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Avanse Lumonol Reviews, Reddit, Side Effects

The world is getting highly competitive and there is no going back now. In all the fields and areas people who have a sharp mind have found their way forward than others. So the key to success these days is to have a healthy cognitive performance along with better focus, sharp memory, and processing speed and of course, healthy brain functions.  

Can we achieve all of these with our daily diet? I doubt it! This is where Lumonol by Avanse Nutraceuticals make its entry. This dietary supplement is engineered to achieve all of these above-mentioned qualities in a human body and enhance them as well. 

What is Lumonol? Why is it so important?

The competitive world exerts too much pressure on our mind and body which naturally succumb to the stress and related problems. It is not easy to combat the stress unless we have a strong mind and will power to counter it. The sleep deprivation, lack of energy, memory problems are all related to stress. Lumonol Nootropic formula enters as a breeze in this scenario that has all the ingredients to enhance the energy, memory, and focus of everyone. As the manufacturers put in, Lumonol is a hybrid product that uses both natural ingredients as well as cognitive-enhancing ingredients. 

 As for its importance in our day to day life, some people are natural fighters that their body can stay put with the stress and retrieve back to their normalcy rather faster. For those who do not have this ability, they can make use of Lumonol supplements. These supplements will help them to, 

  • Improve their focus and concentration on whatever task they have in hand
  • Increase and support the working of memory. Lumonol helps store the memory in a healthy and easier manner
  • Optimize their mental performance. The mental, as well as physical lethargy, is completely wiped off with the ingredients in Lumonol. 
  • Counter the stress and allowing relaxing the mind. This can cause some improvement in creativity.
  • Fight the free radicals inside the body. The antioxidants and nutrients from both natural and synthetic source help in this task
  • Get better sleep and rest at night. A well-rested body can wake up full of energy.
  • Finally, to have a sharper mind to help you cruise through the daily hectic life. 

Nootropic, what does that mean?

Lumonol for mental performance capsules is said to be working with the nootropic formula. Nootropic is any drug that can improve cognitive functions. The key here is the use of Noopept. Noopept is a brand name for an important peptide for the brain functions. This peptide is scientifically known as N-Phenylacetyl-L-Propylglycine Ethyl Ester. 

It is this Noopept that improves the focus, memory, brain health, and nerve health, in short the overall cognitive health. It helps you remember things, focus at your task, improves the energy production and the list goes on. All the Lumonol products have this noopept as one of the main ingredient. 

Lumonol supplements are

Lumonol for mental performance

Lumonol is a proprietary blend of natural and neuro enhancing ingredients. The work mechanism is by relieving anxiety, improving blood flow to the brain and thereby bringing clarity into the life. The uneasiness and pressure due to stress can distract the mind. It also makes way to the destruction by free radicals. All of these events can be reverted and prevented with the help of Lumonol.

Lumonol dilates the blood vessels and increases the blood flow through veins. This helps the brain function better with proper memory, focus and not to mention a better-motivated mind. This is sure to bring in some confidence as well. 

Lumonol has three major components, a focus blend, memory blend, and an energy blend. Each of these blends is made is more than two ingredients. Those ingredients are, 

  • Vitamin B12 250 mcg is an essential component for red blood cells and DNA production. The new cell formation has a lot to do with energy production and vitamin B12 has a major role here. 
  • Energy blend 430 mg
    • Hordenine is a compound found in plants and it has a role in increasing the cognitive health and energy production in humans. It increases metabolism and thus, energy production. It can boost memory, focus, and concentration
    • Guarana fruits have energy-boosting effects that are similar to caffeine. The caffeine is released slowly so that the energy is long-lasting. 
    • Panax Ginseng is one of the popular supplements to boost energy and bring mental clarity. Both these characteristics go hand in hand with the purpose of Lumonol 
  • Focus blend 515 mg
    • Noopept can fight Alzheimer’s disease and can increase memory. It clears the brain toxins and other waste. It can affect the brain receptors that are associated with learning, improves nervous system functions, and increases the acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter to regain the stored memory. 
    • L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that later forms into the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is the responsible hormone for mental agility and focus. 
    • Acetyl L-Carnitine is one of the rare compounds that can break the brain barrier. Upon reaching there this compound can help enhance the brain functions, develop better focus, and improve memory. It is neuroprotective with its antioxidant property. 
    • Phosphatidyl serine is a stress warrior that determines howling the brain can fight the stress. Having this in the system will surely help in coping with stress and helps in developing mental focus. 
  • Memory blend 170 mg
    • Ginkgo biloba extract cleanses the brain of toxins and waste products. This helps tremendously in improving memory. Ginkgo biloba in association with other nootropic substances can act faster and those who take such formulations have better memory recall than others. The dopamine production is increased to allow better blood circulation to the brain. 
    • Alpha GPC: Choline is an important component for the brain and its availability has a major impact on how the brain works and memory recalling ability sustains. Alpha GPC is able to improve the choline availability thereby ensuring that the memory is enhanced. 

In addition to these ingredients there is also the rice powder for the volume and the capsules are pure vegetarian. 

Dosage of Lumonol

Lumonol is instructed to be served in the morning along with breakfast. Pop in 2 capsules of Lumonol and drink plenty of water. A single bottle contains 60 capsules that last for a month. Though it is meant for adults and everyone, it is not recommended for children under the age of 16. 

Lumonol is safe to use for a while but for only a maximum period of 90 days at a time. If you plan to extend the use, give it a 30 days break before starting on the supplements once again. Taking the break will not cause any major change in cognitive health as it might already have gained some amount of the needed components in the body. 

It must be remembered that Lumonol is not an instant relief for cognitive health. It takes time and all the ingredients will have to accumulate over the time to show the real change or effect. 

The effects of Lumonol would last for a while but it is not permanent. The body might go back to its previous condition after you have stopped taking the capsules. 

Other details

Lumonol capsules come with a 90-day guarantee. An unsatisfied customer is free to return the product within this period to get the full money back. The effects are usually seen within an hour of consuming the capsules. The noticeable difference would be seen within 14 days of starting the course and major difference can be expected at the end of the month. 

There are no side effects for Lumonol and neither does it cause a spike in mood. The technique used here is to dilate the blood vessels to increase the blood flow rather than relying on caffeine like effects. 

Lumonol Wisdom for Seniors

Though we relate skin health mostly to aging, it is the brain that is aging too fast. The energy loss, troubled memory, lack of alertness, concentration issues, and nervousness are all part of aging. These symptoms need not be there if you take the cognitive booster to supplement Lumonol Wisdom. 

Elderly people need better clarity for their mind, vitality, and memory-boosting to stay healthy. Lumonol Wisdom is made for people who are above the age of 60. It brings

  • Mind clarity
  • Mental alertness
  • Reduced nervousness
  • Better and optimized memory
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Less distracted mind and more concentration and focus

Just for that Lumonol Wisdom has 3 blends of ingredients coming together. 

  • Clarity blend 550 mg
    • Bacopa leaf extract is food for the brain to improve clarity and focus. It is one of the oldest treatments for memory issues and can work on to co-ordinate the comprehension, memory, and recall. It alerts the mind, speeds up grasping power of information, and helps with focus. It reduces anxiety also.  
    • Acetyl L-carnitine is one compound that could keep the brain young and agile. It can protect the brain cells from oxidative damage and keep them healthy. It removes the damaged fats and clears the waste accumulated. This provides better clarity to the brain function and also to its outcome. 
    • CDP Choline stimulates acetylcholine, a key to healthy brain communication. This is one compound that might be lacking from the daily diet. It boosts memory, clears the brain fog to have better thoughts, and maintains healthy neurons. 
  • Vitality blend 200 mg
    • Panax Ginseng: To sum up the goodness of Ginseng, it boosts energy and stamina and reduces stress and its impact on the brain. It can lower the blood pressure in which the elderly would give a warm welcome and is also effective in tackling diabetes. It acts as a tonic and could improve the overall health of a person. 
    • Oat straw tea is considered excellent for an instant energy boost. It provides the energy boost without any trace of caffeine. It can provide emotional stability and nervous integrity. It is also nutritious due to the other components in it. It can stabilize digestion and improves nutrient absorption. The energy it provides is longer lasting than form other sources. 
  • Memory blend 310 mg
    • Ginkgo biloba is considered a memory supplement owing to its ability in preventing Alzheimer’s. it can clear mental confusion and also improve the blood circulation through the vessels. This considerably increases the oxygen availability to the brain. It has neurotransmitter boosting ability and reduces free radicals. 
    • Huperzine A: It has brain-boosting features and can also heal any damage to the cells. This is critical for those who are suffering or under the threat if memory loss due to age. Huperzine A can increase acetylcholine availability and improve cognitive health. 
    • L-Theanine is a mood enhancer and relaxant. It increases mental alertness and is also useful for boosting memory. It can prevent memory loss by protecting the cells from damage. 
    • Noopept is a powerful ingredient for cognitive health. The memory-boosting ability of this is effective for both long terms as well as short term memory. Neuroprotective nature prevents cell damage related to age. It can protect brain cells from other toxins. 

Using Lumonol Wisdom

Lumonol Wisdome cpuld be used as it is or in combination with Lumonol basic capsules. Both have almost the same effects but the Lumonol Wisdom is designed to suit the aging bodies. 

The recommended dosage is 2 capsules every day. One capsule is with breakfast in the morning and another with the lunch. A single bottle has 60 capsules and is for a month’s supply. This is meant for seniors only and should be kept away from children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. 

Lumonol Prep for children

Children are power-packed but they have less concentration on things that they need it most. The young mind can work hard but could get stressed easily enough. To support their little minds, Lumonol has come up with the Lumonol Prep, especially for children. It helps them concentrate better on their studies, reduce nervousness, motivates their mind, and induce better memory. The over agitation could also be brought back to normalcy. 

Lumonol Prep can help the children of the age 8- teenage with

  • Better mind clarity
  • Alertness
  • Energy boost
  • Reduced irritability
  • Boost confidence
  • Reduce nervousness
  • Calm mind
  • Less distracted thoughts and enhanced focus

Ingredients of Lumonol Prep are

  • L-Theanine- 10 mg: The anxiety and mental issues suffered by children can be cured with this amino acid. The nervousness is reduced. It is also found to increase the alpha waves in the brain. It has calming or relaxing effects on the brain. Children get better sleep at night to get enough rest. It can reduce the distraction of sin children and bring mental calmness. 
  • Magnesium- 100 mg: Magnesium is an easy remedy for mental related issues like anxiety, restlessness, nervousness, irritability, etc. All of these arise as a result of the lack of magnesium in the system. Adding this ingredient into Lumonol Prep would only help the children to control these problems. 
  • Citicoline (CDP Choline)- 75 mg: Citicoline is memory boosting and cognitive health-enhancing. It sharpens the mind, improves focus and concentration, and also protects the memory cells from getting damaged. 
  • Rhodiola Rosea- 75 mg- Rhodiola extract is a natural adaptogen that helps the body to adapt to the situation or stress. It does not allow the body to be affected in a negative way. Children with concentration issues, nervousness, etc would highly benefit from this ingredient. It has been a common ingredient for anxiety-related disorders treatment. The brain-boosting effects of this herb are commendable and are also safe. 
  • Phosphatidylserine- 40 mg: It is a compound that can improve brain concentration. It is responsible for cell working regulation, mood, mental focus etc. It is a communication booster for the brain cells and can readily improve mental functioning. It strengthens memory; reduces stress, anxiety, or moodiness.
  • Inositol- 25 mg: Inositol is essential for proper electrical energy and for the nutrient transfer between the cells. It can reduce anxiety and calm down their mind. It is also a compound that can reach within the brain.  It is a natural mood regulator and supports good liver health. 
  • Zinc- 7 mg: Zinc is essential for memory and cognitive health. It can regulate the neuron transfer and improve the learning capabilities for the children. 

Dosage of Lumonol Prep

Lumonol Prep is in chewable tablet form for the children. It is available in three flavors or orange, cherry and blueberry. Each flavor comes in orange, red, and blue colored tablets.  Let them take 1 tablet a day to improve their life for a happier one. Children or teens who are shy to socialize, reluctant to go to school, stays back in academics etc can benefit from this chewable tablets. The Lumonol Prep container has got 30 tablets to last for a month. 

Lumonol Nova for energy

Lethargy is the common bane of this era. There are not many people who have highly energetic, naturally. To boost the overall energy comes the Lumonol Nova. Lumonol Nova is another formulation from Avanse Nutraceuticals. The power-packed combination of caffeine, L-Theanine soothing effects, and the NALT effects on improved dopamine production together make some boosting. With this handy, you longer have to worry about long lectures, extra work, or gym in the middle of a tight schedule. You will be prepared for all with some real renewed energy.

Lumonol Nova could be used as a vitality supplement or in combination with Lumanol to get, 

  • Energy lift
  • Motivated body
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Happy mind and body
  • Boost to the overall effects of Lumonol
  • Boosts cognitive health
  • Better physical endurance for longer workouts
  • Accelerated memory

Ingredients are

  1. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) (300 mg) is an amino acid that is also a powerful nootropic. NALT can be converted into L-Dopa in the body to produce dopamine and the other happy chemical norepinephrine. The stress levels can be controlled with it which results in a less distracted mind. The mind will have a better focus. It can help build muscles and takes part in cell growth and recovery. It is another way to get rid of anxiety and depression as well. 
  2. L-Theanine (200 mg) can be an excellent energy booster when used in combination with caffeine. It can relax the mind and body and reduce stress. It promotes alpha waves in the brain to make ti alert yet relaxed. It does not cause any drowsiness. This will protect the nerves from the overstimulation. It can promote new brain cell formation. It protects the area where the happy chemicals are formed. 
  3. Caffeine anhydrous 100 mg: caffeine is the oldest energy booster that has been used worldwide. The anhydrous caffeine here works along with L-thenaine to improve energy production. No head rush here with this ingredient and neither does it cause jittery feeling or anxiety. 

The other ingredients used are Vegetarian capsule and rice flour. 

Who can benefit from Lumonol Nova and how?

Lumonol Nova can be used by the late night workers, those who have no real worsk schedule at all and also for those are always on the edge of nervousness to feel any energy within them. Those are fitness oriented would need all the energy they can get to endure the strict fitness regime. 

To the question of how they can benefit is by taking 2 capsules of Lumonol Nova daily. The maximum dosage is 4 capsules within 24 hours. So keep a strict track on the timing of the dosage. It is always better to keep the same time every day. 

Lumonol Nova is meant for adults who are above the age of 18 years. It is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women. A bottle contains 60 capsules for a month. 

There are no real side effects to this energy-boosting supplement but in case if you feel something wrong stop the dosage. If the symptoms continue even after a few hours, then get medical attention. 

Lumonol Nova can be used as a daily energy booster or in combination with Lumonol. It is also safe to use with the Lumonol Wisdom for seniors. 

Lumonol Luna for sleep 

Sleep deprivation has been a common problem among the population. All the stress and hectic work is taking its toll on the health. The mind is not able to rest which also affects the body later on. 

It would have been more convenient if we could just turn some switch off at the end of the day and get into a deep sleep to get up energized. But alas, there is no such facility, except, Lumonol Luna. All the sleep-inducing drugs can be drowsy and will have its effects on longer than needed. Lumonol Luna is a convenient remedy to get enough sleep without any trouble. Lumonol Luna is made of, 

  1. Magnesium is a nutrient known to cure insomnia. It reduces the stress hormone cortisol and allows the body to rest. It relaxes the muscles and slowly helps the body drift into sleep. Moreover, this nutrient is important for over 300 enzymes in the body for its normal functioning for energy as well as for neurotransmitters. 
  2. Valerian root powder: Valerian root could as well be the oldest remedy for insomnia. It has more than 150 compounds that are relaxing and calming the mind and nerves. It can not only induce sleep but can also improve the quality of sleep as well. 
  3. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA): GABA is the secret switch-off button of your body. This is a neuro inhibitor that shuts down the general working of the brain and helps get sleep. If there is anything that you really need to get some sleep, it is this GABA taken from a protein. 
  4. Passionflower herb powder: Passionflower has calming effects to reduce the agitation, anxiety, restlessness, etc, and to make a perfect way for the sleep angels to come and bless you. It is mind soothing as it also has GABA in it. 
  5. Chamomile powder; Chamomile tea is another herb well known for calming effects. It is also an olden treatment for anxiety and to calm the mind. The calm mind and relaxed muscles help get you some sound sleep. 
  6. Lemon balm powder: yet another herb that can bring some relaxation. It curbs anxiety and other related symptoms to bring sleep easier and faster. 
  7. Melatonin is a hormone in our body that controls the biological clock. People who work longer in the sun or under lights will have major changes in the melatonin level inside their bodies. Melatonin is less under light and the body will not be able to get the sleepiness. Getting this hormone back in the body can correct the irregularities and cure insomnia or other sleep disorders. 

How to use Lumonol Luna?

Lumonol Luna comes in capsule form. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules at night, 60 minutes before bedtime. Though you may take an extra capsule if needed, make sure that you don’t take more than 4 capsules within 24 hours of time. Remember take these capsule sonly if you absolutely need for. 

The Lumonol Luna supplements are meant for only adults and should not be served for people under the age of 18. Pregnant and nursing women need caution against using this. Do not use it during daytime as it causes drowsiness.

People with pre-existing health conditions or prescription medication MUST consult their physician. A single bottle has 60 capsules that can last for a month if taking daily. 

Purchasing Lumonol dietary supplements

Lumonol products are available at the official site of the company. Handsome deals are available at the site. Purchase the products as single packs or packs with 3 or more to save you some bucks. All the products have got a 90-day money-back guarantee. 

Products are available in combination packs as well. Supernova pack of Lumonol and Nova, Hyoernova with 3 from each of these, student pack with 2 Lumonols and one nova, total recharge pack with a Lumonol and a Luna, or an almost trail pack of Total performance booster that has one each of Lumonol, Nova and a Luna bottle. Larger the pack more will be your savings. 

Shipping is done within the USA and also to over 60 countries. If your country is mentioned at the checkout, do not worry, the product has got customs clearance there. You will have no issues there. Shipment charges are applied for international shipping. It takes anywhere between 7-17 business days for the product to reach you, depending on the shipment chosen.

Lumonol Customer Reviews

Noon from Vermont has found great success with Lumonol. She says she is now able to prioritize her time well with her business and personal life. She noticed good difference from I capsule itself but she changed it to 2 for betterment. She vouch that she has better focus, concentration and has more energy to stay happy with the family and life. 

Kim Courtios started with 1 capsule and later switched to two, one in morning, and one in the evening. She found amazing change in her mood and has been feeling better. The energy hike and feel good are the best qualities that she experienced with Lumonol. She also expressed her eagerness in trying out the Luna as well. 

Dominick from UK was trying out so many other pills for cognitive health and states that he never experienced the feel goodness that Lumonol offered with other supplements. He has tried it longer enough to have a cycle off period and still going strong with all the benefits. 

Jarrel from Vermilion is one user who has had a great difference in their health within one week of using Lumonol. He states that he had better focus and concentration after taking Lumonol. He has better energy and quality sleep that he wakes up refreshed and with a great amount of energy. He is one who has tried all products of Lumonol and has found great feeling with all of them. 

Jennifer from Virginia is happy with both the results of taking Lumonol and with the customer support the company offers. She is also glad to have the 30-day trial period to get the trial easily. Within a week of use, she has a better experience. She assures that she felt all the benefits that it claims to have. The major difference she noticed is her patience with her kids. She now has a lot more patience than before! She has had no side effects also. 

Nathan from South Carolina was recommended by a friend and he has felt the difference from day 1. He is more alert every day and was able to complete his project that he had been stalling. He also says that he will definitely recommend this to anyone. 

Louis from New York is better able to communicate with others with no anxiety. Communication with others has become easier in any social situation. 

Krystian from New York has ADHD and he has been feeling mentally good ever since he started with Lumonol. His only worry is that why isn’t Lumonol as popular as it should be!

Jerrod is a night-shift worker who has been relying on energy drinks to stay awake and alert. But with Lumonol the energy drinks and gone and it has cleared the mind to stay alert during the night working hours. 

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