Baratza Portaholder Metallic Coffee Grinder

Buy Baratza Portaholder for filtering the coffee grinders residue and delivering strong coffee everytime.

Baratza portaholder is a convenient accessory for a coffee grinder where you are required to stand holding the portafilter. Using a coffee grinder and a coffee machine is to save you time and this portafilter could be a dent in this convenience. Having this metallic portaholder fits right into the coffee grinders such as Encore, Baratza Maestro, and Virtuoso espresso, you have your both hands free to finish the other tasks before getting to the coffee again.

The ground coffee will be ready on the portafilter by the time you come back with a cup. It makes no mess and looks wonderful.

Features Of Baratza Portaholder

  • Simply insert the portaholder into the bin port of the coffee grinder and fit the portafilter into the given slot and lock in. it is transparent material and on the exterior with the metallic handle and locks.
  • The Baratza portaholder is made to use by all. It has adjustable features to fit the home use portafilters as well as the commercial portafilters.
  • The dimensions of the Baratza portaholder are 6 x 5 x 14 inches in width, depth, and height. It comes in white color and weighs only 1 lbs.
  • The motto is to hold the portafilter in place and freeing you to finish other work. It is convenient, stylish and a much-needed accessory for your coffee grinder.
  • The greatest advantage is that it fit in an espresso also.

Using the Baratza Portaholder

The Baratza portaholder is made to fit the certain types of coffee grinder. Insert this portaholder into the compatible coffee grinder where the coffee bin is in. you can hear a click sound when it is in its place.

Next goes in the portafilter. Insert the filter by tipping the basket downwards. This allows the portafilter to slide under and fixes itself to the hook bracket. The base of the portafilter will be rested on the 2 extended finger or bars on the portaholder.

The lower bracket of the portaholder is adjustable. Just adjust the screw holding it to adjust the brackets. It can be made higher or lower as per requirement.

This is also the necessary step to make the Baratza portaholder adjustable to the home using portafilter or commercial portafilters.

Once you have the portafilter fitted inside the portaholder, press the start button to have the ground coffee falling into the filter. Most coffee grinders are automatic. So you set the time or weight and done with it.

Additional Information

Baratza portaholder goes right into the grounds bin position. The ground coffee would be falling into the portafilter without spillage, in most cases. If at all, there is any spillage it would be into the portaholder, rather than on to the coffee grinder. This makes a lot easier in cleaning. All you need to clean would be the portaholder.

The compatible coffee grinders are Maestro, Maestro Plus, Virtuoso 585, Virtuoso 586 with new Burrs, Baratza and Preciso.

Thumbs Up For Baratza Portaholder From The Customers

The Baratza portaholder reviews from the customers show that the product works just fine. The facility to lock the portaholder in place makes things easier. The spillage collection on the holder makes cleaning easier. The product costs not much. These 3 are the major highlights of this product and what made it popular with the users.

The compatibility with the Baratza coffee grinders and that these grinders are automatic working, makes the coffee dosing easier than before. The versatility in usage to adjust with the home users and commercial users has made many to look for this one.

Concluding Notes

When you have an auto working Baratza coffee grinder and wanting a quick upgrade for it, get this Baratza portaholder. For making an espresso, you don’t want to spill any ground piece of the coffee. Having this portaholder will make sure that you have less wastage. It is also a great add on to free your hand and rest your legs as well. To make yourself feel like a professional coffee maker, you don’t have to look for more.