively. It weighs just above 8 lbs. 

Operating Amcor AM-45 air purifier

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier has 4 buttons at the top for UV, ionizer, timer, and the power button. The UV and ionizer are single press buttons to ON or OFF the functions. The timer buttons should be pressed for 1, 2, 4, or 8-hour timings. The power button also regulates the fan speeds from 1, 2, and 3 for the low, medium, and high speeds. 

Once the device is plugged-in to a 120 V power supply and the power button is on, it starts working at low speed. The UV and ionizer will also be on. The device will remember the settings when we just switch it off and not disconnect it. Each button will have a light indicator adjacent to it indicating the function is ON. 

Where to place the Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Placing the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier at the ideal place is important in its working and efficiency. The device should not be placed near other electronic devices or the devices that are sensitive to electrical fields. 
  • Never place the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier over a metal shelf or surfaces. It also should not be placed over any other device. 
  • Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier must be placed on a flat surface, on floor, table, desk, nightstand, etc. 
  • The air outlet of the device should face the user for maximum effects. 
  • The device must be at least 1-2 ft away from any non-washable surface. The ionization makes the air particles heavier and makes it fall down. Placing a non-washable surface near to the device will make a host fir these air particles. This can reduce the effects of the air purifier.  

Cleaning and maintenance of Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for Amcor AM-45 air purifier. It must be cleaned once every 2 weeks if the ionizer is in use. If you are not using the ionizer, the maintenance time is once a month. 
  • The rear cover is removable. Switch off and unplug the device before cleaning. Just press down the button to release the cover, and then slide it off from its place. 
  • UV light will be the first part visible at the rear end. Gently remove it by rotating the lamp. Clean the tube with a cloth or replace if needed. The replacement should be done once a year. 
  • The PCO filter can be cleaned thoroughly. 
  • The pre-filter should be slid off the rear cover for cleaning. It can be washed with soap and water, but make sure that it is completely dry before re-installing. 
  • Inside this layer is the aluminum mesh filter which is also connected to the ionizing needles. These needles are cleaned with a brush. The aluminum mesh filter can be removed for cleaning and so is the carbon filter layer. The aluminum mesh filter and carbon filters are inside the same metal frame. 
  • The aluminum mesh filter also can be washed with soap and water and should be done once a month. The carbon filter is NON-WASHABLE and should be replaced once every year. If it is dusty, simply brush off the dust and dirt from its surface with gentle strokes. Do not use pressure on the carbon filter surface. 
  • Before reinstalling the aluminum mesh filter and carbon filter, clean the inside of the metal frame thoroughly with a clean cloth. 
  • Always remember to clean out the carbon cord in the front grill. It must be cleaned with a soft tissue. 

Availability of replacement parts

The replacement filters and UV lamp for the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier are available for purchase. Use only the authorized filters made for this particular device. Most replacements are done once a year. If the device is run overtime for a longer period, or of the air is highly polluted, the replacement interval will be shortened to 8-10 months. 

Safety tips and warning when using Amcor AM-45 air purifier

  • Never clean the exterior of the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier with a damp cloth. It should be kept away from moisture or water. 
  • Never insert any metallic or otherwise objects into the device, when it is switched on. 
  • Never use an extension cord to work the Amcor AM-45 air purifier. Always install another accessible outlet if there are no convenient ones nearby. 
  • All-electric maintenance of Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier must be done by an authorized service representative from the manufacturer. Failure in doing so will nullify the warranty. 
  • Avail all parts for replacement from the authorized dealers only. Use only the parts made by the manufacturer for better life of Amcor AM-45 air purifier. 

Pros and Cons of Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier 

Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier is highly efficient and effective to remove the dust and other air pollutants for a healthier breathing air. The ionizer and PCO technology makes it worth the money. The titanium dioxide used is a natural compound and is harmless. It has been used as a food additive and is widely used in many cosmetics also. 

The free radicals in the air are not everlasting and get destroyed within a few seconds it is born. They do not build up in the areas which make the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier a lot safer than using ozone generators. 

But there is a slight problem that the Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier can produce smaller amount of ozone. The amount produced is highly neglectable, the possibility of accumulation is always lingering around. 

The photolysis of water molecules occurs, it split up into OH and O2, a small amount of O3 is also formed sometimes. The ozone produced is still within the guideline limit. Those who are allergic to ozone may need to avoid the ionizer. But without the ionizer, Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier will not be as effective as it is meant to be. Since the ozone and sometimes the hydroxyl groups itself can be harmful, once must be careful while using devices such as Amcor AM-45 tower air purifier inside the homes. 

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