Avast GrimeFighter by Avast

We do keep our computers spic and span. That is not enough. The computer needs internal cleaning most importantly than just dusting. Yes, there are many anti-virus software that ‘guards’ the computer and of course does some massive cleanup every now and then. Avast GrimeFighter is an optimization tool that makes the computer do the scan and do the needful to clean up the system. Cleaning up all the junk and files on the computer makes it speed up the starting. With this tool, you don’t need to wait up on your computer, the computer will wait up for you!

What Is Avast GrimeFighter?

Avast GrimeFighter is an optimization tool that works best with the Avast Antivirus software. This tool provides all the solutions for the better optimization of the system. It does not really do any scan or the other clean up procedures. It finds solutions and manages the working of the other supporting software.

Avast GrimeFighter helps in removing the bloatware, adware, and trialware. All the unwanted files that is running in the computer will have to stop interfering and make the system faster. In general Avast GrimeFighter maintains the optimal state of the computer.

Benefits Of Avast GrimeFighter

  • Avast GrimeFighter removes the junk files and all the applications that are of no use for you or that you don’t really use. Their running can slow down the system. This GrimeFighter removes all the ‘grime’ and make the system internally spic and span.
  • Avast GrimeFighter provides your system the ‘space’ that it needs. A cluttered computer cannot function properly, this optimization tool removes the clutter and make it tidy and optimized.
  • Avast GrimeFighter can work with any kind of anti-virus software and not just with Avast anti-virus software.
  • Removing the junk files provides more space for your music, movies, and pictures.
  • It can completely erase your browsing history and the download history. Avast GrimeFighter does not let invader to have even a minute peek at what you have been at. It eliminates all cookies and its traces so that the advertisers can’t access the data.

Other Benefits

  • Avast GrimeFighter adjusts the settings to keep it steady and get the full advantage.
  • User can set automatic clean up and stay tension free. There is no need to spend too much time on the manual optimization.
  • Avast GrimeFighter can find the files related to any software that are uninstalled. This creates more space in the system. Many of these files can hide beyond reach and many anti-virus and protection software are unable to reach them.
  • It also deletes any information the websites might have stored about you. Internet browsing is a trap and this tool helps you stay clear of these traps.
  • Avast GrimeFighter can identify the dangerous add-ons and search engines and replace them. All of these are for free with the software forever.
  • It can also disable the dangerous applications as well. It can schedule the automatic cleanup, clean the registry, change startup programs, and adjust preferences for quick booting. These facilities and the deleting of the junk files are free for the first 14 days of the software download and need to pay for after that.
  • Finally, it lets your computer be safe while you browse sitting in a café sipping on your coffee.

System Requirements For Avast GrimeFighter

Avast GrimeFighter can work with Windows 8.1 and starter edition, windows 7 SP1 and higher, windows vista SP2 or higher and Windows XP of any version. It also works well with Mac, Android and iPhone or iPad.

It also needs a permanent internet connection with a LAN cable.

The system must have 512 MB RAM or above with a minimum of 256 MB free space on the hard disk.

Avast GrimeFighter Products

There are 3 categories of Avast GrimeFighter software. One is for personal use at home, another is business, and the last one is for schools.

For Home

The Avast GrimeFighter for home is Avast Premier. It provides internet security, safe guard the system from any suspicious files and works as an anti-virus system and also as Mac security. The software can secure the internet usage on the system in any network. It encrypts the data that you use. The software is password protected and keeps all the accounts safe and sound on the system and online. It also takes part in the browser cleanup.

For business

Avast business security solutions keep your business and secrets safe and locked. It can defend the business against any malware or phishing software. The software is also effective against viral attack on the computers.
It protects both the PCs and the server of the company. The options you get are Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Protection Suite, and Endpoint Protection Suite Plus. What is common among these protection options are that they all have antivirus and antimalware capability to erase the malicious threats. They can reduce the boot time of the system and make the start up easier. A sandbox runs the apps that are risking the system. Silent mode makes the tool work silently without interfering with the employees work. Safezone makes the online transactions of the banking smoother and safer.

What is specific for the Endpoint Protection Plus is that it can be a silent firewall against unauthorized access to the computers of the company from internet intruders. It is also anti-spam that keeps the junk mails away from your inbox and saves you time from having to delete each one of them.

Endpoint Protection has 1 seat and 1 year license. Endpoint Protection Suite and Endpoint Protection Plus have got 5 seats and 1-year license each. Al of these have 30 day trial period.

Other protections

Avast File Server Security prevents the server breachers. It is a heavy duty server security with unlimited connections and share point. The database is automatically updated and sends a zero day threat signatures as well. License is issued for per server basis for a period of 1, 2 or 3 years. The user interface is designed for modern navigation styles. There is remote assistance for the users to connect and f0r sharing the desktops. It is compatible with windows 8. Avast file server security can spot the stealth malware-rootkits that evade many scanners. It is a perfect shield for the file system, mails, web pages, files and even the java scripts, P2P, script, etc.

Avast Email server security has the unique feature like anti-spam. The behavior shield keeps track of the running processes and check if there is any unusual behavior in the server. The attachment blocker blocks the attached files depending upon the extension type.

The 2 products for business protection are, Avast for Business Endpoint Security and Avast for Business Premium Endpoint Security. They have centralized management console, device management, antivirus and antimalware, can capture emerging threats, protects the servers, and technical support. The Avast for Business Premium Endpoint Security has the additional options of antivirus and antimalware for the servers, data shredder that permanently deletes the files, has the firewall protection and antispam for the emails also.

For schools

The Avast GrimeFighter that works for schools is the same as for business. The tool safeguards the school system from cyber threats. It is a single solution to protect all the systems. For the schools there are no seat limits or time limit for the licenses. They are specially made for the schools. In order to get the tool contact the customer care for the quote and other details.

Additional Information

While the Avast GrimeFighter is working you will not be able to access the programs and applications on the system. But you are free to use the internet browser as you please. You need to open the browser from the Avast GrimeFighter window to have access.

Avast GrimeFighter is not compatible with flash to YouTube and Netflix are not playing while browsing through Avast GrimeFighter window.

The single licenses are applicable only for one system. It cannot be transferred to another system. If you need protection for another system you will have to purchase a license for it.

If your system already has any viruses, that could prevent you from installing the Antivirus software. In this case there is software named Avast Rescue Disk helps to remove those files and make the installation possible.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is that the Avast GrimeFighter is an effective protective shield for the computers, iPads or the mobiles. They stay protected and at the same time, should something happen during the grime fighting session, you can always undo the last session and bring the computer back to its previous state. You get instant reports and notifications if you are interested. Versatility is the best advantage of this optimization tool as it is a single solution for many systems.