Beinharimtours Tour Guides & Services website provides the complete information about the guides that the customers will be receiving.

Bein Harim Tourism services ltd. ( is an Israeli government approved travel service which is a specialist in charting, organization and conducting custom guided tours. The team allots the best guides possible for assisting tours in the country. The tours of Bein Harim Tours comes in various formats which includes various languages also with an option to include its own vehicles ad is completely approved by the ministry of tourism to ensure customers comfort In sightseeing.

Bein Harim Tour Packages

The packages provided by Bein Harim Tours include private car tours or group tours with compact groups. Yitzchak Ben Ari is the founder of the company and has a 30 year old experience in the file of tours and related businesses. Bein Harim Tours was set up in 1993 with a view of customers comfort and satisfaction in mind. The firm covers a wide range of places for the people to enjoy with the right facilities. Some of the packages which are provided by the company are:

  • Multiple days’ tour: This package is for people who want a tour in Israel for days. The facilities are provided according to the stay duration of the customers. The tour is for one, two and three days as the facilities are provided for these duration’s. This package if taken by the customer gets a lot of facilities like luxurious rooms, professional guides and so on.
  • Package tours: this package comes in various forms according to the area that is intended to be viewed by the customers. The packages goes by the names of classical gems, Christian gems, Jewish gems, Jerusalem gems, southern gems and northern gems and is named after the locations of the places included in the package.
  • Private tours ad packages: this package is for private tours where the customer will be guided for a private tour of places mentioned and intended by the customers. This covers places like Jerusalem, northern Israel, Dead Sea area, Tel Aviv Area and so on.
  • Jordan based packages: This package is based on the trip to Jordan. The firm will provide with facilities to take a tour of Jordan along with a qualified guide who will guide you through Jordan. The tour duration can be decided by the customers who are registering for this package.
  • Egypt based packages: This package can be used for customers who want a tour of the mythical lad of Egypt. The company provides all the services needed for the customers to have quality time in Egypt with transportation and hotel facilities. The duration of the trip can be decide by the customers who are registering for the trip.

Short period tours at Bein Harim Tours

Bein Harim Tours not only facilities for the prolonged tour packages but also facilitates for shorter tour facilities like:

Jericho half day tour: Jericho is considered to be the oldest city in the world and the customer get to see Judean desert , Wadi Kelt and the monastery of St. George en route to the Jericho.

  • Jerusalem short tour: Bein Harim Tours provides a short but elaborate tour of Jerusalem where the tour starts from the mount olives which is the place of the Ascension and Pater Noster where the prayer of the lord is presented in 123 languages.
  • Dead Sea Spa and Relaxation tour: this tour includes a Dead Sea spa where the customers get to cover their bodies with therapeutic mud along with a relaxing float in the mineral rich Dead Sea and enjoy a very nice evening.
  • Golan Heights trip: this trip takes the customers along the coastal plain of the Israeli land and then towards the east stopping for a Panoramic scene of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan Valley.
  • Cairo from Eilat trip: This package includes a trip from Eilat to Cairo. The customers will be picked from their hotel towards the Egyptian border for an overnight drive to Cairo. The main view station includes the pyramids of Giza and the sphinxes which is known to be the oldest monumental sculpture in the world.

Tour guides website provides the complete information about the guides that the customers will be receiving. The tour guides employed are some of the best in the industry which years of experience in many countries.

The website of comes in four languages: English, Hebrew, Espanol and Russian. The website has an active social participation all major social networking sites. The customer service department is also one of the most helpful in cases of doubts as it facilitates chat services where the customers can text their doubts and the customer service representative will get back to your queries as soon as possible. The payment to the service can be paid through PayPal or credit cards. The fee for the service can also be paid using cash although the customer’s credit card information is needed for the reservation and other reservations. The office hours of the firm are from 5 am in the morning to 11 pm in the evening according to Israeli time. The website contains blogs and galleries which contain the previous experienced of customers who have joined and participated in tours with Bein Harim Tourism Services LTD. There are brochures which are available which contains the information of all the packages that is available for the customers. The brochures can be sent to any of your references through the mail. The company also provided affiliate programs through which they give an option for interested people to earn some money by marketing the services of Bein Harim Tours LTD. The company is a winner of certificate of excellence award for the high quality service provided to the customers and is voted by most of the visited customers as excellent.

Bein Harim Tourism Services Ltd. is clearly one of the most experienced companies in the industry with its facilities and the number of professional guides. The wide coverage of the services and places makes it one of the most preferred for the tours of Israel and nearby places. The service of the company also spread out to Israel and places to its proximity.