Dogs are often an integral part of our family. We love them the way we love our kids and take care of every single need of theirs. Unfortunately there are times when we don’t understand them. There are those tough times when we wished that our dog could actually talk so that we know what they are going through. Avoiding a lot of misunderstandings which stands on our way between us and the mutt is essential and even the most experienced of the pet lovers often tend to make mistakes in judging some of the small behavioral problems our dogs have.

Understanding what you dog is going through based on certain problems could lead to a healthier relationship between us and the dogs. A dog fully house trained, suddenly starts dripping in the living room and the first instinct most people have is yelling at him. What we don’t realize is that it probably a condition, a beginning of a problem. Its not behavioral and is related to health. A dog doesn’t want to ruin your living room if it were already house trained. If its doing it, the obvious explanation is that its going through a phase its not able to control.

Age is often a biggest problem for both the pet owner and the pet itself. Look out for some of the conditions if your dog is older than 7 or 8.

Health conditions in dogs

Symptoms seen in dogs older than 7 or 8

Often symptoms are linked to some diseases. For instance, most dogs over the age of 8 are prone to Cushings disease a complicated condition in dogs often fatal if left untreated. Arthritis in dogs is also common. If you have a dog which starts growling at you when you attempt to pick it up, its not a behavioral problem but probably because its in pain. Anxiety and other conditions are also linked to other medical conditions.

What should you do when you have a dog which you think is going through a tough phase ? Do what you have always been doing. Love the dog and take care of it. If your dog is a working dog, its time he took his time off. Let him spend lesser time at work and more time at home . Feed him in time and make sure that you feed him natural food which is easily digestible. Make sure that you visit the Vet very often and also be sure your dog gets the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Over a period of time you will see that your dog will improve in condition and will live a happier healthier life till the end. Its not very often that you get to love a being that will love you back so unconditionally. Be sure that you do the best for your dog.

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